Monday, December 3, 2007

Now, they really ARE little angels!

Hi everyone. Quick updates for all of you guys, and more pictures. Yesterday was a big day for our little bundles of joy. They all got their "emergency" baptisms done. Nothing is wrong with any of them other than the fact that they were born about 2 1/2 months early, and we just wanted to have it done.

I went to mass at St. Gregory's at 8 a.m. and spoke with the priest afterwards. He sent the deacon (who had helped him say mass) over to the hospital. Deacon Carmen came over and we had it done there at Good Sam in the babies' rooms. Uncle Phil, Aunt Cathy and Becky stood in as proxy godparents. It was very nice, and Monica and I felt a ton better after it was done. All four of them slept through the entire thing, and did a great job. It was not the entire baptism (minus the oils and a mass), but it was a very nice service. We will do the complete thing when we return home.

Uncle Phil, Aunt Cathy, Moni, Deacon Carmen, and me (Becky took the picture).

Laine gettin' holy.

Forrest gettin' holy.

All four of them continue to grow in the NICU...some more quickly than others. Danna is having a hard time with her weight gain, but they say that's pretty common for babies that had IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction). Here are their latest weights and lengths (they re-weigh them every night and check lengths every Sunday evening):

Baby "A" Pius - 3 lbs 15 oz (1790 grams) and 44 cm long (17.3 inches)

Baby "B" Forrest - 4 lbs even (1820 grams) and 43 cm long (16.9 inches)

Baby "C" Danna - 1 lbs 11 oz (760 grams) and 34 cm long (13.4 inches)

Baby "D" Laine - 2 lbs 10 oz (1195 grams) and 39 cm long (15.4 inches)

Yesterday, we got to dress Laine and Pius in big boy clothes! They looked so cute and like real little babies! We couldn't put anything on Forrest because he still had an IV in (which was removed today - the 2nd blood culture came back negative for any growth). Danna is still naked as a J-bird because she has all that CPAP gear on, even though her IV got removed today as well. Also, we don't have anything small enough for her. Her time will come....

PLEASE keep the comments coming - some people are getting a little lax about writing and we still check the site about 20 times a day! We miss all the news from home and hearing about what's going on in everyone's' lives.

Billy, Moni, Pius, Forrest, Danna and Laine

P.S. Doesn't Pius look like a toddler in the picture from the post below? I (Moni) took that picture just after I got finished giving him a bath. He stretched out and put his hands up by his head all by himself and I thought it qualified as a Kodak moment! He really doesn't look that old in person.


Cameron said...

Well look at me, little miss first-to-post! I'm so glad you were able to have the babies baptized :)
Love you, miss you, can't wait to meet the kids!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the informative update! We (at BC) were wondering how much the little ones had gained. So it was an added bonus to find out how long they are also.
I sure do miss you all! How is Abbey Tubre? I guess I can check their blogspot myself.
Love you guys!!
Mama Budda

Andrea said...

Great news. Glad all of the babies seem to be doing well. Keep up the good work! I totally thought the same thing about Pius. He looks like a little boy in that picture. Thanks for the update. It's always fun when I check one last time before I go to bed and find a new update.--Andrea

Anonymous said...

Just so you know little Pius looks like a poser. He's like Daddy take a picture of me so I can be the center of attention. Haha. I think it's cute and we're all praying for you six back in Ta town.


Sarah said...

Yeah!!! Your angels are watching over you. You keep growing little ones, the prayers will keep coming in from all over no matter what. I think all of us checking out the post feel like proxy godparents. Wouldn't want it any other way!! God bless!!!

Anonymous said...

Hola!! Sorry it has been so long since I have posted!! I'm really busy right now because of finals, so I probably won't be posting a ton this week. So let me slide dudes!! Anywho Billy, you never called me back the other night anyways!! So yea, Billy, I wish I wouldn't have gotten your porcrastination gene. I have yet to start my two final projects!! I suck!! But yea, I miss you guys big time! I feel like I haven't talked to either of you in forever!! Give all of the babies a big ole' kiss from their Aunt Lainie and tell them all I love them!! And I love their wonderful parents too!! Love, Auntie Lainie!!

