Friday, April 4, 2008

Sorry for the wait!

Hi everybody. We decided to take things into our own hands and we are doing this post. That's right everybody, it is THE Graf Quads. Pius, Forrest, Danna, and Laine here to update everyone on what is going on with us. We decided that our parents are too busy, so we would do the update ourselves. We are each going to type our own personal update about what is happening with us. Since Pius is the biggest he gets to go first...none of us other three are brave enough to challenge him.

Hello everybody I am Pius James Graf. I am the biggest, and I think, toughest of the Quad Squad. I basically get everything I want because I cry the most. Yea, I know how to be a sweet boy, and I have taken the daily title of "Best Baby" a couple of times in the past few weeks, but I really am good at getting what I want. One of these days, Mom and Dad will figure out how to time my feeds so it is ready when I am ready, but they are still trying to figure it out (if you haven't figured it out already, they aren't the brightest crayons in the box). They are always too early or too late. I have figured out that some things take them awhile so, for the most part, I am getting better with having patience. I like to see how many diapers and outfits I can destroy every day. Mommy even had to use some rubber gloves from work to clean out one of the outfits I soiled the other day. I also enjoy getting up early with Daddy and playing video games with him. At least two or three times a week, I will wake up an hour after my early morning feed so I can go hang out with the old man. Today, my developmental evaluater ladies said I am right on schedule for my adjusted age, which is 2-3 months. I can do some things better than that, but Mommy told me that you all know that sometimes I get a little bit lazy. Really, I think my cheeks are just so big that they weigh my head down and I really have to work to lift it up. Well, that's about all that is new for me, so I will turn it over to my buddy, Frosty.

Hi. My name is Forrest...Forrest Graf. People call me Forrest Graf. Mommy and Daddy tell me all the time how nice I am and how cute I am. My Great-Uncle Jim told me that sometimes it is really hard for us good looking people to wait for the next day because I, like Uncle Slammer, get better looking everyday. It really is exciting to wake up and find out how gorgeous I have become. I'm not quite as tall as Big Poppa, but I am just as heavy, by golly. My Uncle Ryno is teaching me how to be tough so I can handle the taller guys. My favorite part of the day is right when Mommy or Daddy get me out of bed. I just grin at them and they get all excited about it. It's pretty funny watching them because they really think that they are making me grin, but actually I am just tired of laying in bed and I probably just farted, too. Today my evaluator ladies said that I am right on schedule for my adjusted age too, which is 2-3 months. That's it for me, so I will give the computer to the Princess Danna Banana.

Danna Lynn Graf here and I am going to tell you about me now....AND YOU WILL LISTEN. My Mommy and Daddy are starting to learn, finally, that I am running the show. I am now, 8 1/2 pounds of firecracker and I say when and what people at our house are going to be doing. Wednesday, I decided that I would remind them who the boss was. I really scared both of them, but I knew I was fine the whole time. I spit up a little (maybe a lot), and accidentally swallowed it down my nose and mouth. I made a really weird sound, and Daddy heard me. Daddy turned on the monitor (I don't know why it wasn't on already, I am a princess for goodness' sake) and I yelped again. I think Daddy made it back to our room in record time. When Daddy found me, I was trying to get all of the spit up out of my nose and mouth, but I couldn't. I was really red, and I even scared myself a little bit. I couldn't breathe so Daddy woke up Mommy (who had been working the night before) to help me out. I was even able to scare Mommy, but she sucked out my nose and mouth and I was finally able to let out a whimper to let them know I was breathing and they didn't need to start CPR. They took me to see Dr. Chavez because Mommy was scared and Daddy says that he has been to 2 worlds fairs, a mule skinning, and a skunk party and never seen anything like all that. Dr. Chavez told them that I would be fine and I probably was just choking on my spit-up. I'll try not to do it again, but if I feel the urge, they may have to check me for seizures by doing an EEG. That requires putting a bunch of sticky things all over my head to monitor me, and I can't let my brothers see me looking like a goof-ball. So despite all the attention I got, I MUST put beauty above all else, so I guess I'll behave....for now. Now I feel great, and I had Daddy fawning all over me today. My plan worked to perfection. The evaluator ladies said that I am right on my adjusted schedule too. Here is the Lainer to tell you all about him.

