Thursday, December 6, 2007

Expected UPS & downs...

We'll just delve right in to the latest news....

Well, Laine kinda had a rough day yesterday. He was working pretty hard to breath and his oxygen saturation kept dropping into the 70's despite being on oxygen per nasal cannula. The doctor was concerned that he may have an infection, so they drew a blood culture and other labs and started an IV to give him prophylactic antibiotics. The blood culture today showed no growth in the first 24 hours, which is good. His labs also looked promising. They also decided to put him back on CPAP because he was breathing hard and retracting. He seems to be much more comfortable since being put back on the CPAP and is doing well.

Laine back on! hiss!

Our cute little alien baby getting a bath

Laine saying, "No more pictures!"

Danna is still on CPAP as well. The nurses and respiratory therapist keep switching the mask with the prongs to keep her nose skin from breaking down. She really hates the prongs and she lets everyone know how she feels about it. They've also been using DuoDerm (that beige colored tape) on her nose and face to keep her skin intact. It seems that both Danna and Laine have fairly sensitive skin and they are sure to keep a close eye on things. She continues to do well and has started to gain a little weight. Not much else to report on her.

Daddy changing Danna's poopy diaper (and Billy thought girls didn't do that!)

Mom holding Danna up

Mom and dad giving Danna a bath - lots of hands for such a little body!

Danna showing the camera what Uncle Ryno taught her.....West side 'til I die!

Pius was put on a little oxygen today per nasal cannula because he kept dropping his sats when his head was in certain positions. He continues to amaze us with his pooping abilities and daddy is just so proud! He keeps truckin' along and gaining weight like a champ.

Moni, "Grandma Ruth" and a waking baby Pius

Pius under dad's hand (and he's one of the big ones!)

Pius drooling


Forrest has taken the "steady Eddy" title. He always seems to be sleeping, which is probably why he keeps gaining weight so well. He's still on a little oxygen per nasal cannula and still doing well.

Forrest's extreme close-up (remember, the camera adds 10 lbs - or 2)

Forrest grinning about something after his bath

As for me (Monica) I'm doing very well. My legs are very close to normal sized now (I'm sorry I can't report the same for my belly) and besides a little soreness, I feel great. I had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Strong (AKA Edward Norton) this morning. He told me to keep taking the antibiotic and the diuretic until they're gone. He was impressed with my incision site and encouraged pool time to help with the rest of the swelling and carpal tunnel. He wanted to see me again in a week, so we scheduled another appt for next Tuesday. So, really, I'M FINE!!! Thanks for all the concern!

Billy boy has been tobacco-free for 5 days now and I'm so proud of him. He has managed to keep his mood swings under control and has a raw mouth from eating and spitting out all those sunflower seeds! He is also really getting to know the roads here and I am so impressed with his navigating abilities now that I've busted out of the hospital.

The babies had a special visitor today. Billy and I brought "Grandma Ruth" (my friend, Deb White's, grandmother) to the NICU to meet the babies. We had a good time getting to know her and we hope she is able to come back to see the babies again to see their progress.

Next, we need to give a shout out to Ryno. Happy birthday, little brother! Did you know you are now closer to being 50 than to being a newborn tiny baby? You and Frank the Tank better not have too much fun celebrating your new-found maturity this coming Saturday! Wish we were there to celebrate with you guys! Don't be expecting any cards in the mail - consider this your card from the Bill and Monica Graf family.

Congratulations, Erin (EMO), David and Quinn!!! Billy's curiosity finally got the better of him and he checked the pictures on How far along are you? Billy says, "If there isn't more than 1 baby in you, BIG DEAL!" Just kiddin'! We're so happy for you guys.

Billy just called the NICU to get the latest weights tonight. They are as follows:

Pius - essentially the same weight as yesterday, except he dropped a measly 5 grams. He is 4 lbs 2 oz.

Forrest - he's up 20 grams and is now weighing in at 4 lbs 3 oz.

Danna - she's up to 870 grams now which translates to 1 lb 15 oz. Almost 2 lbs! Woo-hoo!

Laine - his stressful day didn't damper his weight gaining. He is up to 2 lb 13 oz.

Billy, Moni, Pius, Forrest, Danna and Laine


Anonymous said...

Your babies are truly 'angels' - sooo precious. You guys look so good. Lots and lots of prayers to you all. Kelsi Rhoades Hay had a baby girl yesterday - 6 lbs. 14 oz and 19" What a basketball team we're going to have in a few years. Think Mister will hang around that long? Love you all, Terry P

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update y'all. Forrest and Pius are right at Jolie and Logan's weight when they first made their appearance. It's amazing how tiny and precious they were. Now I gotta reach up to hug them. Jolie even called me an old man the other day.

We love you and the prayers keep coming. Tom, Julie, Jolie, and Logan.

Trisha said...

