Friday, February 1, 2008


I was in disbelief this afternoon when I finally got a chance to check the website for the first time in three days and I see such venom from our faithful commenters. That is correct...the first time I have been able to check, let alone post, in three days. Moni has checked less than that even. Whew! You guys are some tough cookies.

Yesterday the kids had their first appointment with their new pediatrician Dr. Chavez. We went out, braved the wind, ice, and cold air and were there for our appointment five minutes early. And they cancelled schools...PFFT. Nothing can hold down the Graf Quads. Monica and I made the trip to the doctor without assistance, and after we got the kids stripped down and weighed it wasn't too bad. That first five minutes was quite the whirlwind however.

Getting ready to brave the elements for the first time.

Pius: Pius now weighs in at 9 pounds, 4 ounces. Monica and I were a little concerned because of his uncontrollable fussiness, but Dr. Chavez said he just has a case of "bad attitude." Pius wakes up screaming, goes to sleep screaming, and even manages to scream while eating sometimes. I should have prefaced the statement by saying that overall he hasn't been too bad. He just seems to have about a three hour spell where he wants someone's constant, undivided attention. It doesn't matter what time of day, or what has happened up to that point, he is going to have his three hour scream. He is doing very well, other than the occasional spit up, and is really growing nicely.

Forrest: Forrest also weighs 9 pounds, 4 ounces. He hasn't shown up on the growth chart yet, though, because he is 3/4 of an inch shorter than Pius. He is also doing very well with eating and with how he is feeling. He also has occasional bouts of anger, but can be relaxed for the most part with some holding or rocking. We had to ask Dr. Chavez about trimming fingernails because of little Frosty, because he scratches his own face from time to time. Neither him or Pius will stay "burritoed" up, and always have their arms free.

Danna: My little princess weighs 4 pounds, 9 ounces. She has done very well with her weight gain since discharge one week ago. She has gained as much weight as Laine has in his two-week departure from the NICU. She had quite the crazy 36 hour adventure starting on January 23. She went from the NICU (where she had spent her entire life up to that point) to a new apartment for a night, to an airplane, to a new house all in about a day. Needless to say, she was a little bit freaked out for awhile, but now she really seems to be settling in well. Since the first couple of days, she has really been quite the sweetheart.

Laine: Laine now weighs in at 6 pounds, 6 ounces. He has only gained 5 ounces since his discharge on January 14th. He is healthy, but Dr. Chavez wanted to start monitoring his weight gain more closely. So now, Mommy or Daddy, Danna, and Laine will go in each week just to check the weight gain out. He is taking his entire bottles and eats every three hours like the rest of them, but for some reason he just isn't gaining weight quite like his brothers and sister. The doctor isn't too worried, he just wants us to check in each week and make sure that everything is still going well.

Billy and Monica: We are doing pretty well. We get anywhere from 3 to 5 1/2 hours of sleep a night, and are still on the same team. We haven't started to complain to each other or about each other too much yet. I start back to work on Monday night at the O, and back to the QT on Wednesday. Monica has spoken with her manager at Wesley and is going to start back on the week of February 18th. Believe it or not, we are excited to go back to work and return to the adult world.

Happy Birthday to sweet Moni who took a giant step into her "late twenties" and turned the ripe old age of 27. We celebrated by going out to dinner. We were going to go to Tokyo Steakhouse, but they haven't renewed their liquor license and as most of you know, a momma needs her liquor from time to time. Instead, we went to TGIFridays and it was very good. We followed dinner up with a trip to Wal Mart to get few various items. What a great birthday treat it was for Monica to go to dinner and follow with grocery shopping.

Our families have been wonderful in coming over to help with feedings and such. The scheduling is going to begin next week as I return to the grind and we won't be able to be home as much. If you would like to help and haven't emailed Kelly yet, please do so soon so we can balance the times people are over. If you have forgotten the email it is Thanks again to the volunteers that she has heard from.

Getting ready to take the picture for The Wichita Eagle.

