Friday, March 21, 2008

Surprise....Hoppy Easter!

Our little Easter eggs...Pius, Forrest, Danna and Laine



Good ol' Frosty

P.O.'d Pius

I'm sure they're going to hate me for this in about 10 years!

Pius and Laine thought they'd been good long enough. Laine's already flipping the camera the bird.

You know, everyone's always said that Haags multiple like rabbits. We're just happy that we could add a few bunnies to the mix!

The doctor appointment went very well yesterday, but I'm sure the little bunnies would tell you a different story. They had to get their 4 month shots along with the RSV vaccine, Synagis. They each had a total of 4 pokes (2 in each thigh) and were NOT very happy about it. We snapped a few pics before the mayhem began. We really like Dr. Chavez and his crew. They are all so great with the babies and treat us so well by letting us come in the side door and back to a room so as to avoid the germ-infested waiting room. Waiting rooms are for peons. Just kidding....but we do appreciate not having to sit in them.
The bookends here (Laine and Pius) were completely captivated by Dr Chavez the entire time

Forrest may have found himself a new girlfriend.....I cut it off for you, though, Emma. No worries.

Danna playing with the doc...Pius still looking at Dr Chavez.

Laine must have just farted.

The doctor was very pleased with the babies' developmental progress. He said they were right on track for 3-4 month olds at this time. Pius and Forrest even made it onto the growth chart for their actual ages. How exciting. Their weights and lengths.....drumroll, please.....

Pius James - 13 lbs, 6 oz (25th percentile for weight) and 23.25 inches long (3rd percentile). His head is in the 10th percentile.

Forrest Michael - 13 lbs, 6 oz (25th percentile for weight) and 22.75 inches (less than 3rd percentile). His noggin is in the 30th percentile. What a fathead!

Danna Lynn - 7 lbs, 13 oz and 19.75 inches

Laine Ryan - 10 lbs, 3 oz and 21.25 inches

As the Tubres would say, "Geaux, babies, geaux!"

Have a great Easter and happy hunting (eggs)!


The Grafs


EMO said...

1st to post, unless I type to slow. I LOVED the bunnies!!! Soo cute. The doctors office pictures were very cute too! I am sure they love to see all those babies at once! Sounds like you are getting the rockstar treatment with no waiting rooms and all.

Anonymous said...

They are STILL very, very cute. You guys take such great pictures.
Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Be still my heart!!!! The bunnies are waaaaay too cute. And oh Lordy, I can only imagine the crying when they got poked with the needles. I bet it scared the heck out of the moms and kiddos in the waiting room.

Anonymous said...

What cute Easter bunnies! Blake has a two sore legs to match your 8 sore legs, he thinks shots stink too. We don't get rock star treatment at Dr Newlin's- I guess we are 3 babies short of a fast pass to the exam room. The babies development totally impresses me, for them to be right on track for their actual age and not their adjusted age is fantastic!

Happy Easter,
Dianna Goebel

Anonymous said...

Okay, those are some of the cutest bunnies I've ever seen! I can't believe how big they are all getting... Pius & Forrest ON the charts now --> Good Job guys! Danna & Laine are sure to catch up soon too, with the growth they're making! I'm glad to hear you're getting a little "red carpet" treatment at the doctor visits... Waiting rooms can be yucky places (Moni, we all know that first hand, right!?). Take care and have a Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You're sure to get lots and lots of comments after that great photoshoot and post! Whenever do you find the time! Thanks so much!
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Now this, without a doubt, made my day. I miss them so much! Hopefully, I will be able to help out Monday again. I need my baby fix. Have a very Hoppy Easter, and I hope to see you soon. Love Aunt Donna

Anonymous said...

How Cute!!! Dr. Chavez is Gwen's doctor isn't her wonderful! Hope everything is going good it looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

Okay I just wrote that last comment and didn't sign my name!
Erin Barthelme

Anonymous said...

They are so CUTE! What about bunny ears for you Moni? And the tail of course! I hope your Easter is filled with love and joy. How could it not!?!?


Anonymous said...

Very, very, very cute!!!! I'm forwarding this to their second cousins. LOVE IT! Aunt GGr and Sammy

Anonymous said...

I am speechless - absolutely speechless. What beautiful babies with fabulous personalities. You are truly blessed. I love reading about your adventures and know you are keeping your senses of humor (as sick as that can be at times :) Love to all - I'm going to bring the kiddos by to view the chaos - Addie can say all four names and all three want to see "their" babies.


Andria said...

Hilarious shots (the pics, not the vaccines). Pius looks like such a brute! I'm glad they've remained so healthy. Great looking bunnies you have there.

