Thursday, February 28, 2008

A "Doozie" of our own

Thanks for all the great comments. We check our blog as often as you all do, too. I keep waiting for a new post, but somehow wishing for it doesn't make it appear.

I thought it might be fun to post some fun facts today. Just different things that pop into my head throughout the day that make me say, "Self, I bet the blog world might like to know about this."

So, here goes:

1. The 3 boys are able to roll over now. Forrest and Pius have been the only ones so far that have done it without cheating (i.e. no rolled up burp cloth under their chest). Danna keeps trying and can move her little cute butt all over the place....just not over. Forrest rolled over unassisted for the first time the other night while my parents were over babysitting with the help of friend, Janet Neville. See the video. It's almost painful to watch, really. You keep thinking that he's gonna do it and all you want to do is give him a little nudge.

2. Speaking of my parents...they go by Budda and Papa. Many think we call her Buddha (boo-duh) like the little fat-bellied statue, but it's actually pronounced "bud-duh". My niece, Maddie Jo, came up with that name when she was just learning how to talk. We think it is because Mollie (Maddie's mom and my sister) would always say, "but, uh" when she was talking on the phone with my mom. Kids pick up he darndest things.

3. All 4 of the kids have really good head and neck control. They're always pushing themselves up and looking around. Forrest and Danna are the 2 that are most interested in what's going on in the world around them. I don't think Danna ever blinks. She keeps her eyes so wide so she won't miss anything. I need to enter that girl in a stare-off contest! Laine loves looking up into peoples' faces. He's so content just looking into the eyes of his holder.
I never knew Laine's feet could be so interesting

Laine and Danna getting some play time with Aunt Rose while Frosty and Pius were sleeping

Like we said...always afraid she's going to miss something!

4. I have continued pumping, but the squad is catching up and passing me quickly. I usually pump between 50-60 ounces per day and sometimes I nurse the babies if they are especially upset and nothing else seems to calm them down. We have broken down and finally started going half breast milk, half formula in their bottles. The towers are on 20-cal feedings (regular formula/breastmilk), Laine is on 22, and sweet Danna is still on 24-cal. We will probably adjust after Laine and Danna's weight check next Thursday.

5. As most of you know, I started back to work part-time at Wesley. I work Tuesday, Wednesday one week and Thursday, Friday the next. It switches back and forth and has allowed Billy to give the QT my schedule and that allows one of us to always be home with them. We wouldn't want to leave the helpers on an island with our fickle crew.

6. Pius has very sensitive skin. He might have got that from Grandma Vicki who always seems to blotch up whenever it is too hot. Pius also gets extremely warm, and sometimes we can calm him down by taking off his clothes. Being naked seems to make him happy. He might have got that from his daddy.
Naked Pius...that's alot of chunk for one boy!

7. Sweet baby Laine has baby acne. Actually, all four of them have baby acne, but Laine's seems the worst. Hopefully they will grow out of that and the chances are pretty good because Billy and I always had pretty clear skin.
I think Laine has a few bats in the cave

8. Forrest and Danna have umbilical hernias. They are not too bad, and they will go away in a couple years, but for the time being they sure are fun to play with. If Forrest isn't throwing too much of a fit, you can press it down and it pops up really easily. If he is throwing a fit, it is firm, but still a lot of fun.
Forrest and Danna getting tummy time on their Boppys

9. The Kansas weather has allowed a couple of stroller rides in the last week. The first one, we loaded them up and went down to GG Bucko's and surprised her. The second time, Bucko and I took them around to visit a couple of neighbors. The neighbors stayed inside their screen doors and looked at the four of them together in all of their glory. We were so in a hurry to get them back inside, we forgot to snap a photo (and we weren't about to reenact the scene).

