Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Look mom, no incubator!!!

Welcome back to our little world. We have some great news for all to report this evening. The Graf quads all continue to thrive at the NICU in Phoenix Children's Hospital at Good Samaritan. Monica and I were very pleasantly surprised to walk into what seemed like two brand new rooms this afternoon. We have all kinds of space to move around in with Pius and Forrest both being moved to open cribs. We saw Pius first, and he was all burritoed up in his crib. He was sleeping well and we got a great report from his nurse. We went over and saw big Forrest in his big crib. What a pair they are in their big boy beds! The doctor even said we may be able to start co-bedding shortly.

As for individual updates, here goes:

Pius James: He now weighs 2150 grams which is 4 pounds, 12 0unces. He still needs the nasal cannula for a little help, but is being weaned off as tolerated. He continues to eat well, and takes 40 mL of fortified breast milk every three hours. He will probably start trying to bottle feed tomorrow.

Pius showing off in his open crib.

Forrest Michael: He now weighs 2110 grams which is 4 pounds, 10 ounces. He was a little anemic yesterday and lost 30 grams, but it was all fluid from his swelling. So actually it was a good thing that he lost those grams. He still needs the cannula as well, but like Pius, is being weaned off as tolerated. He also continues to eat well and is taking 39 mL of fortified breast milk every three hours. He tried the bottle feeding yesterday and was great at it. He took half of the bottle, did wonderfully, and the rest he took through his feeding tube.

Forrest sleeping...as usual.

Forrest sleeping...in Miss Becky's arms.

Danna Lynn: She is doing a great job with her weight gain. She is up 20 grams from yesterday and weighs 925 grams, which is 2 pounds, 1 ounce. She is on room air, but still using the nasal cannula for the high flow. She keeps getting bigger and bigger. We are so proud of her fight.

Sweet Danna...Sweet Dreams.

Laine Ryan: He is up to 1360 grams which is 3 pounds even. He is on the cannula still, but like his brothers, is being weaned off. He still loses his temper from time to time, but really remains pretty calm throughout the day. He tried the non-nutritive breast feeding yesterday with mom and did very well until he fell asleep. We will probably start the bottle feeding and non-nutritive more often now that they have hit the 34 week mark.

Laine in big boy clothes and worn out after his bath.

You guys are all being too good to us, and it is hard to keep up with the thank yous, but we will try. Thanks to NICU Nurse Emily for the Broncos pacifiers. She noticed the quads needed some team spirit, and as she attended the Chiefs slaughter this past weekend, she picked them up for us. Also thank you to great-aunt Mary Odette for the "pee pee teepee Santa hats." They have been a hit with the nurses, and gave us a good chuckle. You put these hats over their tally-whackers when you are changing them so you don't get squirted. Too bad they have already outgrown them. No big deal. They are such studs.

The pee-pee teepees. Told you they weren't big enough.


Billy, Moni, Pius, Forrest, Danna, and Laine

P.S. Congrats to my car man, Curtis, and his wife Megan. The world needed more Lubbers.

P.S. #2 Great job the past couple days with all the comments. We've enjoyed them. You guys earned a video. Keep it up!

Forrest getting a bath.


Anonymous said...

It was a great show! We loved it! The new pics are awesome!! We can't believe how much more beautiful they get every day!! They are little animals with those weights! That's ginormous! We are going to send them to Weight Watchers when they get home. Josie is just the right size right now to give them rides! They won't be able to ride Riz til they are like five at the rate Riz is growing! Anywho, 1st to post! Championship! Just like I am going to get in Fantasy Football! Just thought I might add that one in for my two favorite brothers! Love and kisses to all!
Love, Auntie Lainie and GG Bucko!

Stacey Faber said...

Hi! Thanks for the fabulous post. I can go to sleep happy after that fantastic report. I'm glad that the kiddos are all thriving and making huge strides every day. We'll keep sending happy thoughts and prayers your way. Take good care of each other. We love you and miss you all!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. You guys are awesome. Almost as much as my Broncos. I'm having a hard time convincing people of my new team. Oh well.

My office buddy Joe, has a dog Layla who just had 6 pups today by c-section; but he isn't starting a blog. He's lame.

You've been in our prayers constantly.

Love from Texas who's heart is in Denver.
Tom, Julie, Jolie, and Logan

Anonymous said...

CPAP, I thought I was going to get the 2nd post. Well at least I have 2 posts in the top 5. ;-)

(trying to earn another video)

Moni Graf said...

