Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Reunions and Weddings and Visits. Oh My!

Okay, I've been working on this post for about 2 weeks now....time to buckle down and get this gig posted. We've had good reason for our delay. Every member of the Graf family is currently sick with the exception of Billy. It's been a whirlwind of breathing treatments, Tylenol, Benadryl, and nasal aspirators. I'm telling you, you've never seen so much snot... not to mention the fussiness! I think we're going to be forced back to being germ-a-phobic, paranoid parents like we were a couple of months ago. Most importantly, making everyone hand sanitize before touching the kids. I just can't deal with a continuous stream of illness, because when one gets sick, they ALL get sick.

Laine has the routine down pat. He even holds his own mask.

As the title suggests, we've been very busy with lots of events. I'd say we all had fun all the time, but that would be lying. As it turns out, some things just aren't as entertaining if you have to be responsible for 4 babies at the same time.

My sister and brother-in-law, Emmy and Andy, were able to take a quick hop from Germany to Topeka on July 25th. Our cousin, Deena, picked them up and met up with our entourage in Emporia. It was a crowded van, but we had a good time talking the whole way home to Wichita. Em and Andy were able to stay until Sunday, then headed back to Heinsburg. Talk about jet lag! Hope you two survived that Monday at work!

Me, Mollie, Rachel, Mom and Andy piled into the FRONT of the van

Mom, Mollie, Rachel and Emmy after our lunch in Emporia

Maddie Jo, Em and Mia squished in the BACK of the van

Emily and Andy getting ready to head back to Topeka for their flight back to Germany

On Saturday, July 26th, we loaded everyone up and went to the Haag family reunion at Cousin MacAnarney's lake. We stayed out of the water, but got to see alot of out-of-towners (as well as some of our "regular" lifesavers i.e. Aunt Cathy and Aunt Ginny and their families). That evening we headed to Billy's cousin's wedding. Congrats Jennea and Jim! Hope the honeymoon in Mexico is rockin'!

Laine, Danna and Pius catching a few zzz's in the boat house at the lake. Surprise, surprise....Forrest refused to have anything to do with a nap.

Danna and her Aunt Lainie at Jim and Jennea's wedding

Cousin Megan (Billy's goddaughter) and Forrest at the wedding

Pius with his Great Aunt Gloria at the wedding

Laine and Billy (multi-tasking) at the wedding. Gotta get some money for the dollar dance!

We've also spent a lot of time over at Grammy and Grampy Graf's house, playing in the pool and spending the night. Just one big, happy family! I think everyone is ready to go home (and for us to leave) after a few days, but we sure have a good time. Thanks Mike, Vicki and Lainie for putting up with us and helping us SO much!

Do not try cleaning your computer screen. Yes, that's a fly on Pius's brow. Bugs love him.

A happy, bug-free Pius at the poolside

Frosty gettin' friendly with Big Bird and Cookie Monster. Thanks Cousin Jack for loaning us all your toys!

Laineman, Banana girl and Daddy at the poolside

Grampa Stubby playing with the rugrats

Grampy can get their attention!

Billy came up with a GREAT idea (please note that this is dripping with sarcasm) to have a family grocery shopping day. We braved the store in our Choo-Choo wagon, got lots of surprised looks, some nice comments and were in the store probably as long as it took to load them up. We could tell it was time to go shortly after arriving, but it was a fun venture. The babies were exhausted after being out in the 105+ degree heat and fell asleep on the ride home. I forgot to get "in-store" pics, but then again, the opportunity didn't quite present itself. Ergo, a post-shopping trip photo.

The squad with one of our VERY BEST regular helpers, Melody. She has been my friend since nursing school and saves our lives every week!

The princess has spoken, "Peace out, my people!"

Next on the agenda.....all about the boobs! Stay tuned.


Moni et al

P.S. In all of the excitement and events, I lost my phone. So, sorry if anyone has tried to get ahold of me (Jaclyn). I had to dig out my old school phone, so now I'm rockin it like Zack Morris on "Saved by the Bell". Okay, so maybe it's not quite the size of a brick, but it's pretty frickin' big!

P.S.S. Huge happy birthday wishes to GG Bucko! I won't divulge her age, but I will say that she's not in her 60's anymore. We had a fun surprise party for her (another event I forgot to mention before) and now she's out of the country galavanting around Europe. Thankfully, she'll be home soon to resume her title as helper "1B" (don't worry, Lainie - you're still helper "1A", but don't get too comfortable).


