Saturday, December 15, 2007

Back on the wagon...

Yet again we apologize for being so long in posting. We are starting to see how four babies might spread one a little thin. We aren't even with them 24 hours a day yet. We have more videos to appease the masses. Hopefully, that makes up for the lack of consistency with our posts. Also, you all have to understand that we are in a deep depression. The news of the Tubres departure on Sunday hit us like a ton of bricks. We knew it was coming, and we're so happy for them, but we will definitely miss them like crazy. For those of you that don't know, Cullen and Abbey were discharged from the hospital yesterday to be reunited with their sister, Emma. The plan is for Jac, Torey and JT to take Cullen, Abbey and Emma home to Baton Rouge tomorrow while DeeDee stays with Tyger until he's discharged later this week. What an exciting time for them! Hopefully we'll be able to get together today and cook dinner at the apartment for one last hoorah.

As for the Graf Quad Squad, here goes:

Pius James, besides being the stinkiest baby alive, is also quite the oinker. He is now up to 5 pounds, 2.8 ounces. He continues to eat like crazy, but at times forgets to breath while eating or sucking on his pacifier. This morning, while I was feeding him, he dropped his oxygen quite a bit so we gave him a break from the nipple. He has been doing so well, and we might have pushed him a little too hard, too soon. His poor, little butt is still sore, red, and raw. It has got a little better with the change of diaper brand and being left open to air. His overly sensitive skin may be one of the traits that his daddy passed to him.

Pius getting his sore butt aired out (and not happy about it)

Pius getting ready to bottlefeed

Danna Lynn also continues to grow. She is up to 2 pounds, 4 ounces. She hasn't started nippling yet because they want to wait until she gets a little bit bigger. Her bottom, like her partner in crime Pius, is a little bit red too. Hers isn't quite as bad, but she still gets creamed and powdered with each change. She is breathing very well without needing much oxygen. Despite being the runt, she is really doing a banner job of keeping up with her brothers on attaining good doctor reports.

Forrest Michael, besides being the sleepiest baby alive, is also quite the oinker too. He is up to 5 pounds, 1 ounce. Pius and he are both taking 46 mL of breast milk (roughly 1 1/2 ounces) with each feeding. He is also learning to eat with the nipple, and doing a very good job. Sometimes he tends to forget the whole "suck, breath, swallow" thing and has spells of lowered oxygen saturation, but overall we would have to grade Pius and Forrest a B+ on the nipple feeding. The docs say they are well on their way to coming home.

Laine Ryan has also been kicking a** and taking names. He is up to 3 pounds, 5 ounces and is really long. We are thinking he might be built like Uncle Paul and be the tall, skinny kid with a great disposition. He is so much fun to be with because he always seems to be wide awake and alert. Momma thinks he is going to have daddy's light blue eyes, although it is still a little too early to tell. He is doing a great job with his breathing, and the doctors say he can start nippling his feeds once a shift if he shows interest (if he is awake, rooting, and trying to eat his hands).

Laine lookin' around at the world

Mom getting to hold Laine and Forrest together for the 1st time

As for mommy and daddy, we are doing well too. Moni's friend from nursing school, Melody, came to town to see her family and catch up with ours. As an NICU nurse back home, her insight and advice on the babies and their care was good to hear. We went to our old standby restaurant, Oregano's, for lunch after visiting the babes. Melody will be in town until Monday, so we plan to get together again on Sunday for more visiting and baby time.

Last night, Billy's cousin Mark took us out to downtown Tempe. Think Aggieville/OldTown without public smoking. We had a great time at Gordon Biersch and walking around the lighted streets (think Clark Griswald's house vomiting all over the city - in a pretty way). It was a beautiful town and the company, as always, was wonderful. Then he took us on a car tour of other parts of the city that we had not seen yet. It was good to get out and explore our surroundings. After all, our kids are Phoenicians and will want to know what their birth state was like when they get older. Despite popular belief, it does get pretty cold here in the Nix. Because Moni's feet were so swollen during the pregnancy, she didn't have any shoes but flip-flops to bring to Phoenix. No problem, right? Wrong! She was freezing her butt off in her sandals. Maybe it's time to go buy a pair of sneakers.

