Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sick of This know my whole "I Say Ketchup You Say Catch-up" series? Well, i'm over it. There were 3 to go but I just can't pull myself to do them. So instead, I'll just tell you what they WERE going to be about.

1) The kids' 19 month doctor check up (they are now almost 22 months....holy crap).

Forrest and Danna LOVIN' the fish tank in the doctor's office waiting room!

Fo-Fo and mama trying to kill some time while we wait for Dr Chavez to enter our LOUD room.

Laineman giving dad some lovies.

Pi-Pi checkin' out the wheels and seeing how much noise he could make with the metal tray. Fun stuff.

The future Dr. Forrest M. Graf, OB/Gyn.....

...forming a new partnership with brother, Dr. Laine R. Graf, OB/Gyn.

Laine and Forrest fighting over the pull-out stir-ups. These 2 have been like cats and dogs lately....always chumming it up or duking it out (usually the latter).

Mama and the pretty Dannie Banan-ee

2) Our Haag Family Reunion that was back in June at Big Hill Lake near Cherryville, KS. Can we say, "Holy disgusting lodge room?" Definitely accommodations meant only for dirty hunters that would just as soon sleep on dirt floors than beds! NOT meant for a family of 6 that includes 4 toddlers. All I can say is thank you Lord for the Peapods and antibacterial soap. I was quite certain they were going to catch gonorrhea or chlamydia from the bathtub but have yet to see any critters show up in their nether regions. I think we're in the clear now. I can't complain too much because the people at the Lodge ended up comp-ing our rooms after I asked them for ant spray to kill all the busy little workers that set up camp in the kitchen. The campgrounds at the lake were fun, though. LOTS of cousins, aunts and uncles to keep the quaddies occupied. And they had their first exposure to lake water....that's sure to boost their immunities for the upcoming cold season! Nerve-wracking to say the least, but they all had a blast.

Cramped quarters on the drive up with Billy driving, my mom (Budda) riding shotgun and me wedged in between Forrest and Laine. Thankfully it was only a couple of hours.

The kids were less than pleased that their parents wouldn't let them play on the floor in our room. We ended up moving both the beds together to create a bigger space for them to play on. You've gotta understand.....I'm really not that big of a germaphobe, but this place was beyond what my senses could handle. We contemplated sleeping in the van. Seriously. We actually ended up leaving early because of this lodge (well, that AND the blistering KS mid-summer heat and humidity).

The first of many times the kids got "down and dirty" at the campout.

The quads' 2nd cousin, Becca....such a HUGE help to us at the reunion. She's had lots of practice with kids, being the oldest of five. It was H-O-T....notice the flushed cheeks on Danna and Forrest.

Playtime at the lake with cousins. Me holding a delighted Forrest. I try not to think about how much lake water they swallowed despite my best efforts.

Pius, my lil sand crab. We were washing grit from every crack and crevice imagineable later that day!

Uh, yeah....that's me in the background.

Laine playing with his Kampling cousins, Rhonda and Todd, and their 2nd munchkin, Hunter.

Not quite sure what Forrest is reaching for here, but I hope he found what he was looking for! Hard to tell from the back, but I think that was cousin Whitney.

More lake chaos fun

Billy gets SO anxious around bodies of water...even before we had the quads. The Nervous Nelly kept pacing up and down the beach and this was the longest amount of time that he stood still. Just enough time for a picture!

Fortunately, Uncle Phil and Aunt Cathy and Uncle Bob and Aunt Bertie loaned us their air conditioned RV's for naptimes. Much needed naptimes, might I add. Pictured from left to right: Alexis, Aunt Cathy, Pius, Forrest and Taylor. P and F trying to make a synchronized escape.

What's the weight limit on this thing?! Pius, little buddy, I think you need to get out.

3) Father's Day came and went without mention (at least on the blog). But you all know what a stellar daddio that Billy is.....pretty much the best! Of course, he learned from the best....props to Grampa Stubby and Papa Rog, too. Where would we be without the dads in our lives? My guess is "not born", but I was saying that more figuratively and probably didn't need to spell that out for everyone.

Forrest and Papa Rog partaking in Father's Day togetherness.

Grandpa Stubby lovin on the Beaner while Frosty is preparing to steal her book....again.

Now, on to bigger and better time permits, of course. I'm glad I can finally put all this "catch-up" nonsense behind me. Phew! That's a weight off my shoulders.


EMO said...

I think you made a wise decision with this blog update, I can totally imagine it feeling like a weight off your shoulders. Sounds and looks like a fun busy summer!


Cochran Quads said...

Precious post!!! I had to go back like three times to look at "your" stomach in that background!! Love you Moni!!!!