Anonymous said...

I miss all of you. I am so glad you are feeling better Monica. I can't believe it but you really do feel different when you become a Grandma. You really do worry more it that is possible. How is little Forrest doing? You had said he had to go back on oxygen. I know you are in the best place for all of you right now, but I'm ready for you to come home. Love Mama Vicki

Anonymous said...

Good morning Grafs!! Thanks for the text Moni! It kind of scared me becasue it was around one or two in the morning. I thought what in the hell is going on! The babies look as cute as ever and I bet it did feel good to have them baptized. Who knew they could do it in those little plastic covering things :) That's great though. How often do you acutally get to hold all of them? From the postings I am assuming once a day.
Pretty soon you will be reminding them that you can't hold all of them at once and they will have to take turns. That's what family is for!
Anyway, I better get my day started. Still lots of prayers coming your way.

Quick one said...

Billy and Moni,
Thank you for the continued updates and pictures of your beautiful babies. I'm retiring, my last day of work is this Friday, and I would love to be on the schedule for daytime care. I even know how to cook, do laundry, and wash dishes. ha!
Judy Q.

Hanson123 said... dad sent me your blog site. I guess you are the niece of one of his friends. I just had triplets 4 weeks ago. I was only 29 weeks though. Ethan, Evan and Emma. Our little girl was born 1 lb 13 oz. and our boys were both 3 lbs. We had them at Wesley. My little girl was just moved out of NICU yesterday. You have wonderful looking kids! Congrats...It is nice to see they are all doing so wonderful. If you want to check out my site

L said...

Moni & Bill:
I am one of those guilty ones that has not been responding to your wonderful updates and pictures. I am so busy, as if you are not. Thanks to you both it has been wonderful to keep up with both set of quads. Today is cookie making day, some will go for the Hospital Auxilary Bake Sale, wish you were here Billy you could at least have one Ha. Monica you could have one too. Tommorrow the Auxilary has been asked to attend a funeral in a group. Then have a Dr's appointment afterwards, Thursday is an eye appointment. I am feeling real good right now ,best I have for several years. If blood work comes back OK I get to wait till January to take my hemo,YEA.!!I decided when I got home from church to check the blog and decided I was going to make contact with you before I started to bake, I guess you know Mark (my baby, pretty big baby) will be coming home for Xmas as will the rest of the family. I have a list of things to do he won't get bored this time. The babies are so precious, can't wait to see them Bucko thinks they are pretty special we had a long!! telephone visit Sunday, Well guys no cookie making is getting done this way. You are my thoughts and prayers many times a day. I love you all Aunt Laverna

Anonymous said...

Oh my- they are adorable! Not surprised at all but the most recent photos are wonderful! I am glad to hear that they continue to improve-again not surprised since they must have the stubborn gene since i believe both parents have it! Billy and Monica you look great, continue to take care of yourselves also!

L said...

Sorry!!It is chemo I will be taking in January. My prayers are with the Tubre family also. I am at this a long time Mark had to get me a user name & etc lost my first. Love you Aunt Laverna

Anonymous said...

Hey Billy and Monica,
I think Pius is going to be the next Ron Burgandy with that pose. He is saying "Mmmmmmm...I look good. I mean really good. Hey everyone...come and see how good I look." That is good news that all the babies are baptized. Greg and Amy had Nathan baptized this past Sunday too. Watch out for Carroll sports in the next fifteen years. Four Graf kids and a Goertz in the same class = domination. Throw in a Yaeger and we might get some national attention. Hope everything else is going well, and thanks for all the updates. I am going to check out the Quads bowling squad tonight. I might have to give them a little "Billy Graf pep talk" and help them to victory. I will probably enjoy a few adult beverages with them too. I 'miss the six' and can't wait to see all of you again. My thoughts and prayers are always coming your way. Keep up the great work as parents and tell the little ones hello from Frank the Tank.


p.s. - I am still waiting on one of those nurses to help me with my broken leg. I think Ryno slipped on something getting out of his car yesterday and hurt his "behind," so we better get some attention from those nurses quickly.