We haven't been able to get any good pics of Danna lately, but we're getting ready to head up to the hospital again to see the younguns. Hopefully she'll be awake and ready to pose for the camera. We'll post a new pic of her soon and give more updates!

Love you all like Jaclyn loves to put Ryno in a headlock!

Billy, Moni, Pius, Forrest, Danna and Laine


Ryno said...

1st to post CHAMPIONSHIP!!!


Melissa said...

Yeah! I am the first to post! I have been following your blog for some time now and think you guys are awesome! Your kids are too cute! Congrats and enjoy them to pieces!

Melissa said...

It was a TIE!!!

ryno said...

Not so fast Melissa...maybe next time sweetheart!!!! So Sorry...come again!

ryno said...

Maybe so...but who's name is on top!!! What does the record book say?

Melissa said...

Look at the times, yours just got posted first but we did it at the same time! ha!!!

ryno said...

I will give you that...but you know how the famous saying goes...If the rabbit didn't stop to take a Sh*t the turtle would have never won...Just think I got slow speed dial up internet as well. I will give you an A for effort though

Anonymous said...

No worries Billy and Monica, I will give you a post that isn't fighting about who was the first to post, haha. I'm almost done with finals, yay!! Good golly, is it January yet? I can't take it much longer!! I miss all six of you so much! It feels like it has been forever! I can't believe how fat those babies are getting!! I'm so proud of them!! I wish I could come down there again, but I will just keep admiring from afar. But I know they will get to see enough of their Aunt Lainie when they come home! And so will you! So don't get too excited!! Give the babies a kiss from me! I love all six of you!! Tell Becky hi! And tell her that Geortz and I talked about our game of "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader," and it was good to remember! Good times in the Nix! We wish we were still there! Love you guys!! Love, Auntie Lainie

Anonymous said...

overly insulated midlle aged white guy in Florida said ...........


Anonymous said...

Who doesn't love Ryno and his Enthusiasm (--- (Big word I had to look up)Keep up the good work.

The kids are looking great you guys are trully blessed. I'm thinking Quadtruplets usually means at least one has medical problems but according to the blog everything is going very well. GOLD STARS FOR EVERYONE.....except the Broncos. "What in the wide wide world of sports is going on here" Billy thank you for the updates. I think you should stay in Arizona until March. It sounds like Kansas is in a deep freeze and if I remember correctly the wind blows. Stay in the land of cactus and sand.

White Guy

Karen said...

Hey guys,
my favorite pic was the one of laine and forrest together. You can definitely tell they're bros! My second favorite pic was the one of the 4 of you out on the town. Moni, you look awesome. Glad to hear you can wear normal shoes again, even though you don't have any with you. Loved the videos, too. It's so great to hear your voice! Hope to talk with you soon, Karen

The Murray Crew said...

It's always good to read a great report. You are all well on your way! Great job to everyone and blessings from the Hoosier Quad Crew!
The Murray Crew

Anonymous said...

Those boys are so handsome! Laine has a familiar looking widow's peak, maybe like Dana's. The old Haag people went to Emporia for the Christmas card party but I didn't go. (not old enough) The weather was pretty nasty and probably not the best thing for respiratory health. I am looking forward to the pictures of the princess of the family. I love you and can't wait to meet the crew! Aunt DD

EMO said...

Fabulous pictures and videos! The one of the 2 brothers melted my heart!!! I can't wait to see more like that! Everything sounds great, and I don't think you will be too far behind your LA friends. ♥♥♥♥ Erin

EMO said...

Ok, the one of Pius' butt was pretty darn cute too. There is almost nothing cuter than a little baby butt!

