Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It Smells Like "Updawg" Over Here

What's "updawg", you ask????? Nothin'! What's up with you?!

(insert sounds of crickets chirping here).

"Man, mom....that joke was BRUTAL!"

(Birth order: Pius, Forrest, Danna, Laine)

"No really....We're speechless."

(The Twin Towers-Forrest left & Pius right)

Danna: "I chuckled at little to myself."

Laine: "Uh, I don't get it."

If you couldn't already tell, Laine has a new-found fascination with his very own "finger warmer"! Ahhh....Perfect fit! He'll just walk around with his finger up his nose, like it's the most natural thing in the world. He's ambidextrous in his brain poking ability, too. Now THAT is talent! I'm so proud of my baby.

Laine: "Oh geez! Stop mom, you're embarrassing me!"

We have a pretty full agenda, so we'll get right down to business. I guess that's what happens when you wait so long in between posts. First of all and most importantly, we are no longer sick! The babies seemed to recover from RSV more quickly than they recovered from their last 2 respiratory illnesses. Their little raw booties have healed up, too. What does all that mean to Billy and me as parents? The little turds shouldn't have anything to complain about anymore! Funny, they haven't received that memo yet....maybe we should call for a family meeting.

This is a funny little sequence of photos. Danna has a hair pretty! P.S. Thanks for the super cute sweater, Aunt Jac!

Danna's hair pretty catches Pius's eye....and away it goes.

The aftermath.

After months and months of "watching" Pius's crooked feet, and lengthy discussions with our Pediatrician, Dr Chavez and our physical therapist, Pam, we decided to go ahead with ankle braces. We received Pius's new "magic shoes" in the mail last week and are gradually getting him used to wearing them. They're freaking adorable! Since he started wearing them, he seems more confident with his step-taking abilities. Hopefully we'll continue to see progress and no further treatment for the ankle supination will be needed. I'll get some video action on his walking for the next post.

Danna: What's wrong with your legs?
Pius: Um, nothing at all, thank you. My legs are just fine and dandy.
Danna: Then why do you have those shoes on?
Pius: My momma said my ankle's crooked like a question mark. These are going to make me as straight as an arrow. They're my magic shoes.
Danna: Are you stupid or something?
Pius: Mommy says stupid is as stupid does.

