Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bloggers Anonymous (B.A.)

First and foremost, happy belated Easter from the Graf Family!

Now, it's on to the show!

Hello. My name is Monica Graf and I'm a quad mama blog-slacker.

I'm thinking of starting a self help group called Bloggers Anonymous. I have to admit....I've really let the blog go to the way-side lately, which is something that stresses me out to no end. I actually get nervous and anxious when I wait so long in between posts because it usually means we've either been super busy or sick (we've been busy, not sick...thankfully). I worry that I'm going to forget stuff I want to write down and remember for posterity's sake. Then I end up spending HOURS writing and uploading pictures/videos to play catch-up. And THAT, my friends, is the reason our posts are usually so dang long. This one is no different. I should start working on my procrastination problem.....but I'll get to that later ;) It really is a tad on the ridiculous side, though. So I'm sorry (Stacy) for the sloooooooow blog posts lately (oh, who am I's been this way since before I delivered the quads). It was too nice last week to stay indoors and sit in front of the computer. And a few weeks ago when KS got hit with a spring blizzard, I didn't post because we were enjoying a "snow day" with family. But I did take LOTS of pictures those couple of days when we were stuck inside.

Our crazy quatro.....Pi-man, FoFo, D, Zinski

I'm dreaming of a white.....Easter?!?! Doesn't quite have the same ring to it.


Fo-west Fudd....Weady to go hunt wabbits.

Such a little lady

It doesn't matter what it is, if one of the other 3 has something that looks even remotely fun, Pius will try to steal it. He has a special fondness for hats and will keep saying and signing the word "hat" until he can be distracted.

I think Laine is going to have that, "I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed in you" look down pat in a few years. We'll have to teach him how to use it effectively with his siblings. I'm sure my mom could give him some helpful pointers! I was always a sucker for that.

On Saturday, April 4th, Billy and I took the kids to Sedgwick County Park to participate in the MS Walk. Billy's mom, Vicki, was our captain for Team Selenke. We walked for several people we know (our neighbor, a friend from work, other family members) that have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, but mainly we walked for Gramma Vicki. MS can be such a debilitating disease and we hope and pray they continue to make strides in their research and treatment for this terrible illness. It was a VERY windy day in the park, but we managed to squeak out some decently warm weather (which is a crap shoot this time of year in Kansas....snow one day, sunny in the 70's the next day, rain and lightning after that). The kids just loved being out and about with so much to see! Next Saturday we'll be attending the March of Dimes walk with the Wesley Medical Center ER/Trauma team, along with some of my co-workers (hope the weather's nice, Shelia!). I think the Hanson Triplets will be there, too. We'll cause quite a scene with our 2 Choo-Choo wagons side by side. I'll be sure to take that's ever a problem.

I don't know WHY they stood out in the crowd! Surely the wagon and warm jester hats are not to blame.

The 2009 MS Walk's Team Selenke (can you spot all 4 of the quads?)

Gettin' some Gramma Vicki love

Aunt Lainie (Billy's little sister) has been coming over a lot lately to use us as subjects for her photojournalism class. I'm told she got some great shots of the kids, but I don't know personally because I have yet to see the CD (ahem, ahem, that's a hint Lainie, ahem). She is also using us as her final video interview project, so she came over to ask Billy and me a series of questions about our journey to quadhood during the babies' nap. I can't wait to see the finished product....maybe, with enough persuasion, we can post that on the blog after she's finished. This next group of pictures are just miscellaneous shots I took from those days. I didn't know where else to squeeze them in.

Great taste in sports NEVER goes out of season! Adios, Jay Cutler!

Cousin Steph and husband Cole brought these super cool Cars chairs over the other day, along with MORE awesome Usborne books and storage bin shelves for the kids. I love, love, love when they run out of storage space because we score BIG! Thanks again for all the great stuff Steph and Cole.

Pius making the sign for "chair". What a little show-off.

Mama and her little cheer-peanut

A very sober Forrest. He took the news of QB Cutler being traded pretty hard.

Laine didn't.

This boy loves him some books! Pius will walk up to you, grab your hand, place a book in it and park himself in your lap. Not reading to him is NOT an option! Sidenote: Notice how he "W" sits? We always try to correct his legs when he does this because sitting this way is not good for the hips.....but knee-walking (which he still does often) is actually good for his hips. How does that work?

