Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Valentine's Day to Remember

Well, we've had a pretty eventful morning and afternoon, and we'll get to that in a bit. First, the kids wanted to wish their loves a Happy Valentine's Day.....
Dear Miss Lauren,
Thank you for the Valentine's Day gift. I tried it on, but dad made me take if off and give it to Danna. She was so excited and wore it the rest of the day (see pics below). I told her it made her look like a peacock when she crawled around....but really, I was just jealous. Hope you and your siblings and mom and dad have a great day!

Your strong, sensitive man, Pius
p.s. I'm also making mom upload a video of me showing off. I'm a smarty pants and have lots of the baby signs down pat!

"Hi Lauren!"
"Lauren, I love you more than my favorite college football team. Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?"
Dear Miss Emma,
I tried to steal mom away for myself this Valentine's Day. I'm such a mama's boy, but I'm just using her as a substitute until I can get my hands on you. Let me tell you all about it......See, I've been running a high fever (about 103 degrees) for the last 3 days. Day 4 rolled around and I was still hot and trying to get anorexic by refusing to eat or drink anything. Dad called the doctor to get me an appt at the Saturday clinic way out on the east side of town. Mom took me in, the doctor stuck Q-tips down my throat, looked in my hears and listened to my heart and lungs. They told mom I needed a chest xray at the hospital. So mom laid her purse/keys/cell phone on the van floor and loaded me into my new carseat. She shut the door and I heard a little clicking sound. Mom got a wide-eyed look of panic on her face and frantically went around to every door, but didn't open any of them. Then she went back in to the doctor's office and came out with someone else's cell phone. Shortly after that, I saw some of Wichita's finest Fire Fighters looking in the window at me. I overheard the nice man say something about how they don't have the tools to open locked doors anymore because too many lawsuits had been brought against the department for broken windows (stupid sue-happy people). Fortunately daddy was on his way after Aunt Lainie got to the house to watch my brothers and sister. All-in-all, I only spent about an hour in the car by myself. I was a big boy and only cried about 90% of the time.....but that was mainly just to make mom feel bad. After all that, we went to the hospital to take a picture of my chest and then to the ER so I could flirt with all of mommy's nurse friends (don't worry, my lil punkin....I DIDN'T do it. I just wasn't feeling up to it). Then we went home. Whew! What a day. I didn't want to give you, my love, this virus I have through the computer, so I wore a mask while typing. And if you're wondering about my new and improved grammar from last post, I wisened up and decided I didn't want to act like Uncle Ryno anymore.
Your main man, Frosty
"I guess I still love my mama....even if she did lock me in the van."
"I love you buckets and buckets, Emma-girl! Have you got a Band-aid? Because I just skinned up my knees falling for you!"
Dear Abbey,
Not much to report on here in the Heartland. I loved watching you walk all over the place in your video....walking is SO easy! I can't believe it's taking so long for the rest of our siblings to catch up. We're DEFINITELY the most athletic and were destined to be together. Have I told you lately how much I love you? I'd even eat glass for you (see mom's last post). In fact, I'd eat just about anything (see mom's last post). Oodles of X's and O's for my Doodle!
Your Laine Train
"I'd spoon-feed you chocolate, Abbey."
"Doodle....girl, you've GOTTA be tired. You've been runnin' through my head all day!"
Dear Tyger,
As I already told you on your blog, I loved your sexy pose for me. I just wanted to eat those red velvet cupcake crumbs right off of you! I'm feeling a little under the weather right now too. I don't want to get you sick again, so I'll just have to blow you lots of kisses and hope they make it all the way to Baton Rouge. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day! Grrrrrrrrr (that's me trying to purr like a tiger).
Your one and only Danny Ba-nanny
p.s. Does this tutu make my butt look big?
The Pretty Pink Peacock Princess
"I only have eyes for you, Tygerman!"
"Tyger....If you were a booger, I'd pick you first!"

Hope everyone has a better Valentine's Day than the Graf Fam! And just a friendly reminder to NEVER trust your car locks......
Big, Fat Smooches!


Cochran Quads said...

Oh, Pius, I'm so glad your sister enjoyed the tutu!! My mom always gave my uncle's girlfriends trouble, so I figured I better butter her up first!!! I Love you to the moon and back my dear Pius!!

Miriam said...

Oh my gosh, what a hysterical post. Poor Forrest..what a trooper.

Hope he gets better soon.

Jac Tubre said...

Hey Pius...Aunt Jac here. You are definitely a genius buddy! Emma knows more in sign language and that is about it. It would probably help if I taught them a little more than that :)

Hi Danna...Your main man Tyger here. Nothing in this world could make your butt look big girl. You are my Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition dream girl with your slim, yet voluptuous figure. Work it momma, but don't let anyone but me see ok? Love you like Cullen loves to eat till he vomits then play in it (that's a lot by the way).