Tubre Quads said...

Geaux Babies Geaux indeed! They are so adorable and I hate that yall are so far away. We really need to fix that problem by yall moving here...what do ya say?

Thanks for helping Emma out. She would be crushed to hear that Forrest was two-timing her.

Love the bunny ears and your circus. Thanks for sharing. Talk to you soon.


Rachel Haag said...

Happy Easter guys! Wish you guys could all come over and spend it with us...hopefully and can make it over sometime today. Love you guys!
Aunt RayRay

Anonymous said...

Your bunnies are so cute!!!! I can't wait to see them in real life! I know if i wasn't such a whimp i could have gotten the flu shot and already seen them but i am a whimp! Lana

Anonymous said...

What a great Easter suprise!!! They are soooo adorable with their bunny ears. I agree there should have been bunny ears for Monica and Billy too! It's so wonderful you guys continue to be blessed with good health and growing babies. Would have thought the bunny pictures would have brought more comments though, hopefully that will not delay your next post. Hint, Hint....

Stacy and Korey

Anonymous said...

Too cute! You know next years Easter pictures, you'll have to take a least half a dozen to get each looking at the camera in one of them.

Dana Goertz

druford said...

Hey guys! I've been following your blog since pregnancy and think the kids are adorable! I have a friend who just got put on bedrest in the hospital yesterday (pregnant with triplets)and was going to take her a care package. I wasn't sure what to put in it, so I thought I'd ask what you enjoyed most that people brought or sent to you while you were on bedrest. If you have time, you can email me a short list at Thanks!

Mike & Jenn said...

Love those Bunny Ears!

Moni Graf said...

Hi Druford,
Some things that I really enjoyed while I was in the hospital (that my friends and family spoiled me with)were items like bath and body works lotions and shower gels, shampoos and other girly pampering things. I also got a couple pairs of aloe-infused fuzzy socks that were a nice change from the standard hospital-issued socks. Books and magazines are good for passing the time, too. I'm sure she is having to eat her weight in food, so maybe even bringing her a meal from outside the hospital would be appreciated as well. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

My Monique,
These precious little ones look so familiar to me. There are so many Haag/Dewey looks to them We are so fortunate that they are healthy and as a bonus-beautiful. Spring is coming and so is Aunt D. Love you

Anonymous said...

What stinking cuties! I'm so glad I finally got to meet all of them and see you two again! Keep up the good work. Did you make it out for any Easter festivities?

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Hi there...Hanson Triplet Mom here. I LOVE the bunny ears. I should have thought of that for sure. I also really enjoy Dr. Chavez...he is so good with the babies. The other day I had to take Ethan in by himself and it was quite a different experience. I had to wait in the waiting room this time...I am not used to that for sure. I will try to call you again soon. Things have kind of been crazy around here. I still would love to come meet the babies. Sounds like all is well! They are adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Last three days ... one comment per day = dadgum computer glitch. More than likely, though, the fan club is waiting for the last March hoorah. I hope the first thing you teach the sweetie pies is how to use the computer. Until then, please feed us some more quad morsels. xoxoxox, Aunt GGr

Anonymous said...

I really feel like we're being punished for some reason! Andrea

Anonymous said...

Hi Grafs! Hey, Easter's over what else do ya got? Get em posted! I'm waiting for my Graf baby fix, ya know:) The Easter pics were awesome...encore. Love you Guys!

Anonymous said...

Oh, oh! I think we are getting restless.

EMO said...

I think Billy and Moni and The Tubres are conspiring against us. Neither have posted in over a week :(

Anonymous said...

I was told Monday by a good source....Billy .... we would have a new post. We are all waiting. And us loyal know you are busy.. but you did promise...

Stacy (and Korey)

Tubre Quads said...

Hey there my peeps!

Well, I posted a double doozie last night just so I could aggravate you guys for an update. Didn't seem fair to beg for an update from you when our blog was old and moldy. So what's up in Graf Land...inquiring minds would like to know.

Love y'all,

Anonymous said...

on delay on delay...ariba ariba!!


Anonymous said...

My goodness what's the delay? Hello!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the delay may have a little something to do with:
1. 4 infants
2. Both parents working to support those 4 infants.
3. Laundry for 2 parents and 4 infants.
4. Never-ending cleaning and various jobs around the house.
5. The chance to sleep being utilized by the parents while those same 4 infants sleep.

I'm sure there are many other very good reasons for the "delay" (like substandard commenting). Good things will come to those who wait (patiently).
As long as you're taking good care of yourselves and those babies, we'll keep waiting and watching. We're proud of you, Graf family!