Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas...but OUCH!

Merry Christmas everybody! The Graf squad had a very healthy day, but half of the quads had a somewhat painful one. Pius and Forrest got circumsized this afternoon. Moni and I decided that it would be a perfect Christmas present. Laine wasn't quite ready to handle the traumatic event yet...plenty big enough, but not oxygen ready quite yet.

As some of you may have heard, we are looking at bringing Forrest home within the next week and Pius a couple days later. Pius is bigger and eats more but Forrest needs the least assistance. If Danna was a couple pounds bigger, she would probably beat everybody home. She seems to be doing the best with everything except for the weight gain. Laine is doing well too, but when you combine his size with his feedings, he isn't quite ready yet.

As for mom and dad, we were able to enjoy some cocktails and good company with some new acquaintances that we have gotten to know since being down here. Moni's friends, Dave and Deb White introduced us to some of their family, who were gracious enough to call and invite us for their family's Christmas Eve dinner. Grandma Ruth was there, along with Deb's Aunt Mary and Uncle Dan, and her cousin and her husband Jill and Mike with their three kids. We had a great time visiting, and thank you for getting us started on our kids' DVD collection. Unfortunately, we couldn't stay for dinner because Moni and I had already planned a date for Christmas Eve. Unfortunately again, the Broncos ruined our date with another embarassing effort against the Chargers...sometimes we wonder why we love them so much.

After our date, Moni came home and wiped out for a few hours. She really isn't being a wimp, she actually has mastitis (basically a painful boob infection). She got started on some antibiotics for it and seems to be feeling better. Hopefully this will be the last hiccup in her recovery.

We had a great Christmas day together. It will probably be the last one that we get to sleep in for and do what we want, so we really enjoyed it. We had planned on going to a movie but decided that we were having so much more fun being bums. Our last 24 hours has consisted of: midnight mass at St. Gregory's, visiting the kids shortly after, being woken up by family all morning calling us, visiting the kids again, going to the QT for lunch, going back to the hospital and helping Pius and Forrest through the trauma, and then coming home and getting ready for a baby or two (putting together the pack and play crib, doing laundry, which seems never ending, and cleaning the apartment).

Now for weights and lengths:

Pius- He is 18 3/4 inches long and weighs 6 pounds, 6 ounces.


Forrest- He is 18 inches long and weighs 6 pounds, 4 ounces.
"Ho, freaking, Ho."

Danna- She is 15 inches long and weighs 2 pounds, 10 ounces.

"Dad, I'm a little freaked out right now!"

"Thanks, mom, for not making me wear a hat."

Laine- He is 17 1/4 inches long and weighs 4 pounds, 1 ounce. Laine was never awake to try on the Santa hats, so you guys get a bald Laine. Also, we realize that Laine is kind of getting the shaft with the pictures. We both personally promise to improve on it because, really, Laine is the one who is awake the most therefore deserving of the most pictures.

"My plan is working to perfection! I like to elude the camera like dad."

We had a great first Christmas and Moni and I are so excited to start bringing the babies home! We will be back to Kansas before you all know it. There's no place like home, Toto.

Moni had to search way back and fight Billy tooth and nail to publish this pic.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Billy, Moni, and the P.F.D.L. Fliers (that is the name of Billy's Guitar Hero band). Yes, he is a dork.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Two 6-packs, a 4-pack, and a 40 oz!

We had a busy weekend this week with visitors, nippling, and such. The kids were great the entire time, and did a great job of hosting. Aunt Rachel came down from Wichita to visit her new nephews and niece for the first time. We had a wonderful time relaxing and visiting with the little ones.

Two of the hot Haag sisters.

As for updates on the little ones, here goes:

Pius James: He has surpassed the six pound mark, and now weighs in at 6 pounds, 2 ounces. He is a typical Graf boy and loves to eat. As far as eating, he continues to progress with the nippling. He is taking at least 4/5 of his bottle on average, and he got to breast feed for the first time last night. He did a good job, and latched on for over 20 minutes. His oxygen still dips from time to time when he is eating, but overall those dips in oxygen are decreasing.