Anonymous said...

they are blessed lil angels,,,we in louisiana have taken them and you into our families,,,the tubres now have 2 cupcakes at home,,,you might want to stop by and get in some practice,,,best wishes to you all,,,,karen

EMO said...

I am glad that you got the angels baptized. Especially if it helps you worry a litte less. Even though Danna hasn't gained much, at least she is headed in the right direction. Not sure if you still check but I posted a couple of new pictures of Quinn :)

ryno said...

Angels...ha... more like hells angels. Just wait a couple of years. It was the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse!!!!BAM four lil hell sleepy time for you folks!!!I think it will be kind of humerous. I can just see it now...Forest taping on Pius's shoulder "Hey check this out Pius," what replies Pius I am sleeping. "I think Mama is sleeping with Santa Claus". As loud voice from Santa comes over them "Hey you little Sh!ts get back to bed or Santa ain't gonna give you Sh!t... your just going to get Coal."
Anyways just wanted to say hello and I miss you all extremely much. My rearend is hurtin and Frank's bone is still stickin out his I second the motion of getting some nurses here stat. I will even let them play doctor if they want to. jk. Those babies are looking GQ if you ask me. Big PIMPIN! Can't wait to see ya'lll. Please tell the Tubre's hi and I am thinking about them. And also a big shout out to the Tiger's for goin to the SHIP. Peace Homies sendin some love from the ICT. I know the NIX ain't the same without me. And I am sure you got a lot of "blue nurses down there now since I am gone" :-(
Ryno is out.

Andria said...

God Bless the Children! Very sweet of Deacon Carmen to come do that for you! Congrats babies!

And, yes, Pius looks like he might be taking lessons in "Football Sunday 101" on the couch ... Just remind him...Mass first! LOL. ;) (you could try?)

Glad to hear all is GROWING well!

Mari Goerlich said...

The babies are rally looking good! Those NICU days are so stressful and God is the only one who can give you (and babies) the strength and patience to keep going strong. Praise God! Keep up the good work!
Chris and Mari Goerlich

Maria said...

Congrats on getting dipped, Quad Squad (liked that, Bill. I's a good name)!
They just keep getting cuter and cuter, and we just keep getting more anxious to meet them in person!!
Moni, I sent you an e-mail about the you know what hush hush wink wink :) Lemme know.
Love to all of you!


Anonymous said...

Ok...I sent you guys a long comment on here...but apparently the system does not like it when you take more than 30 minutes to write your comment (I was cooking also!). So here goes a brief synopsis on what was written:

1. sorry for not posting earlier...I have no good excuse.

2. Moni is my hero for enduring 31 weeks and not complaining--it turns out I complain more. I need Moni's manual on how-to-get-through-this-with-a-good-attiude
List of things that have become uncomfortable: 1. sleeping 2. eating 3. sitting....I am not impressed.

3. The babies are precious! The pix are wonderful! I thought Forrest looked like a little man in that pic of him sleeping! They are adorable!

4. I am glad you guys were able to get the babies baptized. I am sure that meant a lot to you!

Ok...I hope that is all! We miss you guys and can't wait to meet the kiddos! Take care! We will talk soon!

Delane and Dan

Anonymous said...

Over weight middle aged white guy in Florida said........
Hey guys
it sounds like everything is going so well for the babies.The power of prayer, you gotta belief. I think I mentioned blogging aint my thing (what grammer right? Southern Alabama will do that to you)but I do check this site daily. You two are the bomb keep up the good work I'm proud of you both.
Billy I still haven't recieved my four cigars yet. Maybe you just don't have my address, I'll get it to you.

