Saturday, December 8, 2007

Two New Superstars

Hi everybody. Big day for the Grafs tomorrow. The Broncos play the Chiefs in a must-win situation. After talking it over with the quads, we hope Coach Shanahan and his assistants have the team ready to go. As for what is happening around the Phoenix Children's NICU, here's the down and dirty...

We will start with the star of TODAY. Laine Ryan was tired of being teased by daddy about being the only one still wearing a helmet. He not only got rid of the CPAP today, he needs NO assistance with the breathing right now. That's right folks, complete room air. Our little boy is really growing up. As far as weight, he is up to 2 pounds, 14 ounces. As far as attitude, he seems to already exhibit symptoms of "little man" syndrome. He has the WORST temper of the four and really wants to show us how tough he is when someone makes him mad.

Isn't he cute without all that crap on his face?

Next we will go to the star of YESTERDAY. Danna Lynn don't need no CPAP neither! She surprised us yesterday when we showed up for the second visit of the day. She was off CPAP and just using the nasal cannula. Now the next task is to reshape her crazy alien head which we are told, over and over, is very normal for a baby her size. She has done very well since losing the CPAP, and she doesn't seem to miss the extra baggage. In fact, she hardly complains about anything anymore. Big night for Miss Danna, she finally hit the 2 lb. mark that she has been flirting with the last couple of days. 2 pounds even, what a fatty! Mama gave her a bath while Daddy changed her sheets. It was great getting to cuddle for a little while, even if she did poop in her bath water.

Momma holding Danna after her bath. She still hasn't quite grown out of her alien/monkey stage.

Forrest and Pius continue to be stars on a daily basis. They have not really given anybody any headaches, and continue to grow. And grow. And grow. They are huge that an oxymoron? They continue to battle it out for the biggest Graf quad of the day. Today, Pius wins by 5 whopping grams. They both weigh 4 pounds, 8 ounces. They have done so well that they got to be dressed like real little boys. They did a great job, and just looked at Moni and me like we were nuts for being so excited about it all. Actually, they get to wear big boy clothes because they are being trained on room temperature to prepare them for their open cribs (which is another step closer to going home).

Moni giving Pius a bath

Pius LOVING his bathtime!

Pius...fat, clean and happy (and in big boy clothes - thanks, Deb and Dave!)

Mom, Dad and Forrest (in big boy clothes - thanks Jac and Torey!)

Forrest with a death-grip on his pacifier - good luck getting that thing away from him

Yes, we were in the car. No, Billy was not driving at the time. Only one pedestrian was injured in the making of this picture. Those darn self portraits!

Special thank you to Aunt Shirley Kaiser and family who sent the most rocking-est Broncos outfits EVER! (Little windsuits for the boys and a Broncos cheerleader dress and tights for Danna). Thank you, also, to: Gary and Terri Peterson for the meal with the fam when they were here; Gary and Monette for the angel outfits, sleepers and blankets from Marshmallow Kisses; Uncle Fritz and Aunt MaryAnn Graf and family for the monogrammed bibs and cards; Kris and Rex Keith and family (a quad family from Wichita) for the beautiful baby blankets; JoAnn Tubre for the personalized babies' first ornaments; BC friends Erin, Erin, Katie and Kristin for the giftcard; Ann and Alfred Perez and family for the giftcard; Uncle Phil and Aunt Cathy for the meals and guardian angels; Jaclyn and Torey Tubre for all the preemie clothes that their sweet chunky monkeys can't wear anymore.

Thank you to everyone who have also sent cards, well wishes and words of wisdom (Uncle Bill/Aunt Ida Jo, Uncle Dale/Aunt Charlotte, Taylor Scuilli, Aunt Ginny, Uncle Howard/Aunt Marilyn, Wilbur Middle School Friends, Syl's catering friends and many, many more)! I know we've missed about a million people, but we can't find the the list of people to write thank you's to at this moment. Just know that we really do appreciate all the love and support. We continue to be amazed at how four little miracles can bring out the very best in people. We promise to keep the updates and pics coming. Billy says that's conditional on you all leaving us comments to fuel us on! Later!