Uncle Tommy, when did you get to be so damn funny. You crack my s**t up! Thanks for the great posts (and you too Lainie, GG Bucko, and Stace AKA V.O.R.). We'll keep the updates and videos coming...

Anonymous said...

Way to cool! The babies are all so dang cute! Do any of them have dimples? Cant wait to hold them in person. Wonderful post and incredible parents the two of you are. Love Aunt Rose

Anonymous said...

Absolutely unbelievable. They are so beautiful!!! I usually check this in the morning when I get to work because of high speed, but I couldn't wait when I heard there were new pictures. I am just elated, on top of the world, I am so proud. Billy the Q.U.A.D.S responded to your request tonight and won all 4. It was position round and we were in second to last place and we showed them that we don't belong down in the cellar. Tuesday Twilighters league, ya'll (howd ya'll like that Jackie?) hold on to your a** cause we are comin to the top in the second half. And Tommy, I am so impressed. I just can't determine if you are serious about the Broncos. Trust me, it is so much easier to root for a shi**y team as long as they at least win every once in awhile. Becky, you are beautiful and I hope everything is well with you. I love you all and miss you!!!

Grandpa Stubby

Anonymous said...

That's funny I didn't know other people called it a tally-whacker too. I thought that was something my husband made up.

Anonymous said...

We speak tally-whacker from way back...among other things, right Moni? Loved the pictures and video. Those short clips are awesome. I was wondering also about the dimples? Now that they are gaining so much weight, do they show up more?
Give our love to Becky!! When is she coming home for Christmas?
Love to all! Mama Budda

Moni Graf said...

I think they have dimples, but it's hard to tell with all that tape and stuff all over their faces. As far as travel plans, my lovely sisters Mollie and Rachel and neice Maddie Jo will be in PHX from Dec 19-22. Becky will be in Wichita from Dec 20-26. Also looking forward to seeing my friend, Melody, who will be here from Wichita on the 13th. She's here to see her family and also to meet my new one! Hope that answers some questions. Oh, as for the word "tallywhacker"... Billy wanted to use "pecker" but I said it was a little too crude for a G-rated family blog. I don't know which is worse! Love you all...

Rachel Haag said...

What a great blog update!....I really needed a lift up during this crappy week of finals! I am so proud of my little nephews/neice and can't wait to see them in only 8 more days! yeah!!! Can't wait to see moni and billy either ofcourse! Glad pius has such great looks ;-)(pretty sure it was him that looked like me?!) Take care and see you soon. Miss you guys!
Aunty RayRay

Anonymous said...

You guys are doing awsome with the posts! I love reading them every morning! The kids are soooo cute!!! I hope that I get to see them in person some day! You guys look so great and so happy!!!!
Katie Strunk

Anonymous said...

Big baby beds are wonderful news. They get cuter with every picture. Being Christmas season I have been imagining the excitement that will be going on at your home in the coming years with 4 little ones the night before Christmas. What a blessing.

Kathy Hazell

Karen said...

I hope you realize that your little video adventure was a huge success. And now, i want more! I was great to hear your voices, if only for 31.2 seconds! They're growing like weeds...that's so great to see! It will be interesting to see Pius and Forrest's interactions with eachother (I know, they're only 3 weeks, how much can they really interact? but they know who you guys are and interact with you!) Enough blabbing...Until next time, Karen

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! They are all so cute. Just think of the adorable family pictures you will have soon. I am happy you are all doing so well. We will continue to keep you in our prayers.


Anonymous said...

You two are doing a kick butt job; and are going to be the greatest parents. The video was awesome and it was good to hear both of your voices. Can't wait to meet the little ones in person. Love and prayers your way from the Poell's.
P.S. Tell the beautifl quads to root the Broncos on extra hard tomorrow for a win against the Texans :)

Anonymous said...

sorry I meant BEAUTIFUL.
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Thanks for the update! The kiddos are looking great! So exciting to hear all they are doing! Can't wait till you guys get back to Ta-town. You are all missed very much. I hope you are all able to get plenty of rest at night, stockpiling sleep for when those bundle of joy get home to you!

Take care of yourselves. Can't wait to see you!

Dan and Delane

EMO said...

At least you didn't show us the peepee teepees in action. (although, like you said they don't fit) That is great that you have visitors coming. 3 out of 4 in clothes is awesome. I cannot wait to see the 2 sleeping together. Soooo Cute!!! I will have to remember the wrapping the baby in a blanket during the bath with my next one. Then you don't have to rush quite so much to keep them warm. Love you!

