Saturday, June 5, 2010

Where to begin?

Hi everyone.  I am truly sorry it has taken so long for us to blog.  I would like to say it’s because we’ve been so busy (which we have), but actually I would have to say that laziness is a major contributing factor as well.  I know the last post of Pius’s rendition of “Jesus Loves the Little Children” was completely adorable, but it could only hold out for so long.  I’m not sure what all has happened since the last post so I will go to my facebook and use Moni’s idea of posting my status updates. I will add commentary where I see need.  Here goes.


Billy Graf Laine decided the joke was on me this morning. After breakfast, as I was applying butt cream after I changed his diaper he cut a gigantic fart and started laughing so hard. He thought it was pretty funny that he farted on my finger. Btw, check our website for the cutest video to date.

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This was the same day as the last post.

Billy Graf This morning at breakfast I said, "Hey guys, guess what?" To which Pius replied, "CHICKENBUTT!" I just had to laugh.

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Billy Graf Danna must have her first hangover. Last night at Patty-poo's party she got into someone's strawberry daiquiri, and this morning she's a little grumpy. You do the booze, you lose little girl.

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Patty-Poo has been a family friend for years.  She is one of the “fat-ladies” and has been like another aunt for my brother and sister and our cousins since we were little.


Billy Graf It's official: Life as we know it, naps, nigh time sleeping, un-grumpy children...OVER! The toddler beds are in. THIS SUCKS!

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This was the morning that we put in their toddler beds.

Billy Graf Once again, my kids AMAZE me. Their first nap and bed time in their toddler beds went wonderfully. They slept and we didn't have to go in the room ONCE. Maybe it's because Moni struck the fear of God into them, but I think they're just the best freaking kids in the world.

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The success of toddler beds is still a hit and miss proposition at our house.

Billy Graf The start of the day had me a little worried, but the boys are settling in. Pius and Forrest are getting a kick out of "tickling" me. Laine has calmed down since our battle over his diaper change, and beautiful Danna is being her typical, content self. Wish the sun would come out so we could go play on our swing set.

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Travis, Slim, Stubby, and I put in their kick-ass swing set on a Sunday over here in about 5 1/2 hours.  We had a lot of fun (if you can believe that), and at the end of the night (after a few adult beverages) Ryno, Slim, and I took on the gigantic wasp nest that was our barn.


Billy Graf Someone told me yesterday to cherish all the time with my kids. If the time goes by so fast, then why is it taking forever to get to nap time?

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Billy Graf Of all the shit they did this morning that pissed me off, this is the only cute thing. I took a picture of Pius's new hairdo. He decided he needed some butt cream hair gel. They got a bath, but I can't get it out.

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Billy Graf Is it possible for four 2-year-olds to go 15 minutes without fighting? I have learned that the Graf Quad Squad can not. I'm just wondering if there are any in the world that can do it or if my kids are just a-holes.

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Billy Graf Fricken Pius finally got his hair clean, and what did he do? Put more fricken butt cream in his hair. Frick!

April 24 at 10:12am

He still sneaks off to do this every once in awhile.  We have learned, though, that when you can’t hear Pius that means he is up to something that he knows he shouldn’t be.


Billy Graf It's great to hear...kind of...that now Danna is repeating EVERYTHING that she hears. The one of them that was left that I could cuss in front of is no more. Danna now says the word sh*t. Great work Daddy.

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Billy Graf Just got home from the lanes. The kids did awesome. They were so well behaved and I was proud of them. Wondering if I'll keep this feeling. Now for naps.....

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Billy Graf I came into the kitchen from picking out clothes for them after baths to all three boys yelling, "boobies" at the top of their lungs. What's going on here?

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That was one of the funniest random things they have ever done.  I really don’t know where they came up with that.  Seriously.

Billy Graf Today has been GREAT! The kids stayed in bed until their sun light came on. They ate well and did well on diaper changes. Then Danna came up to me with a big smile and said, "kissing monster." It's a game we play that makes her giggle so hard. Plus the boys are doing great at playing together and sharing. I'm a lucky man right now.

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Notice this was at 9:30 in the morning.  I do think I need to update when the kids are being good, though.

Billy Graf I know that when kids are mean to animals that sometimes is a sign of a future serial killer. My question is: If my kids play with june bugs until death does that count?

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Billy Graf This morning at breakfast out of nowhere the boys made a list: no biting, no climbing, no hitting, no scratching, no touching sunshine, no kicking. Danna just said, "awesome." Can you tell the things that Moni and I repeat ALL DAY, EVERYDAY?

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Billy Graf Today is starting off very well. The boys are actually being very good, and getting along. Danna, of course, is being perfect (HAPPY BASE, HAPPY FLOWLER!, her new favorite sayings). We'll see, there is still 3 1/2 hours until naptime.

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Billy Graf Forrest honestly about got murdered today. He has been/is being such a butthole. Pius hasn't been much better. Thank God Laine is being good. If he was being his typical self we would probably have the police over here. And not to leave Danna out, as usual, she is being a perfect princess.

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Billy Graf Sometimes I wonder why I try to rationalize with a 2 1/2-year-old. WHY DON'T THEY GET IT? Oh yeah, they're two and a half.

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Billy Graf Forrest is just like Tom Hanks in "Castaway". He usually insists on falling asleep on the floor beside his bed. What a weirdo.

