Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Makings of Quad Toddler Bed Boot Camp....Graf-style

Billy and i have known for several months that we just can’t keep holding on to the hope that no more babies will jump in their “mini-cribs” and break the bottoms out…..which was the unfortunate occurrence that happened with Big Poppa’s bed a few months ago. Pi-Pi’s bottomed-out crib became Danna’s night-time abode shortly after the incident because she’s the only one light enough to keep the bottom in place with a pink emesis basin wedged securely underneath it. Sad but true.P3030020

Pius: “Not me, mama! I NEVER do things I’m not supposed to….like climb up to the kitchen cabinet and scout out my next snack…..NEVER!”


Danna’s just content as can be in her own little world! I think she will be the roughest to train….toddler beds, potty training, sharing, anger management….you name it!


Lainer and Pi are DEFINITELY thick as thieves when they’re together. If you don’t see or hear Laine, then you’d better go find him FAST!


Frosty, here, does whatever the heck he wants, to whomever the heck he want to do it to. Hard-headed but the gears in his brain are most definitely working……he KNOWS how to get things done.

Discussions of transitioning to toddler beds were dealt with like the plague around the Graf house for many a-weeks. I felt we just had to get all our ducks in a row before starting. Billy was holding on to the dream of keeping them in cribs until they were 18 years old and ready for college. For ONCE in my life, Billy didn’t mind my procrastinating ways and petty projects that I thought up to get done before the training actually started.

Step 1: Find inexpensive toddler beds.

I looked on Craigslist for weeks and weeks without any good leads. Finally decided to look the retail route with all the price-matching and promo codes out there. I thought I could snake a good deal that way. Lo and behold, the sleigh-bed style toddler beds in cherry finish that we found IN-STORE at the local Wal-Mart actually WAS the best deal for what we wanted! Sure, it took going to 3 different stores around town to track down 4 of the same bed, but was most definitely worth it in the end. They were a good buy at only $55.00 a piece.

Step 2: Put the summabitches together.

After some trial and errors on the first bed (and maybe the 2nd one, too), I got toddler bed assembly whittled down to a fine art. I should go into business….or not. They are sturdy, beautiful, and will serve their purpose for the next 3-4 years.




Step 3: Find 4 toddler/crib mattresses.

Because we had mini-cribs (they’re about the size of a pack-n-play), we’ve never had the full-size mattresses that fit a crib and/or toddler bed frame. Again, looked on Craigslist and then quickly stopped…..FYI, there are some SHADY PEOPLE out there. Next, approached our ginormously large (and highly fertile) family and friends who may have outgrown their mattresses for the time-being…..or at least didn’t have another bun in the oven, and asked to buy their used mattresses. Score! Thanks to our friends Rhiann and Teena, cousin Erin, and sister Mollie, we were able to gather the 4 needed mattresses! Thanks again, guys!

Step 4: Find bedding and sheets for the toddler beds.

Does it piss anyone else off that it costs more to dress a child’s bed than an adult’s?! I settled on buying some basic sheets and then came up with a hair-brained idea to make my own toddler quilts. In all honesty, sewing is one of my guilty pleasures and I consider it a hobby. Half the fun is coming up with the design and layout! So I put my pen to the paper and my nose to the needle and started making 4 individual toddler bed-sized quilts for my fabulous foursome. It’s taken some time, but not nearly as long as I anticipated. I guess I was motivated! And I’m proud to announce that I’ve finished the last one tonight! Of course, our camera has been broken for a couple of weeks, so I can’t take the end results pictures just yet….but I did take some pics from when they were halfway done.



Danna’s 1/2 finished quilt (all done now)!



The front of Frosty’s new quilt



Step 5: MAYBE the most important step in this whole boot camp scheme……THE NEED FOR VIDEO SURVEILLANCE WHEN THEY’RE BEHIND CLOSED DOORS!

Fortunately for me, I have some GREAT friends, who are also mothers to quadruplets, to bounce ideas around with. Suz Steece just made it through the transition from cribs to beds and was a wealth of knowledge for me. A video baby monitor was at the top of the list of necessities. I started searching high and low, not wanting to break the bank buying new. To make a long story short, I got jacked around with the used one I bought off of Ebay (it was a piece of crap and wouldn’t turn on, even though they listed it as working in great condition). Fortunately, Safety 1st has an excellent customer service department and I played my cards just right, and our brand-spanking-new monitor should be at our door sometime next week! I’d like to think I got dealt a little good karma there.