Billy, Moni, Pius, Forrest, Danna, and Laine Graf

P.S. I am still trying to learn the new computer and I haven't quite figured out the videos on it yet. I promise I will figure it out...HOPEFULLY sooner than later.


Anonymous said...

Adorable! Still being on the same team is a good thing. I imagine they try to break you quite often! They are lucky babies!

Aunt dd said...

OK I don't feel quite so elderly after seeing those sweet little people. Thanks! (and thanks Maria) I love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update!!!!!!!!! The babies are beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! Glad to hear everyone is doing well. I think Pius and Forrest look ALOT alike. What do all their shirts say? Also who is going to be taking care of the babies when Moni goes back to work? Andrea

damien said...

the kids look great glad that every thing is going smoothly . have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, have been checking daily. I am sure your house is really rocking and rolling, I remember when mine were 4, 2 and newborn, I don't think I got to eat a meal with the entire family for nearly 5 years. You both are doing a fantastic job.
We think of you often at Wesley. You know Moni, we have open 8 hours shifts in the Pediatric ED should you want to migrate east....It would be right up your ally. It is really great.
Talked to my grandmother the other day and of course she was thrilled you took her to see the babies before you left. She loved it and I am sure she talks about them all the time. Thanks for taking time out of your hectic schedule to do that, you made her week.

Anonymous said...

For those of you that haven't had the chance to see the babies, they are more beautiful in person than in pictures. The pictures do not do them justice. They are definitely a handful. Billy says it's because we won't let them fuss, we hold them the minute they start to wiggle. All I know is we walk out of there tired and happy. Lainie, Mike and I babysat the other night and we were tired, and there were 3 of us. Mike said by the time him, Billy, and Ryan got home Tuesday night from bowling Bucko, Rog,and Marsha were ready to hightail it for bed. The three of them made a beeline when reinforcements showed up. Billy said Bucko has been great about coming over and helping out when an extra set of hands are needed. She might end up putting her house up for sell yet. No in all honesty we are just so happy to have our blessings home, that we take every opportunity we get to go over and get worn out. Grandma Vicki

EMO said...

Yeah! Thanks so much for the post. Those helpers should be giving you enough time so that you have time to check your comments/blog at least once a day. :) Billy, which QT??? I was also curious about those onesies that they were wearing! I can't believe all the stuff you guys are doing by yourselves. (taking them to the dr's, and overnights) That has got to be hard, but rewarding at the same time. Do the kids do good in the car? Thanks again for the update, I can't wait for more pictures and videos!!!
And happy late birthday Monica!

Anonymous said...

Hey it is good to see an update the babies look and sound like they are doing well. They look adorable I can't wait to see them. Love you all. You are in my prayers Love, Daniel

Anonymous said...

Someone let us know, please, when the latest pix are in the newspaper. We love the munchkins and they are always in our, of course, are also. xoxoxox, Aunt

Kelly said...

They are just the cutest! You guys are fabulous parents. I always enjoy your humorous comments! Prayers continuing to head your way from Utah!

Anonymous said...

Grandpa Stubby here and I feel its time I defend Grandma Vicki and myself. There are rumors (heresay) out there that Vicki and myself are spoiling our grandbabies. You know they have been home for 11 days now and Vicki and I have only been over there 9 of those days. Yes we really feel bad about not making it those other 2 days, but we had legitimate excuses. As for spoiling the babies, well can you imagine sitting there looking at them precious little pumpkins and not picking them up? Its just not possible. And Billy and Monica, you've only been parents for 2 1/2 months and y'all are trying to tell me and Vicki that we are spoiling them? Who died and made you experts? All joking aside, you guys are doing an outstanding job as parents. We couldn't be more proud. As for how do we plead about spoiling them babies.... We plead GUILTY!!!! Now I need to go get my shower taken so that we can get back over there and spoil (I mean watch) them babies so y'all can get to church.

Grandpa Stubby

Tubre Quads said...

They are getting so big! I think Pius and Forrest have passed up Tyger. We won't get a weight update until mid-march, but I think they have him by a few ounces...what a pack of little hoglets! I too think Pius and Forrest look alike…any chance they are identical?