Pius dreaming of his next meal.

Forrest Michael: He has joined Pius in the plus 6 pound club. Forrest now tips the scales at 6 pounds, 1 ounce. He is probably doing the best overall with the bottle feeding. He even let me feed him his entire bottle...almost. He also tried breast feeding a couple days ago, but was too sleepy to give it a whole-hearted effort. He is on mom's sh*t list though because he decided to pee all over her in front of daddy and Aunt RayRay (see picture). We thought it was hilarious. He is doing so well with the bottle feeding that they even took out his feeding tube this morning. Way to go fat boy!

Moni disgusted with Forrest's behavior.

Aunt RayRay getting to hold her godson for the first time!

Forrest getting washed...after peeing on Mommy.

Forrest sporting a new 'do.

Danna Lynn: She is our little "40 oz." She weighs 2 pounds, 9 ounces which is actually 41 oz, but close enough. She continues to amaze us at what she is capable of performing. She's got great skills. Gah! She got to try breast feeding also last night, and she latched on and stayed on for over thirty minutes. She really showed her two big brothers up. She also is doing a great job on bottle feeding despite having such a tiny mouth. She usually takes her entire feeding, or at least gets close. Another spot where she is kicking her brothers' butts is in the breathing department. She is currently tied with Forrest for receiving the least assistance with oxygen.

Danna Lynn plotting how she will impress us next.

Laine Ryan: He is our "4-pack." He weighed in at 4 pounds even. As far as bottle feeding, he has a "sh*t or get off the pot" mentality, and he is usually off the pot. He either hammers down on the bottle, or doesn't really want to deal with it. He is doing a nice job on breathing, and he will probably try to breast feed in the next couple of days. He still wakes up every morning to see daddy when he comes in to visit before work. We can't figure out how he is growing, because all of the professionals have told us, "Sleeping is growing," but he always seems to be awake and ready to play. When we show up the next time he always seems to have doubled in size. He might be the sneaky one.

Aunt RayRay changing Laine.

Thank you to Aunt Janet Downing for the kids' stockings, and to Aunt Dee and Rogene for the ornaments. They are hanging on our wall, and represent our Christmas decorations this year. Also, thank you to Dana Goertz for the knitted...by size I might add...Santa hats, and Eveline Atkins for the pink and blue knitted stocking hats. We hope to get pictures with the kids in them soon. Thank you all for the continuing thoughts and prayers.

Billy, Moni, Pius, Forrest, Danna, and Laine

P.S. Now that the Tubres are big time celebrities in Baton Rouge we don't expect to be hearing from them anymore. If you want to see them on TV go to their website and figure it out yourself. http://www.tubrequads.blogspot.com/ Just kidding Tubres. It was great to hear from you this morning, Jac.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Just a quick update

Just wanted to send a quick weights update before we leave for the hospital to visit the kids.

Danna Lynn - 2 lbs, 9 oz
Laine Ryan - 3 lbs, 11 oz
Forrest Michael - 5 lbs, 10.7 oz
Pius James - 5 lbs, 14 oz

They are all doing great and so are mom and dad. My baby sister, Rachel, got into town on the 19th and will be here until the 23rd. She got to meet her godson, Forrest. Oddly enough, it seems he has been the only one awake every time we go visit (I guess his roommate, Laine, was up a few times, too). He must know who he needs to impress already!

The babies had their eye exams for ROP (retinopathy of prematurity) on Wednesday. Because oxygen is so damaging to preemies' eyes, they sometimes struggle with vision later in life. But good news... the 3 boys don't need to be checked again until the age of 2. Danna's eyes were good too, but they are going to recheck in two weeks because of her size and her eyes were not fully vascularized yet.

Thanks for all the great comments! They keep us going.

Billy, Moni, Rachel, Pius, Forrest, Danna and Laine

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Further proof of their angel-ship

Guess who is who! (In case you can't tell from their melons, it's youngest to oldest from left to right)

Hi all of you non-commenters. The kids told us that we shouldn't worry about posting since you all were so weak on commenting, but we are teaching the children to turn the other cheek. Actually, we were finally able to get pictures of them all together yesterday, and they were too adorable not to post. They are doing so well and Moni and I are so proud.

