Thursday, March 6, 2008

Another week...another weight check

Hi everyone. We have lived through another week with the quad squad and we are still happy to have them all...and each other...kind of. It was a pretty uneventful week with the crew, but they all continue to grow. Helpers that haven't been here for a couple of days all say, "They have changed and grown so much." They continue to develop their little personalities and it really is a treat to watch. It still amazes some people that we are able to run the dishwasher twice a day, the washer/dryer through a couple of loads, and empty the trash can 2-3 times without even blinking an eye. We have accepted these "chores" and it really is so rewarding.

Forrest and Danna sticking their tongues out at us.

Individually, all four of them surprise us daily with the things that they learn. It really is very funny watching all four of them now when they are hungry. They scream and throw a fit (just like Daddy used to do) when they are hungry, but the second we put the burp cloth under their chins they quiet down and open their mouths wide and look at us like, "Okay, I'm cool now if you just give me my biscuit." They LOVE eating.

Danna is looking at Forrest's giant elf ears. Little does she know, she matches.

Also, they really have started to learn what the soft music and dim lights mean. They are doing a wonderful job of learning to sleep through the night. They are now averaging a 4 1/2-6 hours of sleep after "wind-down" time. We turn the lights really low, turn on some soft "Baby Mozart," and turn off all voices (even Bucko's if she'll let us). After we change them and they eat, they burp and go to bed. We only have to pacify them once or twice after putting them down. I really think they know what it all means even if sometimes they don't really like it.

We have new weights for Danna and Laine, but we assure you all that Pius and Forrest are doing just fine on the weight gain. Trust us.

Pius James continues to be the most challenging the most often, but he is so far from being a bad baby though. He has even been the best of the four a couple of times in the past couple weeks. He seems to be becoming more easily settled down, but his outbursts still probably come the most often. He has learned what our "I'm gonna get you" game is, though, and it is so cute. I start off back from him his face, and then I creep slowly up to him saying, "I'm gonna get you" and he turns his face to the side that I always give kisses and grins the entire time. It's one of my favorite five minutes of the day and it occurs 7-8 times during the "feed and change" time.

Pius hoping for an "I'm gonna get ya."

Pius looking so handsome in his sleep sack.

Pius looking so pissed in his going on a walk outfit.

Forrest Michael continues to be the smiliest. He will smile at anybody when he is in the mood. He is the easiest to get a grin out of, and because of this he is becoming one of the more popular ones among the helpers and visitors. He really is a sweet boy, but he does have the loudest scream of the four. He does always manage to make Moni or I feel better about ourselves, though, after a long day at work or at home.

Forrest chillin in his Broncos gear.

Forrest sticking his tongue out at our cat.

I told you about that smile.

Danna Lynn continues to be the moodiest. She definitely knows what she wants all the time, and will let whoever know that they had better take care of it. I did get my first smile from her today and it was one of my proudest moments yet. I was holding her this morning and she was giving me her normal, "I know you, I trust you, but I don't really know if I like you" look. She was just staring at me with that look and I turned to say that she won't smile at me to Monica and Monica yelled she's smiling at you Billy. I turned really quickly, but her look had returned. I started to talking to her, and she gave me the biggest smile and it was all for me. It was awesome. Danna also has gained a pound in the last two weeks and is up to 7 pounds, 3 ounces. That is over an ounce a day, so now she gets to go down to the 22-cal with her little brother Laine. Way to go Banana!

So pretty, isn't she?

Showing off in her new chair that her mama bought her.

Getting ready for the weight check.

This picture shows her umbilical hernia really well. Danna and Forrest both have one.

Those wide-open eyes.

Laine Ryan continues to be the most content little guy in the world. He really doesn't fuss very often at all, and because of that he often receives the least attention. He is usually the last to eat, he is usually the last to be picked up, he is usually the last to get bounced. He is so happy just being awake and looking at and listening to the rest of the goings ons. Please trust me that Laine is not a forgotten boy, he just is really happy as long as we are sitting in front of him. I really thought that Laine would get to drop down to 20-cal with the towers, but he didn't gain quite enough for Dr. Chavez to let him make that step yet. He now weighs 9 pounds, 3 ounces. He gained 13 ounces which is still very good, but there is no reason to rush him off the calories just yet.

Getting ready to go see Dr. Chavez.

Laine was so excited to see cousin Becky back home. They all really missed her.

