Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We've Been Outted!

Outted, you say? We've got varying degrees of emotion amongst the Quads over this.

Pius could not care less. He thinks it's kinda funny how it all works out.

Danna Banana was a little shocked and felt taken aback for awhile (then we dressed her and painted her toes. She got over it quickly.)

Dear Frosty went pyscho over the news. Or maybe he was more distressed about the fact that people told him his bedhead would improve if he snipped off those curly locks. As evidenced by this picture, the crib-fro is still alive and kicking. Is it just me, or did getting his hair cut exponentially increase the size of his already walrus-like front teeth?! Freakin' adorable any way you look at it.

Laine prefers to remain neutral about the situation. He's definitely the stoic "Lainer-zinski" we've always loved. But gotta watch out for that temper. Bad things can happen when he's pushed too far!

Thanks to Monica's comment on our last post, I just remembered I never posted about our very 1st zoo trip with the quads. Yes, it was a couple of weeks ago, but it seems we've been in a bit of a bloggy rut lately....or Spring Break and work.

So here goes:

On the way to the zoo, we got to try out the new van configuration since moving Pius and Forrest out of their infant carriers. Laine and Danna still get to kick back in their seats for a few more pounds.

Forrest loving his new throne

Pius barely able to contain his excitement about going to the zoo (actually, he had no clue about what was going down).

We met up with a lot of the Haag Clan at the zoo. We were so excited to finally use our Christmas present from Lainie (the zoo membership). We decided to start the quads off slowly with the petting zoo, which we did not actually enter. As it turns out, the Choo-Choo wagon is NOT an all-terrain vehicle. However, the kids seemed to enjoy looking at the white fences around the petting zoo. We don't think they could quite see over the boards at the animals. They were happy, though, nonetheless. You know what they say, "Ignorance is bliss."

Our Zoo Trip Posse from left to right: Billy pulling the Quads, Moni's sister Mollie pushing her daughter Mia. Mollie's other daughter Maddie Jo is walking right next to her, and her oldest son Taten was up ahead of the pack. The little boy next to Maddie is our nephew Ronin. His parents, my brother Brandon and wife Tracy, are to the far right. What an entourage!

See what we were saying? The kids took very little interest in the white fencing boards around the petting zoo. But what fun zoological mysteries (okay, so they're just common sheep, goats and other domesticated farm animals. Can a girl elaborate some?!) do those boards encompass! They'll figure it out...all in good time.

Our niece (and Godchild), Maddie Jo, with Fo-Fo.

A lion.....according to the babies. Rrrrr.

From the petting zoo, we headed to the rainforest. They actually got to see some of the animals on the way (like the aforementioned "lion"). It was so cute asking them, "What does the lion say?" and them grunting back in reply "Rrrrr." We got to the rainforest and entered. Let us tell you about the Sedgwick County Zoo Rainforest. To sum it up in two words...AWESOME and TIGHT-SQUEEZE (is that two or three words?) The three-foot wide path contains wood chips, hills, various scampering rodents, and a LOT of people. The Choo-Choo barely made it through and we only had a few police reports filed on us for vehicular assault. There were no random children plastered to the grill or stuck to the undercarriage of the wagon when we exited, so I call that a success.

Crossing the Rainforest Bridge

Not sure if our turning radius would allow entry into the underwater tunnel. It wasn't pretty, but we made it.

D and L at intermission. Laine had to get out and stretch his legs a little. And no, we don't give our kids pop...that was MY Diet Dr. Pepper that Danna was guarding.

If only we would've known that plastic cups with lids were more entertaining than any toy they've ever had! There have been many a death matches at our house over these things.

After the rainforest, we headed for the Downing Gorilla Exhibit, stopping to see a few other animals along the way. If you ever have a chance to visit the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita, this HAS to be one of your stops. In one word.....incredible. While we were in the exhibit, we came across something more incredible and even more rare to behold than the gorillas. A man came up to me and asked the infamous question, "Are those quadruplets?" I smiled politely thinking we were going to hear the same twenty questions we always get. "Yes they are," I replied. What he said to Monica and me about knocked us on our a$$es, "So are mine!" To which I replied, "What? No sh*t?!" He started laughing and we struck up a wonderful (and educational) conversation with him and his wife. To make it even more unbelievable, their quadruplets are three boys and a girl, too. Only they are four (almost five) years old. Crazy, huh?