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He still does this and it has started to cause a minor problem.  Pius and Laine try to sleep on the floor, but they roll around and play and cause problems.  Forrest actually falls asleep on the floor.

Billy Graf We've had our pool table for29 hours and we have already lost the 8 ball. Should've known the boys wouldn't follow the freakin rules.

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Billy Graf The 8 ball has reappeared! Don't know where it was, but the boys were downstairs playing pool and we now have an entire pool ball set. I "LIKE"

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We keep losing pool balls, but they always re-appear a couple days later.

Billy Graf Forrest has had 4 meltdowns. Laine has had 2. Pius has pimped them both into a couple of the meltdowns. And even Danna has been a bit of a bitch this morning. This is all in less than 2 hours of awake time. And as I type this, Forrest has started number five. WAKE UP MONI!

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Billy Graf Moni and I just rode to the Cavo concert with Cavo's lead singer and drummer...yea we're badasses.

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Billy Graf Cavo rocked it. Lifehouse and Daughtry were very good, too. I hope my kids are going to NOT rock it this morning. Daddy was up way too late for any shenanigans.

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That night was so much fun.  One of Moni’s quad-mom friends, Beth, is married to the lead singer for Cavo.  We did go out late and partied hard thanks to Mom, Lainie, Bucko, Dad (our taxi), and Rachel. 

Billy Graf Let's see kids. What do you think for lunch? "Taco Bell", "Pizza", "McDonalds" were the three answers I received. Sorry boys. You get chicken nuggets and strawberries. Do they think money grows on trees?

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Billy Graf DAMMIT! The day was going so well, and then Forrest struck. I'm over the 2 and a half year old thing. Can I skip the next 8 years and just have them be 10 year olds?

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Billy Graf Horrible father of the year award here. Laine and Pius got into a jar of medicine so after talking to poison control I'm sitting in the ER with them. They are acting fine, but better safe than sorry. DAMMIT! I SUCK! Was pretty worried but I'm starting to feel better.

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Billy Graf Got home about 2 hours ago from the ER. The boys are fine. The doc said that the stuff that they got a hold of wasn't that toxic, from what I told him they probably didn't get very much of it, and the charcoal (that the boys sucked down like crazy after a popsicle bribe) would take any of the toxin that they did get out of their blood. Thank God! Thanks to everyone for the thoughts. Scary couple hours for me.

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They wanted to go downstairs and play pool, so I went down to turn on the lights and check everything.  It was all fine.  Laine unzipped a suitcase, got out the medicine bottle, and opened the childproof lid.  Their intelligence amazes me, makes me so proud, but scares the hell out of me sometimes.

Billy Graf Sometimes my kids just amaze me with their incredibly good behavior. Sometimes my kids humiliate me with how they act. I've noticed, though, that it is in the times that they humiliate me that I realize how much I love them because I can give just as mean a scowl at the a** who gives my kids a dirty scowl in church.  They are two and a half years old (TIMES 4), ya dick.

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Billy Graf I don't think today could've started any worse. They've calmed down and I hope it lasts because I'm not in the mood. I WILL allow anarchy today, because I'm too tired.

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Billy Graf My kids just ate an entire box of cereal. I just wish they wouldn't have got half of the cereal and milk on the floor. Who knew that eating cereal could be so freakin messy? I guess their motor skills aren't quite ready for cereal.

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Billy Graf I'm starting to think that I may NEVER get Pius a driving license. On our way home from the zoo (and whenever we drive) he gets pissed when you stop. "No Daddy, drive." "Pius it's a red light, Pius there is a car stopped in front of us, Pius we have to wait for traffic." He really doesn't care, "No Daddy, drive."

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Billy Graf So I should've known that my kids would dip their strawberries into the mustard I gave them for their sausage.

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Billy Graf I just was told the first lie. I heard Laine & Forrest fighting, & then Forrest started screaming. I went downstairs & the boys were all standing together & Forrest had fresh, straight teeth bite marks. I asked who bit Forrest, Pius & Forrest both said, "Lainer." I asked Laine if he bit Forrest & he said, "No. Pi-Pi bite Fo-Fo." He insisted Pius bit Forrest. That vinegar must be working if he's lying.

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Now for pictures:


Pius Cake Face

Pius before haircut.

Pius in tree

Pius since haircut.

Forrest Cake Face

Forrest before.

Forrest in tree

Forrest after.

Danna Cake Face

Danna before haircut AND “ear pretties.”

Danna's Ear Pretties

Danna after.

 Laine Cake Face

Laine before.

Laine in tree

Laine after.

Moni & Beth

Moni and Beth at the Cavo pre-concert acoustic show.  A hot pair of quad-moms.

Us with Cavo 1

Moni and I with Cavo.  (Quad-daddy, Casey, is to Moni’s left in the blue shirt).

Us after concert

Chad (drummer), Stubby (all of our driver), Brian (bass player), Me, and Moni.  After our post-concert partying.

So as you all can see, nothing major to report on, just regular toddler growing up stuff.  The squad’s next big step is potty-training.  I will be starting that in a couple weeks.  Should be an interesting month.  I will try to be better about keeping up, but I know Moni and I have both said that a hundred times.  All we can do is keep trying.

Until next time….

Billy, Moni, Pius, Forrest, Danna, and Laine