It's so rare to actually capture a Laine smile on camera. He's like a clam that closes every time he catches wind of the camera. Frustrating!

Pius, on the other hand, can ham with the best of 'em! We used to say Forrest could charm his way into selling a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves. I do believe the charmer title belongs to Pius now.

Back to serious-faced Laine (but still irresistible)

Long gone are the days of setting them all in line for a picture without them scurrying in 4 different directions. This is a typical attempt at a group photo. Gone in 60 nanoseconds.

And what caused all the scampering away and commotion during our photo shoot? Our OUTDOOR kitty somehow snuck inside while we weren't looking. Talk about a raucous! The kids loved it, so we let her stay in for a few more minutes. Don't you just love how Pius still has the bunny ears on (that boy is a "hat" fanatic, I tell ya). And yes, Forrest likes to open the wipes container and suck on several of them at a time. I hope he's not a toilet paper eater later.

Danna finally getting her one-on-one time with kitty.

Last Friday, Aunt Delilah Donna came over to give Forrest ANOTHER haircut. That boy is his father's son, through and through! His hair grows like crazy and we were tired of him looking like Don King every morning and after every nap. He got a big-boy clipper cut and looks SO different now! His shorn head constantly reminds me that I have toddlers now. Those newborn days are gone like a fart in the wind. Sigh. I can definitely see how some people get the "baby itch" about this time. And before you, there is NO underlying hint hidden there. Billy and I are most definitely NOT trying to have another baby at this time! Aunt Donna also cleaned up the persistent mullet that Pius keeps trying to grow. Danna and Laine were able to skirt by without any trimming this time around. Donna, thank you so much for being our own, personal hairstylist that makes housecalls! We appreciate it SO much!

I don't know who was more proud of the short cut....Forrest or Billy.

Okay, tell me honestly....does anybody else's kids do this? All 4 of mine LOVE to suck on the baby lotion pump. Surely they're not alone. baby's growing up!

I never thought I'd see the day when Pius had longer hair than Forrest.

The Twin Towers (Pius left, Forrest right)

Those two bottom teeth.....HOLY! They are ONE reason we call Pius "bulldog". But I've gotta admit, his charming smile would be missing something without those snaggle-teeth. He'll steal your heart, but watch out....he could poke an eye out with that grin if you're not careful!

Danna: "See, Pius? All you've gotta do is file them down a little here and BAM! Good as new."

We hope you all had a great Holy Week and Easter! Ours was rainy and chilly, but filled with lots of family lovin'. Billy and I decided to brave early 7:00 a.m. Easter morning Mass with our foursome. It gets a little tricky when the kids realize they outnumber us 2 to 1. Fortunately for us, they didn't pick up on this until sometime after the homily. Billy and I were each holding 2 throughout the service (really makes me miss those infant carseat carriers), but they started getting a little fidgety towards the home stretch. All hell broke loose when we decided to try and distract them with Gerber puffs. Turned out to be a bad idea. Ahhhh, lessons learned. I'm just happy we were able to entertain the entire cry room with our sideshow! Which brings up a HUGE issue with me that I'm going to lay out there.....PLEASE, unless you have young children or are an adult with a condition that prohibits you from controlling yourself (i.e. Tourette's syndrome, certain mental disorders, frequent hallucinations, etc), DO NOT take up valuable seat space in your church's cry room/nursery! We were running late (imagine that) and arrived in church at 7:03. We were greeted by a packed cry room, but oddly enough, there were only about 3 small children in there with over 30 adults. Standing room only. Now, either those 3 children had seriously dysfunctional parent figures, OR people wanted to duck into church late and/or out of church early without too much detection. I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir here, but PEOPLE.........give me a break!!!! Some of those "child-less" adults must have felt guilty after seeing us struggle to get in the door with 2 babies in each of our arms and no pew space to call our own. One row scooted closer together to make room for us (mighty chivalrous, huh?). Sheesh! I hope they felt a small amount of shame. I know I'm probably guilty of doing this very thing a time or two in my teenage/high school days, but never with a packed house and families with children standing. My oh my, how karmic retribution can really come back around to kick you in the proverbial balls.....just a warning. Alright, I'm coming back down off my little soap box now.

