Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Just some random pictures...

Okay, so here's the scoop. Our borrowed laptop is a little on the older side and won't allow us to post videos. Rarely does it allow us to post pictures. Our home computer has something wrong with it, so if there are any cheap computer whizzes you know out there, send us their number! Needless to say, this post was a few days in the making. While not very long, it was created with much of our precious time, love and many cuss words and hope it will appease all you blog mongers out there. I say that with the utmost love and respect, by the way. At the bottom, I'm also including a copy of the comment I left on the Tubre Quad site. She called us out on our lack of updates when she knows first-hand how hard it is. This is our way of publicly stoning her. Just kidding. We love the banter. As anyone who is familiar with Billy and me knows, we seem to like conflict and a good argument/debate every now and again.

Frosty thinking really hard about the events he'll host at his next "all-nighter" party. We're gonna have to keep a close eye on him when he gets to high school.

Laineman just doing what he does. Just a happy, curious baby (most of the time). He's so patient with mom and dad, even when we screw things up (which happens alot).

Sorry Auntie Em and Uncle Andy, we have to say it.... Pius is content because he just got fed. Fat and happy and oh so cute. You can kind of see his big ol dimple.

Our lil' sweet pea, Danna Banana. She seems to have reddish-brown hair. Her namesake would be so proud! She's really begun to settle down since we've had her in a more stable environment (if you can call our house that) and is battling Laine for title of sweetest baby...

Except for this time.

Big Poppa was getting tired of Godfather Ryno not feeding him fast enough, so he thought he'd take matters into his own hands and feed himself. Oink, oink baby!

Forrest getting some time with GG Bucko, always ready to strike a pose.

Laine being held by his Godmother Mollie when he was still at Phoenix Childrens Hospital. See how sweet he is? Maybe he'll rub some off onto his Godmother.

Grandma Ruth holding sweet Danna, who wasn't being so sweet at the time. Hopefully our Phoenix grandma will be able to visit the squad here in Kansas sometime in the near future. We miss her and all her great stories!

And now, as promised, the excerpt from http://www.tubrequads.blogspot.com/...
Dear Ms. Jaclyn, after reading the text you sent me this morning, I figured I had better go down to the basement computer and try to catch up on both of our blogs. You're getting awfully lippy in your old age, you know.

The updates are, as always, awesome. Far superior to anything Billy and I have posted lately. However, I just wanted to point out a very interesting little tidbit of information. See, I just checked the stats. It has now been 13 days since our homecoming and we have posted 3 times (albeit without videos because our stupid home computer mysteriously stopped working in our PHX absence and the old laptop we are using won't allow us to post videos and usually kicks us off the internet if we try to post pictures). Wow, that was a really long run-on sentence. Anyways... I looked up how many times you all posted since your homecoming on Dec 20th and 13 days afterwards. Lo and behold, my suspicions were right. You had only 3 posts in 16 or 17 days. You should be ashamed at yourself for trying to call us out on our piss-poor posting! You know, when you point your finger at someone, you have 3 fingers pointing right back at you! Tisk, tisk. Maybe all your family and friends should start depriving you of sleep again. You weren't so frisky back then.

But really, we'll try to get better about it. I think our family likes you guys better now. By the way, I fully intend to copy and paste this comment to our blog so I don't have to retype all this.

Okay, the "hoglets" are oinking again. Do they ever stop getting hungry?

I'll call ya later! Love ya,Moni
February 5, 2008 5:02 PM


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the post. The babies get cuter everyday. Susan

Anonymous said...

Adorable, as always. So, so cute. I don't think I can begin to imagine how crazy it must be---I know 4 times the work, but, also 4times the fun and 4 times the love.
Enjoy every minute---it goes by fast---even though it may not seem like that right now. Your blog spot and the Tubre's is now part of my evening entertainment. Tamra

Tubre Quads said...

God I love y'all! Moni, how I miss the days of wheeling across the hospital hallway to see what you, in all your hugely pregnant glory, were up to. I always knew what Billy was doing cause it was exactly what I was doing- watching ESPN. The only difference was he was secretly praying that the tide would “roll” again someday…no such luck yet little buddy.

You got me on the updates. We are a lot less sleep deprived now that our volunteers are so beautifully trained and wonderful. I get too much sleep to have 4 ½ month old quads – it isn’t fair! It will get easier for you too – don’t worry.

I have to give major props to Billy and Moni. With Billy back at work and Moni still supplying mass quantities of breast milk for the little sweetie pies I don’t know how you find time to post at all. Y’all are amazing and I am so proud to call you my buddies.

The babies are gorgeous (yes Billy, boys can be gorgeous and it is a good thing). Kiss my future son-in-law’s, daughter-in-law and Cullen’s future cell mate. Oh yeah, give Grandpa Stubby a big hug and punch Ryno for me.

Thanks for taking the time to update. I really appreciate it and I love the pictures.

Love ‘you guys’

Anonymous said...

Cute cute cute!!!
I do check several times a day for an update but unlike some of your other impatient readers I am not about to demand you spend your very precious free-time on it. But thanks for doing it!! :)
Kudos to you for the eloquently composed post to the Tubres (who I love following!). I don't know how you or they even find the time pick your noses, let alone keep up a blog.

