Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just another busy week…


The Graf Quads are worn out.


Too much excitement…


I won’t fall asleep, I won’t fall asleep.

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks here since our last post. We found out a couple of weeks ago that exactly 4 spots miraculously opened up at the St. Peter Catholic School pre-K program (which had been full previously). We took that as a sign and got them registered, so our babies will be starting school next fall! LOTS of mixed emotions springing up around this. I mean, how is it that we were JUST anxiously awaiting their birth, and NOW it’s time for them to go to school?! So crazy. We made appointments for them to see their doctor for the 3 year checkup and physical routine that is required by the school, AND we also finally bit the bullet and made appointments for their very first dentist visits.

DSC02265 Forrest is already talking about getting girlfriends. He thinks his "Bear Bryant" hat will help.

DSC02267Laine is a wild one…hopefully he won’t drive his teachers crazy.


The sneaky one…almost always up to something.

DSC02272 That better be the only boy she is kissing. Eyes closed and all.

DSC02278 The boys trying to show their sweet side.

DSC02289 Pius showing off his “ouchy” on his forehead from a fall on the first Friday at Riverfest.


One of the highlights the first Friday, seeing the Police horses.

The pediatric dentist we chose wasn’t going to be able to fit them in until November, but again, by shear luck (or divine intervention), 3 spots opened up in their schedule for last Monday. The boys filled those appointment openings and then they were able to fit Danna in on Wednesday of that same week. Funny how things just fall into place sometimes. We were really excited to find a pediatric dentist on the West side of Wichita with outstanding reviews. Dr. Walker’s group was incredible with the kids and it was a fun atmosphere for them. I was worried about how the appointments would go, but the boys were AWESOME! They laid on the chairs and opened their mouths wide and let them do whatever they wanted. Danna, on Wednesday, was a different story. She wasn’t scared or bad, but she was completely uncooperative. The patience and caring that was shown to all four of the kids was tremendous, though, and I am very happy with Dr. Walker and her group.

Pius dentist Pius helping.

Forrest dentist Forrest opening wide.

We took the kids in (7 months late) for their 3 year checkup and physicals for school yesterday. Dr. Chavez was surprised to see how big the kids were and very pleased with their health and development. Laine has officially caught Pius in size and while Danna still isn’t on the charts for weight, she is for height. Dr. Chavez also put our minds at ease because of the kids’ odd eating habits. They’ll eat like horses at one meal a day, but never consistently. One day, they will eat four bowls of cereal each and then pick at the next two meals. Or they won’t eat any breakfast, but chow down at lunch or dinner. It is strange how it works. Dr. Chavez told us to expect them to eat well only once every 4-5 meals so that made me feel a little better.

As for official sizes, here they are now:


34 lbs (51%), 39.25 inches tall (55%), head circ 50.5 cm (50%).


36.6 lbs (74%), 39.75 inches tall (67%), head circ 51 cm (75%).


25.2 lbs (<1%), 36.75 inches tall (14%), head circ 47.5 cm (24%).


34 lbs (51%), 39 inches tall (49%), head circ 49.25 cm (48%).

We also had some more severe weather last week. The kids were excited to go to the basement because “tor-MAY-does” might come. When they got down there, Forrest got kind of scared and hid under a pillow and the next day he said, “We had to go to the basement because tornados and hail were coming and I was a little frightened.” Laine and Pius convinced Forrest that, “Daddy will throw the tor-may-does into outer space if they come.” It was a pretty cute interaction to witness.


Just another summer day in Oz. This pic was taken at Moni's work from the ambulance bay. The hospital is less than a mile from our house.

We took them back to the Riverfest last night for fireworks. Last Friday we watched the parade, but last night we went to the Admiral’s dinner where the kids played in the inflatable spider, we ate, the kids danced all night and the night was finished off with another round of fireworks. They were in awe of the sights and the sounds last week and were excited to go back. The weather was supposed to be sketchy last night, but thankfully it held off until the late night hours. Another fun year at the Riverfest and we can’t wait for next year.


They were so good, even if Pius was being cheesy for the picture. Kids' shirts were purchased from Designed for Babies!


Laine rocking it in the spider.


Spiderman in the spider jumper.


Forrest showing off his muscles.


It’s a wonder we ever got Danna out of there. She LOVES jumping.

See you next time…