It’s back to work for me too in the next few weeks. It is going to be tough, but we can do it. Keep your game face on - it gets easier everyday. Ours are consistently staying in their cribs (I won't go so far as to say sleeping yet) from 12:30 to 5:30 every night.

Thanks again for the beautiful picture collage...'you guys' are awesome.

We love you and miss you.
Jac, Toe, Chunkamonk, Tygerman, Moose and Punkin

P.S. I’m thinking Little Rock for our reunion in a few years…looks to be about halfway between us.

P.S.S. Get the video uploading fixed ASAP…that’s an order little soldier :)

Anonymous said...

Blake has a "swaddle me blanket" that has velcro closures to keep him from wiggling out of his burrito blanket sending his arms flailing-it is quite handy and helps him stay asleep longer at night.

We prefer to call Blake a high maitenance baby rather than bad attitude, which is at times probably more accurate!

Hopefully Blake will get to meet the quads in person after they grow a little more. He thinks that they will make good teammates someday.

Dianna Goebel

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update guys! It was great to see Moni on her birthday. It is always nice to see house is BORING!!

The kids look fantastic! You guys are my heroes!! I wish I could come see the kids. Someday! You guys keep doing the magic you are doing!

Talk to you soon!

Dan and Delane

Budda said...

It's funny how Pius and Forrest resemble each other and Danna and Laine resemble each other. Maybe it's just because of their sizes; however, they all have their separate distinct looks. The pictures just don't do them justice. They are so precious and so easy to spoil....which we do.
Budda and Papa

Anonymous said...


Miss you too babies, hope you haven't forgotten me, I'm coming to see you in March. Be prepared!!!

Thanks for the phone calls Billy and Monica, you're awesome to remember me during my EXCITEMENT with winnning THE SUPERBOWL!!!!!!

Love you

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. How I wish I were there to give you all a kiss and a high-five.
I love you and miss you much....

HansonTriplets said...

Hi name is Crystal Hanson and I am the proud new mom of Triplets - Ethan, Evan and Emma born on November 7th at 29 weeks gestation. We had the help of Dr. Tjaden and got pregnant using the IUI procedure. They had to stay in the NICU at Wesley for six weeks and Emma seven weeks. Emma was only 1lb 13 oz when she was born but she was a fighter! Our boys were both at 3 lbs. We finally just got them home on Christmas day. It is so interesting to read your blog because it seems we are going through the same thing you guys are right now but we only have three. We also go to Dr. Chavez and at our last appointment he made the comment that we were not at the top of the chain anymore because he now is taking care of Quads!! He was very excited that you all were going to be coming to that office. I was suppose to go in that day but cancelled my appointment because of the weather. :) I know you are the parents of quads and we are the parents of triplets but I could sure use a set of parents that have an idea of what we are going through right now. I am trying to take care of all three by myself right now since my husband went back to work. If you are interested in our journey and would like to see some pictures I have a website. Please sign my guestbook or e-mail me at I would love to talk to you!
Take Care!!!

EMO said...

I hope everything is going good! Billy I hope your 1st day back to work was good. I got a flu shot today, so I will be contacting Kelly sometime. I will probably bring food, so if you have any requests let me know!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you guys! My dad (UFB) said the babies were beautiful from what he saw from outside the screen door. (he still needs to get his flu shot-that little burger). Mom and I will hopefully be by next week to bring you dinner and see you all. Keep up the awesome work; you guys are an inspiration!
Love you and miss you!

Anonymous said...

If Billy needs help when you work over nights and I am off just let me know. If I am not working I would be glad to assist.

Karen said...

Sounds like you're one big happy family! Good to hear you two are managing well, and haven't hit the bottle too hard (yet). Can't wait to see you back at the grind in the ED, Moni. Do you know what hours you'll be working? Anyway, I'd like to swing by again soon and play, and maybe not tick Danna off so bad this next time. Later, Karen

Budda said...

Ok, guys, I think you have been challenged by the Tubre's. Maybe you could make a new post in your sleep? what sleep???
Love your attitudes! Keep up the good work!
Love ya!