"Momma always says there's an awful lot you could tell about a person by their shoes. Where they're going. Where they've been. I've worn lots of shoes. I bet if I think about it real hard I could remember my first pair of shoes."
Alright....enough Forrest Gump for one day. But dang, that's a good movie! On last Friday, Aunt Donna came over to get our crew cleaned up. All four of the boys got their hairs cut while mama and Danna observed (and cried a little when Forrest's curly locks were snipped). Daddy's proud to say he has job interviews lined up for them next week. It's funny how grown up they look now. Billy's no longer embarrassed to take them out in public because of their "hippy" hair. What cleanliness is to mommy, respectable haircuts are to daddy. Billy says, "I don't mind them having carrot stains on their shirts, but they sure as hell should have a clean haircut!" Sounds just like his late papa, Pius Selenke (Bucko's other half). All 3 of the boys were very good during the cuts, but with this being Forrest's second trim, he acted like an old pro and tried to show his brothers how to behave. Danna didn't get a trim, but mama gave her a nice up-do. We managed to scrape together 2 little piggy tails that about melted her daddy's heart.
"Whattya MEAN, I don't get to play beauty shop?! Grrrr."
Laine and Forrest watching daddy get his hair cut first.
Alright, surely I'm not the ONLY one who HATES his "porn-stache"....I kept telling him he looked like Chester Molester, but he wouldn't get rid of it! I finally convinced him it was in his best interest to shave that molestache (wink, wink). To give Billy a little credit....he was growing it out to make a point of how ridiculous his work's policy is on facial hair. The ONLY kind allowed is a stache! Crazy, huh? Something about being more trusted by the public. I don't see it.
Pius: Business in the front....Party in the back! Gotta love the mullet.
Adios, little Mississippi Mudflap (that's just for you, Sandra)!
Laine's dark, straight, shaggy 'do.
Laine's profile.....and a little more of Billy's "lip curtain".
Laine's back side
Laine getting his ears lowered.
Forrest's mop-top
Goldilocks...he almost had enough hair to donate to Locks of Love! Okay, that might be an exaggeration (who, me?)
"No, mama! Get that Delilah away from my hair!"
Forrest's P.O.'d face....complete with bulging brow vein.
"Ohhhh, now I remember! This is nice!"
"....Especially when mom keeps me happy with Gerber puffs!"
Crazy Aunt Donna. Gotta love 'er!
Mommy and Forrest shared a few tears after his locks got chopped.
Even Danna mourned for his locks.
Danna with Aunt RayRay. She's getting really good at giving the "evil eyes". I think I should be worried.
Danna finally got her "up-do"....that's alot of work to get those fine little hairs together like that. Even more difficult when her brothers felt the need to help.
Danna's hair pretties lasted a good 8 seconds.
So mama gave Danna a pedicure.....the boys were ALL about her toes for awhile! She kept swatting at them when they'd get too close (or started licking her red toenails).
Danna posing
Shortly after their in-home barber shop experience, the babies got to meet their cousin Ronin for the first time. My brother and sister-in-law, Brandon and Tracy, brought him out to the house along with my sister and mom. Ronin has been living in England for the past several months (but they are now back living in Colorado Springs), so we were VERY happy to be able to play with him! He's only about a year older than our crew, but he's so much taller than them. We look forward to the day when Brandon, Tracy and Ronin move to Wichita so our children can grow up together, along with all of my other nieces and nephew.
Brandon, Tracy and Ronin
Ronin feeding the geese
Cousins.....All of them LOVE cell phones! Wanna make them all cry? Just start taking those puppies away! We got video of it, but this post is already long enough...maybe another day.
Ronin shared his dog (Bourbon) with the quads....
....So the quads shared their horsey with Ronin! It was too cute!
I guess our agenda wasn't as full as we thought it would be. Oh well.....hope you all enjoy the ridiculously massive amount of pictures!
Pius with the beloved horsey.
Pius loves putting anything on his head. He signs "hat" all the time.
When daddy's hats are not available, he rocks the diaper look.
Laineman can be so serious sometimes.
And then other times.......well, you can see. It looks like he has "front butt"!
"Enough already with the embarrassing pictures, mom! Sheesh!"
Our little peanut
And one last look at Forrest's sweet curls. Oh, I'll miss them!
Love, Billy and Moni
P.S. I just realized I never really got any good "after" pics with their haircuts! Gah, freakin' idiot! I'm sure there will be many more pictures in the future.....Sorry!


Anonymous said...


Grandpa Stubby

Anonymous said...

OK Moni, the pictures are awesome!!! Never too many. I could do without the Laine's finger 3/4th the way up his poor little nose though.

Grandpa Stubby

Suzanne said...

holy COW--that post had to have taken you like 5 hours to put together!!! i loved every second of it--especially the commentary--crackin' me up. the little hair cuts are SOOOO cute! the steece boys are getting theirs cut tonight...i just might shed some tears over Ben's curls too! (i LOVE the curly shags on boys, but i guess when i start getting bloggie hate about him looking like a might be time for a slight trim! ha)
love little Danna Banana's pigtails!!! to die for!!!!

Ashley Wasser said...

Love love love the captions! You are one funny gal. I completely agree that Billy's lip curtain is molester like. What a stupid rule to have at work!

EMO said...

This one had me laughing out loud several times. Haha. The porn stache has to go. I don't even like that look on Brad Pitt. I can't believe how fast Forrests hair grows. You will have your curls back before you know it. That is great that the braces seem to be helping already. Thanks for the wonderful post!


Shelia said...

Moni, I'm rolling:) Another great post! Those captions are hilarious... especially the Pius-Danna shoe conversation.

Pius, I love your new "magic" shoes. Blue to match your eyes!

Cochran Quads said...

Cracking me up!! And don't hate on Mississippi, There's No Place Like Home!!! You are one funny girl! I'm going need you to send me an e-mail on Pius' ankle. Cannon has an inward left foot that we're working on with massage, etc., but I need to know what your suggestions on that are!! Love Ya Like a Fat Kid Loves Candy!