Stacey Faber said...

I wish I could be there to see all of you but I practically feel like I've been whisked to Phoenix each time you post! Thank you for another extremely thorough post with so many details and fabulous pictures. Take good care of each other. We can't wait to see you all in person and we miss you and love each and every one of you. Take good care!
Love you!

ryno said...

I am drunk and want another post!!!!!!!!! I read this one and am ready to go to the next chapter even though it is four thirty in the am. Love you all and miss you guys.

you all ROCK!!!

Moni Graf said...

Hope you can still make it to Mass bright and early in the morning, GODFATHER Ryan! Don't make us demote you. What was entire birthday weekend celebration? Really, I'm just jealous we weren't there to party it up with you. Soon enough, soon enough.

Moni Graf said...

Oh, wait... What am I talking about? 2 parents + 4 babies = no more partying. Dang. I suppose they're worth it.

Anonymous said...

You may not be able to "party hard" but your spot with shoo shoo is wide open, Lovely Lady!!

Keep up the great work with your precious babes...


Anonymous said...

You are so darn glad you are not in Wichita right now. It is sleeting and icing. Left my car alone for about 10 minutes yesterday afternoon after a lengthy ice removal and had to repeat the process.

The babies are darn cute, Glad to hear Laine and Danna are off the headgear, you can actually see what cuties they are instead of imagining.

Work continues to be work, RSV season is in full swing. Lots of snotty noses, sick little ones and understandably anxious parents. We miss you being there and anxiously await your return (but, know you will be taking all the time you need with those dolls).

Monica your strength as a leader and motivator made working with you a pleasure. I am sure those same strengths will go far in mothering Pius, Forrest, Laine, & Danna.


Anonymous said...

Good Night!!Stacey, do you stay up all night waiting for a new post. I thought I was an early riser -we know what shift you get with the quads!! The babies are SO precious and like everyone else can't wait for the homecoming. This Gma is so proud of you guys. Love you all, Terry P.

Anonymous said...

LOVED your update. The pictures are Adorable!!! Monica, your earrings make me smile ... you can bet the munchkins are eyeballing them - Danna wants to wear them and the boys, of course, want to grab them off your ears for a good game of fresbee. Hugs and kisses from the city-wide iceskating rink of Wichita. (And it's getting worse instead of better.) Aunt GGr and Sam

Anonymous said...

Loved your phone call at work last week. Everyone asks how all of you are and they send their well-wishes. The "I want to babysit first" list has lots of viable contenders on it here at home. Glad everyone is doing well. The BC basketball boys say hello to Billy. I will stop in a hug your mom Monday Monica. Until next time, you are all loved and prayed for everyday.
God Bless.
Denis and Barb Pianalto

Bucko 43 said...

Hi all my beautiful Grafs. I can't believe those babies. They are beautiful like their parents.I can't wait for you all to come home. Ice again today. I'm ready to go to church but don't know if I'll make it. Please tell the Tubre's and Becky hello for me. My prayers and thoughts are with you all. Love you lots.

Bucko 43 said...

Oh Billy I forgot go K.C. bucko

Anonymous said...

I'm keeping tabs on you all as well as the Tubre quads. I just wanted to comment and tell you I think your babies are beautiful. You guys did a good job! Keep strong and God bless you all!

Anonymous said...

Monica,you look absolutely gorgeous. I can tell you are feeling better. The babies get prettier and prettier, or in the case of the boys more handsome. I already thought they were some of the most beautiful babies ever. They must take after their Uncle Jim Selenke who just gets better looking everyday. We miss you so much. Dad and I just want to jump on a plane and head back down to Phoenix. Billy, I hate to say this but you may be right, Marsha and I may have to be told to leave, go home, because we will be camping out at your house when those babies get home, along with all the rest of the quad fans. Oh and Billy you get better looking every day too. Love you, Grandma Vicki

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Really, really great! They are so precious! Moni, you are also looking great! Glowing as always! We are so excited to see you all when you come home! Keep snuggling those sweet peas! They seem to like what you guys are doing!