Missed you at Thai Trad. tonight, Moni, but it was snowing like freakin' crazy when we left the restaurant so it's good you stayed home. We were probably stupid to go out in it, but we had two pregnant women with us so there was no skipping it.

By the way, you should be nice to Mollie. She can't help that she's not so sweet, have you met her freakin' kids!? :) J/K I love her rugrats.

Stay warm and cozy with your precious wee ones!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys-
Great post. The babies are absolutely adorable. I can't wait to see them. I am brining dinner Sunday night and will bring something you can eat that night or freeze for later. I will probably have Kevin or Terry bring it because I have the crud. I don't want to be around, but I can't wait to see them. I do have a name of a computer guy. Marla just gave it me and he is getting ready to do alot of work for me at the office. He is independantly owned and awesom. His name is Rick Cantrall and his number 993-3100. Sometimes he emails better so if you guys send me an email lachellepeterson@yahoo.com, I will email you his address.
Talk to you all soon
Love you all The Peterson's

Anonymous said...

I found his email. rickcantrall@yahoo.com

EMO said...

Adorable Pictures!!! Thanks for the post. Sorry that your computer is causing you stress. I hope you are starting to get into some type of routine to help make things easier. Love you lots!!!

The other day when I was done looking at the pictures and blog, I closed the page and Quinn kind of cried and said "my babies". She is as bad as I am about wanting to check out your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Monica, Billy and sweet little ones,
We are glad everything is going so well. Its amazing what you can do on so little sleep. We enjoy looking at the pictures of the little ones. Its always fun to see who is awake and who isn't, or who is happy or sad. Our little guy is now 8 months old, and doing well. He is at 15lb 2oz. He has to get to 33lb for his transplant. So we have a ways to go. Take Care. Get sleep when you can. And thanks for the posts.
Brad & Barb

Andria said...

Love the chub on those babies! Great pictures, as always! Just know, that whenever you don't post HOW MANY people are out there stalking your blog and therefore thinking of you!! But don't let that make you feel guilty! You've got quads to take care of!

Keep those battle friendly with the Tubres! ;)

Anonymous said...

I think cousin Mark needs to make a visit to Wichita. Not only because you need his computer wizardry, he needs to see and hold his little cousins twice-removed?

Anonymous said...

O.W.G. in the land of cotton said......

The little ones are looking great. Do they still have that new baby smell?

You guys are still the BOMB!

Just in case you were wondering I get 8 to 9 hours of sleep each night and feel fully rested all day.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new pics and posts. I am sure you are really busy especially with Billy going back to work. I hope to make it out to see you and bring a meal this weekend. The babies are all so cute, I know they are a lot of fun but enjoy them they will grow up fast. Tell Pius and Forrest that they need to share the food with Laine and Danna.
Take Care

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you guys let Ryno back in your home after he rubs his sleep into your face...

Stacey Faber said...

Hi! I'm so excited that I finally got to meet the whole crew. They're amazingly adorable in person and I could just sit and stare at them. I'm glad Forrest was somewhat content so I could hold him without too much upset. You're doing an awesome job and I'm so impressed by your stamina, patience and calm demeanor! I hope to see everyone again soon but I wanted you to know that I had a blast! Thanks! Stacey

Sarah said...

They are soooo cute. I don't know why I keep reading this blog (other than the fact I think it is amazing to have four adorable, beautiful children at one time and still come out on top!!) I have had two people in the past two weeks at work at VCRMC/SFC ask me if I'm pregnant. Maybe reading about all these adorable babies is causing my progesterone hormones some confusion. Who knows. My daughters loved the new photos. God bless from the College Hill Girls!

Anonymous said...

Hey Moni, Billy, and the Quad Squad! Thanks for the post...it keeps those who are semi-homebound entertained! The little ones are so sweet! Wish I could do a little baby holding! Soon enough I guess!

Take care, we will talk soon!!

Delane and Dan

damien said...

the kids lookg great . who is going to be watching the little ones when you go back to work . enjoy the last week before you head back .

a buddy in orlando fl

Anonymous said...

I have had the opportunity of helping out with the little love bugs. Wanted to let Billy and Monica know how much of a privaledge it has been. Each baby has their own little personality. Unbelievable to experience such pleasure. So very proud of the two of you. Love Aunt Rose

EMO said...

I just delivered a meal and stayed to visit for a bit tonight. The babies were adorable! They were very good while I was there. To me they are smaller than the pictures show. Billy and Monica definately have their hands full. While I was there Billy was taking a little nap, during the Pro Bowl. That shows me that he really is a dad. Catching up on sleep and missing a football game. Even though I have finally met the babies, I still can't wait for the next update!

Anonymous said...

Hello Billy and Monica. I received the newspaper article from my cousin - your aunt - Cathy Brady ... the Haag kids, including of course Roger .... are my favorite cousins, most of us having grown up together in Kansas. I am Harry Briscoe, Jr. from Texas - son of your Dad's aunt Mary Catherine, sister of your great-grandmother. Most impressed to see this magnificent addition to the 'greater family' and wish you all the best.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Since Billy is working and Monica is going to go back to work, plus 24-hour, 4-baby duty, maybe someone would want to volunteer to take pictures and post for them maybe once a week or so??????? Just a suggestion.....because they certainly have their hands full and are doing a great job of parenting!

Moni Graf said...