Sunday, December 23, 2007

Two 6-packs, a 4-pack, and a 40 oz!

We had a busy weekend this week with visitors, nippling, and such. The kids were great the entire time, and did a great job of hosting. Aunt Rachel came down from Wichita to visit her new nephews and niece for the first time. We had a wonderful time relaxing and visiting with the little ones.

Two of the hot Haag sisters.

As for updates on the little ones, here goes:

Pius James: He has surpassed the six pound mark, and now weighs in at 6 pounds, 2 ounces. He is a typical Graf boy and loves to eat. As far as eating, he continues to progress with the nippling. He is taking at least 4/5 of his bottle on average, and he got to breast feed for the first time last night. He did a good job, and latched on for over 20 minutes. His oxygen still dips from time to time when he is eating, but overall those dips in oxygen are decreasing.

Pius dreaming of his next meal.

Forrest Michael: He has joined Pius in the plus 6 pound club. Forrest now tips the scales at 6 pounds, 1 ounce. He is probably doing the best overall with the bottle feeding. He even let me feed him his entire bottle...almost. He also tried breast feeding a couple days ago, but was too sleepy to give it a whole-hearted effort. He is on mom's sh*t list though because he decided to pee all over her in front of daddy and Aunt RayRay (see picture). We thought it was hilarious. He is doing so well with the bottle feeding that they even took out his feeding tube this morning. Way to go fat boy!

Moni disgusted with Forrest's behavior.

Aunt RayRay getting to hold her godson for the first time!

Forrest getting washed...after peeing on Mommy.

Forrest sporting a new 'do.

Danna Lynn: She is our little "40 oz." She weighs 2 pounds, 9 ounces which is actually 41 oz, but close enough. She continues to amaze us at what she is capable of performing. She's got great skills. Gah! She got to try breast feeding also last night, and she latched on and stayed on for over thirty minutes. She really showed her two big brothers up. She also is doing a great job on bottle feeding despite having such a tiny mouth. She usually takes her entire feeding, or at least gets close. Another spot where she is kicking her brothers' butts is in the breathing department. She is currently tied with Forrest for receiving the least assistance with oxygen.

Danna Lynn plotting how she will impress us next.

Laine Ryan: He is our "4-pack." He weighed in at 4 pounds even. As far as bottle feeding, he has a "sh*t or get off the pot" mentality, and he is usually off the pot. He either hammers down on the bottle, or doesn't really want to deal with it. He is doing a nice job on breathing, and he will probably try to breast feed in the next couple of days. He still wakes up every morning to see daddy when he comes in to visit before work. We can't figure out how he is growing, because all of the professionals have told us, "Sleeping is growing," but he always seems to be awake and ready to play. When we show up the next time he always seems to have doubled in size. He might be the sneaky one.

Aunt RayRay changing Laine.

Thank you to Aunt Janet Downing for the kids' stockings, and to Aunt Dee and Rogene for the ornaments. They are hanging on our wall, and represent our Christmas decorations this year. Also, thank you to Dana Goertz for the size I might add...Santa hats, and Eveline Atkins for the pink and blue knitted stocking hats. We hope to get pictures with the kids in them soon. Thank you all for the continuing thoughts and prayers.

Billy, Moni, Pius, Forrest, Danna, and Laine

P.S. Now that the Tubres are big time celebrities in Baton Rouge we don't expect to be hearing from them anymore. If you want to see them on TV go to their website and figure it out yourself. Just kidding Tubres. It was great to hear from you this morning, Jac.


Anonymous said...

1st to post. Major championship!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How bout that? With dial upinternet to boot. The pix are unbelievable. I miss ya'll and love ya'll.

Grandpa Stubby

Anonymous said...

Now that was fast! I thought, for sure, I would be first to post....Oh well, I guess I'd better go read the blog and look at the pictures ; (
Mama Budda

Tubre Quads said...

Yeah for the Graf quads...and yeah for me being on the computer! Gammy and Torey are herding the flock while I take a little downtime. Of course I had to spend it getting an update on my second favorite set of quads!

Moni - you look great and I'm sure Billy is as handsome as ever (hint hint...we need pics of dad). You guys (check me out Kansas) are doing a wonderful job with those babies and I just know you will be home very soon. Keep up the great work and keep updating the blog often with lots and lots of pictures of those cuties!

We love you and miss you!

Lots of love from the Swamp,
Torey, Jaclyn, Abbey, Tyger, Cullen and Emma

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Forrest's new "do" is so cute! I just can't wait to get my hands on all of them! Rach arrived home safely and it was great seeing her again. She had a great time, but is still a little shaky about feeding the babies. Was it Pius that gave her the scare? Miss you guys!
Love, Mama Budda

Karen said...