10. Frosty is the gassiest baby alive. Really no need to explain any further, I'm sure. He's our Farty Forrest. Speaking of toots... Pius ripped one so loud the other day that he scared himself and started crying about it.
Forrest amazes himself with his gas-blowing abilities

Frosty is also getting window time along with tummy and play time

11. Pius, Laine and Danna have the cutest chin quivers when they are throwing a fit. It really is hilarious, and our laughing just seems to fuel the fire. We will try to get some video now that we have found our camera.

12. We have our daily routines set, but the kids like to throw wrenches into them when they get the chance. They get to get out of their cribs around 7 a.m. They eat, and then they watch Baby Einstein. They eat, and then they get window time. They eat, and then they get tummy time. They eat, and then they get play time. They eat, and then they get wind down time. They eat, and they go to bed in their cribs. As you can tell, they do a lot of eating. We got the go-ahead from Dr. Chavez to let them sleep for up to 6 hours if they want to. They are averaging about a 5-hour sleep after their night feeds and we aren't complaining too much. Rarely, however, does this routine happen perfectly.

13. The quad squad is so excited to see cousin Becky. She's leaving Phoenix this Saturday (her last hospital shift is tonight). When she comes to visit next week, I have a feeling she will be amazed at how much they have grown. We are trying to talk her into moving in with us, but she likes her sanity too much I guess.
Had to post this pic again of Pius, Becky and Forrest just so we can remember how fun it was to have 3 babies and 3 adults living in our PHX apartment! Doesn't she look well-rested?!

14. Another Forrest tidbit, he has taken on a couple of new nicknames. He always closes his left eye when he smiles or starts cooing, so we now call him everything from Frosty, to Winky, to Popeye.

15. Laine has got to be the noisiest eater alive. He always acts like he enjoys his bottles so much. He just gulps and hums the entire time. Sometimes he's louder than other times, but it's always good for a laugh. We'll try to get a video of it posted sometime.

16. All four of them still have blue eyes. We are getting really interested to see what color God has in mind for their final color, but we are hoping they stay blue.

17. They all have elf ears, except for Pius. The other three's ears all have a little dip at the top and they really do look like the Keebler Elves' ears. They may or may not grow out of this, but judging by Bill's misshapen ears, that might be a tougher obstacle to overcome.
Laineman playing with Aunt Rose. Keebler cookies, anyone?

18. The entire Graf Quad Squad prays for cousin, Sgt. Wesley Poell every night. We can't wait until he returns home safely from wherever, Iraq. He went over at the beginning of the month, and we can't wait to hear from him via email. Laine is so excited for him to come home to teach Laine some wrestling moves so he can handle Pius, Forrest, and any boy who thinks of talking to Danna. We are all so proud of him, and can't thank him and all of the other soldiers enough for what they are doing for us.Cousins Steph Graf and Wesley Poell sharing a dance at Margarita's

Another Danna and Rosie moment

Well, that's about all we can think of for the moment. I'll try to jot down others things as they momentarily flit about my brain.


Billy, Moni, Pius, Forrest, Danna and Laine

P.S. Thank you, Tubre's, for the huge box of goodies! Danna officially now has more clothes than mom, dad and all the boys put together. We're so proud of her, though...she has finally outgrown her preemie clothes this week. We're all about the new newborn clothes she fits into now!


Anonymous said...

1st to post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Andrea

Anonymous said...

First of all....Thanks some much for giving us a fix! We know your busy. Sounds like things are getting exciting with babies starting to roll over now. Glad everything is going well and babies are staying healthy. I thought of you guys when I was outside enjoying the weather and wondered if the quad squad was able to enjoy it too. Love you guys--Andrea

Anonymous said...

First to post...that's the stupidest game ever. Anyways, it's good to see the QUADS are doing good they are 11-1 the last three weeks. Congrats! Oh wait this is the Q.U.A.D. baby site. I thought this was the PBA Tour site. Sorry. Anyhow, I'll comment. Forrest looks like his "farts" stink. He got that from his dad. Aunt Rose looks hot. Is she married? So when do I get to babysit (With Aunt Rose). And seriously, how hard is it to roll over Frosty, geez, you'll never be able to dribble a basketball.