My name is Laine Ryan Graf and unlike my big brothers and sister I will speak to you on a more adult level. The evaluator ladies told Mother and Father that I am at a 4-5 month age range. Next week I will am planning a lecture on nuclear fission at Bishop Carroll if any of you are interested. I have been doing very well and continue to impress the ladies. Whenever any female comes over, my imbecile big brothers try to smile, and goo, and gah at them, but when I sit down with one of the ladies and have a mature conversation, they melt in my hands. Not only am I gorgeous, but I am so very intelligent. One of my favorite things is when Father sings to us. He really thinks he sounds talented, but I just laugh at him the entire time. I mean, really....him trying to emulate the masterful voices of Mr. Johnny Cash and Mr. Garth Brooks is like the sound you'd produce by trying to neuter a cat (I was reading the Murray Quads blog and thought that line was rather He sounds like my new pony jumper toy that I got (which, by the way, has an intriguing artwork side panel that I can look at and study for at least 30 minutes - see the above picture). That really is all that is new with me. Uh-oh, Mommy and Daddy just caught us so they are now running the show.

Billy and Moni here....We are so sorry that you had to listen to those little turds rant on. When we told them that since they were so smart that they had to start pulling their weight and pay some bills, they turned into regular 4 1/2 month olds again. As far as the age comparison, those are all their adjusted age ranges. Since our kids were supposed to be born on January 21st, their adjusted age is 2 1/2 months. They are all doing very well. As far as the boys, the only one who is not on the growth chart seems to be the farthest along developmentally. Danna is keeping up perfectly with her brothers developmentally and she really does run the show. The kids are getting so excited for when they finally get to meet everybody. Dr. Chavez says that it will probably be early May before we can lift the flu shot and age sanction, so as soon as he gives us the okay we will let everyone know.

A gigantic THANK YOU to Aunts Renee and Paula for the baby shower (and for everyone who showed up and sent things). We now have so much stuff and we know it will all come in so helpful sooner, rather than later. Everything that we forgot about asking for was given to us. We continue to be amazed at the genorisity of all of our family, friends, and even strangers. We, like the Tubres, haven't had to buy a single diaper yet and we know how expensive (and, with Pius, how time consuming) that could be. We can not figure out how we would be able to do it without all of you, and we are SO thankful for each of you.

We're going to turn the computer back over to the kids now. They really wanted to compose the picture comments this time, too.

This is one of mom catching us boys scheming to take over the computer. We had a good plan of attack on Easter, but had to wait a few days to set it in motion.

Pius: This is what happened when Forrest mentioned that he wanted to type first. I've been taking lessons from those Tubre boys. They have nice right hooks.

Laine: Danna, Forrest and I were enjoying some quiet time while "Cry-us"... I mean, Pius, was in the other room getting yet ANOTHER outfit change.

This is a picture of Mommy with Aunt Mollie and Aunt Ray-Ray. They were enjoying some baby-free time while watching the KU/Davidson game. Rock Chalk, baby. Aren't our aunts hot?!

Danna: I really like my feather tiara, even if it is almost as big as me!

I guess the shirt says it all.

I guess this shirt says it all, too!

Danna: I wasn't quite ready for my close-up. I wish mom would start warning me before she shoots. At least I would've spit out the sucky thing! (I do so love my sucky thing).

Laine: Bow to my intellectual prowess!!!
Ha, ha....Just kidding! I'm not one of those snobby smarty-pants.

We love you all so much, and we will try to build a 25th hour into the day so that we can post more often.


Anonymous said...

White Guy in Purgatory said.....

Well I'm impressed. Great post little ones. Here I thought your parents were the bomb but as I can see the real talent resides in the baby bouncers. Forrest, In the words of you Uncle Ryan, Big guys aren't tough. Truly words to live by when you all become mobile. I can't wait to discuss the origin of the universe with you all this summer.

Tubre Quads said...