Getting ready to head to Mass. Check out our new carseat configuration. Danna's still in her infant seat on Laine's right side. And before anyone gives unsolicitated advice on carseat safety, we feel these seats are very safe. While we know about the research that shows rear-facing seats to be ideal, it just isn't feasible at this time. So, unless you're willing to fork over the cash for outrageously expensive Britax seats (times 4), we'll just be grateful for the ones we have.

Laine and Angela (Uncle Ryno's girlfriend....I know, we're surprised she hasn't kicked him to the curb yet too). Our 2nd stop on Easter was at Uncle Jim and Aunt Renee's house for the Selenke get together. The kids had so much fun playing with their cousins (and a different set of toys).

This is Austin, the "cool" big cousin. He was so good about sharing his toys!

In true Danna fashion, she is sitting alone reading a book to herself. These are the times that she is truly her happiest. And that's spilled water on her dress....not drool (for once).

Pius loved exploring his new surroundings.

Forrest was our shy, clingy one at first. Then he got used to all the people and found the cars to play with.

It was great getting the kids together with family. Especially their other "cool" big cousin, Jack. Boy did they get rowdy!

Danna quickly became a victim of the boys' rowdiness. She voiced her disapproval of getting a car chucked at her head to daddy.


Gramma Vicki with the princess

After the Selenke celebration, we headed out to the Haag Family Easter get together. My cousin Kevin and wife Kim hosted the event in their hangar just outside the city. Talk about a kid's paradise! There were car arcade games and playhouses and MARKERS there to play with. Pius was content being a backseat driver for cousin Taylor.

Billy and his mini-me....right down to the pursed lips and and gaze. I kid you not, Forrest is a spittin' image! Don't you love the artwork on his hands?

Did I mention they had markers there? Laine took part in helping to color the playhouse (and his face, clothes and siblings). By the time we left, our boys looked like colorful Easter eggs.

No, there is nothing on your computer screen. They LOVED getting dirty.

Danna spilled cold water all over her dress, so she borrowed Ronin's spare shirt. Danna was exhausted and grumpy by this point, so Aunt Mollie gave her lots of cuddle time.

Another "cool" big cousin, Ronin. This picture taken just after he was attacked by a rabid marker. I swear, it was like "Toddlers Gone Wild" there!

Pius and Danna with their favorite Aunt Cathy....of course, they only have one Aunt Cathy, but that's beside the point.

On the way home from a busy, rainy day. Pius was on the brink of delirium.

It was a nice, quiet ride home. The ink from the markers must have leached the fight out of them.

And he's spent. I wish I would have captured the little pool of drool Pius left on the chest buckle. How uncomfortable does that look?!

After we got back home, we got the kids fed (for the 5oth time that day) and bathed. The bath water was a nice murky brown/blue color when we finished. It felt good to wear them out with a full day of activity, and I'm sure they were just as excited to see their beds and blankies as Billy and I were!

In closing, Pius wanted me to inform everyone that he hates brown-nosers.....he prefers brown-MOUTHers!

On that rather distasteful note, I wish you all a great hump day. I'm bowing out and exiting stage left. That is, if I can get my legs to work now that I've been sitting here for several hours.....



Anonymous said...

how adorable they are! But of course you know that, still though they couldn't be any cutier and your posts still very entertaining!


Anonymous said...

Yea! First to post! And, Moni, you never have disappointed me. Shame on you for thinking that!
Great pictures!
Love you all! Budda

Anonymous said...

Well poop! How close was that???

Anonymous said...

Thank you soooo much for new post.... can I have another new post? Haha I'll give you a couple days. Not sure I like being called out in the post though. Loved all the pictures my favorite is Forrest in the elmer fudd cap or could be his "sad Jay Cutler is gone" picture. But thats really nothing to be sad about. Thank you again Moni for the post.


Charity Donovan said...

Love all the new pics Moni!!! Where did the Graf babies go??? They look so GROWN UP...I cannot stand it!!! We are all going to blogging about driver's licenses & prom dates before we know it!!! Hugsss!