Step 6: Figure out a consistent disciplinary approach for the detainees/escapees! They already know NOT to stand on their “big kid beds” and know what the consequences will be if they do. I’m hoping this whole ordeal will be nothing more than a minor bump in our day and the kids will surprise us with their compliancy, like they usually do. When you dream……DREAM BIG, right?!

So, as soon as we get the cameras here and set up and new furniture arrangements made, we’ll be sending updates on our progress. Wish us luck and say extra prayers for our patience and sanity!



Saturday, March 13, 2010

Billy’s Facebook Status Updates

Instead of blogging about what’s been going on for the last couple of months, I thought I’d let Billy’s FB status updates do all the talking.  He’s so much better at updating about the kids than me and it makes me laugh to go back and read how each day went when he was on “Quad  Duty”!  Enjoy catching up on the last couple of months!  And of course, some pictures at the end…..

Billy Graf Don't turn your back. If you leave your two-year-old quadruplets in a different room for 5 minutes unattended...they will get into the fireplace and get old ashes EVERYWHERE. Thank God we didn't have a fire going, but ASHES everywhere... everywhere I tell you. Crap.

November 22, 2009 at 9:26am · Comment ·LikeUnlike · View Feedback (14)Hide Feedback (14)

Billy Graf Kids first introduction to Taco Bell. The verdict: Forrest, Danna, and Laine all really liked it. They all ate all of their quesadilla and their cheesy fiesta potatoes. Pius LOVED IT! He ate all of his, ate a couple bites of mine, and then licked the rest of his plate clean. HE LICKED ALL OF THE NACHO CHEESE AND ...SOUR CREAM OFF HIS PLATE. I'm going to have a lunch buddy!

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Billy Graf Anybody want to swim in a pool of snot? The Graf House is your place. We may even have enough for a deep end.

December 8, 2009 at 11:06am · Comment ·LikeUnlike · View Feedback (7)Hide Feedback (7)

Billy Graf Sorry about that, Josh. Try this one: Two little boys for sale. Forrest we will give up for around 100 dollars. As for Laine, he is like the old couch you just try to get rid of. We will put him in the front yard with a sign that just says, "Free".

December 8, 2009 at 12:52pm · Comment ·LikeUnlike · View Feedback (9)Hide Feedback (9)

Billy Graf The market has changed. Forrest is now off the market. Any taker will have to pay for Laine. He might be coming off the market soon, though.

December 8, 2009 at 4:43pm · Comment ·LikeUnlike


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Billy Graf After baths, Danna decided to drop a deuce in the middle of the floor while i was diapering one of the boys. For those of us men that didn't think girls pooped, having a daughter blows that theory out of the water. Especially if her name is Danna Graf.

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Billy Graf I've come to the conclusion...The Wiggles Show is like crack for the Graf Quads. They can't get enough.

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Billy Graf The new quad squad revelation of the day: All 3 boys know how to crawl out of their cribs. I was woken up from my nap by Forrest, Pius, and Laine getting really close to me on the couch and Forrest saying, "Shh," in his loudest "whisper" voice possible. Guess the door knob locks go on the inside of the room now.

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Billy Graf The boys are downstairs right now. Danna wants to stay upstairs and watch "Play With Me Sesame!" Don't worry anyone, we have toddler-proofed the basement. The question, though is, "Can they be trusted?" I will let you know.

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Billy Graf Okay so the basement thing went alright. Pius and Laine lost interest in the basement after about 30 minutes, but Forrest stayed down there for almost two hours. What a weird little boy!

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Billy Graf WOW! Just got home from mass...Laine is in the liquor cabinet, the door knob lock (which was on the inside of the door) is broken, the door to their room is wide open, the light is on, Pius is in Danna's crib with her, and sweet Forrest is sleeping like a baby. Maybe we need to put lids on their cribs.

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Billy Graf Danna is getting better. This morning at bathtime she decided to take a dump in the kitchen at least. It is so much easier to clean poop off of a hardwood floor than off of carpet. I think she was looking out for me. What a sweetheart.

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Billy Graf Pius's new obsession with bowling (while I think it is awesome), is getting INCREDIBLY annoying. His cute little voice saying "bowling pins" and "knock em over" is starting to get old.

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Billy Graf God I love nap time. It couldn't have come quicker. Phew!

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Billy Graf Laine is so much like me it is out of control. Example 1: The boys were stacking blocks today. Pius and Forrest were going slow and being careful. Laine was going for speed and couldn't get his stack as high as them. That really pissed him off. Example 2: He was one gigantic temper tantrum all day. He is still ...alive, he isn't screaming anymore, he isn't hurt, but I wouldn't call him happy.

