Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shocker Sound-Off

Hi everyone.  I hope everyone is ready for Christmas.  I will be at
All-Sports Wichita located in the Westlink Shopping Center, 8909 W.
Central Ave., to do a Quadfather book signing.  1410 AM KGSO will be
doing a live remote from All-Sports for "Shocker Sound-Off" (the
pregame show for Wichita State men's basketball).  As a Wichita State alum, (and former assistant basketball coach at Friends University) it is quite exciting for me to get a chance to do a signing as a small part of the show.  I've listened to the show when I can as part of the WSU pre-game at it's an excellent source of insight from the coaching staff and to get a sense of the pulse of the fans.  I've also been into All-Sports on a few occasions and I know it is a wonderful place to look for Christmas gifts for the sports fanatic in your family...even if they are KU fans:)

The show runs from noon to 2 p.m. this Saturday and, like I said, airs
on 1410 AM KGSO.  If you are from out of town and would like to listen to the show, you can stream it from  Seeing as how it is the WSU basketball team show, you probably won't have to hear me get on my soapbox and explain why my Broncos are playing so well and why Bama DOES deserve to be in the national championship so you don't have to worry about that:)

I hope to see a lot of you there and, if not, you get a chance to listen.

Happy Holidays,


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Small mix up

Hey all,

There was a mix up so I'm not going to be on tomorrow morning.  We are working something out for the next week to week and a half on KGSO 1410 AM.  As soon as it gets sets in stone I will let you know. 

For the people that live or will be out of town, though, you will be able
to listen through your computer.  The website is,, and it has online streaming.  Sorry about the mix up and I'll update you when I find out more.


Quick Quadfather update

My publisher is releasing The Quadfather on for hard copy and the Kindle.  If you still want a signed copy, you can order it through my website on the paypal button in the top left corner of the blog.

I will be on KGSO 1410 AM tomorrow morning to talk the book, and some Bama and Broncos football.  I will be on around 9 a.m. so if you get a chance, tune in.  Hopefully it goes well.

See you all later,