Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Refresher Course

Just to satiate the question that is burning you alive (okay, maybe it's just burning Cara Mia alive ;>)...Today we'll discuss how our childrens' names came to be. I'll start by pronouncing them (as best I can by typing).

Pius ---
Pie-Us, like the Pope... or the adjective that means worthy/virtuous/dutiful/religious. I'm putting a link to the word pious, which is pronounced the same. Turns out, I can't put all those fancy stress marks over words to indicate the true pronunciation. Pius is a tricky name. Believe me when I say we've heard all the different possible variations. It's nothing we didn't expect when we decided to choose such a unique name that is so close to our hearts.

Forrest ---
For-rest, like the woods... or like the way Great-Great Aunt Janet D. knitted his name on his Christmas stocking (inside joke!). We're banking on the hopes that 95% of his generation will have never seen Forrest Gump, so he can avoid hearing the infamous line, "Run, Forrest, run!" 200 million times throughout his life. We've already burned up about 100,000 times thus far.

Danna --- D-Anna, just like it's spelled! Or, "Anna" with a "D" in front of it (which, I guess, is still just like it's spelled). You know...rhymes with banana. We purposefully put an extra "n" in her name to help reduce the number of times she'd have to say, "No, it's not pronounced Day-na...It's Dan-na!"

Laine --- Do I really need to walk you through this one? I'll give you a hint....Laine rhymes with "main".

Now, because it's really late and I should be sleeping, I'm just going to link you to the post we wrote almost exactly one year ago regarding why we named the babies like we did. They were named while still in-utero (Baby A=Pius, Baby B=Forrest, Baby C=Danna, Baby D=Laine), and came out were yanked out in that same order. For the rest of the story on the names,
click here. That was a pretty good post, if I do say so myself. I enjoyed re-reading it and all the comments that were left (I can't remember the last time we had THAT MANY comments!).

Sorry for the 2 crossed out words in the last couple of posts. I just figured out how to do that and can't seem to leave it alone. I get a little OCD compulsive carried away sometimes.



P.S. Crystal...To answer your question, Pius, Forrest and Danna didn't meet the insurance company's qualifications to receive the Synagist shots for RSV this year. Even though they were multiples, they said they wouldn't cover it because: 1) They were born at over 29 weeks gestation (31 weeks, to be exact), 2) They aren't in daycare, 3) They don't have older siblings and 4) They don't have any chronic heart/lung condition. Laine did qualify because of his Reactive Airway Disease and his need for occasional breathing treatments. I guess we can be thankful the other 3 didn't qualify to get the monthly shots because they were "too healthy", but it still pisses me off a little!

P.S. #2 - No worries all my Multiples Mamas.....the Graf's like to share. Feel free to leverage (as Jac so eloquently put it) the "home from the hospital special baby day" idea!

P.S. #3 - Shelia, we're still working on the college teams. Go Bama and Go KU are the next tricks were working on. Don't worry, we'd never lead them in the wrong direction!


jag said...

Very cool. I am also fast becoming a fan of the strike feature! I may even prefer it to ellipses... Take care girl!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know those were their names. Cool.


Misty said...

I have to figure out this strike feature!
Asl for working on college teams, you have already led them in the wrong direction with Bama! My crew already knows to say "Geaux Tigers"! I'm sure Jac & I can help your crew out!!!

Tubre Quads said...

I think I just got a wrinkle or two. Kidding. Of course I already knew all this information, but I suppose Pius and Danna could be tricky if you hadn't heard them pronounced before...maybe.

I'm with Misty. I would teach them Geaux Tigers...especially after the whoopin Bama received the other day. Ouch. Sorry Bill - had to do it. I was actually cheering for them since they were representing the SEC...I should have known better.

Love ya,

Tubre Quads said...

And another thing...

Have you been stealing uppers from the hospital pharmacy again Monica? You seem to have an abundance of posting energy here lately. What did I tell you about that? It has led to some awesome posts in the past week or so...keep up the habit (the posting one of course)


HansonTriplets said...

Well, Insurance companies can be so strange. The only reason they said we were qualified was because they were multiples. Dr. Chavez said my kids were so big and healthy they would be shocked if we qualified, so who knows what happened??? I hate that for you. I really hope you all get feeling better soon.

King Quads said...

I love you! You crack me up. I love those sweet little Graf babies and their awesome names too. Danna is such a princess!

BTW...We swear Trevor gets up in the night when we are sleeping and eats all kinds of the other night when I went to bed there was a bunch of brownies on the counter, I woke up and several were missing...Mike says it wasn't him...and I know he wouldn't lie:) Guess that's why Trevor the Tank is turning into such a chunk these days. Sorry about all of the "..." I can't help it!!!

Andrea said...

How cool/exciting!!! I checked the TV listing for America's Funniest Home Video's for Sunday and part of the description is quadruplet infants show a preference for country music. hehe. How neat. Andrea

Shelia said...
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Shelia said...

Moni, I would never even begin to think that you & Billy could stray the kids wrong... Guess that means they WON'T be singing any Geaux Tiger chants any time soon (right?)! I'd begin to worry about you two then! (Sorry Jac!).

Anonymous said...

D(e) Anna is a beautiful name!

Brandi said...

Okay when you say go mean like Roll Tide?! My kids dads family are alumni there! Major Bama fans. Me I am true blue FSU! Okay sorry, just noticed it in the ps and had to comment on it! LOL I love how you named your bubs. Forrest was one we had on the list for the twins. Hunter and Forrest. But then I thought about it and after everyone had their was a no go. Congrats on you babes. And may you continue to experience continued health!

KelNosz said...

I love your kids' names. And I guess I've followed your blog enough that when I hear "Forrest" I think of the quad Forrest, not Forrest Gump, haha. Happy belated Forrest Day to the little guy. I swear the description of his personality sounds EXACTLY like my Michael - cute, funny and a raging temper!

KelNosz said...

I love your kids' names. And I guess I've followed your blog enough that when I hear "Forrest" I think of the quad Forrest, not Forrest Gump, haha. Happy belated Forrest Day to the little guy. I swear the description of his personality sounds EXACTLY like my Michael - cute, funny and a raging temper!

Anonymous said...

So....we can expect another update on January 9th???? Yea!!!
Love ya! Budda