Monday, February 18, 2008

Mid-February update

Moni and I were trying to put off posting until the kids' doctor appointment on Thursday, but you all have spoken. It was a nice effort by the commenters so they earned you guys a post. The kids continue to grow every day. They have all started to really cement their personalities. It has been fun to watch them develop and learn new things.
Moni was holding Forrest and Pius, then Billy thought it'd make for a Kodak moment to throw Danna and Laine in the mix, too. Talk about a handful and one tired mama!

Laine is the quiet guy in the corner who doesn't complain too much. He really is a sweet boy, and never really fusses just to fuss. He is getting pretty big and it is probably because he is eating like a horse. He is taking 90 mL (3 oz)at every feed (quite a bit more than Pius or Forrest when they were in the 7 1/2 pound range). If he takes the entire feed then he will not start screaming for 6 hours, but he is still supposed to eat every 4 hours so we have to rouse him from time to time. He does take at least 70 each time, and usually takes the entire bottle.
Aunt Bertie with our sweet little Laine

Papa Haag feeding Laine

is quite the little diva when she wants something. When her britches are clean and her belly is full she doesn't get too fired up, though. She has adjusted well to everything and everybody, and is usually one of the better behaved ones. She seems to be a lot bigger too. She is taking 80 mL at each feed, which is A LOT more than "The Twin Towers" at around 5 1/2 pounds. She is getting prettier everyday.
Aunt Rosy holding little Miss Priss

is a good boy too. He likes to sleep, but LOVES to be awake and see everything that is going on. He is particularly fond of our ceiling fan. He will watch that thing for hours, especially when it's moving. He is growing quite a bit too. He takes between 100-120 mL at every feed, but we have learned not to push him too far because he will throw up...a lot. Once he has hit the 100 mL mark and stops, we stop. He fusses from time to time, but is usually pretty easy to calm down.
Wide-eyed Forrest lookin' around to see what he can see

And that brings us to Pius. He is not even close to being a bad baby, but he probably wins the "Butthead of the Day" award the most. Almost everyday he has a 3 hour run of anger. Not because of hunger, not because of a dirty diaper, he is just pissed at the world. The other 21 hours he still fusses a little bit, but at least we can appease him for that time. For that three hours though, hell hath no fury like Pius. We will take a baby that is happy for 88% of the time though. I have always liked challenges, and he is our most challenging most days. He seems to me to have become very big. He eats 130 mL every three hours, or every two hours, or every hour, if you need to get them back onto the same schedule.
Grammy Vicki with a content Pius

The babies got to meet their great aunt Renee Selenke the other day when she came over to help and they were fussy little turds. They need to learn fast that you don't act up around Aunt Renee because she has the uncanny ability to instill the fear of God into all children. Something about ruling with an iron fist....just kidding. She only had to be that way with her regular nieces and nephews, NOT her great ones. We also forgot to mention that a couple of weeks ago she brought some diapers and some kick-a** bierock casserole. The kids were excited for more clean underwear to mess up. I was excited for the casserole. Moni's aunts and my aunt Paula came Saturday and helped awhile, too. It was some of their first time to meet the kids, and oh the excitement. The kids were on their best behavior for all of them, except for when Forrest thought it would be comical to pee on Aunt Cathy during his bath. We don't call him the sniper for nothing! We caught it on video, but Marsha was doing the taping and had about 5 minutes of various footage prior to that happening. Jaclyn can vouch for us that posting a 6 minute video would take about 4 hours on this blogger site. Maybe if Moni can figure out how to clip the video..... In all the spare time, I mean.

Great Aunts Charlotte, Rose Marie and Lea with the squad

Aunt Charlotte with Frosty, Aunt Cathy with Poppa (she was still shocked from experiencing Forrest's downpour of love...or should we say up-pour?), Aunt Rosy with Banana girl and Aunt Lea with the Laine-man

Three of Moni's co-workers came over and stayed Saturday to give us a night out. Anita, Susan, and Trish were great babysitters. It was so good for us to get out of the house together for a change. We went over to UFB and Aunt Donna's house for awhile and hung out with them and Crissy, her fiance, Brad, and Brad's dad. After that we went over to J.D.'s house (Laine's godfather) for a night with our friends (most of whom are also family). I even think that Moni might let me buy Rock Band because she played it for an hour and a half. I won't hold my breath, though. Big thanks to those Wesley girls for getting us out.

Susan holding Forrest, Anita holding Danna, Trish holding Laine and Moni with Pius

Another one of Moni's co-workers, Deb, came over on Sunday to help Moni, her mom and dad, and Aunt Bertie watch the kids while I went to watch the Daytona 500. That was a lot of fun, and Danna won the pot at the end of race because she had drawn Ryan Newman. She was so excited.

The kids next appointment is Thursday. We will update their weights and other things shortly after. Until then...

Cheap entertainment....Aunt Cathy brought the babies a balloon over for Valentine's Day. We've gotten a lot of mileage out of it!


EMO said...

1st to post!!!

EMO said...

Thanks so much for the update. How wonderful that you got a night off. All of the pictures are great. It is so cute to see the babies watching that balloon. Not sure which baby, but the 2nd from the left had his head completely turned to look at it- how cute! Monica, you look GREAT holding all the babies. Good luck at the dr. appointment. Love you!

By the way, maybe you could post the recipe for that bierock casserole, that sounds YUMMY!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update and pics. The babies are getting so big and cute as buttons. Can't wait for the next one!!

Budda said...

I will try to shorten the video shoot next time, but I just can't take my eyes off of those precious cuties!

Kelly said...

Good gracious! They are just too cute! You guys just amaze me :) Keep up the great work!

Bucko 43 said...

Loved the blog kids. You do a great job. Even though I get to see them everyday I love seeing their pictures. Love you all. Bucko Keep up the good works.

Anonymous said...

Too cute. They are beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing you at work and getting over to help.


Anonymous said...

GREAT Post! Loved getting back up to date with you guys. Wish we could come over; but it might be a few months. Besides right now, I got a cold. yck!
Besides that, we've been busy as heck. No sign of it letting up either. I know, I don't really know busy compared to you all.
I'd love that recipe for the bierock casserole too.

Love you like I love the orange and blue.

Uncle Tom, Aunt Julie, Huskie Jo, and Raider Lo

Anonymous said...

Thats TIKI Bar Monica, TIKI. You know grass hut thing by the water.

Here I thought this was a family site. You know My Aunts read this thing.

I hope to come thru KS this Summer. I can't wait the see the little ones.
Thanks for the blog.


Anonymous said...

Mom and I got to help Monica out yesterday while Billy went to work and we were in awe at how Monica makes parenting look so easy; she definitely has the motherly touch. The Quads are so adorable and so fun to watch. We got to experience first hand how much time and dedication it takes to take care of four babies and that was only half a day. Billy and Monica are outstanding parents and are so organized; I am so proud of them! It was so cool to see people coming in and out to help out with the babies or bring by food. Bucko was so fun to watch with the babies; she's a lot of help. Keep up the awesome work Bill and Moni! Love you both and can't wait to see the Quads again next Friday!
Love you six!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great post and pics guys! I am glad you are able to get out and about occasionally--gives me hope about my future!


Tubre Quads said...

Oh Goodness is it possible for them to get any cuter? I absolutely love the old balding man look!

Thanks for another great post! I've gotta run, it is almost feeding time and as you would say Moni, the hoglets are oinking again!

Love yall,