In the Gorilla tent with the Davis Quadruplets! Their names are Brenna, Samuel, Joseph and Aiden. Sorry for the crappy photo camera is a piece-o-crap sometimes.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure which one is Samuel, Joseph or Aiden. Pretty sure I can pick out that beautiful Brenna, though! Aren't they adorable? Little blonde haired, blue-eyed knockouts! Sidenote: Tim and Jackie Davis (their parents) have a photography business here in town. For more fabulous pictures, check them out at

After a couple of hours at the zoo, the quad squad was "telling" us it was time to call it a day. They were so well behaved and really enjoyed looking around and just being outside in the beautiful weather. We can't wait for our next zoo day. We went on short-notice this time around, but hopefully we'll know a little farther in advance next time and be able to have some of our friends around town join us.

Pius daydreaming about our next visit to the zoo. I wonder if OUR monkeys will always be the main attraction there? But then again, I guess the wagon isn't too subtle (one of only a few minor drawbacks to it).

The other major happening around our house is that we have started to fall into our new eating/sleeping routine. And our "fall" has NOT been very graceful. We are hoping that all of our friends and family continue to visit because this new "one nap a day" crap doesn't quite cut it. The grumpiness around 5:30 in the evening can be a bit extreme at times. The plus side is that they do go to bed about an hour earlier than before (around 7:15 now). Unfortunately their one nap a day isn't any longer than their morning nap used to be. Any pointers on getting them to take ONE GOOD, LONG nap? They still sleep through the night, but it is seeming to take them longer to fall asleep in the evening. We know they are tired and ready for bed (laying their heads down...usually on the dinner table, droopy eyes, yawning, spontaneous tantrums, walking around aimlessly with their fingers inserted in their noses, you know....telltale signs) but, they seem to fight the sleep. Frustrating. Maybe they just want to stay up a little longer to catch the tail-end of the NCAA tournament games. Hmmmmm.

It's all downhill after the evening baths. Here, Pius and Forrest are vocalizing their generalized disapproval. They pretty much hate the world at this point. New teeth MIGHT be aggravating our situation.

Laine's lip-biting scowl.

Did I say EVERYONE was unhappy? I meant everyone except my Danna girl. This little princess could, quite possibly, be the BEST child the Good Lord ever created. She is such an angel (or she has somehow managed to pull the wool over her parent's eyes). Just don't take her books away and nobody will get hurt. She LOVES to flip through and "read" her books for hours on end, just babbling away.

Speaking of the NCAA tournament games, it's utter March Madness at the Graf residence right now. It was four days in a row of constant hoops and having a lot of people in the house. We are loving it, although the kids might be wanting some of their Baby Einstein time back soon. They're just going to have to toughen up because it will all be over April 6th. We are having a little break right now, but that's just to rest up for the weekend. Good thing Uncle Ryno has been around to help transform our kids into little "Cameron Crazies." For those of you who don't follow college basketball, that is the Duke University Student Section. The kids don't quite do it all correctly yet, but you should see them grin and yell when we start chanting, "Hey. Hey. Duke. Hey. Hey. Duke." It is priceless and Ryno is so proud of the new trick he's creating.

And now, a multitude of backyard pictures from the weekend. We've had lots of family and friends over for basketball watching and for a barbeque. The kiddos loved the commotion and comradery!

I found this Little Tikes swing at a garage sale last week. Unfortunately, it's only a one-seater AND the most coveted spot at our house (even trumping "Laine's corner"). They didn't even mind sharing a seat (with Grammy Vicki spotting them). TRYING to share a seat might be a more accurate phrase, I guess. We've gotta look for more of these before a tree limb snaps!

Pius: "Go fly a kite, mom. No really, get this thing off of me and let's go fly this kite!"

Uncle Brandon making bubble magic for the kids (cousins Mia and Ronin pictured)

Pius enjoying our other new outdoor equipment. Thanks Mollie and Trav!

The kids couldn't get enough of Brandon and Tracy's dog, Bourbon. I swear, this dog looks like a small bear in real life....and SO gentle.

The cutest thing ever...the second Laine laid eyes on Bourbon, he ran to him with his arms wide open and hugged him around the neck. Kind of scary because he'd never met Bourbon before. We'll definitely have to watch him closely around animals. Some may not be as tolerant of kids or may get startled and snap at him.

It was love at first sight for Danna, too. She couldn't get enough doggy-lovin' and followed him around all afternoon.

Forrest with Godmother, Aunt Ray Ray.

How better to become one with nature than by eating a stick? Danna is totally in her element when she's outside...just like mama. I see lots of camping in our future....probably just tents in the backyard, but camping nonetheless.

Budda with sweet Danna. FYI - I know the name "Budda" probably causes alot of confusion. It's pronounced like "but, uh.." which is how the name came to be. You can read this past post for more info on it.

