Thursday, February 21, 2008

Big Poppa video

This is the other video I tried to post previously. I'll try to get individuals of Laine and Danna, too. We're going to the doctor today for check-ups, so we'll have updated weights and lengths to post later. Keep the comments coming!



Anonymous said...

1st to post! Yea!


Anonymous said...

The kids are all so cute and getting so big (relatively). Sounds like everything is going well, though I am sure you guys are always exhausted. Welcome to parenthood. It is a beautiful exhausting thing and you guys are experiencing it times 4! Sorry I haven't posted in a while - I have been busy adjusting to our new little one and have been getting pretty busy with work. I keep reading though so keep posting. (Is that a fair request when I can't even find time to comment???)

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you guys daily.


damien said...

your getting really good at the taping the kids are getting so big . so back to work for you moni are you a nurse ??????????????? so who is going to help with the kids while yoru at work . sorry i cant baby sit live a little to far , hee hee orlando . hope the kids vist goes well to dy .

EMO said...

Man, you always have dr's appointments on crappy weather days! I can't wait to hear how they have grown.
Pius looked sooo serious until that beautiful smile.
What was Billy doing to poor Danna to make her cry?

Anonymous said...

Billy and Moni,
They are beautiful. I really enjoyed holding them and feeding them on Sunday. Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Your sweet voice makes me smile too. Love the videos, was it Danna or Forrest singing the chorus in the background? Love you guys! Auntdd

Tubre Quads said...

I love the video's of Pius and Forrest. That being said, where are my other two little in-laws? I need some good footage of them too. I know you are working on it so I don't mean to give you a hard time.

I hope they have gained lots of weight and judging from the pictures and video I'm sure they have. We weighed ours on our home scale last night and it looks like Abbey - 11 lb 13 oz, Tyger - 10 lb 6 oz, Cullen - 13 lb, and Emma 11 lb. I hope your little oinkers are catching ours (I'm sure Pius and Forrest have passed poor little Tyger up).

Sorry to post so much on your comment section, but since I don't get to talk to you as much as I'd like this is one way to communicate! I hope work is going well.

Love y'all,

Jennea said...

What else can I say but he's as cute as hell! Oh what a neat smile! Congrats and keep up the good work. It was funny hearing Billy in the background...poor little princess!


Anonymous said...

He looks like uncle Al.

John Elway

Anonymous said...

They are getting ginormous! That is marvelously spectacular. Keep up the good work... all six of you! (I hope I did my math correctly.) Love you guys!


Jennifer said...

Your babies are so cute! I try to image how it would be to have 4 infants to care for at one time. I can't even imagine. I have a 10 year old boy and a 5 year old girl. Kuddos to you both!!!!