Hi Laine Train...Abbey Doo here. You are just the hottest thing I have ever seen. I don't have a clue why you would be wearing a sweatshirt...your smokin hot style should be enough to keep you warm. Smooches from your Southern Belle.

Oh my poor man Forrest...Emma Claire here. I wish I were really a pony so I could gallop over there an nurse you back to health. I sure hope that fever goes away and you don't sustain any permanent damage from your Willy Wonka like daze you have been in...did that paint really taste good or did someone leave a hand smudge of ravioli there? Give you momma some extra love tonight. She is overworked and underpaid and she loves you alot. She just has scatterbrains like my mom although they both claim that their vehicle is plotting against them...right!

Love you Graf squad...get well soon,
Jac & Crew

The Murray Crew said...

Stupid automatic locks. Stupid sue happy people. Stupid winter. Stupid illnesses.

=) Keep on laughing through it, mama! =)

Love and Hugs,
The Murray Crew

PS Wettin' Myself Over here with Jac's comment. Not exactly attractive on V-day.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! My name is Kelli Tucker Hansard and while I don't know you personally, I was friends with Mollie in high school. I also know Emily from the Hansard family which includes my hubby, Glen. I have been reading your blog for a long time now and have wanted to comment for so long. However, I felt kind of strange since I don't know the two of you. Well, I just can't hold it in anymore. You two are the most fantastic parents. As a parent of four children (only one at a time though), I am just amazed by what the two of you have gone through. Each and every post either has me laughing out loud at the Quad's antics or crying because you can absolutely feel the overwhelming love you have for your kids. They are sooooo lucky to have you both as parents and I look forward to seeing where their next adventures will take them.
Kelli Tucker Hansard

Ashley Dave and Lexi said...

Moni, you crack me up!!! Danna picking her nose and her little one liner to Tyger was great!

I'm not kidding, when I read about Forrest getting locked in the van, I thought to myself...hasn't she done that once before? Then, I realized it was Jac! I swear your vehicles are out to get you!

I'm sorry your Valentine's wasn't what you probably expected, but hey, it made for a great blog!

Shelia said...

OMG! I can't stop laughing... and I think I've now woken up Bethanie:)

Moni, you're the 4th person I've heard recently having the car doors lock with a kiddo stuck inside... I'll never drop my keys on the car seat or floor again! I bet you were just beside yourself... Poor Forrest! How much grief did Billy give you over the ordeal?!

I hope Forrest & Danna start to recover soon. Ready for some warmer, less germ-filled weather to stick around? We definitely need zoo worthy days... SOON!

Take care!

Hilary said...

Monica you are too funny!!have a great weekend :)

Stephanie said...

Your creaticity amazes ne..those lettersar ADORABLE! (and oh so witty!!)
SO sorry he got locked in the happens to the best of us! lol
Great pics as usual!!

Charity Donovan said...

I am cracking up!! Hilarious post!!! Stupid locks on cars!!! I almost did this a couple of weeks ago. Thank gawd there was nobody in the van but a LOCKED running van in my driveway....yeahhhh...not so fun!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!! Moni you are too funny. Loved all the one liners to their significant others.


KSDallas said...

Such a cute post.

Wanted to tell you about something I learned a few years ago. If you have a keyless entry system and lock your keys in the car - if you call someone that has your spare - they can unlock your car by hitting the unlock button while pointing it into the cell phone at the same time the other person holds their cell phone pointing at the locked vehicle. It is amazing to me that it works but I try it and it really does work. It took a few tries but it unlocked the doors. Best from Dallas...


Andria said...

Moni, I just about wet my pants over those one liners you're teaching your kids!!! Can you keep them young just a little longer? You're killin' me!

Glad the new carseat got broken in... but wish you hadn't got locked out! Gosh, girl!

Jac Tubre said...

Hey girl - just thinking about you and the RSV monkeys. I am SOOOO sorry. We were there a few weeks ago and it sucks! Let me know what I can do...FedEx some booze, a king cake (a sugar high should help...putting it in the mail today), super sucker bulb syringe?

Love you,

Suzanne said...

precious pics!!! poor little dudes and diva. :( hope they all feel better SOOOOO soon!

as far as automatic car locks---don't even get me started! lock the quads in the burb---CHECK!

love you, girl...hang in there!

Anonymous said...

You joined the locked-my-baby-in-the-van-club. Yep, I did the same with Sammy. Called 911. Within minutes, the wail of a fire truck could be heard as it pulled into the Autumn Ridge driveway. It took a nano-second for them to unlock the door. It was quite entertaining for Sammy and the gawkers. It petrified me. Aunt GGr