What a magnificent post!

I love how the little ones took things into their own hands cause their parents were making us depressed with the lack of posting :)

So glad everyones evaulation went well. I can't wait for the girls to get checked out on Tuesday.

They are so adorable and getting so big.

Sorry such a short comment, but the creatures are getting restless in their playroom. Gotta run.

Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Those t-shirts are hysterical. Where ever did you find them? It continually amazes me to see just how fast they grow.


Anonymous said...

Great Post!

Tubre Quads said...

One more thing...Tyger sends all his love to Danna. He had a very sleepless night last night and had to come sleep with mom and dad due to being so upset about his bride's little incident. Tell her to stop worrying him and behave herself. Oh yeah, and give her a kiss from me and one from him.

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Those kids are big pimpin!


Anonymous said...

Waaaayyyy too cute! It was worth the long, agonizing wait. Your baby-cakes are intellectually advanced and their humor makes me smile and smile and smile and smile. Yep, all four of them. Aunt GGr

Rachel Haag said...

That was such a great post and it really made a great start to my day! Glad everyone is doing great and looking good. I'll try to make it down this week/weekend some time. Love you guys!
Aunt RayRay

EMO said...

Best Post Ever! Thanks so much, it was worth the wait! The pictures are all so adorable. How exciting that you had a shower at this point. It sounds like you got lots of good stuff! I am glad that Danna is ok, I know that can be incredibly scary. I can't wait until early May, when everyone that wants to can see you babies! How exciting!

Mary Odette said...

That was just PRICELESS!!! I'm telling you your writing is incredible. Oh, and the kids are getting cuter and cuter. Hard to believe that's possible isn't it. Love all of you.
Mary O

The Murray Crew said...

Sweet - The Grafs are checkin' on the Murrays....We KNEW Dana was lookin' for an older more mature fella than Tyger. The Crew has lots of options. =)
Glad you could find a use for the cat neuter quote. =)

Squiggle Wiggle & Maggers Moo said...

They are soooo cute. One of these days I will get some diapers mailed your way. Keep on growing little munchkins. Love the College Hill Girls.

Anonymous said...

Oh my- how cute! Your post made my uneventful day. The photos are priceless-love the dimple. Monica you must be so proud your kids are so smart just like you!!! Keep it up kiddos!

Miriam said...

I've been reading your blog since those heady phoenix days...And your sense of humor always wins me over and this post was great...i think the kids should write more often.

damien said...

every thing looks great the kids are getting so big and look so healthy .

have a great weekend .

Anonymous said...

TOOO CUTE! What a pricelss post! Surely Dana doesn't have to scare you guys to steel the center of attention. Hope you both survived the episode okay (and didn't have to borrow Pius' lead... if you get my drift!). I'm so glad to hear that all four babes are right where they are supposed to be developmentally and all... You can't ask for better than that!
I can't wait to finally see the little tykes!

asplashofsunshine said...

Who are you kidding, the 25th hour would just mean more cleaning up, more feeding, and more play time. Just had to chime in since I stalk the your cute blog, but don't think I have commented. YOU HAVE 4 ADORABLE BABIES!

Karen said...

Okay, I'm a little late. I just read your blog. I laughed so hard I nearly cried. It made me realize how badly I need to get my but over there to see those little stinkers before I pop...maybe this to you soon. Karen

Bucko 43 said...

Loved the kids blog. You are all doing great. Keep up the good works and keep those great blogs coming even though I see you everyday. Love you all GGBucko

Anonymous said...

So cute. Had several good laughs while reading blog. The kids all have their parents good sense of humor. I know you get all sorts of advise but I'll offer some anyway. My kids all went thru stage where every dirty diaper was a blow out. I found that Huggies supreme diapers help prevent because they have elastic across back of diaper.
Again, Great Post! It amazes me you somehow find time. Thank You for sharing your cuties with us.

Dana Goertz

Anonymous said...

That was worth the wait!


Anonymous said...

I wanna know where Frank the Tank is. He has been AWOL for the last month and I'm tired of it.

Forrest Graf

Anonymous said...