Misty said...

I lloved all of the pics! I'm a major slacker lately too. I will proably be doing the same tonigt.
Oh, and ALL of mine LOVE to suck on the wipes! ALL of them ALL of the time! I'm so glad to not be alone in this!
Take care,
from the other slacker-quad-blogger mom!

Squiggle Wiggle & Maggers Moo said...

Ditto on the Blog updates. It takes forever...maybe that is why I haven't updated mine in like a month now. I love the Easter shots. Ditto about Mass. At our church people seem to go in there so they can converse the whole mass. It gets really, really old! You and Billy are amazing handling 4 toddlers. I can barely handle the 9 year-old, 2 year-old, and 7 week old at the same time. Have a good one. Loved the blog. Your hard work paid off!! Love ya guys.

The College Hill Guy & Girls.
Sarah Willits

Shelia said...

Oh, so many adorable pictures! They have all transitioned out of the "baby look" phase and into the grown up toddler phase... especially Forrest! TOO CUTE! I love your rendition of the church cry room... are you sure you weren't at St. Francis of Assisi?! I too am hoping that the weather cooperates on Saturday... can't wait to see you all there!

Take care!

Moni Graf said...

Ha ha! We WERE at St Francis for Mass, Shelia. Maybe I should ask them to run a "gentle reminder" in the weekly bulletin about appropriate use of the cry room.

Suzanne said...

good gawsh, woman! that seriously had to take DAYS to put together--but i LOOOOVED all the pics! charity was right---where did the graf babies go??? they are BIG KIDS! and SO dern cute! love you guys! happy hump day!

Anonymous said...

You do wait too long to post, they grew up A LOT since your last post. WOW!
PS Robbie says enjoy Kyle Orton (hes a bears fan, sorry). LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

EMO said...

Oh my I TOTALLY feel you on the cry room thing. It drives me CRAZY!

Adorable pictures!!! Thanks for the long post. I loved it.

mom in iowa said...

my daughter is always sucking on the pump of anything she can get her hands (or mouth as it may be) on; soap, lotion, you name it

Cochran Quads said...

Precious Post!!! Love you, love your babies, love your attitude!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of Pius with a bucket on his head... it reminds me of a game my brothers and I used to play-- we called ourselves Love you guys!!

JessicaW said...

So I wonder if something happened to one of your kids in a car accident, would you then think the Britax seats were too expensive? Wow, I am stunned that you would put a price on safety, yet spend your money on a choo choo wagon or other baby crap, yet with the most important safety item, you cut corners. Why even go through IVF and have kids, if the price of a safe car seat is way out of your budget? Take a donation from family if you have to. Register for carseats. But, yeah its ok to go ahead ...go on your vacations, buy cars, and clothes, but then skimp on car safety with your kids. Nice decision. I hope you feel good about that and I sure hope you don't regret that cheapo decision one day. I pray those kids remain safe in those second rate seats and that nothing happens to them because their parents were too cheap to purchase safer seats for them. bless them.

gilloth/Edina said...

I know, I know. It IS totally NOT fair to have a favourite,even whe just reading baby blogs. But Pius is irresistable.

Monica said...

Gemma does the same thing with the lotion bottle, although I think at this point she bites more than she sucks (stinkin' molars, do your kiddos have theirs yet??). Anyways, she loves to suck on the nozzle of the spray bottle I use to do her hair, and yeah, just about anything else!!


Anonymous said...

JessicaW I am so sorry you had to post something so rude! I know for a fact that Billy and Monica would spend there very last dollar, oh wait a minute give up their own life for any or all of their babies as would I. Billy and Monica are absolute wonderful parents and it pains me to see someone has nothing better to post than such a morbid thought. I can assure you that Billy and Monica have researched the safety of the car seats they have. Please if you have nothing good to say about my children and my grandchildren and this awesome diary for them, please refrain from commenting. I love you Billy, Monica, Pius, Forrest, Danna & Laine.

Grandpa Stubby
P.S. Thank you for your prayers!!!

Kelly Trullinger said...

Don't worry about the posts. Get to them when you can! I feel the same way right now.. People are busy! Great picks BTW. They are getting so big and are adorable! What kind of car do you have? I'm in the market...not sure what to get?