Our first family photo (Billy holding Pius and Danna, Moni holding Forrest and Laine)

Our precious angel babies

Pius "Big Poppa" James: He is up to 5 pounds, 8 ounces. He continues to gain weight, and right now his major hurdle is the whole "suck, breathe, swallow" thing. He still is trying to figure out the breathe and swallow part. He is doing a great job getting the food in his mouth, but, like we said, sometimes forgets to breathe or swallow. His little butt is getting better. We are still using water wipes and various butt-creams, but he seems to be getting less angry when we wipe him now. In fact, nothing really bothers him.

Our sweet and chubby cherub, Pius

Forrest "Frosty" Michael: He is up to 5 pounds, 7 ounces. Like his big brother he continues to gain weight well, but still struggles with the whole "nippling" thing (yes, Andy, we used a form of the word "nipple". Deal with it). He has started to become a little bit fussy in his old age. He starts to whine for no particular reason, just to get a little attention. Momma is going to have to smack him around a little bit so he learns that we will get to him when it is his turn. I am just kidding about the whole smacking him around thing.

Mom holding her angel Forrest after a feeding

Frosty....actually awake, for once

Danna Lynn: She is up to a whopping 2 pounds, 5 ounces. She hasn't started nippling yet (there's that word again), but we are thinking that it is right around the corner. Her big news is that she got moved OFF of high-flow oxygen, and is really kind of kicking her brothers' butts on her breathing. She is such a little fighter. She fights us, her nurses, and her condition, and she is really good at it. We are all learning quickly that Danna gets what Danna wants. She already thinks she is the queen of the castle. Momma is going to have to go straight from smacking Forrest around to smacking her. Once again, I am just kidding (but notice how I leave the disciplining to Moni).

Our sleeping beauty angel, Danna Lynn

A random Danna video

Laine Ryan: He is up to 3 pounds, 8 ounces. He, like his brothers, is starting the bottle feeding. He does it once a shift, and has had mixed reviews from his nurses. Right now he is batting about .500. Pretty good average...in baseball. Really, he has done well twice and has been uninterested twice. He still has the best temperament, and kind of has Moni and me wrapped around his fingers. We even still think it's cute when he loses his temper because it takes a long time to get him worked up to that point.

Our laid-back angel, Laine, taking everything in stride

The babes had such a big day today! We had a very special visitor come to see us. Dear ol' Santa came early to make sure the quads were going to be able to make his "nice" list. They were at the top of the list. Their daddy also made it to the top of a list. Unfortunately, it was the one labelled "naughty". It was quite a production to get all the babies on Santa's lap, but everyone fit (with the help of about 16 extra hands). Laine tried to pick Danna's nose, Forrest was a crybaby and Pius just slept through the whole thing! It was such an awesome experience and the pictures are priceless!

Santa, Danna, Laine, Forrest and Pius

We're happy (and sad) to report that we sent Tyger Tubre and his grandma DeeDee off at the airport this morning. They made it safely home to Baton Rouge and were reunited with the other Tubre quads, Abbey, Cullen and Emma, as well as their family and friends who have so anxiously awaited their arrival home. Way to "geaux" babies (and mom and dad)! We're already missing you guys. Keep us posted on their progress in all your spare time (yeah, right!).
Tyger Tubre waving bye-bye to everyone in the NICU

Moni and I continue to be amazed at the support that we are receiving from so many people. We have really run out of ways to say "Thank you," but honestly, thank you! We wouldn't be able to stay as positive as we have without your love, generosity, and prayers.

Hopefully the pictures will bring about some more conversation so the kids don't ground Mom and me from posting (because posting with videos and pictures is about a two hour process and they get angry when we're away for too long).

Billy, Moni, Pius, Forrest, Danna, and Laine

P.S. Angel outfits courtesy of friends Gary Lindow and Monette Lachman - thanks! They were a hit with the nurses, too.
Angels Pius, Forrest, Danna and Laine

Saturday, December 15, 2007

We forgot something.