Is it just me, or does it look like Forrest was smirking in that picture after peeing on Moni? I think I'd laugh, too. You should take him on vacations to the beach, just in case you get stung by a jellyfish. But seriously, you had me fooled with the title. I thought you guys tied one on, but it makes all aren't lightweights! (6-packs? no, more like a whole...I won't get into all those details here;). Well, I'm a little delerious from working so dang much, and sure wish I could tie one on! Have a Merry Christmas, and hope to talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

HO! HO! HO! From the Land of Cotton

The kids look great.
Monica got peed on, that's funny. Merry two days before Christmas.

Billy Graf said...

Land of Cotton? Where is that?

Come on anonymous people...sign your name at the bottom. We don't care if we know ya or not :)!

Billy and Moni

Stacey Faber said...

Hi all!

The kids were the hit of the Christmas party when we found out that Pius & Forrest had reached the six pound mark and Laine and Danna were increasing, too. I'm pretty sure everyone had another beverage in their honor!

Thanks for the update! I'm happy to report that Grandma Vicki, Grandpa Stubby, Aunt Lainie, Uncle Ryan and Godfather Brad all had the biggest smiles on their faces yesterday. Whenever anyone mentioned the quads we almost got blinded by all of those smiles breaking out! It was great to see everyone so happy! I don't know how we'll contain the excitement when you guys finally get to come home!

We love you and miss you! Have a very Merry Christmas and know that we're thinking of you always.

Take care-

Anonymous said...

It seems everyday those little sweethearts look bigger. We had our Christmas today. B. J. and Jennifer didn't make it out too much snow and the wind was terrible, we didn't get any West of Hays. I guess I most have been good this year, I think I received eyerything I even mentioned this past year. It was a fun day,but missed B.J. & Jen they called a couple of times. I azm planning on going to Wichita on Friday if the weather doesn't change my mind. Thank you both for all the posts and wonderful pictures. So glad to hear that the Turbe are doing so well. Mark has my list of fix-it jobs all finished including new farm books for 2008. He said his flight was a good one, no delays. I will take him back to Hays Wed., hate to see him leave, never a dull moment when he is here. Merry Christmas Billy & Monica and may 2008 bring many blessings especially good health for the Graf's Love you Aunt Laverna

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas ALL 6 of you Grafs. We have still be reading the posts daily....sorry we dont comment all the time :( Just wanted to congratulate you on your first Christmas all together. What a happy time it must be! And imagine all the fun Christmas times you have coming up with the new little ones. They are all so so adorable. We can't wait for you to get back home - I can think of 2 little girls in our house that would die to see that many tiny babies at one time. :) Anna loves looking at the pictures you post.

Love you guys,
Mark and Danielle, Anna and Heidi

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! They are so adorable! So sweet, it nearly makes me cry (your babies and the news--geesh!). They are precious and are doing so well. The pics are great! Moni, you look amazing as always! We can't wait to see you back home! Do you guys have any idea when that will be? I don't know if they have already started talking about that, or if it's too soon to know.

We hope you guys have an amazing Christmas. Know that everyone at home is thinking of you all! We miss you all very much!

Dan and Delane

Courtney Akright-Ritchie said...

Your babies are beautiful! Merry Christmas!

Courtney Akright-Ritchie

EMO said...

Wonderful Post! Beautiful pictures. Not much to say, so have a great Christmas. Love

Anonymous said...

Have a Merry Christmas Eve you guys! You are so missed!!! But, next year at this time we'll have a house full!!!! Can't wait!
Love ya!
Mama Budda

Anonymous said...

O, I wish I was in the land of cotton
Old times there are not forgotten
Look away! Look away!
Look away! Dixie Land.


Anonymous said...

You guys are looking great! I love all the pictures of those precious angels. Just wanted to wish the Graf family a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy those 4 little blessings that you have received. What miracle babies they are. I can't wait to see them in person. Miss you and wishing you all the happiest of holidays. (Hope Santa is good to you Billy)


Anonymous said...

Dear Moni and Billy,
you are doing such great job with your lovely babies. They look so nice. Have a wonderful Christmas time.
Lot´s of greetings,
Tina & Maik

Anonymous said...

Moni & Billy,
Your blog is great. I'm a B.R. fan, and love to keep up with your quads. They are adorable. Merry Christmas to all of you !

Sarah said...

Merry Christmas to the Graf quads!!! Hope it is a happy one. You can have some of our snow!! Kidding!!!