Moni Graf said...

Thank you, Grandpa Stubby. And to add to that....JessicaW, sometimes bad things happen no matter what brand of carseat you buy. I see it everytime I work in the ER. Despite what you may believe, a Britax is NOT a fail-safe option or the golden ticket. Unthinkable things have happened...even to children riding in the most expensive of seats. I believe conscientious driving, along with a properly installed safety-tested carseat are more important than a brand name. And I DO feel good about our decision.

Secondly, the Choo Choo Wagon is the best mulitples purchase we've ever made. We use it almost every day. That piece of "baby crap" had paid for itself 10 times over in my book.....AND it cost LESS than ONE Britax seat.

Thirdly, why is it that uneducated people such as yourself automatically assume families with HOMs (that's high order multiples) ALL underwent IVF? Please tell me. Is it because of Octomom? Is it because you can't fathom any other methods? Is it just ignorance? It's none of your business, but Billy and I did not undergo IVF. In fact, most of my HOM mom friends didn't either. Please don't take the liberty to assume things you know nothing about. It makes you sound like an ass....and you don't need any help in that department.

By the looks of your writing style, it sounds like you've been making rounds on the Murray Crew website, too. Yeah, us "cheapos" like to stick together. I'm sorry for whatever caused you to be such a bitter person. I hope you find another way to build yourself up, because tearing others down is NOT an effective coping mechanism. Get help.


Anonymous said...

I love the buzz cut on Forrest. He looks like such a big boy! Although everyone is missing the frequent posting, you have to take advantage of the good days that Kansas has thrown at us you said it is so unpredictable! Enjoy it after enduring those long RSV lock-up days! You deserve it! Thanks for the great post!

Hilary said...

Great pictures!!! Loves the post too!! Sounds like that jessica w needs to go jumps off a bridge I mean really what gives her the right to comment on what brand of carseat you use? You guys are AMAZING parents!!! have a super week and don't let some jerk let you down hey she probably doesn't even have kids!

The McNulty Family said...

Oh Moni,

I WAS gonna say "what a great post!" Then, I read the comments. Girl, you rock.. you are an AMAZING mom and I admire you.

I don't understand hateful people and I never will. It takes so much more energy to be mean... why waste it? If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.

I also don't understand why some readers choose to focus on things like car seats and high chairs etc. If they spent more time parenting and be responsible adults maybe they wouldn't have the time to be online trying to bring everyone else down with them.

To all you hater out there... hate away. We know we are good parents and don't give a crap what you think. Maybe you should take a NICE LONG look in the mirror.. OR find something better to do with you time.

Love you mama!

Anonymous said...

well looks like another keyboard commando made it on this wonderful site. her/his name is jessicaw...stay away please. thx.

King Quads said...

Moni Moni!

I love the post and ALL of those adorable pictures. It must have taken you forever, it takes me forever to get a bunch of pictures up.

I also love your comment back to JessicaW - hater!

You are an awesome Mama and you already know it, you don't need any of us to tell you. But I will tell you - YOU ARE AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. I don't know what I would do without you cheering all of us on.

Love you Sista!

Andrea said...

Oh my goodness they really do look like they have grown up since previous posts! You definitely have 4 toddlers on your hands:) They are all so adorable. I've always turned my kids to forward facing as soon as they turned 1. And to JessicaW they didn't even used to have car seats at all not that long ago so chill out.

Jenny said...

LOVE YOU MONI!!!:) they are so stinking beautiful! i've missed my graf babies:)
just keep reminding yourself---MAY is right around the corner girl!!:)
Jenny B

HansonTriplets said...

You go girl - I love your post back to Jessica. I couldn't have said it better myself.
I am excited to hear you will be at March if Dimes. We will stick out with our wagons for sure. I am excited to see you again. We will probably not walk but we will be there with the Wesley team. I agree it is by far the best purchase for our multiples we have EVER made. I love all the new pictures of your kiddos. Doesn't make you sad they are not little babies anymore. Where did the time go. I totally understand the baby bug feeling. NOt that it will happen for Brent and I either but to think we will not have the baby stage again makes me kind of sad. I will be looking for you Saturday. See you then!

jag said...