My mom, Marsha, was REALLY busy at work the other day and did this for us. Check it out....



Back on the wagon...

Yet again we apologize for being so long in posting. We are starting to see how four babies might spread one a little thin. We aren't even with them 24 hours a day yet. We have more videos to appease the masses. Hopefully, that makes up for the lack of consistency with our posts. Also, you all have to understand that we are in a deep depression. The news of the Tubres departure on Sunday hit us like a ton of bricks. We knew it was coming, and we're so happy for them, but we will definitely miss them like crazy. For those of you that don't know, Cullen and Abbey were discharged from the hospital yesterday to be reunited with their sister, Emma. The plan is for Jac, Torey and JT to take Cullen, Abbey and Emma home to Baton Rouge tomorrow while DeeDee stays with Tyger until he's discharged later this week. What an exciting time for them! Hopefully we'll be able to get together today and cook dinner at the apartment for one last hoorah.

As for the Graf Quad Squad, here goes:

Pius James, besides being the stinkiest baby alive, is also quite the oinker. He is now up to 5 pounds, 2.8 ounces. He continues to eat like crazy, but at times forgets to breath while eating or sucking on his pacifier. This morning, while I was feeding him, he dropped his oxygen quite a bit so we gave him a break from the nipple. He has been doing so well, and we might have pushed him a little too hard, too soon. His poor, little butt is still sore, red, and raw. It has got a little better with the change of diaper brand and being left open to air. His overly sensitive skin may be one of the traits that his daddy passed to him.

Pius getting his sore butt aired out (and not happy about it)

Pius getting ready to bottlefeed

Danna Lynn also continues to grow. She is up to 2 pounds, 4 ounces. She hasn't started nippling yet because they want to wait until she gets a little bit bigger. Her bottom, like her partner in crime Pius, is a little bit red too. Hers isn't quite as bad, but she still gets creamed and powdered with each change. She is breathing very well without needing much oxygen. Despite being the runt, she is really doing a banner job of keeping up with her brothers on attaining good doctor reports.

Forrest Michael, besides being the sleepiest baby alive, is also quite the oinker too. He is up to 5 pounds, 1 ounce. Pius and he are both taking 46 mL of breast milk (roughly 1 1/2 ounces) with each feeding. He is also learning to eat with the nipple, and doing a very good job. Sometimes he tends to forget the whole "suck, breath, swallow" thing and has spells of lowered oxygen saturation, but overall we would have to grade Pius and Forrest a B+ on the nipple feeding. The docs say they are well on their way to coming home.

Laine Ryan has also been kicking a** and taking names. He is up to 3 pounds, 5 ounces and is really long. We are thinking he might be built like Uncle Paul and be the tall, skinny kid with a great disposition. He is so much fun to be with because he always seems to be wide awake and alert. Momma thinks he is going to have daddy's light blue eyes, although it is still a little too early to tell. He is doing a great job with his breathing, and the doctors say he can start nippling his feeds once a shift if he shows interest (if he is awake, rooting, and trying to eat his hands).

Laine lookin' around at the world

Mom getting to hold Laine and Forrest together for the 1st time

As for mommy and daddy, we are doing well too. Moni's friend from nursing school, Melody, came to town to see her family and catch up with ours. As an NICU nurse back home, her insight and advice on the babies and their care was good to hear. We went to our old standby restaurant, Oregano's, for lunch after visiting the babes. Melody will be in town until Monday, so we plan to get together again on Sunday for more visiting and baby time.

Last night, Billy's cousin Mark took us out to downtown Tempe. Think Aggieville/OldTown without public smoking. We had a great time at Gordon Biersch and walking around the lighted streets (think Clark Griswald's house vomiting all over the city - in a pretty way). It was a beautiful town and the company, as always, was wonderful. Then he took us on a car tour of other parts of the city that we had not seen yet. It was good to get out and explore our surroundings. After all, our kids are Phoenicians and will want to know what their birth state was like when they get older. Despite popular belief, it does get pretty cold here in the Nix. Because Moni's feet were so swollen during the pregnancy, she didn't have any shoes but flip-flops to bring to Phoenix. No problem, right? Wrong! She was freezing her butt off in her sandals. Maybe it's time to go buy a pair of sneakers.