Moni and I haven't quit our jobs yet, but the hours of work and babies are starting to spread us thin. We are still trying to figure out how to set up a fair balance of dish washing, bottle making, laundry, feeding and changing, and sleep. We are still getting along with each other pretty well, but the temptation of keeping score between us has popped up. I think we are learning just as much as the babies are. She still makes me laugh, and I still make her roll her eyes, which is good.

The squad did want us to mention a HUGE Happy Birthday to Grandpa Stubby. He turned the ripe, old age of 50 last Tuesday. Way to go, Stubby! Also, way to go Golden Eagles. Boys and girls teams both in the semi-finals of state. Bring it home BC.

Love to all,
The Graf Quad Squad


Anonymous said...

Ha, first to post!! I figured I better post since there were no comments and I very rarely post, it must have been a sign! How corny was that!

I am up - Avery is sleeping, I guess I am stupid, but when you can't sleep you can't sleep.

I was going to tell you that Pius and Forrest were little porkers after you all went to the doctor and they were weighed because Avery went the same day and only weighed 13lb (I think she is 7 weeks older) but then I ran into our neighbor and she said their little girl (she and Avery were born the same day across the hall from each other) weighs 16lb. So I guess we all have a little way to go to get to the porker stage!

Anyway - they all look soooo cute! We are glad everything is going so good for you guys.

Becky, Evan, Ashton and Avery

Anonymous said...

number two. i'll take it


Anonymous said...

And I loved reading the post. The pictures were just alright. I miss videos. I'll live though. Love you guys and I'm so proud of your attitudes and love you give each other and the little ones. Have you been teaching them any prayers yet?

Uncle Tom, Aunt Julie, Jolie, and Logan

Orange Crush!

Anonymous said...

I was soooo amazed today to see how different they look in just one week. You can tell Mr. Laine is getting as bigger. Soon he'll be able to take his brothers ;) You two are amazing and from what it seems in your blogs, are handling this gift extremely well. God realllllly trusts you two.

Have a great weekend with them.

Mallory Williams

Anonymous said...

Good post! Life is testy, isn't it? Even more so with 4 demanding members added on. You two are doing great! Just keep on loving and learning. Ain't nobody happy if mommy (or daddy) ain't happy!
Love you all!

EMO said...

Thanks for the post! What a good day to start off my Friday. I LOVED Forrest's smile. I hope you can catch the rest of them smiling, as I am sure they all have adorable smiles too.
4.5 to 6 hours of solid sleep is great. The weights sound great too. Happy late Birthday Stubby!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cute pictures of the babies. I have enjoyed helping out with them, it is amazing how much they change from wk to wk. Monica and Billy you are doing an awesome job, just keep a sense of humor it will get you through anything.

Anonymous said...

Could you quit writing such great posts?! I always get distracted by your blog when I am on the computer. Your kids are beautiful- this week they look older and more individual. Those smiles make the sleep deprivation worth it. Blake smiles a lot because he has to make up for his sleep habits! or maybe he is smiling because he knows he is in charge and he's thinking "I've got you big people all figured out and you don't have a clue about me!"

Dianna Goebel

Anonymous said...

Great post as usual!!! It was great to see Billy out with Danna and Laine the other day. They are so adorable cant wait to be able to see all 4 of them. Keep up the good work and remember it's all worth it!!!

Stacy and Korey

Anonymous said...

They are so adorable. I cant even imagine having 4 at one time, but I am sure it has to be rewarding in a way I cant even imagine. You guys are an inspiration to those of us that are overwelmed by one baby. Kudos to you!

Anonymous said...

Wow! they really are changing just from the last post! I can't even recogize who is who now (except for Danna of course) They are all TOO cute! Love you guys-Andrea

Anonymous said...

I love reading your posts - even though we live in the same town, I miss you! I'll make sure to contact Kel at to get on the schedule again - I know she's mentioned the need for extra hands (especially during the day). Looking forward to seeing you tonight. Let me know if you need anything. Love you.


Anonymous said...

GREAT pictures! What adorable, sweet, beautiful babies you two made. A clap on the back for the both of you. As for the story about Danna and her first smile for Billy- great stuff. Very descriptive writing- well done, well done. I also appreciated your honesty about how this all touches your married life. You are a strong, truthful, communicative (I think!) couple- keep it up. xoxo, Courtney

Anonymous said...

Billy and Moni, I have absolutely enjoyed watching the little darlings. I only wish I could be there more often. I'll miss seeing them today. Give them love from me, OK? Love you all, Donna