Monday, March 10, 2008

Now and Then

Hey everybody,
Vicki and Marsha wrangled together some of our baby pictures to do a little comparison post. Many people have asked who the babies look like. So, let us know what you think!

Newborn Moni. I can definitely see some of Danna Lynn in this one.

Baby Billy. Looks kinda like Uncle Ryno and Frosty, I think.

Moni....can see where Forrest's round head came from.

Newborn Billy

Newborn Moni

Baby Billy - See those big 'ol Pius cheeks?

Wide-eyed newborn Moni (Danna comes by it naturally, I guess)

Awww, isn't Billy so cute?! I think he looks like Pius here (but with a little more hair up top).

Bishop Carroll Sweetheart Dance Feb 1998

10 years, 4 kids and about 100 lbs later....On the Border night out Feb 2008.

Now, just some miscellaneous pictures we thought you would all enjoy.....

Naked babies! Forrest (getting ready to wink), Danna (getting an F and L sandwich) and Laine (what a poser)....Pius didn't want to play the game and was being consoled at the time.

More naked babies!

Sweet Cheeks, Pius. Pouting because he didn't get in on the naked babies picture.

Forrest and his GG Bucko

Baby blue eyes

Mama and Bronco Laine. He wasn't diggin' the gangsta cap.

The girl can sleep anywhere....that is IF and only if the princess is tired

Miss Becky was amazed at how much the babies have grown since Phoenix! Her next stop is New Orleans. Yeah, baby!

Danna LOVES her Bumbo chair. She sits up like such a big girl. She's a little bored with it all in this picture, though.

And now, the video. It's pretty short (I didn't have my memory card so had to use what the internal memory of the camera would allow), but I wanted everyone to see what I see when it hits home to me that we actually have 4 little babies. Every night, after we put them to bed following their last feeding of the day, I go in to check on them. You can hear their sweet breathing coming from the 4 cribs and it almost makes my stomach drop to the ground. That's when the daily minor panic attack hits and I realize how much these babies rely on us and how much we love them. Our babies are so blessed to be loved by so many people and we want to thank everyone again for all the prayers and support you've given us!

Well, I guess that's about it for this post. But I wanted to mention that we have a surprise in store for you all. It may or may not have something to do with really, really cute pictures.
Stay tuned....

Billy, Monica, Pius, Forrest, Danna and Laine

P.S. HUGE thank you to friends Janet Neville, Michelle John and Ashlyn Edwards for coming over to watch the kids on Saturday night. Gampa Stubby's 50th birthday party was awesome and we had such a good time seeing everyone! You all are lifesavers! And to all of you we talked to that night who said, "OH, I check your blog everyday!" and never post, I'm calling you out. You made the mistake of letting me know you read it.

P.S. #2 - I need a little Haag/Dewey family representation. Do I really need to call you out, too? Susan, Jean, Amy.... the gig is up. Aunt DeeDee told me you call her when there's a new post. You know, the kids will probably read this some day and will wonder why their cousins never bothered to comment. Plus, I like to hear how everyone is doing since I rarely get to leave the bubble that is our house. Update us! You can all use our blog as a current events forum. We don't mind. Love you all!


Andria said...

Wow, look what's happened in 10 years! What a neat post. The babies are definitely YOURS!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure there are laws against posting naked pictures of small children on the web.

Those pics of Billy as a baby and the fact Stubby is 50 (GO MIKE GO) make me feel as old as I am.

You two are very lucky to have those wonderful kids and they are blessed to have the two of you to watch over them. You are still the BOMB.


Anonymous said...

What a pleasant surprise to come to work and see a new post. Just an awesome way to start my day. I love you guys.

Grandpa Stubby

Anonymous said...

Good Post...I salute!!


Anonymous said...

Good job! Hope you hear from all your favorite cousins!!! You were a 'little' bigger than Danna, but I can really see the resemblance.
Ten years later and you are still a beautiful couple!
Luf ya!

Anonymous said...

the pictures are great,,,they r growin by leaps and bounds,,,can't wait for the surprise,,,w/aunt becky headed to new orleans she can check on your future in laws she will only be 45 min to an hour away,,depending on the traffic,,,,,thanks for sharing with all of us,,,

Anonymous said...