We haven't been able to get any good pics of Danna lately, but we're getting ready to head up to the hospital again to see the younguns. Hopefully she'll be awake and ready to pose for the camera. We'll post a new pic of her soon and give more updates!

Love you all like Jaclyn loves to put Ryno in a headlock!

Billy, Moni, Pius, Forrest, Danna and Laine

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Look mom, no incubator!!!

Welcome back to our little world. We have some great news for all to report this evening. The Graf quads all continue to thrive at the NICU in Phoenix Children's Hospital at Good Samaritan. Monica and I were very pleasantly surprised to walk into what seemed like two brand new rooms this afternoon. We have all kinds of space to move around in with Pius and Forrest both being moved to open cribs. We saw Pius first, and he was all burritoed up in his crib. He was sleeping well and we got a great report from his nurse. We went over and saw big Forrest in his big crib. What a pair they are in their big boy beds! The doctor even said we may be able to start co-bedding shortly.

As for individual updates, here goes:

Pius James: He now weighs 2150 grams which is 4 pounds, 12 0unces. He still needs the nasal cannula for a little help, but is being weaned off as tolerated. He continues to eat well, and takes 40 mL of fortified breast milk every three hours. He will probably start trying to bottle feed tomorrow.

Pius showing off in his open crib.

Forrest Michael: He now weighs 2110 grams which is 4 pounds, 10 ounces. He was a little anemic yesterday and lost 30 grams, but it was all fluid from his swelling. So actually it was a good thing that he lost those grams. He still needs the cannula as well, but like Pius, is being weaned off as tolerated. He also continues to eat well and is taking 39 mL of fortified breast milk every three hours. He tried the bottle feeding yesterday and was great at it. He took half of the bottle, did wonderfully, and the rest he took through his feeding tube.

Forrest sleeping...as usual.

Forrest sleeping...in Miss Becky's arms.

Danna Lynn: She is doing a great job with her weight gain. She is up 20 grams from yesterday and weighs 925 grams, which is 2 pounds, 1 ounce. She is on room air, but still using the nasal cannula for the high flow. She keeps getting bigger and bigger. We are so proud of her fight.

Sweet Danna...Sweet Dreams.

Laine Ryan: He is up to 1360 grams which is 3 pounds even. He is on the cannula still, but like his brothers, is being weaned off. He still loses his temper from time to time, but really remains pretty calm throughout the day. He tried the non-nutritive breast feeding yesterday with mom and did very well until he fell asleep. We will probably start the bottle feeding and non-nutritive more often now that they have hit the 34 week mark.

Laine in big boy clothes and worn out after his bath.

You guys are all being too good to us, and it is hard to keep up with the thank yous, but we will try. Thanks to NICU Nurse Emily for the Broncos pacifiers. She noticed the quads needed some team spirit, and as she attended the Chiefs slaughter this past weekend, she picked them up for us. Also thank you to great-aunt Mary Odette for the "pee pee teepee Santa hats." They have been a hit with the nurses, and gave us a good chuckle. You put these hats over their tally-whackers when you are changing them so you don't get squirted. Too bad they have already outgrown them. No big deal. They are such studs.

The pee-pee teepees. Told you they weren't big enough.


Billy, Moni, Pius, Forrest, Danna, and Laine

P.S. Congrats to my car man, Curtis, and his wife Megan. The world needed more Lubbers.

P.S. #2 Great job the past couple days with all the comments. We've enjoyed them. You guys earned a video. Keep it up!

Forrest getting a bath.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Two New Superstars

Hi everybody. Big day for the Grafs tomorrow. The Broncos play the Chiefs in a must-win situation. After talking it over with the quads, we hope Coach Shanahan and his assistants have the team ready to go. As for what is happening around the Phoenix Children's NICU, here's the down and dirty...