Talk to you soon!

Dan and Delane

Karen said...

Moni, you look hot! I know you're not going out to party it up, but it sure looks like it. And Billy, how your bottom teeth shine without a wad of chaw (okay, I really can't see them, but I bet they do)! Congrats on being nicotine free! This has been an awesome turn-around from yesterday, I'm smiling ear to ear. Is it hard to give those little suckers a bath? I suppose you're used to it. Sorry I missed your call...we were out for supper. Hope to talk to you soon, cuz I miss you a ton! I wish Phoenix was like 14 hours closer!

Anonymous said...

The babies are getting cuter and cuter by the day. We are glad that they are getting bigger and bigger and hope you will all be home soon. We are glad that Danna and Laine are off the c-pap. Monica you look like you feel a lot better, hope you are on the total mend soon. We think of all of you everyday and will continue to keep you all in our prayers. It is icy here again today so we are not going anywhere. I was going to go to chuch last night but it was icy, so I was going today and it is worse so no church this weekend.
Yesterday and today are just good days to hang out at home by a warm fire. By tomorrow I will be glad to get out to got to work, I am getting bored here at home. Jennifer bought a 2002 Dodge Dakoka truck yesterday so she is on cloud 9 today. Keep the pictures coming our way we love them, it makes it seem like we are with you on your journey. Take care. Love Ross,Brenda,Jen &BJ

Anonymous said...

All awesome news! You guys Rock...all 6 of you.
Moni, you totally look like Rachel in the picture of you bathing Pius. Which begs the question, how do you look so damn good after just having 4 babies?!
And Billy, naturally you are glowing, too. Parental life suits you both.
Will be thinking of you while napping thru the game today. That's about the only thing to do on a cold icy Kansas Sunday.
Love you guys!


EMO said...

Another awesome post! I don't think there was a negative thing about that post. That's what I'm talking about. I have been waiting and waiting to see them in real clothes, and it was worth the wait! How cute!!! Also it sounds like Christmastime with all of those gifts. How excited you must be everytime you check the mail! Love Erin!

Sergio said...

Bill and Moni,

The kids look great...more and more beautiful every day! You guys look really good too. It's good to see the progres (via pictures) of the little ones starting to shed the "gear" they have been hooked up to. Sounds like you're all starting to get into somewhat of a groove. We all miss you guys and can't wait for the six of you to get back to Wichita.

Much Love,

Anonymous said...

Hey you two! I was excited to see a new post. They look so cute in their little clothes. Bucko showed us the diaper she brought home and I was completely amazed. They are truly little miracles! I hope all continues to go well and I can't wait for you all to be home.
And don't worry, Ryno went to church twice yesterday before all of the partying. :) Right Ryno?!

Love-Mandy Kay

Anonymous said...

Dear Billy and Monica, all so beautiful as always. Do not think Billy you will have anything to worry about with Denver not winning today. Watching and Denver is up 24-7. My brother-in-law and neice are braving the cold to watch the game, it was my brother-in-laws BD present. Both live around Denver.
Moni, so nice to talk to you the other night. You sound so good.
Just heard from Jenn Pennon and she asks about you all the time.
Babies are beautiful, you are beautiful and we love hearing from you. Can't hardly wait till we can all see you, hug you and hold the babies.

Lots of love

Anonymous said...

Wow! I think your threat for more comments must have worked! 22 so far for one day isn't bad. Moni, you look beautiful! You don't look like you just had 4 bouncing babies only three weeks ago! I hope you are feeling as well as you look! Mollie, Maddie, and Rach are getting excited about seeing you all!
Love to you all!
Mama Budda

Luke and Brandi said...