Monica, When you say "pumping", what are you "pumping". I like "pumping". Can I help? So you say they eat like 10 times a day, does that mean they eat like daddy?

And as for you picking on my Aunt Renee. All she does is show you love William, and you have to treat her like she is some mean evil witch. Well if you only knew how much she cared for you. I bet if A.J. reads these blogs he would be upset about you callin out his mother.

Happy Farting to the Q.U.A.D.S.!!!

Moni Graf said...

I'm gonna take a wild stab in the dark and guess that last comment was from Uncle Ryno. I'll say it again...I really hope he doesn't try to "teach" any of the babies his profound wisdoms.

Anonymous said...

Great post...I don't respond much but when you mentioned Wes I realized you actually have thoughts on your mind of other than the kids...wonderful post, now I can't get the sound of crying babies out of my ears...yes Aunt Rose is hot, but a little loopy...the farter is the safe you guys Uncle Bob

Anonymous said...

Great big post, can't wait to read it! Love you guys and girls.

Texas Bronco

Anonymous said...

Okay I just read it. Superb! You crack me up Moni and Billy. The farters shall reign. Maybe you should play with the elf ears more than the belly buttons. I guess they are cute. ;-)

Tubre Quads said...

Oh, I am so impressed! I feel so responsible and would like to take credit for this "doozie" post! He he. I absolutely love the elf ears! Since Emma has an umbilical hernia I know how fun those are to play with. Tyger would like to challenge Danna to a stare off...I think he can take her.

Way to geaux with the pumping...I threw in the towel after being home for two weeks...what a woman Moni!

Isn't rolling over fun! I was biting my bottom lip and wanted to give the big guy a little nudge through the computer monitor.

Don't mention the goodies - glad to know my future daughter-in-law is enjoying the bigger newborn size now...I am so proud of her little fat butt.

Love ya and miss ya,
Jac, Torey & The Cakes

Anonymous said...

How adorable! Those little angels are the cutest! You are so blessed to have such a beautiful family. Keep up the good work!

Love the updates.....Hope to see the quads soon.


damien said...


EMO said...

Thanks for the doozie! I love doozies... I am so glad that you got to take the babies outside. I think it has to help to have another option to pass the time. I loved the rolling over video. It reminded me of when Quinn started crawling. She was screaming and crying the whole time, but I just kept video taping her until she made it to me. :) That is also exciting that Becky is coming home. I bet she will be a great help. (even if she isn't going to move in with you) Thanks again for the wonderful post!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved the post. This is the stuff that is fun to experience and hear about. I can't believe they are rolling over already. Erin isn't even close. Maybe being born early is an advantage in some ways, like a jump start on the workout routine. I hope Erin isn't about to roll over right now because she is up on the couch. Maybe I should stop doing that now.

Good job on the pumping! I am amazed that you are still doing that. I don't know how you have time. I think someone should invent a breast pump that clips to your belt and has holsters for the bottles and stays attached by itself to the boobs so a mom can pump while she does all the other things she needs to be doing. You quad moms especially need such a devise because you have to pump so much more and are so much busier. Oh, and I figure to be producing that much milk, you would have to drink gallons of water so you should also have one of those beer hats that you put beer in and have tubes to your mouth. Only maybe you should drink more water than beer. What do you think? Should I patent the idea? Of course, you would look like a dork and the whole thing would be quite annoying.

I better go get my crying sweetheart.


Karen said...

That's great stuff. Funny, I never noticed the elf ears! Loved all the pics and watching Forrest try so hard to roll over! I still can't believe how big they all are getting...I guess that's what they are supposed to do. Oh, and by the way, it's great to have you back at work...your presence makes everyone smile! (Was that too cheesy for you?) All right, hope to see you all soon, Karen

Moni Graf said...