OAKLAND? you have to be kidding me OAKLAND? it makes a grown man wanna cry.
I read something in the comments that also brought a tear to my eye.
Aunt Laverna is baking cookies and I'm 1,600 miles away...... It's been a rough week.

Anonymous said...

They are all so cute. The video of little Danna crying actually made me shed a tear. Speaking of bath's, Ronin took a big poo poo while he was in the bath last night, I just had to think of you guys, wait until you have four to get out of their as fast as you can because one decides it's time to go. And the rule Billy, it is daddy's job to clean it up every time (Yes Brandon actually took care of it). Okay that was kind of gross to share, but it was actually pretty funny, good memories, and no I didn't take any photo's ... that one would not make it in the scrap book!
Love Ya

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! They REALLY are little angels and we cannot wait to meet them! Sorry we have not left a lot of comments - but know that we read your blog daily and all 6 of you are in our prayers! Looking at the pics make our Heidi look like a giant - amd make me want another little baby. Well....maybe not quite yet. :) I will just hold yours when you get home. ;) Love you guys! Mark and Danielle

Andrea said...

Just posting to let everyone know that Prayers are needed for Cullen Tubre!!! Andrea

Anonymous said...

Hello Graf Family...

I love to read your posts. I usually look at the site while having my coffee at 5 am before work. (Well, it's later today because I'm headed to school.} I will be sure to post from now on.

We all miss you at Wesley. Everyone is so happy for you guys. We talk about you all the time...don't worry not bad stuff like you're used to hearing! You know how horrible the gossip mongers are! But we do talk about the little Grafs and hope that Momma is holding up. You too Billy, of course.

Love and Good Thoughts to you all


Anonymous said...

You might try for clothes for your littlest ones. Good luck!

Bucko 43 said...

HI, allyou beautiful Graf's. The babies are looking great. Can't wait until they get home. Monie how are you? I hope muchh better. Tell Becky hello and hope all is going well with her. Give the Tubre's my best and my prayers are with all. Love lots. I'm off the fat ladies. They all give you their love. Bucko

Karen said...

Glad to hear the quads are children of God and doing so great with IV's being removed and playing dress-up!!! They look great - but I'd like to see some more pictures of you and Billy!

Same old around here. Miss you a ton! Talk to you soon, Karen

Anonymous said...

Ryno and I decided that you guys should be posting at least five times a day. I'm completely joking! Actually, we were just talking about how we are addicted to the blog and looking at all of the pictures. You just can't get enough! I hope things are going well with all of you and that you had a good day.


Anonymous said...

Dear Moni and Billy, The kids are awsome. Loved Danna's video. Yes, you must of pissed her off.
I know Moni you do not like to talk about yourself, but we all want to know that you are ok!!!! You look great, still that beaming smile, but we need to hear that you are good and keeping up.
Work continues to bring in the snotty noses and suck!!!! Gotta love my job!
We miss you and love you!!!!

Kellie said...

I can't believe how big the kiddos have gotten! Brandon and I have been checking out your blog almost everyday. So, I figured I finally need to post a CONGRATS and I'm very proud of the both of you! Can't wait for you to get home! I'm ready to hold some babies.
Lots of love and prayers,
Brandon and Kellie

Alex said...

just if you need a laugh!!
love ya!

Emily said...

Holy heck greatest pictoral/blog comment from parents of quads EVER:

"They looked so cute and like REAL little babies!"

I almost peed I laughed so hard.

Monica you are as beautiful as ever! Billy keep it up with the no smoking - I'm out 2 months now & it just gets easier and easier, I promise. Next you'll just have to worry about getting off the salt and seeds. (Gotta avoid that awesome Graf high blood pressure trait, right?)

Love you both tons!