First of all, GREAT post! I checked it out earlier, but wanted to come backwhen I had more time to enjoy the funnies. You are a wonderful and funny lady! Love your blog! Love your friendship! Love your cute kiddos!

Nothing to say to JessicaW. You all have summed it up so nicely.

Love ya!

mama2trips said...

Just curious, what do you think is so wonderful about the choo choo wagon? It looks rather bulky and hard to manuever as well as transport. I was debating purchasing it for our triplets, but would love to first hear the pros of having one from someone thats been there. Please do share!

Moni Graf said...

mama2trips - I'd love to share the pros and cons of the Choo Choo!

-very bulky
-requires some creativity to fit into the back of our mini
-has piss poor turning radius
-is almost impossible to push it backwards for more than a few feet (because it jack-knifes...which may not be as bad with only 3 trailers on it)
-has no other trailer colors to choose from
-there's only under-seat storage in the 1st purple trailer
-if you let go of the handle and it doesn't fall to the ground, it will inevitably bonk the baby in the 1st seat on the head (poor Danna has had her fair share of handle bumps)
-it draws a lot of attention when out in public with it (good AND bad attention), so if you're shy or concerned about strangers coming up to ask you "the routine 20 questions", then you might not like it
-it's a pain in the butt to take the additional trailers apart at first....but then you figure it out and it's a breeze

-when NOTHING else calms the babies down during grumpy times, the wagon ALWAYS does the trick...they love being in their seats and looking around.
-there's no climbing on top of each other or fights because they each have their own space (which is so important for them to get every once in awhile)
-it's relatively inexpensive. I think maybe around $250 including shipping for the main wagon part (that comes with the 1st two trailers permanently connected) and 2 trailers
-we go out on at least one walk a day if the weather permits
-easy to pull...until they get to be fat little chunks.
-we started using ours before the babies were even sitting on their own. We just stuffed boppys around them or put a bumbo chair in the trailer for them to sit in.
-I can take all 4 somewhere by myself, as long as where i'm going accommodates big wagons. That's empowering!
-it looks super cool
-they each have their own cupholder
-the seat belts are easy to use, unlike some stroller belts (at least that's how it is with our double strollers). This makes it easy to get them in and out quickly
- did I mention the kids LOVE it?

There are so many other reasons we love it, but I'm sure you get the picture. If you have any other questions about it, please don't hesitate to email me at!

I should also mention that just this Feb, Step 2 decided to stop manufacturing the wagon. So, they may be hard to find (can always look on ebay or craigslist, but I heard sellers are inflating their prices due to increased demand). Good luck!

Also, thank you all for your kind, sweet comments. They make our day! To answer your questions: No, we haven't started cutting molars yet, Monica. I'm definitely NOT looking forward to that! Kelly, we have a Ford Freestar minivan. I hate it because it's just not big enough. I'd really look into one that would allow you to put 3 carseats in the back row so you could remove a captain's chair for easier loading and unloading.

Love to you all!

p.s. Whew! That could've been a post in itself! Does that count?

gaston said...

You mean to tell me you had quads naturally? Wow, Maybe not IVF but certainly you used some fertility drugs! I cannot believe you had quads without any intervention?

Moni Graf said...

Dear gaston,

While conceiving quads without medical intervention IS possible and HAS occurred (the Mathias quads, for instance), our babies were brought into this world with the help of modern medicine and by the Good Lord's grace. Because my body does not ovulate on it's own, I had to take medication to stimulate ovulation. Well, my body responded a little TOO well. It caused ovarian hyperstimulation....and then there were four!

I never implied we didn't have assistance with getting pregnant. I just stated that we did not go through the expense and rigors of IVF. I get tired of people assuming that every family who has been blessed with multiples underwent IVF, because it just isn't true. Regardless of how babies come into this world, they are a miracle unto their own (whether it's a singleton, twins, triplets, quads, quints or more). And while I know it's just a phrase, it irritates alot of HOM families to hear, "Are they natural?" I always want to respond, "No, they're aliens," or "No, they're SUPER-natural!" THERE ARE NO UN-NATURAL BABIES, PEOPLE! Well, except for the offspring of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.....whatever is created by people as good-looking as them has GOT to be unnatural. Kidding, kidding.