Moni, I am glad to hear that you are doing better. We (everyone at the Westside) get concerned when we never hear back as to how you are doing. The babies are absolutely precious. I am glad that they are all gaining weight, hopefully they can be taken off the oxygen soon. I love that picture of Pius, w/ his arms behind his head, it is the cutest thing. Take care and I (we--westside) hope to hear from you guys sometime.

Love Trish

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. It's great that you share your babies with everyone! Loved the pictures and complete, update on everyone!! (including the color accents!) You all look great!
Love, Mama Budda

ryno said...

Hey all, just wanted to thank all of you for the birthday wishes! No card necessary...the best b-day present of them all is having four lil tykes that are happy and healthy.
As for you Danna...way to represent!!! WESTSIDE 4 LIFE lil sis!!! I think I taught you well already! Girl...Don't even trip when you have some hata's out there! Trust me you will...when your hoopin it up on all those KMC Wabbits!!! All you EAST siders out there don't even know who you are!
Watch out ladies because Sat. night Frank and I will be on the prowl!! RRRRRR. That is supposed to be a kitty pure!
Guys I truly miss you all a ton!!! I am extremely homesick for you guys!!! I wish you all would be home for the holidays but I know other circumstances won't allow that. Just Know I am thinking of all six of you!
Ryno is out!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you two so much for the picturs and updates; the babies are so amazingly adorable. Forrest and Pius are quite the posers :) Monica, you look gorgeous; you are glowing. Billy, your hands are beautiful since in these pictures we didn't get to see your cute face. I am so proud of you guys. Love and miss you guys lots! Keep growing quads, we want you all in Wichita soon!

Anonymous said...

Great update! Thanks for keeping us informed! Good to hear you are doing well Moni, I have been wondering! Your babies seem to be growing well! The are beautiful! Take care, we look forward to the next update!

Dan and Delane

Bucko 43 said...

Hi all you beautiful Grafs,I loved the new pictures. They are sooooo cute along with their parents. Icey and cold here today. Roads are bad. Give the little love pats from Bucko. Love and prayers to all tell Becky hello and many thanks. Hope all is going well for her. Love you all Bucko

EMO said...

Wow Danna! Almost 2 pounds. That is fabulous. All of you little babies keep up the good work! Billy congrats on the 5 chew free days. And Moni I am so glad that you are healing so nicely. Quinn got to meet Santa last night, and she did very good. I hope that Santa will make a visit to the NICU so that you guys will have that picture from their 1st Christmas. Thanks also for the shout out. My mom was glad she said now she will have Vicki beat on number of grandkids. :) I am only about 6 weeks. I'm sure there is probably just 1 in there, so I know, no big deal, but we'll see. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Moni and Billy,
The pictures are fantastic as usual. Thanks so much for taking my Grandmother to see the children. Any time I talk with her that is the first thing she is Moni and the babies. I will give her a call later today. I am sure she was thrilled to go. Thanks so much for thinking of her, I am sure you made her week.
You all take care.

Andria said...

Lots of great news in that post! Tiny babies produces great results! Glad you're doing better Moni and hope Billy's sunflower seed addiction goes strong! ;)

Sergio said...

Bill and Moni,

Good pictures...the munchkins look precious as ever! Glad to hear Moni is feeling better as well. Also, if Dana can already learn "Westside" the possibilities are endless...I'll work on few more "useful gestures" with her when she gets back to Wichita. You six keep up the good work and we'll keep sending love and prayers your way.

Take care,

**Quick shout out to the Birthday Boy Ryno...he just gets better looking with age...doesn't he?!

Anonymous said...

Ryno-you're a Nerd with all your hard-core ganster talk! J/J But, I do love you :) If you are referring to me, I don't live on the East side anymore. Thank goodness!

The babies look beautiful and it's good to hear that Monica is doing better. Thanks for the update and great pictures. Do you guys have an estimated date of when you will be able to return home?

Take Care,

Anonymous said...

gangster!!! Oops

Anonymous said...

You guys are so good to keep us updated on the babies progress. A. Cathy and U. Phil were by last night on their way back to KS and told us how much time it takes to post. Glad you are doing better Monica. A. Ginny, Jon, and I will be leaving for Rome soon (Jason is already in Europe) and will take you with us in our prayers, especially to Midnight Mass at St. Peter's. I'll give your best wishes to Pope Benedict! We'll have Jason's computer to keep in touch. Emily and Andrew are going to be in Rome too, so we hope to hook up with them on the 22nd. Merry Christmas to you all!
Love, Aunt Connie

Kelly said...

They are so stinkin cute!! How blessed you are! Will continue to send prayers from Utah! Merry Christmas!

ryno said...

That poop looks so cute and innocent. But it is still really disgusting...I know you guys are proud and are excited about every lil fart or burp...but if you could please refrain from putting your kids Feces on the blog I would appreciate it. I didn't even notice it at first. You guys are a lil sick and twisted if you ask me. Ryno

Anonymous said...