I almost forgot about my promise to post some "after cut" head shots from the boys' haircuts. If you can imagine, I was too busy gathering up wispy, curly toddler strands for safekeeping rather than taking pictures of the new hairdos.

Of course Danna didn't get her hair cut, but she had to get her "hair did", too.
Pius didn't have a whole lot to lose, but was the most transformed after his cut. It's amazing how much better he looks sans the fro'd out mullet.

With his golden locks of yore now snipped and swept away, Forrest looks so much like a little boy and not a baby. I'm gonna take this moment to shed a silent tear.
Laine's sweet chop was just right. His hair seems so much thicker and DARKER now! I don't know why he always looks so somber in pictures. He's a hard one to capture on camera.

In closing, Moni is working with "a professional" on a new blog design, courtesy of Ms. Jaclyn Tubre (it was for her birthday). Yes, Monica's birthday was almost two months ago...she is a self-proclaimed procrastinator. We guess Jac was thinking that if she gave us a "blog-lift" we would be inclined to post more frequently. Sucker!!! We'll show her. We can still be lazy even if we have nice stuff. Just look at our yard. No, but really, she is the best friend Moni could ever ask for and I can't figure out what they could possibly talk about every day. Regardless, we're excited for the new blog-look, but would LOVE to hear some suggestions from you all. Got a creative hair up yer arse? Shoot us some ideas for a new title or layout for our blog. Can't wait to hear from you all!

This picture of Laine and Billy was too sweet not to share. What's one more, anyway?


The Graf Quad Squad

P.S. In case you weren't sufficiently confused already, Billy wrote most of the post content while I added the pictures and wrote most of the captions. Thus, the frequently changing point of view. Sorry if it threw you off....we like to keep our readers on their toes.

Friday, March 13, 2009

"No Mo' Fo' Eyes...."

That title was courtesy of "old school" Forrest....before he went to grammar school to reform his ways. Remember when the quads took over the computer and wrote their Tribute to Cullen when he first started wearing glasses?

Just wanted to send some bloggy-love and prayers to the Tubre family today. Please keep Mr. Moose (Cullen) in your prayers today. He will be having eye surgery on both eyes this morning to help correct his bilateral lazy eye. If you get a second, visit their blog and send them some comment lovin'.

Good luck Cullen! We'll be praying for a successful surgery and quick recovery.

Lots of good ol' Kansas love!

Moni, Billy, Pius, Forrest, Danna and Laine

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It Smells Like "Updawg" Over Here

What's "updawg", you ask????? Nothin'! What's up with you?!

(insert sounds of crickets chirping here).

"Man, mom....that joke was BRUTAL!"

(Birth order: Pius, Forrest, Danna, Laine)

"No really....We're speechless."

(The Twin Towers-Forrest left & Pius right)

Danna: "I chuckled at little to myself."

Laine: "Uh, I don't get it."

If you couldn't already tell, Laine has a new-found fascination with his very own "finger warmer"! Ahhh....Perfect fit! He'll just walk around with his finger up his nose, like it's the most natural thing in the world. He's ambidextrous in his brain poking ability, too. Now THAT is talent! I'm so proud of my baby.

Laine: "Oh geez! Stop mom, you're embarrassing me!"

We have a pretty full agenda, so we'll get right down to business. I guess that's what happens when you wait so long in between posts. First of all and most importantly, we are no longer sick! The babies seemed to recover from RSV more quickly than they recovered from their last 2 respiratory illnesses. Their little raw booties have healed up, too. What does all that mean to Billy and me as parents? The little turds shouldn't have anything to complain about anymore! Funny, they haven't received that memo yet....maybe we should call for a family meeting.

This is a funny little sequence of photos. Danna has a hair pretty! P.S. Thanks for the super cute sweater, Aunt Jac!

Danna's hair pretty catches Pius's eye....and away it goes.

The aftermath.

After months and months of "watching" Pius's crooked feet, and lengthy discussions with our Pediatrician, Dr Chavez and our physical therapist, Pam, we decided to go ahead with ankle braces. We received Pius's new "magic shoes" in the mail last week and are gradually getting him used to wearing them. They're freaking adorable! Since he started wearing them, he seems more confident with his step-taking abilities. Hopefully we'll continue to see progress and no further treatment for the ankle supination will be needed. I'll get some video action on his walking for the next post.

Danna: What's wrong with your legs?
Pius: Um, nothing at all, thank you. My legs are just fine and dandy.
Danna: Then why do you have those shoes on?
Pius: My momma said my ankle's crooked like a question mark. These are going to make me as straight as an arrow. They're my magic shoes.
Danna: Are you stupid or something?
Pius: Mommy says stupid is as stupid does.

