Sunday, March 1, 2009

Much Better, Thank You!

Hey everyone! Sorry to keep you all hanging on how the kids are recovering. We are all MUCH better and have, indeed, survived since our last post. We feel confident about being able to pack up the little blue snot suckers back into hiding for the time being.

Billy and I are thinking up a new post. Hopefully tomorrow we will be able to work on it. We are currently very busy test-driving new eating/napping schedules for the babies and they are NOT taking too kindly to the changes. I don't know how we'll EVER get them weaned off the bottle. I can see it now.....their first grade lunch box will consist of a PB & J sandwich, some apple slices, a pudding snack pack, a string cheese and an Avent bottle full of milk. Maybe they'll start a new fad in their class. Like Adam Sandler in the movie "Billy Madison" when he somehow convinces the class that "you're only COOL if you pee your pants"!

Anyhow, like I said, we are going to give this new schedule a whirl tomorrow. We're optimistic about it but I know of many things that are SUPPOSED to work in THEORY, but just don't pan out in real life. Wish us luck!

In the meantime, I hope these pictures will apease the masses and hold you over until we get some more good stuff up for your reading and viewing pleasure.

We've been trying out more "hair pretties" on Danna. She's getting really good at dodging her brothers' prying hands. They can't seem to resist all that cuteness:

All of the kids LOVE going into our bedroom and playing in my makeup and brushes. Danna and Forrest thought they'd give themselves makeovers:

I just LOVED Forrest's little curls (notice I used the past tense....yep....another round of hair cuts since last post):

Laine's shaggy bangs are a thing of the past, too:

His favorite spot to play is still under the curtain sheers by the sliding back door and the loveseat. In fact, now ALL the kids fight for that sacred play spot:

Pius had to go bare-butt for awhile to help clear up his diaper rash. I can't resist his cheeks...all four of them!:

Pius: "Yeah, I walk around in the buff at home.....what of it?! You know you want my body!":

And these last pics are from my birthday party at the karaoke bar. Needless to say, a good time was had by all! Maybe a little TOO much fun, because I was paying for it the whole next day.

Me with two of my sisters, Mollie (L) and Rachel (R).

Billy and I karaoked to Johnny Cash and June Carter's song, "Jackson".

Goofing around with lil sis-in-law, Laine (L) and Rachel (R).

June and Johnny (albeit, very poor renditions of them) .

Several of my girlfriends from work made it....L to R is Anita, Me, Shana and Trish.

Until next time!



Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! I absolutely can't believe this ... 1st one to respond. Now I know why people got so excited when they were first. What a thrill!! Do I win one of the babies? PRETTY PLEASE. Anywho, thanks for the midnight review. I'm soooo glad the babes have bounced back from the snotties. Aunt GGr

EMO said...

Glad to have an update, and I can't wait for the next one. By the way, if I am not mistaken that is the 1st naked baby butt you have ever posted...

Oh yeah, good luck on the new schedule, I think they will do great. Do they not like sippy cups at all?

Misty said...

You have the cutest kiddos! Happy belated bday!
Seriously, mine were 25months when we got rid of the last bottle! Don't stress over it!

Jac Tubre said...

Holy Hottness Batman! You and Billy look fabulous! No wonder your kids are so freakin adorable!

Tell Forrest that Emma doesn't want him wearing too much makeup...she'd hate to date a drag queen :)

Love yall,

Ashley Wasser said...

Jac is funny...holy hottness batman! I don't have anything near that funny to say, but Forrest running around butt nekkid is great! I have this pic of Lexi that is similar to that but something is stuck to her butt...I've wanted to poste it for a long time, but Dave says no!

It's just not fair when drinking takes a whole different toll on us compared to when we were younger! It was worth it though I'm sure. Looks like you had a pretty fun birthday. Did no one capture video of your duet? PLEASE post it if so! :)

Andy Bulger said...

Sure do miss you guys. We may have to stop reading your blog though cuz it makes us sad that we're missing it all - the birthday celebrations, crying, snottiness, mouth-breathing beautiful kids, etc. But seriously, Andy and I just love reading all the posts and catching up on you guys. Sure do miss you!
Auntie Em and Uncle Andy

The Gerwer Babies said...

First of all, i LOVE THE MOVIE QUOTE (you know me)!!
THat is my most FAVORITE picture of Mr Forrest, with his head tilted sideways, SOOOO PRECIOUS!! And Laine, what a heartbreaker. We need Pius to come visit us and tell us how we can get that belly of his!!! And sweet Danna, what a tough cookie she will be (which will be great with they are teenagers, okay so did the thought of teenagers make you throw up a little in you mouth?)
And what FUN FUN FUN time!! Looks like a blast!!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Donna did a great job with the haircuts, although I miss Forrest's curls. Love you all, Grandma Vicki

Shelia said...

Love the hair pretties on Danna... I didn't realize she has that much hair already. And poor Pius, having his bumm showed on the internet already:) Glad to hear everyone is feeling better. Take care and can't wait to see the new post!


P.S. Good luck with the schedule change. I'll keep you guys in my thoughts on that one (and prayers!).

Ms. Mallory said...

CUTE pictures! You have a lot of blackmale photos to use at a later point in time. The boys will do anything you want to not show the naked baby pictures! Love Danna's hair too!
It is time for another round of pookeyhole (this time I'd appreciate a CHANCE to win)

Suzanne said...

1st) when the heck was your birffday?? we went karaoke style too! omg...outta control! LOVE it! you look hot!

2nd) you are freaking crazy! your posts crack me up to no end. i just about "peed my pants" reading about your kids taking AVENT bottles to school one day.

3rd) could those babies BE any cuter??

love you,

HansonTriplets said...

ok, I was going to post about the same thing. Some people say to get rid of bottles at 12 months and I can't even imagine. I put my kiddos to bed with a bottle so that is going to be my downfall. I tried today to put them down for a nap without their bottles but needless to say it didn't work. They LOVE their bottles. I want to get them to only one bottle at night. I tink it might be a easier transition to get them off completely. I am going to keep trying but I am looking forward to hear what you are going to do. I am all up for suggestions. I am glad to hear the sickness is gone.

King Quads said...

Those kiddos are so adorable.

Happy Birfday to you Miss Moni! You are looking beautiful as ever these days.

You crack me up woman. When I need a laugh I go visit those Graf Quads!