Ashley Wasser said...

What a weight! I'm so glad you got that off your to-do list. Now, will you do mine?

LOVE the picture of you and Danna at the lake. :) AND the future OB/GYN's!

jag said...

So, we're all ketched up now? Loved the post! Great pics. Especially love the Fo-Fo and mama pic! AWWWW!

Kinley said...

I find it interesting that you are so protective of the germs at the "dirty" campground cabins, YET, you allow your toddlers to walk BAREFOOT on a doctor's exam room floor!!????? WTH! Have you ANY idea how many germs are on THAT floor? or on all the medical equipment your children were playing with? Yah. I don't get it.

Hilary said...

Oh man!! Glad you had a fun vacation!! :) Cute kiddos :)

Charity Donovan said...

I second Jenna's thoughts on the Fo-Fo w/ momma pic at the doc's office...FRAME THAT!!! OMG never fail to CRACK ME UP!!! The thought of all of you contemplating the van to avoid STD's KILLS ME!!! Future OB-GYN's, huh??? I'm thinking Meredith needs to be re-thinking this whole Trey thing and be moving on over to those money-makin' Graf babies!!!! LOVE YOU MOMMA!!! Thanks for the laughs!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Moni you never cease to make me laugh. Great "ketch- up" post!! Loved all the pictures!


Moni Graf said...

Excellent point, Kinley....however, I must assume you have never tried to keep four 19 month olds corraled in a 10 ft X 10 ft room with nowhere to strap them down and only 2 laps for 4 very active babies. It's quite a feat, so we've learned to compromise.....the office staff laughs at me because I Sani-wipe the room down before stripping them of their clothes. We also wash our hands before leaving (because hand hygiene is the BEST way to prevent infection....I work in the ER and am WELL aware of the germs present on all surfaces). And I look at it this way: Whatever I may miss will only help them develop more proficient immunities. We can't keep them bubblewrapped forever.

We do appreciate your concern, though. And Billy wanted me to let you know that since reading your comment this morning, he has STOPPED letting the kids eat with their feet.


Rachel said...

Hahahaha! I love you and your cleverness...wish it ran in the fam! See you tomorrow?!
Aunt RayRay

Anonymous said...

The posts always make me smile. The pictures are awesome. When I am having a trying day at work I just pull up the post, take a minute to enjoy and then I'm ready to face to music again. Love Grandma Vicki

Anonymous said...

I love the way you responded to Kinley. You are doing a great job as for the germs on the doctors office floor thing.. what doesnt kill them makes them stronger. I think you are an Awesome mom and dont let a pesons negative comment about how you choose to protect YOUR kids affect you. Keep it up you are Fantastic!!!!!xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Ditto what Grandma Vicki said! This blog makes my day, week, month......
Is Kinley a real person?
Love you guys!!!!
Grandma Budda

jamarson1 said...

So cute in there diapers! And you, Moni, look fabulous!

Taylor Romano said...

Just a helpful suggestion from another mom of 4 kiddos; regarding the doc visits. I rarely have an extra pair of hands when taking the kids to their Pedi visit. I strip my kids down to diapers in the doc office ,ready for the exam, but always keep Crocs or sandals on their feet to prevent the germy floor. We also bring a portable DVD player and special snacks and that seems to occupy them quite well during the wait. They will even sit quietly strapped safely in the stroller watching their movie. We don't usually stick them in front of the DVD so it's become quite a special treat for them!

Kudos on the hand (and I assume barefeet too?) washing when you leave the Pedi's office. I wash the kids hands often too, especially before eating. I also wipe down surfaces in my home often and disinfect their toys with a dilute Chlorox solution as recommended to me by the Pedi. I should own stock by now in those Lysol wipes too!

Anonymous said...

Everyone has to be around a few germs now and then! The kiddos look extremely happy and Very healthy to the pics! What a blessed family.....keep up the good work - love the blog!

Linda N

Jac Tubre said...

OMG Moni I am dying over here! The freakin "gonorrhea or chlamydia from the bathtub" line has me in stitches. I must say, I am twice the germ freak you are so if you were freaked out I probably would have died!! Didn't you let your kids crawl on the airport carpet while traveling to AFV?? Yeah, you gotta do what you gotta do. Like you said, keeping 4 babies in your arms or lap only lasts for the first 6 months or so.

I know what an awesome ER nurse you are and how very aware you are of germs...Kenley - get a life!

Miss you like crazy and I love this post...makes me miss you even more :(


Kelly Trullinger said...

So adorable! I miss you girl! Love the new page! It's "most triumphant!"

jag said...
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Anonymous said...

hey happy belated birthday billy

kassie schuckman