Bill, you and Moni have some great looking kids! They definitely look like their mom.

Even though Vicki says so, well, I'm not sure what pictures your mom was looking at...maybe she was just out with Ryno!

All kidding aside, the quads look great and keep up the hard work! We are all pulling for you!

Luke and Brandi

Anonymous said...

Hey you six. It was great reading your post and seeing the pictures. Nice use of font color too. I'm happy your Broncos won. I'm really starting to like that team. Your passion won me over.

The kids are looking great. Just beautiful. I have to say a couple things every time I read your post and mention CPAP. I keep thinking it's CRAP and wonder why you have crap on their heads. It's no wonder Laine has a temper.

Billy has your milk come in yet? Be patient.

God Bless you, Pius, Forrest, Laine, and Danna, and the Broncos.

Uncle Tom, Aunt Julie, Jolie, and Logan

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, It was so good to see the pictures of the kids and to hear the news of Laine getting rid of his mask, I was worried about him when we left town.The pictures of them all are just priceless, what a bunch of cuties. And though I'm not an official Godparent I am one of the PROXY ones. We had such a great visit with all of you, thanks for the hospitality. Hope you are all warm as we certainly are NOT here.Love you all, Aunt Cathy

Anonymous said...

Hey all!! I'm sorry I have not posted in awhile, but I just want you to know-you have not called in awhile!! Haha! Billy- Bucko told me that she had talked to you the other day and told you about the ice. And then she proceeded to tell me that you said, "Oh no, and Lainie is driving that mustang?!" I'm glad to know that you do still remember who I am!! And you even still have some concern for me! But I guess I'm not really "your number one girl" anymore. Even though I lost that title almost 8 years ago when you married Moni, now I really have to admit that I don't have it anymore since you also have Danna. I now have two girls to contend with!! I'm done for! But Moni and Danna are pretty cool and I love them quite a bit, so I suppose I can learn to deal with it. I miss you guys big time!! I love you very much!! Give those beautiful babies a kiss from their Aunt Lainie!
Love you!! Auntie Lainie

Anonymous said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa Grandma Vicki you have officially gone off the deep end. Getting better looking everyday like their Uncle Jim Selenke. Haha. Don't insult those poor little kids like that. It's just not right. They are not able to defend themselves yet. But I know if they were you would be getting a lump of coal for Christmas. The only reason he gets better looking is because he tells you so.

Also I don't know about the rest of you but I like the drunk Ryno better than gangsta Ryno. When he's drunk he obviously don't talk gangsta. Keep drinking Ryno.

In all seriousness though the baby pics are awesome. The kids are beautiful and it's great to see them grow. I can't wait to see the six of you and I'm glad everything is going great in the AZ. Keep us posted in your "spare" time.

A.J. a.k.a. the Juice

P.S. Did the Chiefs make it to Denver yet? I wasn't sure. But I like me my Brandon Marshall. Go HighRollers.

Anonymous said...

They look awsome guys I am so proud of all there progress you tell them Aunt Jenni said way to go!!! The girls and I sure enjoy the updates. Thanks!
Jenni and the girls

Andria said...

Congrats on those weights! Gosh, seems they are all doing so well...they are going to be home in no time!

Loved the update!

Andria said...

BTW, I too, think it's "CRAP" on their heads! Too funny!

Anonymous said...

You know we Grafs and extended families aren't prudes when it comes to CRAP and all the other colorful words y'all have been using. Leave our pure, snow-white baby dolls alone!!!! Could it be that Bill and Monica's initials are BM? Love, love, love to each of you! Aunt GGr and Sam

Anonymous said...

Such sweeties, I just can't help but smile everytime I get on this site. You do such a great job of keeping us all filled in. The pictures are priceless. Everyone looks great. The babies even look normal size when not in your arms. You are so blessed!!!
Love, Aunt Connie

Anonymous said...