Andria said...

Boobs? Who's boobs? lol. Mastitis?

Loved the update. So sorry those sweet cheeks are illin'. You guys have sure been busy.

Hoping for cooler days and ill-free days ahead!

Tubre Quads said...

Hey girl. Praying for some healthy days ahead. Both times ours have been sick I have sworn off visitors and trips to the grocery, anything but staying in our cacoon. I eventually give in :) Good chatting with you the other day. The babies are getting so big and even more adorable.

Love yall,

Anonymous said...

FWGIFL said..........

I was here.

The Gerwer Babies said...

I have wondered where you were!! Sounds like fun (some of it anyways), i am sorry you are all so sick!!
Boobs you say, tryign to keep the readers hanging on, huh?

Andrea said...

Sorry everyone seems to be sick. Caleb and Hannah both have runny noses today and I don't remember the last time they have been sick. So there must me a nasty germ in the air. lol. Not to be weird...but I just don't know if I can wait to find out what "all about the boobs" could possibly mean. Ok that made me sound weird.Thanks for new post. Babies are cute as always! Andrea

Ashley Dave and Lexi said...

Are you still breastfeeding?!?! I cannot believe Emily has been here and left! For some reason it just dawned on me that July has already passed. Where have I been?!!? You are so brave! You guys travel w/ those kids way more than I've ever thought of w/ just one. So glad to read your post and hear all the updates. Hope the kiddos are feeling better soon. Loved the video too!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry the babies are sick. I feel your pain. Hope everyone gets better soon. Can't wait for the visit from ya'll. My slot arm is ready.
Miss you lots

Anonymous said...

Monica, sorry I didn't get to visit with you when you were in the offices yesteday. You look absolutely great! Who would've thought that you had four little sicklings at home! That picture of the kids on the floor playing with Grandpa Stubby is soooo cute. But the one of Laine holding his own breathing treatment just melts your heart! I hope you all make it through this spell of colds and get back to healthy before football season gets under way. Any plans to take the quads to a BC game?

Take care and glad to see you back on the transport schedule! We've missed you!


Anonymous said...

Sanitizing our hands is a small price to pay for holding the munckins. I need to dig out the 'black and white' picture of Donna, Grandpa Mikie, Rosie, Bobby, and Tommy camped out in the living room of the Colwich house. They ALL had the mumps and look so cute and sad. Aunt GGr

EMO said...

I agree with the previous poster, Laine holding his mask is sooo cute. I hope everyone is feeling better!!! Thanks for the great post!


Misty said...

I do hope they all get well soon and stay that way! We had a major snotfest here a few weeks ago, only to return a few days later for another week. I do feel your pain on that! The pics are great! Boobs???

Anonymous said...

What a preview teaser! Hope we don't have to wait too long. Those sweet voices and pictures are precious. Also...."Hey Schuckman girls, I know you are out there...let the quads hear from you."
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Oh! In all the excitement of the new post, I almost missed the new home page picture. How long has that been changed???

Anonymous said...

Aunt Lainie is in the house! OK, I know, I know...don't get too comfortable! I get it! But I think that my many long Monday nights with the babies has me set comfortably for at least another two or three months. Although I must look out- Grandma Vicki sure is working her way up very quickly these days!!! She is a fierce competitor! And I do have GG Bucko riding my tail...good thing she is in Europe- it gave me a little breathing room in this tight race!! I love you all!
Love, Aunt Lainie

Anonymous said...

And by the way- I do agree with you my favorite Budda about those cute and adorable pictures and voices!! Love ya!
Aunt Lainie

Andrea said...

Billy, does Quiktrip sale those squirt bottles like they did back in the day? I've seen a couple different people with one and was told they are sale-n them again. If so how much do they cost? If they do I want to take my kids to get one someday on our bike ride. I just hope no one steals my bike. lol. Is everybody well now? I hope so! Andrea

Tubre Quads said...

Ok, Moni, we have waited long enough...I can't hardly sleep wondering about your boobs. Ok, don't let Torey or Billy read that, they would surely take it the wrong way :) I bet I know what happened to delay your post...I bet your calculator won't count high enough to tabulate the gallons upon gallons of liquid gold you have produced for those fat little munchkins :)

Love ya and miss ya...wish yall were here in AL with us,

Anonymous said...

Ok, Moni....what about the boobs???
I suppose I could just call and find out, but this is more fun! Oh the anticipation!
Love ya!!