I hope that answers many questions. I have poured my heart, soul and true feelings into these responses. I hope those that ask these questions come back to read my responses, because I don't mind answering them as long as my replies don't fall on deaf ears. I don't mean to offend anyone (unless they were offensive to begin with), but this is how I feel. I pretty much just lay it out there like it is. Take it for what it's worth....or leave it.


Michelle said...

Love your posts! I can't imagine how much time they take to put together! I've been slacking lately on blogging as well. It's so much more fun to be outside playing with the kiddo! I'm proud of you for your responses to the haters out there. You are such a strong woman! Keep livin and lovin!

Anonymous said...

Moni, you are the most wonderful mother, wife, daughter, and woman I know! I love your strength, honesty, forgiveness, and sincerity. It breaks my heart when stupid fools (i.e.JessicaW's) try to judge you.
Surely the reason JW is so nasty is that she is jealous and probably not a mother.
Loved the post and pictures of my adorable grandchildren.
Love, Budda

petra said...

I think most people assume IVF because thats how they refer to all "intervention." They are not aware that infertility treatment covers many avenues including ovary stimulating drugs which can also result in HOMs. So for them, everything falls under "IVF." I was wondering regarding the choo choo wagon, I have always noticed the last 2 cars are always orange when ive seen photos of other quad families. Is there a reason for that or just coincidence? I figured you would be able to alternate each car a diff color,no?

Moni Graf said...


I'd imagine you're correct about the IVF assumptions. I hope our responses have made more people aware of the possibility of interventions other than IVF (not that there is anything wrong with that method...just that not every HOM family goes through it).

About the Choo Choo colors...the wagon starts out with just the purple and green trailers that are permanently attached to each other. Orange is the only color option when it comes to adding more trailers. So, it's not just a coincidence....there are no other choices available.
Thanks for your comment!


Andy Bulger said...

Billy and Moni,

Fantastic post! Emmy and I LOVE the pictures, and I've taken the liberty to set the photo of Pius drooling all over himself (the "Waaaaasssssssssup" picture) as my desktop background, because, let's face it, you can't have a bad day after looking at that every morning.

I'm also so proud of you for standing your ground regarding the nasty posts from the likes of JessicaW. You know me. I'm probably a little quicker to anger than I probably should be, and I take things personally. I was fuming when I read that hate. How do these people find the time to scour the internet looking for places to vent their sad hatefulness? Was the server for their online role-playing game down? Did their big internet date fall through? It's clear that people who feel the need to present negative commentary on other people's parenting decisions in a public forum like this -- a forum clearly meant to share the love and joy that comes from having four beautiful children -- have some serious issues. What you and Billy do every day is nothing short of amazing, and I'm in awe of the impossibly wonderful parents you both are.

And, while I'm proud of you for standing your ground, don't ever feel the need to justify your decisions as a mother and father to anyone.

Finally, if anyone out there feels the need to question how these little miracles came to be, this blog is not the place to do it.

We love and miss you all very much, and we couldn't be prouder to be part of such an amazing family.

Love you!

Auntie Em and Uncle Andy

Anonymous said...

I love being able to look at this when things are down. It just brings a smile to my face.

As far as the "cool" cousin Austin, I can just personally tell he has one "cool" dad, and his dad must be on good looking, handsome fella.

Keep up the good work!

Fulton Quads said...

WOW! Now that was a post! I am SO glad that you all have just been busy & not sick! That is awesome that you did the MS walk. It seems like when they have them here we are usually out of town! In fact the March of Dimes walk is this weekend & we will be in New Orleans. Anyhow, I agree with the carseat configuration! If I showed you picks of how ours were last year you'd laugh! I swear that car makers never thought about multiple carseats when they designed their vehicles! LUCKILY since then we received some really nice hand me down car seats that FIT! YAY!
Happy Spring!
Love, Cathy & the quads

Anonymous said...

FWGNFL said...

I was here.

Anonymous said...