Well, the Broncos gave me a nice b-day present by beating the "cpap" out of the Chiefs yesterday. Also, that is great news that the quads are all off the "crap." Sorry for the lame joke, but I thought it was hilarious about the whole cpap/crap thing in the earlier posts, and you know that kind of humor is right down my alley. The party was good Sat. night, but it would have been great if you guys were there. I'm surprised that Ryno was able to even type by 4:30 because he was just staring into space (pondering on how to solve the world's problems, i'm sure) on my chair around 3:30 that night/morning. And yes, I was able to make 1:00 Church Sunday even though Sat. was a late night. I saw Bucko there, so she can be my witness. I think Ryno just stayed up and went to the 7:00am Mass at St.Francis Sunday morning, but someone else had to drive him! Anyways, it's great news about all the little ones and I'm sure it's a relief to be able to see their whole heads and faces now. I guess they were just getting ready for football/wrestling season with those masks. Billy and Monica, you both look great in those self-portraits too. No wonder your kids know how to pose at such a young age. Hope all continues to go well!!!


Anonymous said...

I love it! You all look absoulutely gorgeous and handsome. I am so gosh darn happy for you two (six). GO BRONCOS! The whole time I was watching that game yesterday, I was like I bet Billy, Monica, and the quads are happy. There is nothing sweeter than seeing the Chiefs get their butts beat in Invesco; oh I'm sorry clobbered. Love you guys!
Miss you!

Kel Kel said...

Hello all! The pictures are fabulous. Everyone looks super duper.

So I'm driving down the street the other day and it was cold and icy and grodey out and there was a guy messing around in his garage who was wearing shorts. And I thought to myself, "Self, what type of weirdo wears shorts in winter?" And then I thought of Billy and it brought a smile to my face.

Louis says hi. He told me the other day that he could do a good job bathing the babies, as long as they were smeared in peanut butter first.


Lia Faber! said...

"Danna Lynn don't need no CPAP neither!"

Mr. English- this is highly unlike you.

Is it bad that this bad english of yours really stuck out to me while reading this whole post. Next time you try and correct me Bill, I'm going to never let you live this one down. =]
i love you all.
ps. they are gorgeous! (well, and handsome)

Lia Faber! said...

& ps Moni- I'm sure you guys can still do SOME partying, you have PLENTY of babysitters in the making.
& some of US will work for free,

at times. haha =]

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be the best Christmas present ever if Forrest and Pius got to come home for Christmas. That is our prayer!!!!!

Love you guys(all of you)

Anonymous said...

Billy and Moni, I was just looking (for the 100th time) at all the adorable pictures, and couldn't help but think how we were feeling 8-9? years two have such a great, great story. I cannot imagine how anyone, especially anyone who is familiar with your story, cannot believe in the power of prayer. Your four, beautiful babies can attest to that! Ok, that's enough. I was just having one of those moments! ha!
Love you all.
Mama Budda

Anonymous said...

Lia...couldn't you hear the tone in our voices as we made that quadruple negative comment? Sheesh. You need to see the floor.

Billy and Moni

Bucko 43 said...

Hi all you beautiful Graf's. I can't believe how good our babies are doing. You two look great too. We are having lots of rain and ice here. Miss you guys alot and looking forward to you all coming home.Take care and keep us posted on the little ones and yourselves. Love and prayers to all the Tubre's and Becky.

Lia Faber! said...

Oh I caught the negativity, no doubt about it.

I'm just the smartBUTT, still.
I've learned from the best. haha

Jennea said...

Dang Moni,

You're boobs look rockin in that one picture! Whoo hoo. Bet Billy likes it.

You guys continue to be an inspiration. Love ya all!


Anonymous said...

So Adorable, all of you. Now soon as it's possible can we have a picture of the four quads together? It still seem's sorta unreal and I'm thinking that will finally show me the big picture.
Love you All, Aunt Bertie