We will start with the star of TODAY. Laine Ryan was tired of being teased by daddy about being the only one still wearing a helmet. He not only got rid of the CPAP today, he needs NO assistance with the breathing right now. That's right folks, complete room air. Our little boy is really growing up. As far as weight, he is up to 2 pounds, 14 ounces. As far as attitude, he seems to already exhibit symptoms of "little man" syndrome. He has the WORST temper of the four and really wants to show us how tough he is when someone makes him mad.

Isn't he cute without all that crap on his face?

Next we will go to the star of YESTERDAY. Danna Lynn don't need no CPAP neither! She surprised us yesterday when we showed up for the second visit of the day. She was off CPAP and just using the nasal cannula. Now the next task is to reshape her crazy alien head which we are told, over and over, is very normal for a baby her size. She has done very well since losing the CPAP, and she doesn't seem to miss the extra baggage. In fact, she hardly complains about anything anymore. Big night for Miss Danna, she finally hit the 2 lb. mark that she has been flirting with the last couple of days. 2 pounds even, what a fatty! Mama gave her a bath while Daddy changed her sheets. It was great getting to cuddle for a little while, even if she did poop in her bath water.

Momma holding Danna after her bath. She still hasn't quite grown out of her alien/monkey stage.

Forrest and Pius continue to be stars on a daily basis. They have not really given anybody any headaches, and continue to grow. And grow. And grow. They are huge preemies...is that an oxymoron? They continue to battle it out for the biggest Graf quad of the day. Today, Pius wins by 5 whopping grams. They both weigh 4 pounds, 8 ounces. They have done so well that they got to be dressed like real little boys. They did a great job, and just looked at Moni and me like we were nuts for being so excited about it all. Actually, they get to wear big boy clothes because they are being trained on room temperature to prepare them for their open cribs (which is another step closer to going home).

Moni giving Pius a bath

Pius LOVING his bathtime!

Pius...fat, clean and happy (and in big boy clothes - thanks, Deb and Dave!)

Mom, Dad and Forrest (in big boy clothes - thanks Jac and Torey!)

Forrest with a death-grip on his pacifier - good luck getting that thing away from him

Yes, we were in the car. No, Billy was not driving at the time. Only one pedestrian was injured in the making of this picture. Those darn self portraits!

Special thank you to Aunt Shirley Kaiser and family who sent the most rocking-est Broncos outfits EVER! (Little windsuits for the boys and a Broncos cheerleader dress and tights for Danna). Thank you, also, to: Gary and Terri Peterson for the meal with the fam when they were here; Gary and Monette for the angel outfits, sleepers and blankets from Marshmallow Kisses; Uncle Fritz and Aunt MaryAnn Graf and family for the monogrammed bibs and cards; Kris and Rex Keith and family (a quad family from Wichita) for the beautiful baby blankets; JoAnn Tubre for the personalized babies' first ornaments; BC friends Erin, Erin, Katie and Kristin for the giftcard; Ann and Alfred Perez and family for the giftcard; Uncle Phil and Aunt Cathy for the meals and guardian angels; Jaclyn and Torey Tubre for all the preemie clothes that their sweet chunky monkeys can't wear anymore.

Thank you to everyone who have also sent cards, well wishes and words of wisdom (Uncle Bill/Aunt Ida Jo, Uncle Dale/Aunt Charlotte, Taylor Scuilli, Aunt Ginny, Uncle Howard/Aunt Marilyn, Wilbur Middle School Friends, Syl's catering friends and many, many more)! I know we've missed about a million people, but we can't find the the list of people to write thank you's to at this moment. Just know that we really do appreciate all the love and support. We continue to be amazed at how four little miracles can bring out the very best in people. We promise to keep the updates and pics coming. Billy says that's conditional on you all leaving us comments to fuel us on! Later!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Expected UPS & downs...

We'll just delve right in to the latest news....