Anonymous said...

Billy and Moni,

It is so sad not being with you at Christmas, but what is so ironic is that it is my happiest Christmas ever. What a Christmas present, 4 little angels. I am so looking forward to future Christmas' with all of us together. I love you all so much and miss you dearly. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Grandpa Stubby

P.S. I miss my 6 babies and can't wait to have you home.

Grandma Vicki

Anonymous said...

Billy and Monica,
I think I have figured out why Forrest left a yellow stain on Monica. Let's think about this for a second, godfather Goertz goes down to Phoenix (Forrest is always sleeping, which means he is growing and working on staying healthy) = Forrest not peeing on Monica. Godmother Rachel goes down to Phoenix (Forrest is always up, obviously scheming with Rachel on some pranks) = Forrest peeing all over Monica. I think the one that should be on Monica's s*#t list is Rachel. I need to have a talk with that boy, telling him to hang around the right crowd and not to fall into peer pressure so easy. Just kidding Rachel, I just wanted to try to get my godson out of trouble (I have a feeling I will have to do that a lot in the future.) Anyways, that is great news that all the quads are gaining weight at a steady pace now, even though we might need to put Pius and Forrest on the Atkins diet here if they keep gaining weight at this pace. The picture of Danna is great - she is saying I have all my brothers, parents, family, and friends wrapped around my little finger, and I am going to get whatever I want, whenever I want it. It does sound like Laine is going to be the sneaky one, that's usually what happens to the youngest (Laine, I was the youngest in our family for a while, so I know all your tricks, and you aren't going to get anything by me buddy). Finally, I just want to say Merry Christmas to Billy, Monica, Pius, Forrest, Danna, Laine, and all the other family and friends who read this blog. I feel like it is one big family on this blog, even though I haven't met some of the people that post. Billy and Monica, I miss you guys and the quads. I really wish it wouldn't be so long before I get to see all of you again. Oh well, it will be well worth the wait!!! My prayers and thoughts are with the "Graf 6 Pack"


Rachel Haag said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I hope you guys have a wonderful day movie hopping and being with the babies! The house just wasn't the same without everybody this morning.....don't worry, we didn't have TOO much fun without you guys, that would just be impossible! Neway, I love you guys and miss you already! It wont be long though before your back home! yeah! Enjoy this day and give the babies kisses from me!
Love you!
Aunt RayRay

Nora Jean said...

Merry Christmas!!
I took the afternoon getting caught up on all the new info for the week.
I can't believe how they've grown. I'm certain Grandma Vicki is out of her mind with pride. I raise my glass to the kiddo's, and because I'm Rayl, I guess I'll go ahead and raise four glasses, what the heck it's christmas.
My prayers and love.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Billy, Monica, Pius, Forrest, Laine, and Danna! We miss and love you all very much! Christmas Eve wasn't the same without you all, but just like Grandpa Stubby said we couldn't have asked for more precious gifts than four more additions to our beautiful Graf family. Thinking of you often and wishing you a wonderful Christmas!
The Poell's

Anonymous said...

Billy and Moni,
In agreement with everyone else, Christmas just wasn't the same. We all missed you guys big time! When we were at church, Dad said that next year when we go to mass, we will need six more spots. And then there was a little one year old in front of us and I leaned over to Mom and whispered, "Just think Mom, FOUR!" We were so excited just thinking about Christmas next year!! It will be amazing!! I love you guys so much and miss you big time! Give those little angels a kiss from their Aunie Lainie!
Love ya!! Auntie Lainie

Anonymous said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! What a special Christmas this year for all of you. The pictures of all of you are great. We came back from western KS yesterday and had Christmas with the kids today. We had a great Christmas, we enjoyed seeing Mark. Give the babies all a kiss for us, we are all thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers. Next year at Christmas will be so much fun for you.
Take Care
Ross, Brenda, Jennifer and Brandon

Sango9161986 said...



Lubbers said...

Hi Billy, Monica, and babies!!

Just thought we would wish you guys a Merry Christmas. It is still Christmas (Just Barely) How did you guys spend the day?

We stayed pretty busy...Christmas started at 8 am today. John, Teresa, Jordan, Amanda, Brendan, and baby Kellen all came over to our house for breakfast and presents. Then we went to Curtis' family for the rest of the day...ate, played games, and more presents!!

Speaking of presents...the babies pictures with the angel outfits are so freakin cute! How did you get them all to lay so still next to each other?!

Well, we hope you all enjoyed your first Christmas together!

Megan and Curtis