"Momma always says there's an awful lot you could tell about a person by their shoes. Where they're going. Where they've been. I've worn lots of shoes. I bet if I think about it real hard I could remember my first pair of shoes."
Alright....enough Forrest Gump for one day. But dang, that's a good movie! On last Friday, Aunt Donna came over to get our crew cleaned up. All four of the boys got their hairs cut while mama and Danna observed (and cried a little when Forrest's curly locks were snipped). Daddy's proud to say he has job interviews lined up for them next week. It's funny how grown up they look now. Billy's no longer embarrassed to take them out in public because of their "hippy" hair. What cleanliness is to mommy, respectable haircuts are to daddy. Billy says, "I don't mind them having carrot stains on their shirts, but they sure as hell should have a clean haircut!" Sounds just like his late papa, Pius Selenke (Bucko's other half). All 3 of the boys were very good during the cuts, but with this being Forrest's second trim, he acted like an old pro and tried to show his brothers how to behave. Danna didn't get a trim, but mama gave her a nice up-do. We managed to scrape together 2 little piggy tails that about melted her daddy's heart.
"Whattya MEAN, I don't get to play beauty shop?! Grrrr."
Laine and Forrest watching daddy get his hair cut first.
Alright, surely I'm not the ONLY one who HATES his "porn-stache"....I kept telling him he looked like Chester Molester, but he wouldn't get rid of it! I finally convinced him it was in his best interest to shave that molestache (wink, wink). To give Billy a little credit....he was growing it out to make a point of how ridiculous his work's policy is on facial hair. The ONLY kind allowed is a stache! Crazy, huh? Something about being more trusted by the public. I don't see it.
Pius: Business in the front....Party in the back! Gotta love the mullet.
Adios, little Mississippi Mudflap (that's just for you, Sandra)!
Laine's dark, straight, shaggy 'do.
Laine's profile.....and a little more of Billy's "lip curtain".
Laine's back side
Laine getting his ears lowered.
Forrest's mop-top
Goldilocks...he almost had enough hair to donate to Locks of Love! Okay, that might be an exaggeration (who, me?)
"No, mama! Get that Delilah away from my hair!"
Forrest's P.O.'d face....complete with bulging brow vein.
"Ohhhh, now I remember! This is nice!"
"....Especially when mom keeps me happy with Gerber puffs!"
Crazy Aunt Donna. Gotta love 'er!
Mommy and Forrest shared a few tears after his locks got chopped.
Even Danna mourned for his locks.
Danna with Aunt RayRay. She's getting really good at giving the "evil eyes". I think I should be worried.
Danna finally got her "up-do"....that's alot of work to get those fine little hairs together like that. Even more difficult when her brothers felt the need to help.
Danna's hair pretties lasted a good 8 seconds.
So mama gave Danna a pedicure.....the boys were ALL about her toes for awhile! She kept swatting at them when they'd get too close (or started licking her red toenails).
Danna posing
Shortly after their in-home barber shop experience, the babies got to meet their cousin Ronin for the first time. My brother and sister-in-law, Brandon and Tracy, brought him out to the house along with my sister and mom. Ronin has been living in England for the past several months (but they are now back living in Colorado Springs), so we were VERY happy to be able to play with him! He's only about a year older than our crew, but he's so much taller than them. We look forward to the day when Brandon, Tracy and Ronin move to Wichita so our children can grow up together, along with all of my other nieces and nephew.
Brandon, Tracy and Ronin
Ronin feeding the geese
Cousins.....All of them LOVE cell phones! Wanna make them all cry? Just start taking those puppies away! We got video of it, but this post is already long enough...maybe another day.
Ronin shared his dog (Bourbon) with the quads....
....So the quads shared their horsey with Ronin! It was too cute!
I guess our agenda wasn't as full as we thought it would be. Oh well.....hope you all enjoy the ridiculously massive amount of pictures!
Pius with the beloved horsey.
Pius loves putting anything on his head. He signs "hat" all the time.
When daddy's hats are not available, he rocks the diaper look.
Laineman can be so serious sometimes.
And then other times.......well, you can see. It looks like he has "front butt"!
"Enough already with the embarrassing pictures, mom! Sheesh!"
Our little peanut
And one last look at Forrest's sweet curls. Oh, I'll miss them!
Love, Billy and Moni
P.S. I just realized I never really got any good "after" pics with their haircuts! Gah, freakin' idiot! I'm sure there will be many more pictures in the future.....Sorry!