I can safely say that no one out there in blogger land need to worry about whether these babies are well looked after, taken care of, and have every safety issue addressed. Billy and Monica are exceptional parents who always put their babies welfare in the forefront of their minds. Those babies are loved and very protected. They are four beautiful, wonderful babies with two of the greatest parents a person would ever have the pleasure to meet. So please leave the ugly comments off of the blog. One of Monica and Billy's hopes for this blog is to give the babies a written journal of their journey to being the wonderful, loving family that they are and will continue to be. Love, Grandma Vicki

Anonymous said...

Just a few thoughts. CHURCH CRY ROOM: Maybe people would offer their pews if one of you wore a neck brace and the other had facial spots that looked like measles. CAR SEATS: Your Graf grandparents had 12 kids when car seats weren't in existence. None of us were damaged except my brother, Mike, has mental problems.(Just kidding, Mike!!!) JESSICA W: Eat your crap instead of throwing it at people. Aunt GGr

Anonymous said...

I just have to so agree with Aunt GGr
Six of my eight were raised with only my arm protecting them and they are just fine. I don't advocate that in this age but that was what we knew. Monica and Billy have been super cautious with their beautiful children and certainly do not deserve hate mail. I am so proud of my goddaughter and her husband. Love to all six of you! GrAunt Dee

Jac Tubre said...

Goodness woman, what a post! Where the hell have I been and how did I miss this monstrosity?

I love all the pictures and of course your witty, yet accurate, responses to the haters. Tell'em girl.

Love you lots!

Moni Graf said...

Awww....This comment section is now complete with Jac's verbage! Now I can finally get to working on another post.....

Stephanie said...

You get it girl! I think everyone else has commented on how wonderful, humorous, witty and amazing parents you 2 are, but I just wanted to put my 2 cents in too!! lol
You are such a strong person and I love that you still open your life to us in blog land!!
Love the Grafs..hate the haters!!

Stephaniewhite said...

I am glad I read the comments! I usually don't read them or post one, but I just want to say that I think that you guys are awesome! Hating takes so much energy, and being informed positive adults is what we all need to be!

Catherine said...

Honestly, who has ever said that Evenflo car seats are dangerous? They are not any worse then the Britax really. Last year before I got pregnant with my daughter, I was driving to my house with my 3 year old niece in my car. A Tractor tailer pulled in front of me. I was driving an 05 Pontiac Grand Prix. She was in a Evenflo Car seat that was latched in properly I rolled my car twice. My niece came out of that accident with a headache and was crying because I was bleeding. She also needed a new car seat because any time a vehicle is in an accident with more then $1000 in damage that has a car seat latched in, they should be replaced. I replaced the car seat with another Evenflo which is now in my 09 Dodge Grand Caravan (which by the way Monica, will hold 3 car seats like yours in the back because I have had to do it!). My 2 month old daughter is in a Graco rear facing. And we have a Graco forward facing for when she's ready. So I don't worry about paying the price for a britax just because of the name.

Robin said...

Hi Moni, I am from the Wichita area and started following your blog early in my own quad pregnancy, when your story was published in the Eagle.

I know you know this already, but after reading the comment from JessicaW (your response was beautiful BTW), I feel the need to say it again....

Anyone who has ever read two lines of any one of your posts knows you love your babies with all your heart and would move mountains to make sure they are healthy, happy and safe. I just don't understand the people out there that have nothing better to do than tear others down.

I just wanted you to know that for every 1 of those naysayers out there, there's 1000s of us who don't doubt your love for your children. Happy Blogging!

Melissa in Wichita said...

I never post on here, I just check in from time to time, but I wanted to let you know that I read about your family in the Advance quite a while ago and found your blog from there. I did assume (we all know how that usually turns out!!) that you used IVF and found out I was wrong! When I first read your blog I though - "I would like to hang out with those guys" quickly followed by "no way they have time to hang out with us" lol!
Anyway - I am sorry some ppl find it necessary to very rudely comment on your parenting choices.
Love the blog - thanks for sharing!

Rose said...

Dang, I just read this for the first time today. I'm wondering who popped in her post toasties. Moni and Billie, you two are remarkable parents and dont let anyone tell you different. Love ya all Aunt Rose

jenn said...

i just wanna say WOW! moni & billy you guys are awesome! moni, i love your response to jessicaw by the way! i think anyone that can raise quads and stay sane is amazing!! the kiddos are getting so big!!