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Billy Graf Pius is freakin hilarious. He's figured out the night system. He now drinks his night sippy of milk as slow as possible so that he can stay up longer. AND tonight he wanted to pray for "bowling" and "pins down." That boy cracks me up.

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Billy Graf I guess Pius thought he was a steak. He got into our drawer and completely seasoned himself. I should've known something was up when I heard Laine laughing hysterically. Add steak seasoning to the grocery list.

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Billy Graf Danna is a very happy camper today. That means the Graf house is a happy house today. With the exception of Laine occasionally biting one of his brothers.

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Billy Graf We just asked Forrest what he wanted for dinner. He said, "Taco Bell." These guys are going to be expensive to feed if they are already asking to eat out and they are only 2.

February 16 at 5:28pm · Comment ·LikeUnlike · View Feedback (6)Hide Feedback (6)

Billy Graf Frightening revelation of the weekend: The kids already eat an entire large pizza for a meal. Seriously? A whole large? Yep, that's right.

February 22 at 9:19am via Mobile Web · Comment ·LikeUnlike · View Feedback (5)Hide Feedback (5)

Billy Graf Somedays my kids make it so fun to wake up. Today is one of those days...for now. I reserve the right to change my mind.

February 24 at 9:23am via Mobile Web · Comment ·LikeUnlike · View Feedback (8)Hide Feedback (8)

Billy Graf And just 2 days after I say how fun it is to wake up with my kids...Laine pisses me off before I even open their door. He has started climbing out of his crib again (and into the others) and he turns on the light. I'm not looking forward to toddler beds. AT ALL! What a little shit.

February 26 at 8:30am via Mobile Web · Comment ·LikeUnlike · View Feedback (6)Hide Feedback (6)

Billy Graf Getting ready to go "fishin in the dark." Pretty damn excited about it, too.

February 28 at 5:20pm via Mobile Web · Comment ·LikeUnlike · View Feedback (3)Hide Feedback (3)

Billy Graf The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band better be good because The Trishas are AWESOME.

February 28 at 7:31pm via Mobile Web · Comment ·LikeUnlike

Billy Graf Took the kids outside this afternoon. They acted like they'd been cooped up in the house for 4 months. A bunch of crazy, spazzy monkeys.

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Billy Graf I really don't feel like giving baths tonight. Will anyone tell on me?

March 5 at 5:59pm via Mobile Web · Comment ·LikeUnlike · View Feedback (11)Hide Feedback (11)

Billy Graf It is amazing to me...the way Pius and Laine can go from complete rage with each other to laughing uncontrollably at and with each other instantly. In the last 10 minutes they have switched emotions about 14 times.

March 7 at 9:49am via Mobile Web · Comment ·LikeUnlike · View Feedback (5)Hide Feedback (5)

Billy Graf Heading to Carlos O' Kelley's for dinner. I hope the kids like C.O.K. As much as Chico's. Chips and salsa are well liked anywhere I think.

March 7 at 5:10pm via Mobile Web · Comment ·LikeUnlike · View Feedback (4)Hide Feedback (4)

Billy Graf Carlos O' Kelly's went really well. They might even let us eat there again. As for this morning, 2 things occurred to me: Forrest is lazy. He made me feed him his oatmeal (he wouldn't use his spoon). And Danna is adaptive. She struggled using her spoon so she just started grabbing her oatmeal and shoveling it in with her hands. Who needs utensils?

March 8 at 9:11am via Mobile Web · Comment ·LikeUnlike · View Feedback (7)Hide Feedback (7)

Billy Graf I've got 3 EXTREMELY wound up little boys and 1 EXTREMELY sedate little girl on my hands today.

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Billy Graf Is it bedtime for little heathens yet? No? Dammit.

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Billy Graf This morning at breakfast Danna farted. Laine started laughing, Pius said, "Danna farted," and Forrest tried to fart so hard that he shit his pants. Typical stuff for the Graf Quads.

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Billy Graf This one is going to be gross. You know how about a month ago I said we had a pool of snot at our house. Well now the kids have some kind of stomach virus, you can fill in the rest. SMELLY HOUSE.

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P2080053 P2080061 P2180010 P2180011 P2180019 P2180028 P2270004


Up next on the Graf Quad’s slate…..TODDLER BEDS!  We’re delaying as long as possible, but the switch is imminent.