Well, Laine kinda had a rough day yesterday. He was working pretty hard to breath and his oxygen saturation kept dropping into the 70's despite being on oxygen per nasal cannula. The doctor was concerned that he may have an infection, so they drew a blood culture and other labs and started an IV to give him prophylactic antibiotics. The blood culture today showed no growth in the first 24 hours, which is good. His labs also looked promising. They also decided to put him back on CPAP because he was breathing hard and retracting. He seems to be much more comfortable since being put back on the CPAP and is doing well.

Laine back on CPAP....boo! hiss!

Our cute little alien baby getting a bath

Laine saying, "No more pictures!"

Danna is still on CPAP as well. The nurses and respiratory therapist keep switching the mask with the prongs to keep her nose skin from breaking down. She really hates the prongs and she lets everyone know how she feels about it. They've also been using DuoDerm (that beige colored tape) on her nose and face to keep her skin intact. It seems that both Danna and Laine have fairly sensitive skin and they are sure to keep a close eye on things. She continues to do well and has started to gain a little weight. Not much else to report on her.

Daddy changing Danna's poopy diaper (and Billy thought girls didn't do that!)

Mom holding Danna up

Mom and dad giving Danna a bath - lots of hands for such a little body!

Danna showing the camera what Uncle Ryno taught her.....West side 'til I die!

Pius was put on a little oxygen today per nasal cannula because he kept dropping his sats when his head was in certain positions. He continues to amaze us with his pooping abilities and daddy is just so proud! He keeps truckin' along and gaining weight like a champ.

Moni, "Grandma Ruth" and a waking baby Pius

Pius under dad's hand (and he's one of the big ones!)

Pius drooling


Forrest has taken the "steady Eddy" title. He always seems to be sleeping, which is probably why he keeps gaining weight so well. He's still on a little oxygen per nasal cannula and still doing well.

Forrest's extreme close-up (remember, the camera adds 10 lbs - or 2)

Forrest grinning about something after his bath

As for me (Monica) I'm doing very well. My legs are very close to normal sized now (I'm sorry I can't report the same for my belly) and besides a little soreness, I feel great. I had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Strong (AKA Edward Norton) this morning. He told me to keep taking the antibiotic and the diuretic until they're gone. He was impressed with my incision site and encouraged pool time to help with the rest of the swelling and carpal tunnel. He wanted to see me again in a week, so we scheduled another appt for next Tuesday. So, really, I'M FINE!!! Thanks for all the concern!

Billy boy has been tobacco-free for 5 days now and I'm so proud of him. He has managed to keep his mood swings under control and has a raw mouth from eating and spitting out all those sunflower seeds! He is also really getting to know the roads here and I am so impressed with his navigating abilities now that I've busted out of the hospital.

The babies had a special visitor today. Billy and I brought "Grandma Ruth" (my friend, Deb White's, grandmother) to the NICU to meet the babies. We had a good time getting to know her and we hope she is able to come back to see the babies again to see their progress.

Next, we need to give a shout out to Ryno. Happy birthday, little brother! Did you know you are now closer to being 50 than to being a newborn tiny baby? You and Frank the Tank better not have too much fun celebrating your new-found maturity this coming Saturday! Wish we were there to celebrate with you guys! Don't be expecting any cards in the mail - consider this your card from the Bill and Monica Graf family.

Congratulations, Erin (EMO), David and Quinn!!! Billy's curiosity finally got the better of him and he checked the pictures on Comehome.net. How far along are you? Billy says, "If there isn't more than 1 baby in you, BIG DEAL!" Just kiddin'! We're so happy for you guys.

Billy just called the NICU to get the latest weights tonight. They are as follows:

Pius - essentially the same weight as yesterday, except he dropped a measly 5 grams. He is 4 lbs 2 oz.

Forrest - he's up 20 grams and is now weighing in at 4 lbs 3 oz.

Danna - she's up to 870 grams now which translates to 1 lb 15 oz. Almost 2 lbs! Woo-hoo!

Laine - his stressful day didn't damper his weight gaining. He is up to 2 lb 13 oz.

Billy, Moni, Pius, Forrest, Danna and Laine