I guess the quads are still going through with that strength and conditioning work-out I gave them when I came to visit (as you can see they are all gaining weight/muscle now.) I told all 4 of them it's never too early to start working out in preparation for sports at B.C. And I guess Billy is going to make them all go to Alabama to play college sports, which I disagree with. I think Newman or Friends is a great fit (and much higher competition) than Alabama. Anyways, all the babies look great, especially Danna giving daddy a nice surprise! Good work on the chewing Billy, keep it up, and maybe it paid off for all the times I wouldn't go and buy a can for you at the convenience store...just teaching you mental toughness!!! Just kidding. I really wish you guys could be there for the big b-day party Sat. night. I miss you guys and can't wait for your arrival back. And yes, I am still praying for you and the Tubres daily. Have a good one, and take care


Moni Graf said...

Ryno, we'll quit posting pics of feces if you quit spewing fecal matter with your typing fingers! Mandy is right...your gangta' posts are nerdy but endearing, so I guess we'll allow it. And besides, it was only one picture!

Anonymous said...

Tegan and I are checking in (she's been home this week from school - might have pneumonia, we'll find out the results today) . . . we love the new pictures of all the babies. They are so beautiful and we can definitely see their different personalities through the pictures. Can't wait to meet them in person. Love you lots. Steph, Tegan, Eason & Addie

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you all - glad to hear you are feeling better Monica. Keep up the good work on that nicotine habit Billy - it does get easier with time. The babies are just the cutest - can't wait to see them in person. All of your "regulars" at the O say hello. Our thoughts, cares, concerns and prayers are with you all.

Karen said...

Some babies (and their parents) do look like aliens. but not yours. But it is hard to really appreciate how itty-bitty they are, so I really like the comparison shots with hands and rings, and all that. I would also like to make a positive comment on the colored typing you put on the babies' names and weights! It adds a very professional touch! Glad to hear you're doing better, Moni - you and your family are thought of every day! Another questions...what are you going to do with all your posts after you go home? Are you going to make a "babies book" with your stories, or have you thought about it?? That's it for me, hopefully will talk to you soon (I'm off this weekend - woo! hoo! if you get bored [yeah right] and want to call), Karen

Anonymous said...

Monica & Bill
Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of the babies, they look much bigger than they are. Well I got the cookie baking done yesterday, we took our baked goods last evening to the Hospital Auxiliary room, as it was to be icy this morning and it was, glad it was down there. Monica it was great to see that beautiful smile again. I am glad you are feeling better. I am proud of you too Billy keep up the good work. You all as well the Turbe's quads in my prayers many times a day. It is cold and is supposed to snow tonight and get nasty, this Grandma is going to stay in, maybe for the whole weekend. Mark found out that Seattle wasn't having the nice Phoenix heat when he was up there this week. Take care I Love You All Aunt Laverna

Ray and Nancy Vail said...

They are beautiful! I just love those babies pixs. They are priceless. Can't wait to share them c/ all of the familyl. We are so happy for ya'll. We will keep all 6 of you in our thoughts and prayer.
Love Nanc and Ray

Tubre Quads said...

Hi Guys! What great news on all the little ones. Don't sweat the respiratory woes - they will be up and down - it is completely normal and you do want your kiddos to be normal don't you? I miss yall so much! I stopped by your rooms yesterday, but you weren't there so I took a quick peek at the little ones and made your nurses very nervous. I had to promise her I had 4 of my own, had my hands completely full and was not there to snatch one of your babies!

I love all the pictures and the weight gain. Torey is bathing Tyger and JT is holding Abbey right now so maybe you guys (go me for my Kansas talk) will run into them. I am at home with Miss Emma and I can't wait till you guys (there I go again) get to take one (or two) of your little ones home. It is amazing and makes the ride so worth it. So buckle up and hang on - we will be off the roller coaster in about 30 years.

Love you,

Kel Kel said...

Jac - not only are you saying guys, but you also spelt go correctly (instead of geaux). Does this mean you're becoming a Bama fan like Billy?

Anonymous said...

Roll Tide right Jackie?

EMO said...

So, will your children be "color-coded"? Is that what the new bright pretty colors mean next to their names? I imagine with 4 you would have to do something like that to help keep track of everything. I hope all is going good with everyone down there. It is nasty weather here, with nothing better in the forecast. Oh well...

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you remember me, but I'm one of Emmy's friend, Dawn. Paula sent out your bog site so that the whole GRBD could stay updated. I just wanted to say how beautiful they all are, and how amazing you all look. Despite how hard I'm sure it is you still have such a great sense of humor! My family and I will be praying for all of you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Billy and Monica...

Curtis and I just got done looking at all the new updates and pics. I was showing Curtis the cute video of Danna Crying!! We thought we would share with you our exciting news. We just found out a couple weeks ago that we are expecting!! :)

We are so excited.... The big due date is Aug. 5th! Our kids will be able to play someday :)

Hope you had a good day.

Talk to you soon.

Meg and Curtis