EMO said...

Ok, I keep going back and looking at the pictures. And I think the one of Forrest looks like Ryno. Does anyone agree?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Thanks for the update! Anxiety was starting to set in, but I kept it to took some effort! The pictures get more adorable with each post! They are great! It's wonderful how great they are doing! Dan and I were at Babies R Us today, they asked me about you guys (yes, sadly, I am there so much, they not only recognize me but apparently they know who my friends are--sad and scary!). I told them how great your babies are doing, they were very happy for you guys!

Karen is right, you look wonderful Moni--glowing as always!! We miss you so much here at home. We can't wait for you to come home, and then we can meet your sweet babies!

Take care!

Dan and Delane

Anonymous said...

Nice post Moni. It's great seeing the pics and videos. Wish I had something better to say. Billy, were you on the phone with Ryno when you posted; and Moni were you on the phone with Melissa. ha.

Thanks and love from UT, AJ, Jo, and Lo

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, movies, update, and great news about the Tubre family! It has been requested of me to print out about 5 sets of pictures of the babies and get them sent off, sooooo, just as soon as you can, could I have one of Danna and a frontal view of Pius, and a family portrait?????ha! I will be able to use the adorable brothers picture of Forrest and Laine. I'm not asking for too much, am I???
Love the bunch of ya!
Mama Budda

Anonymous said...

Hey Billy and Monica,
Is this a blog site or an instant messenger? I look at the first 7 posts and there is a conversation going on between who posted first. That is good news that the Tubre's babies are doing well and get to go home, but I'm sure it's tough on the both of you as well. As for your little rascals, I think it's great that Pius gets to moon the the nurses without getting in trouble. Make sure he doesn't carry that habit into his older age. It sounds like the quads are doing very well though, and hopefully they all continue with their steady progress. It's good to hear that ole mom and dad got to go out on the town of Tempe and enjoy the city a little bit. I know it's no Wichita, but I'm sure it will do. Isn't Tempe about the size of Colwich? By the way Lainie, how long have you known me and you still can't spell my last name right? It's Goertz, not Geortz. And that's coming from the winner of "Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader." It's a good thing they didn't have any spelling questions on that game!!! Just giving you a hard time Lainie, I'm still bitter you beat me in that childish game. You might have beaten me in that 5th grader game, but you will never win the game "Are you smarter than Goertz" Anyways, sorry for sidetracking there and just want to say it's great to hear all six of the Graf's are kicking butt and taking names and my thoughts and prayers continue for all of you. One more thing, I might not be the first to post, but I am usually the longest post - that should count for a lot more. So here it goes - LONGEST POST - CHAMPIONSHIP!!!


EMO said...

I don't have anything to say, except I can't believe there are still only 20 posts. I think people are slacking. I had a dream that you guys came home the other day and Channel 10 news was video taping your arrival at the airport. It was exciting!

Jennea said...

Cute as hell pics you guys! I think these kids are going to be heart breakers/stoppers! I loved reading the update. Good luck and Godspeed!


Andy Bulger said...

Let's get this out of the way first: Ryno, according to the powers that be in cyberspace, you were the first to, yes, indeed, CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

Now, with that out of the way, let us just say how beautiful the little ones look. We are so proud of all of you, and are so jealous that all of you lucky people in the U.S. of A. are going to be spending time with the little bundles of joy soon.

Pius's little rear end definitely reminds me of a Haag sticking their butt out the car window to frighten unassuming passers by. Way to go little man...keep up the good work.

Laine and Forrest are looking like troopers, and I'm sure Danna is just as precious as can be. We definitely need more pictures!

Just a thought about the posts, Moni. If you keep using the word "nipple," someone from the FCC is going to nail you. Let's clean it up a little bit...naked babies, dirty words...what's next?

You have no idea how much we miss you guys, and we love you all so much.

You're always in our prayers.

Uncle Andy and Auntie Em