Anonymous said...

Why do gorillas have big nostrils?

Answer: Because they have big fingers.

Thanks for the post and picture bonanza!

Love you all,

Nick & Kelly said...

Too Cute! Love the comments and Jokes!

Charity Donovan said...

OMG Girl...You are killin' me over here!!! Loved it!

The Gerwer Babies said...

Impressive length on that post!!
LOVE THE HAIRCUTS!! I am so jealous, robbie wont let me cut brady's mullet! How can i convince him!!!! he looks like a total hippy or homeless baby...
I still think Forrest looks just like Billy...
Danna with her looks that could kill, i hope she still gives those as a teenager, keep those boys away (although she will have three very protective brothers to help with that, so it shouldnt be a problem :))

jag said...

I don't even know where to start! This post was VERY entertaining. I guess we'll begin with Officer Dangle. Ryan likes to do this facial hair experiment from time to time too! Sometimes I dig it ;) Sometimes, it's a bit much. Like when he grew a little "soul patch" directly under his lower lip. I think if I get Jilly to tell him his beard’s scratchy, he'll relent and quit this nonsense. You need to talk to Dana. The power those little girls have...

The haircuts looked like a fun time, but I almost shed a little tear for those curls too.

LOVE Pius' fancy feet. They are precious! Looking forward to a video!

Hugs, hugs, hugs!

Andria said...

Oh that "stink eye" in that girl! She's hilarious. Great post Moni. My husband just told me this morning that our 11-month old needs a haircut...:( What'll happen to his curls then? Will they grow back? I'm going to see if I can stretch it out a bit more. I'm sure you'll have plenty of more pics for us... I can't wait!

Jac Tubre said...

Oh goodness gracious woman...where do I start?

I love Danna's pony tail (glad the sweater fit - I struggled with deciding on a size), Pius got his magic shoes and they are doing ok, love the aftermath of Pius getting Danna's hair pretty, Laine picking his nose is priceless.

Now for Billy - that shit looks ridiculous on your face boy! totally child molester like! I still love ya though.



HansonTriplets said...

This has to be one of the best posts ever. It just makes me laugh at how similar our kids are. I think that is what makes your commentary so halarious. I wish I was as whitty and funny as you are! I love Dana's pigtails. I wish the boys would let her keep them. I love all the haircuts, it is nice you can do them out your house. We have to take our mayhem to the barbershop.

Kristin and Paul Dood said...

Your kids are beautiful and you are absolutely hilarous! I am the mom to triplets (only 3 babies) and I came across your blog and I am so glad that I did. We had RSV at about the same time as you and I thought I might lose my mind, but after reading your blog I was laughing and in a much better mood. Thank you so much!!

Kristin and Paul

Anonymous said...

"Front butt"?..... how funny! Loved all the pictures! Billy's pictures reminded me of Grandad. Really not bad at all...everyone needs a little change now and then.
Love you all!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! The pics are fantastic! The kids are too cute! Thank goodness Billy shaved that thing from his face. Every year at school they have a fund raiser "Stache for Cash" it's freaking ridiculous. It looks like a Merv-the-perv convention!

I laughed out loud (which is embarrassing in a lecture) about Laine's "finger warmer". Love it.

I have a t-shirt for you. I will try to get it in the mail soon!

Take care! Miss you!


TeddyTed said...

i like all the pics, i need to check out this thing more often then i have been lately... and i don't care what anybody says, the stache was money and i miss it... you were so money you didn't even know it bill, there's no crime for looking like a petophile...

TeddyTed said...

Also... Monica, I have a shirt that simply says "Updog" on it, not as many people as I would hope fall for it... and when they do, they ask wrong, like "who's updog?" or "what's your shirt mean?" insted of "what's updog?" i still love it though, maybe i'll wear it the next trip to the penalty box...

Jac Tubre said...

Pius, man, I thought we were buddies??? I saw the comment you posted on my girls blog (Avery Cochran). What's up with you man? You hear I am having some vision problems and you think you can pull a fast one on me trying to woo my girl on her blog...not cool man...not cool at all. Your momma raised you better than that, my momma says she did.

Avery's ONLY true love