Loved the post!! What great pics of the past and of course the present :) You can definitely see the resemblance; beautiful faces. Hope to see you all next week. Mom and I are making a trip to Utah tomorrow to finalize details with the wedding. Love you guys and I agree with Uncle Stubby in that what a great way to start the day off with a wonderful post from you guys; thank you!
Love you all!

Rachel Haag said...

Great pictures guys..can't wait for those other ones to come up! Sorry I don't come by as often as you'd like... I even know that it is so important for their development to see a daily dose of aunt rayray! I'll see you thursday...... love you!

EMO said...

Thanks! This was one of my favorite posts in a while! I loved the baby pictures of you guys. I definately see the resemblence. I am glad you both got to go to Stubby's party! I will hopefully be over in the next couple of weeks with a meal. (when I hear from Kelly) I can't wait! Hopefully Billy will be awake this time :)


Anonymous said...

Monica!!! You are way more gorgeous 10 years later...grrr
Billy Joe...whatever...Love you guys, Uncle Bob

Anonymous said...

What a fun post! I definitely see resemblance of the babies in both of your baby pics. Not sure which babies look like which bc I can't keep track lol. But you could have fooled me and pretended that those old pics were one of the quads. It was funny seeing Billy look so much younger in that sweetheart picture!! Thanks for update. Andrea

Anonymous said...

WOW! I cannot believe how big the babies are getting! The video is so undeniably a tear-jerker. You are so lucky to have a healthy four pack. I think the 10 years working up to this for you two will prove to be the easy ones! The babies are so lucky to have you! As for the resemblence... Moni, I definitely think that both Danna & Laine look just like you as a babe! Can't tell about Pius & Forrest, though.

Glad to see you all are able to get out once in a while. You'll enjoy those "date nights" alot more now that you have kids! Take care and God Bless.


Stacey Faber said...

Thanks for the baby fix! As soon as we win the tournament (positive thinking!!!), I'll be ready to come over for another evening of fun and games with the quads! And if we don't happen to win, at least I'll still be able to look forward to seeing those babies. I love all of the baby pictures for comparison--you were so adorable and I can definitely see the resemblance. It would be fun to have a post sometime on the resemblance of the personalities, too. It was great to see you both on Saturday at the festivities for Stubby. Talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

Yep, I think little Dana is taking after Monica. Wouldn't want it any other way now would we? Although I swear Billy are you wearing a Pink gown in that one picture? All the babies look like their mom and dad that's for sure! What a beautiful beautiful little family!! And both of you should really become writers. I love how you write the stories. Love to all of you. Mary O

Anonymous said...

I loved the video! How sweet! Sleeping babies are the best things in the world=) So peaceful.

Jamie Sampson

Anonymous said...

Y'all make my day. Smiles the whole time I read every post. Thanks for showing us all examples of humility and parental love.

The baby pictures of BJ crack me up.

Love from Tejas where there's Broncos running wild.

Karen said...

Moni - such a pretty baby. I agree...Danna looks a lot like you! You can see Billy in all the boys, I think. But I hardly recognized him from the sweetheart dance photo! Damn, he's a little hottie! I think you should grow your hair out like it was back then. That's more like 90210 style, but it fits you! Hard to believe 10 years have passed since high school, isn't it!!!

Alright, I'll stop reminiscing.(Sorry, not sure on the spelling, maybe Billy can school me on that one.) We had a repeat sono done yesterday...judging from the sono pics, we can tell that our child has cory's nostrils, my cheeks and chin, cory's hair, and no eyes. What a beautiful baby! Those pictures are seriously spooky! Hopefully you'll be at work tonight and I'll show you what I'm referring to...Later, Karen

Anonymous said...

Stacey, I can't comment on Billy's personality as a baby/child, but I sure can for Moni! She was a true Danna/Pius personality. She's a sweetheart now, but was pretty pouty as a small child....couldn't get her to smile too often for pictures. However, she has an adorable smile now.

Anonymous said...

I promise I won't do it but those baby cheeks look pinchy-cute. Lights out for bedtime are, indeed, a time for relection and thankfulness. It's also a time to sense their sweet guardian angels. Your updates are priceless. Aunt GGr

damien said...

wow there getting all so big there growing to fast . have a great weekend guys .

EMO said...

I don't know about anyone else, but I am ready for the surprise that you promised us! Although I am sure you are just waiting for more people to post.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they are waiting! Expecially for those wayward Dewey/Haag cousins!

Anonymous said...

Yah I keep checking back often expecting the surprise to be here.......

