Monday, March 17, 2008


Well, Thursday marks the babies' 4 month birthday and it's been smooth sailing so far (knock on wood). That is, smooth as in no sickness or injuries to speak of (I know I threatened a few trips over the balcony back in Phoenix). It makes us think we must be doing something right, especially since my doctor told me that Wichita was the 2nd or 3rd sickest city in the country. SO much influenza and RSV floating around these parts, but we've managed to steer clear without so much as a runny nose! This is so fortunate because, working in the ER, I know what happens when very young infants show up at our doors with a fever. Think I.V., labs, blood cultures, spinal tap and probable hospital admission.....times four. Again, this is why we have been so strict with who we can allow over and why all the rules for those that do come over! Hopefully we'll be able to lighten up a bit around mid to late April.

Just wanted to send a quick post with a few videos to hold you all over until after the doctor's appointment. We should have updated weights and more good stuff to talk about!

BTW, I tried to use a different site to upload one video (just to see if it was faster). It wasn't this time, but I may have done something wrong (most likely reason). I'll have to confer with the Tubres to see what all the fuss is about. Jaclyn is my tech support person.....pretty much my all-around support person, actually.


Anonymous said...

Amazing how fast they grow and change! They are all too cute. The pictures and videos just keep getting more and more fun to see. You guys have been truly blessed. Thanks for the quickie. Andrea

Anonymous said...

Number two again!

I'll take it. Thanks and Love from Texas.


Anonymous said...

Put a cigar in that girl's mouth and she looks like someone from the Little Rascals.

Mike Shannahan

Anonymous said...

Pius's snores are so adorable. They almost sound like his godfather's when he falls asleep durning a movie...hahaha. Cute videos guys. They are so adorable!


EMO said...

Thanks for the pictures and videos. The picture of Danna on the couch by herself makes me wonder if she knows what she has gotten herself into having 3 brothers. I feel bad for her boyfriends that have to go through the approval of her brothers.
I am so glad that you guys have almost made it the entire winter without getting sick. I think it will be nice for you to have the extra help when the people without flu shots can help. Only another month or so.

Tubre Quads said...

Holy Smokes they are huge!

I would imagine Pius sounds like his father sleeping? I just picture Billy to be a bit of a snorer.

Emma is even more in love with Forrest now. She thinks his talking is so cute. I can’t keep her hands off the screen (that may not have anything to do with Forrest, but I’m going with it).

Yeah! I saw Grandpa Stubby and Grandma ? (what do yall call Billy’s mom?) I was beginning to wonder what happened to my buddy Mr. Stubby. He wasn’t wearing his LSU hat though…I am a bit disappointed…I thought I had converted him :(

Miss Danna is as beautiful as can be. Tyger is one lucky baby.

And last, but not least, Laineman is quite precious. I had a chat with Abbey this morning and she said she still loves Laine, but is a bit self-conscious about her weight. She weighs 13 lbs now and I’m sure she has a few pounds on him. I assured her that he will grow to love her chunky thighs and bubble butt and he would pass her up in weight in no time :)

I love the picture slideshow…welcome to the wonderful world of technology. As far as the videos go, Photobucket has a beta version video uploader that is super fast but I found out the hard way that it makes the videos grainy. It isn’t faster than blogger to do it the regular way, but you can edit the video length on Photobucket. Like for instance the burping video on our latest post…each baby’s video was over two minutes, but I just cut them down to the point and merged them together. So if you have a short single video I prefer blogger, but if you want to crop and merge then Photobucket or OneTrueMedia appears to be the way to go. Sorry for consuming commenting space on this issue, but this is easier than texting…or catching you on the phone, which is impossible most days.

Uh, one more thing Miss Moni - their birthday is Wednesday, not Thursday. I know this because they are exactly 2 months younger than the Cakes and the Cakes are 6 months on Wednesday. I mean with working and caring for nearly 4 month old quads I can't imagine how you could get days and dates mixed up :)

One more thing...again. I haven't heard from Becky. She wouldn't try to sneak past Baton Rouge and get into New Orleans undetected by my Becky radar would she?

Love your circus and thanks for sharing,

PS – that was a seriously long comment…I’m exhausted.

Anonymous said...

Snoring already is soooo cute! And I am sure you are happy he's sleepin! Sooo adorable all of them!

Anonymous said...

Count your blessings every day and night! You are truely blessed with such sweet little angels! You have such a fortunate life and so much to look forward too in the coming years. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. May God Bless all of you ...........Linda N

Anonymous said...

Hummmm....only eight comments. I know you run down to check the site daily, I hope you don't get discouraged and quit posting those adorable pictures with such great updates!!
Love ya! Budda

Anonymous said...

Wow- that snoring bit was beautiful! Such peaceful bliss. And I loved the sweet talking. Such an amazing voice that little boy has!

Thanks for all of the updates.... sorry I didn't post on your last entry, but I have to say I LOVED the picture of you and Billy from high school. Ahhh... young love.

Joy and love,
Courtney and Jason

Anonymous said...

White Guy in FL said........

Great videos and slide show.

Quick one said...

Good to hear the babies have stayed healthy so far. Amazing how fast they grow up. They are all just precious. Loved the comparison pics. I'll be back soon .....
Judy Q.

Anonymous said...

As I'm sitting here staring at my computer, with a goofy grin spreading across my face as I read your words and view your photos/videos . . . I only wish everyone had a webcam so you can see the joy your family is bringing to sooo many people around the world! Love you lots and looking forward to seeing you soon. Love, Steph

PS) Took the kids skiing over spring break - that's right, we had five that are five and under. And we made it. Addie was the only casualty with a bad sprained ankle (poor thing is crawling around with one foot in the air). Oh, and the van, which needs a new transmission (thank god for extended warranties!) Will we do it again? Probably. Except with a bit more booze. For the adults, I mean. Oh, and they have a lift that seats four - so all your kids could have their own chair! I thought about you every time I got into the Quadruplets Only line.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, someone is getting high tech and fancy on the computer in their old age. Love the pictures and video's. Good to hear everyone is doing great and staying healthy. Ronin is doing wonderfully and is quite the walker now, he can even manage it in his shoes! I am very proud of him. We can't wait to see you all over memorial weekend.

EMO said...

I am tired of seeing only 14 posts.

Happy belated 4 month birthday babies!

I hope you all have a great Easter. Maybe next Saturday for our Easter celebration, you could drive yourselves and the Quads over to the party barn and we could all wave to the babies in the van. I think the babies would LOVE it!