Janeen, you crack me up. They all sound like patent-able ideas. And when have I ever cared when I look like a big dork? Hey, if the shoe fits.... I do try to drink lots of water, but I'm sure it isn't enough. I heard alcohol will increase your milk production, so maybe I'll have to give that a try. I think it only SEEMS like it increases supply because if you drink, you forget to pump for hours on end and when you finally do, you get like 20 ounces out. Just a theory.
I can't wait to meet Erin, by the way. Everyone says how cute she is with all her gobs of dark hair! Talk to you later.

p.s. I thought surely my previous comment regarding Ryno would get him to post to defend his honor. Especially if it wasn't him that wrote it. Billy pointed out that it kinda sounds like the writings of A.J., too.

Anonymous said...

whoever it was is going to get a whoopin for saying first to post is the stupidest game ever!!!! Andrea

Anonymous said...

That Aunt Rose it hottttt!!! She couldn't be a day over 18? andrea;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah way to call out Ryno. I have learned in my older wiser age...If you have nothing nice to say.....ah screw that! I will defend myself by saying I didn't post that schmuck...It had to be the DORK AJ!!! Good lookin out Bill. Why the *@#! would I say my Aunt Rose is hot and ask if she was married??? They didn't think that one out very wisely. And for you are sick and disgusting and perverted if you would think I said something like that! Geesh you weirdo!
I will in fact also defend my aunt Renee, in being such a great supportive aunt that she is! Back off Moni because Renee's eye and look can pierce your soul! I think your barking up the wrong tree. Kudos to my loving and supportive Aunt Renee!!!

Ryno's thought for the day...When you assume and point blame...its a crying shame...for it is yourself whom has to wear it. A foot in the mouth is like a shot to the family jewels (or for women, Breasts)...and is usually much deserved.

Ryno is out and never coming back!

Anonymous said...

PS. Not a good stab in the dark. Nice effort though.


You kinda hacked me off big time with that comment.

Andria said...

Beautiful post Moni... what gorgeous kids you have!

Anonymous said...

What an adorable crew! They are getting sooo big. Don't worry about the baby acne. Speaking from experience, it will be gone soon enough. Coudos for being able to continue the breastfeeding this far. It's hard enough to maintain for one, much less a group. Moni, you can try Fenegreek tablets (that's what the lactation consultant recommends)... Only, it makes the babes' urine smell like syrup!
Take care of yourself and hopefully I'll get lucky enough to work a shift with you out west sometime!

Moni Graf said...

Ryno, you're lucky I didn't delete your 2ND COMMENT on here. It wasn't AJ. It was you, you lying sack of burning dog poop! Billy agrees. And as for Aunt Renee, we never bagged on her at all. We (the kids included) LOVE our Aunt Renee. She can always get the kids calmed down when they're fussing and we appreciate her spending her time over here helping us. You're just trying to stir the pot.

p.s. And you've always said your aunts are hot. Talk about unhealthy infatuations. SNAP!

Anonymous said...

Whoa.........It wasn't me either. I heard Billy called me out and said it sounded like me after a few rum and cokes. Nope not this time. I don't even know if it was Ryno, even though he is a tool like that, it doesn't sound like him either. I think we have mystery poster on our hands. Anyway the kiddos are growing nicely and very cute.


Stacey Faber said...

Hi all!
I must admit that I completely didn't notice the elf ears when I was over last week but I did experience Forrest's flatulence first hand. There's no exaggeration there! They are all adorable and I look forward to seeing everyone again very soon. Take good care! Stacey

Anonymous said...

Monica, Don't mistake me for your weird ill sick and twisted have heard him talk. No offense to any of my aunts reading this blog, but I have NEVER said any of my aunts are hot! Not that they aren't good looking it is just kind of wierd to me to call my aunts "hot". That would be your HUSBAND and his unhealthy infatuations!!