Tubre Quads said...

I can’t believe how big those little stinkers are getting! I love the naked baby pics, but I am so sad Pius is not pictured with the crew…maybe that is part of the big surprise? You know we are all waiting patiently…or not so patiently in my case…I want my surprise!

Now that I have thrown my temper tantrum lets talk about the baby pics of the parental units. OMG, it must be said…Billy’s baby pic looks like a baby alien! The cutest kind of alien of course, but one nonetheless. I totally just offended Grandpa Stubby and Mrs Vicki…you know I love y’all…and Billy, but I had to say it. Of course Moni you look as gorgeous in your latest picture with Laine as you did in your baby pics…can you say Gerber baby? I see the milk supply station is still up and running by the way you are looking slimmer and trimmer everyday.

I can’t freakin believe Becky is coming to New Orleans! Yes! If you don’t come by Baton Rouge on your way (and every weekend after you are there) you are in so much trouble! I am soooo excited. Email me soon so I can get the full scoop. Oh yeah, DeeDee says she will see you at Harrah’s Casino in New Orleans soon :) See Billy and Moni, reason #2,357 to move to Louisiana. Of course #1 remains that we really miss 'you guys'!

Y’all are doing an amazing job with my future in-laws. Keep up the good work!

Love ya lots!

Anonymous said...

Jackie,Billy was actually a beautiful baby,that picture was taken right when he was born and so the head was a little deformed from 12 hours of pushing, before they decided to do the C-section. The next day it was almost back to normal. And his sweet dimple and blue eyes won everyone over. It was his onryness that made everyone around him think he was an alien being, because no human baby could be that onry. And Mary St. Francis put all their babies in those little pink gown things and think there was blue on them too. Little Ryno is wearing the same type of gown. Now all of you lay off my sweet babies. They are not quite as sweet as my grandbabies, but they are still sweet. Jackie I love reading about your brood. Take care. Grandma Vicki

Anonymous said...

Hey, I like the new little introduction under your picture. When did you do that? Sorry I haven't been out lately...I hope to be up and running this week.
Love ya! Budda

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness what a cute couple you were (and still are).

I know the "sinking stomach" feeling just having twins and two older children. But it is worth every second.

The time flies by that's for sure. I loved getting to see you when you came to work. You look GREAT and I can't wait to see the babies in person.


Anonymous said...

Exxxxxxcuuuuuuse me, but I HAVE posted, thank-you very much!


Moni Graf said...

Sorry I had to lump you in with your sisters, Sue. Get them on the bandwagon! Love you!


Anonymous said...

Ok honestly, I'm sick of logging on and getting this same post. It is time for a new one. I love the baby pics of Billy and Monica. They were both so ugly and still are. That picture of the Sweetheart dance. You've got to be kidding me. What dorks. My Sweetheart dance I was with a hot date and still am with her as are you guys, but wow we are such a good looking couple and you are so not.

As for the kiddos...P and F are chunky monkeys just like the ice cream that you sell at the QT. Thats why I feel they look like Billy. D and L...they look like they are off into space like Monica(and no offense Monica that is most of the female gender). But Oh My God, they are all four so cute. If they were my kids, I wouldn't trade them in for the world. You guys (from what I can see on this blog) are awesome parents. Keep up your good work.

And to all of you wondering I know what the surprise is.................

Congrats to Grandpa Stubby on his 1/2 century mark!!!!!! Stubs the last time I saw you, I never would have guessed you were that stinkin old. It's ok though, now with four grand babies you will age in no time. Before you know it you will be 80 and you won't even realize it.

And Grandma Vicki, let Jac Tubre pick on how ugly Billy was, because I agree with her. That's one messed up baby pic. Don't be so sensitive. We all can't be as good lookin baby as me. And are you serious we can't lay off of your sweet babies they are the biggest smack talkers on this planet. (And nobody can figure out why) Cuz they are both pretty ugly.

But me and my wife love you all and can't wait til flu season is over so we can see the lovely kiddos.

P.S. If you all want to know the surprise. I'm gonna let the cat out of the bag. Monica is pregnant again with just triplets this time!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Who the hell was the last post?


EMO said...

Oh great, this chump again. He cannot even post his name. Whatever.

Anonymous said...

They must have learned the smack talking from the people they hang with.

Moni Graf said...

Dear anonymous poster,
Please lay off the crack. It's bad for you.