Andria said...

What sweet angels all cozy in their beds! What great news, what great weights. You did great on the pictures. And was that FOUR pee-pee teepees??? (in case one flies across the room?) I'd like to know who wins that title!

Keep up the great parenting and great blog!

Hugs from Sacramento!

Anonymous said...

It's good to see that Pius already has the touchdown pose figured out in that picture. That boy is going to be a great football fan and player. Good to hear that Pius and Forrest are in open cribs, and I know Danna and Laine won't be far off, especially if they have anything to do with it. Heck, Laine went ahead and got his "crap" and everything else off in one day, he might just skip the open crib and decide he wants to come home. Yes, the QUADS bowling squad did win all 4 last night, but have they mentioned what their record is since I have shown up - it's pretty darn good. Coincidence, I think not!!! Monica, I bet you are glad that you got to hear bits and pieces of my conversation with Billy last night...you learn something new everyday, huh. Ha, Billy those were some good laughs last night. Forrest is going to be very proud of all the things his godfather is going to teach him. Please Monica, don't ban me from being godfather, I was just kidding. Thanks for all the great updates, and hope everything else is going well down there in warm Phoenix.


P.S. - Do they have any openings in Phoenix for a meterologist? I don't think you even need a degree - the only requirement is to be able to talk in front of a camera and say, "It's going to be warm and sunny today, with our next chance of rain coming in six months. I will be back on the air when it does rain to let everyone know they don't need to take cover, and not to panic."

Anonymous said...

FYI. Tonight's Dateline NBC show is about the McCaughey family. Their septuplets (seven!) kids just turned 10 yrs. old. They had a special segment on this morning's Today show. Sooooooo cute and talkative!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I just had a panic attack on your behalf when I read, "so cute and talkative." Biily and Moni, you know India...the most talkative person, EVER. And you guys are going to have 4 of them AT THE SAME TIME. Sure, you might have a queit, reserved one, but you are bound to have at least 2 motormouths! Family dinner time at your house will be a freakin' riot! :) :) :)

Yay for big-boy beds! That's great news. So, how long until they can share a bed, and what are the requirements they have to meet before they can do that? How cute will that be!?

Keep the good info and cute pics coming :)


Andy Bulger said...

Oh Man! I can't believe how ugly, small and puny those 4 little runts are! Pretty pathetic...

Haha JUUUUUST joking! Everyone starts out their comments with 'How cute' 'How big' so i thought i'd spice it up a bit. You all look great. I'm a big fan of the pee pee teepees to cover their taliwackers and po-po's. Yes, that's right everyone. You failed to mention the little girlie genitalia that, while not having as sharp as a shoot as a taliwacker, is still a force to be reckoned with. Okay, keep up the good work and you may get a gift from Auntie Em. (probably not though) :)
Miss you like crazy!

Emmy and Andy

Anonymous said...

I was going to mention po-po, but didn't know if it would be proper or not. Thanks Em!
Moni, hope you got the other video working.
Love ya!
Mama Budda

Anonymous said...

They do get cuter with every picture. So glad everyone is doing well. That is an interesting way they give baths. It looked like Pius was sitting in the bath water swaddled in blankets? It did look like he was enjoying that head massage. Too Too cute.
PS You know you have gotten Grandma Ruth hooked, you will have to take her back to see those little ones before you leave, that is all she talks about.

JoAnn Tubre said...

Moni & Billy,
First chance I've had to visit your blog since arriving in Phoenix, they are beautiful! Each time I visit the NICU, we seem to keep missing each other. It looks like we will be here a little longer so I'm looking forward to meeting all of you. Lots of prayers going your way for continued progress!! JT

I Love The Sun said...

Hey guys! I've been checking your blog every week, (along with all my sisters!)and finally decided to post! Anyway-congratulations! They are so precious!
Much love-
Erica Self (O'Keeffe)

Anonymous said...

I don't have a lot to say after the Bronco loss. Best to keep my thoughts to myself I guess. It's hard....

Is this the first loss that the kids had to deal with since they've been born?

Just tell them you don't have any control over the schedule and they can only play the Chiefs twice a year. Oh well. Hang in there.

Love from Uncle Tom and the rest.

Anonymous said...

Patience is a virtue, etc.......
Any big gains?????
I'm not buggin' you, but......December 11th was a while back.
Love to all!
Mama Budda