Hey Juice, I think the verdict is out on the mystery poster...mmmm? can we say Bill is trying to increase the comments? He has got to do what he had got to do on a "Sub Par" post like this one. I think so! You know, and I know how scatter platter Bill talks about everything! My educated guess and instincts say it was he the dork of all dorks (bill)! Who knows? Frank has posted in awhile???? Also who else would know about the Bowling??? Who in their right mind would want to help "pump"? Can you say Bill? Billy would do anything to get a little action! And you know it Monica. Just a food for thought? That post is pure Bill and there is no denying it!!! Oh well if they want to point the finger and drum up some comments because they now have no lives thats their business! I am done spending time and done getting wrapped up in their lil games. This is STUPID and I am over it!

This gangsta is out!

Anonymous said...

By the way I can care less what comments you delete. That might be some fun for you!!!! Yippeeeee

Anonymous said...

So many pictures and a video, you are spoiling us. They are growing up so fast and will be running around before you know it. It looks like we will be making a trip to Kansas over Memorial weekend so we will get to meet the crew then, I am very excited. Moni I am impressed you are still pumping, I know it is alot of work. I made it 5 months and then said enough was enough. Glad to hear you got the crew outside, hope you are enjoying the weather today.

Anonymous said...

Hello. This is Codi Kaiser. I don't know if y'all remember me from the family reunion. I am one of Shirley's grandkids. Monica, you told me I looked like Ashley Judd, remember? Anyways, I am so happy for y'all and I really enjoy looking at the site and seeing how all the kidos are doing. I know you are extremely busy, but if you ever get a chance to e-mail me, it would be great to hear from you. Hope things continue to go well and give all the little ones hugs and kisses for me!

Anonymous said...

They are getting cutier and cutier each post! I love reading your posts as they come in and Ryno's comments. You Grafs are hysterical!

Anonymous said...

Hey, baby dolls, you're Grandpa Mikie turns the big 50 today. You'd have him grinning all day/all week/all month/all year if together you'd sing Happy Birthday to him. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir wouldn't be able to hold a match to your randition. Don't forget the second verse that Great Grandma Graf taught us -- "May the dear Lord bless you ..."
Auntie GGr and Sammy.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Stubby from your favorite brother Bob...when we gonna get a new post!

Anonymous said...

Ryan, should I be a little worried with your "infatuations" with your aunts??? hahaha Billy and Monica, the pictures are great and it's good to hear that they babies are growing everyday. I loved the video of Forrest...


Rick & Jenn Payne said...

Hey Monica, it was sure good to hear from you. Your quads are precious and its hillarious how alike our babies are. CONGRATULATIONS! Isn't life CRAZY with four babies. I'm learning that every day is something new. I read that you chose to go to Dr. Elliot...that's great. We were going to do that but we chose to stay with our high risk doctor in oklahoma city and it was a good decision. I carried to 34 weeks. Bedrest at home. I managed to stay out of that darn hospital until the morning I had my c-section. Well...pretty much...I had to go in a couple of times for some tubertiline. Once for a few hours and once over night...but that doesn't really count. My goal was to do whatever I had stay out of the hospital. So this whale stayed beached at home in bed. :) :) I've been told by a LOT of people that the babies weights were impressive. We were so excited and blessed by that. None of them required oxygen, which I still find hard to believe. The boys came home on Christmas day and Claire came home on Jan. 13th. The boys were sucessful in stealing all the groceries from her. She's still trying to catch up. So do you live in Denver? I think I read where you're a nurse. How funny is that...I'm a RN too. Who takes care of the kiddos while you are working? So do you have any secrets you want to share or that you've learned so far? Are you still breastfeeding? I'm doing both. Half breastmilk and half formula but I think that's coming to an end because the demand keeps going up and I keep staying at the same. Are they sleeping through the night yet? Our doctor wanted us to try it...and the boys made it...Claire didn't but the next day was an absolute nightmare. They cried all day. We did it for three days straight and then threw the towel in and decided the doctor was nuts and they're to young still. We love our doctor but I wanted to KILL him!! Well, I'm rambling and taking up too much of your time. Keep in touch and I'll post again. Thanks for finding us. Take Care Jenn