Wow Forrest, you sure do know how to track me down and make me feel bad...I always knew I had an intelligent godson! I really do apologize for not keeping up with you little rascals. I have been reading the blog, but my comments have been few & far between...that must mean I'm busy at work or something because that is obviously the only time I post. Maybe soon I can come over and Ryno can demonstrate his 'tough guy' moves on me since I'm a little bit taller than him. Forrest,I think you get that 'smiling because I just farted' look from your dad because it always seems that when I'm in the room with him, he starts smiling for no reason and then I figure it out and have to evacuate the room for twenty minutes...he gets me every time. Just kidding Billy, you know guys don't fart!!! Anyways, I hope all the little rascals continue to stay healthy and strong. I'm finally wrapping up tax season and can't wait to be able to visit everyone soon. Once again, sorry for the lack of posting, and yes, Forrest thanks for pointing that out..I will try to do a better job of staying in contact. Talk to all of you soon!!!

Frank the tank

EMO said...

Ohh, this could get fun. Why don't the Quad's start calling some other people out. Since Forrest's shout out, turned up a nice response so quickly...

Anonymous said...

I agree! Pius get on there!! You haven't heard from your Godmother for a while...and neither have I!
Great, great post!
Love you all!

Tubre Quads said...

Gasp! I can't believe you Murray Crew, trying to steal my lady right from under my nose! While I may be little in size I am extra large in strength. Cullen has been working out with me everyday and I can bench press two toys at the same time now. Look out Henry, Brooks, Isaac and Clark - I won't let Danna go that easy!

Tyger "Danna's favorite man" Tubre

Anonymous said...

Crystal Hanson Here: Every post cracks me up. I just loved meeting your little kiddos. They are all so adorable...they were all being wonderful. I just can't wait for you to meet my kiddos. I got such a kick out of holding and spending time with you. I just wish we were closer together so we could spend more time together. I can't wait till our zoo time! We will make quite the seen. I hope I talk to you soon. Take Care and tell those babies I said hello!

Andy Bulger said...

Hey kiddos...yeah, yeah...Auntie Em and Uncle Andy are complete slackers; there is absolutely no excuse for us. We will say that, Andy, like a good husband, has decided to take all of the blame for us not commenting for a long while (even though he knows it's not really his fault.)

That being said, just because we've been AWOL doesn't mean we haven't been thinking about you and praying for you every day. We're just so, so proud of you, and miss you so, so much. Heck we miss you so much, that I think some of it is spilling over to us even missing your daddy...and Uncle Andy never, ever misses your daddy. We can't wait to see you soon, and we love you very, very much.

Just a few quick observations before we go:

1. We have noticed that the three boys all kinda look like better looking, slightly taller versions of Stubby.

2. Also, Emmy noted that Danna looks quite a bit like her namesake.

3. We think you have an exact look-alike, act-alike of our future mouth-breather, Holden. That video clip of Pius trying to smile and grunting and breathing heavily was priceless.

4. Buddha is a real drill sergeant when it comes to having people do what she wants them to do, i.e. Forrest rolling over. Freakin' relentless, that woman!

We love you all! Auntie Em and Uncle Andy

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I know I am officially on the "jerk-head non-poster" list, and I am very sorry about that! But the kids look great! The pics are adorable. I can't wait to come see them. Sometime soon, very soon!

Take care, can't wait to see you all soon!


Anonymous said...

It's another Sunday and no birth announcement in the newspaper. Course, you'd probably have to take out a loan to pay for it. They'd charge you "quad"ruple the regular price. So, so, so cute! Aunt GGr

Anonymous said...

Ohh, what a fun post to read!! I'm glad to hear everyone is on track. I've been sharing the blog with my co-workers down here and they love all the pics and just keep saying..."I can't even imagine" and I keep saying... "I KNOW". You guys rock! I'm gearing up for a trip to NYC with my Dad. We're gonna catch a Yanks vs. Sox game at Yankee Stadium and maybe even catch a brewski with the Pope. He's gonna be there the same time we're there! NOLA is great, it's great to be back!! Keep up the good work!