Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Celebrate Good Times……COME ON! (Halloween)

The last 2 months have been so busy for us. I keep waiting for a little breather, but it never comes. There's never a "good" time to blog, so I put it off and put it off and put if off. As is the norm, I have some catching up to do....from Halloween to their birthday to present. I have a feeling you all will be experiencing Graf picture overload by the time I'm through with you!

We'll just delve right in.......

For Halloween this year, my original plans fell through. The kids love to pretend they're flying (picture a bunch of toddlers leaning forward with their arms behind them, running around the living room saying, "Fy-ing, mama! FY-ing!") I had grand ideas of making little super hero capes for them and then having shirts made for each of them that read, "We're not twins.....we're SUPERtwins!" Get it? High order multiples (triplets and above) are referred to as supertwins. Just a little play on words. Anywho, that did NOT happen. So instead I had to come up with something a little more readily available. I remembered that I bought a bunny costume when we were in L.A. for the filming of America's Funniest Home Videos. It was on clearance for like $2.00 and I couldn't pass it up. I dug that out of storage and then did some brainstorming. Ah-Ha! Who is Bugs Bunny's arch-nemesis? Elmer Fudd! The boys have camo Fudd hats....voila.

The Graf boys went as little hunters and poor Danna was their bunny rabbit. A little sadistic and perverse, but that's how we roll. And like I said, the costumes were readily available.

Budda, Papa, Grampa Stubby and Gramma Vicki came over to help herd the little squirrels around our neighborhood. They still didn't quite understand the concept of Trick-or-Treating, but they definitely weren't complaining about the free candy! Except Laine....he didn't want to have anything to do with the rest of the group. He started walking over to Bucko's house and couldn't be deterred, so Stubby accompanied him while the other 3 hit up the neighbors.


Our Banana Bunny....she kept a death-grip on those Smarties ALL NIGHT! I had to pry them from her hands several hours later.


Laine had already taken off for Bucko’s house at this point.

PA310209Budda, Danna and Gramma Vicki…..No, that lil squirt is not loved AT ALL!


This is the best pic I got of all the boys….too busy chasing my little hunters around. And yes, Billy dressed up as a beer. But only to compliment my costume later.


Laine with his huntin’ rifle.


Our next-door neighbor, Carolyn….divvying up the goods!


Pius was ready to stop after ONE house! He parked his butt in the grass and started reviewing the contents of his bucket.


Laine….not impressed with Halloween (this year, anyway).


Grampa Stubby lovin on the Beaner


Forrest with Budda and Laine with Papa Rog. Getting ready to knock on Bucko’s door (our last stop).

100_4373 Mama and her Peanut (notice how she is STILL holding tight to the Smarties!)


Give the LaineTrain some food and he’s so much better. The boy can throw down some serious grub!


Forrest made himself right at home in the favorite room in Bucko’s house.

PA310228 I think I know why Danna started walking so much later than the boys! The girl is ALWAYS being held and snuggled…especially when her grandmas are around.

PA310230 Pius will take time to stop and smell the flowers, but wastes NO time when it comes to unwrapping candy.

100_4374 After the kids were down, Billy and I dressed up and headed to my friend’s wedding……Yep, a HALLOWEEN wedding! I was a White Russian, if you can’t tell.

PA310274 Two of my friends from work, Jess and Brandie. By far, one of the most fun weddings I’ve EVER been to!

White Russian

Havin’ a good ol time!


And Halloween wouldn’t be complete without finding some vile, creepy rodents snooping around our garage! I heard some rustling out there and went to investigate….found THREE of these nasty little creatures. Goo. Opossums really DO freeze when feeling threatened! I tried to shoo them out with a broom and the stupid things wouldn’t budge.

And that’s the low-down on Halloween 2009! Good times all around. Hoping next year the kids will “get” it and get into the trick-or-treating spirit!

Up next….their 2nd birthday! Yep, that was almost a month ago. However, my buddy Sandra shared a blogging trick with me that will save me TONS of time and frustration. HELLO, Windows Live Writer! I’m liking it already…


The Cochran Crew said...

Frist to Commment, Eat that Jac!
Love the pics you look beautiful and the kids are precious!!!!!

Charity Donovan said...

Too stinkin' cute & that is one HOT white russian!!! You look FABULOUS momma!!!

Charity Donovan said...

Windows Live Writer?!?!? Do share!!!

King Quads said...

I'll never get sick of my Graf quad picture overload...NEEEEVVVVEEEERRRR!

That is one hott White Russian ;)

Could Billy's dad look anymore like him? Sheesh...twins!

Love your little peanut in her bunny costume...and those boys...the Fudd hats...PRICELESS!

Love you like a fat kid loves cake.
J to the K

King Quads said...

Oh...and don't even get me started on the opossum - that is just nasty looking, I HATE those things.

Shelia said...

Gosh! The kiddos are looking so grown up. You're so creative!

Misty said...

THose kiddos are just tooo freakin cute! And what a hot mama!!!! You look awesome!
Miss you!!!!

Rayne said to tell Pius, "hi, muah"

Andrea said...

Great pics! Your right we had one of those nasty things on our porch the other day and it just froze and would not move even with a broom poking it!! Easy animals get a picture of since they don't move lol. Andrea

Anonymous said...

I'll wait as long as it takes for updates. They are always appreciated. And I understand your delays. Love you all and we can't wait to see you next week!

Hilary said...

How fun and cute the kiddos and Mom and Dad look too :)!! What a FUN wedding too!!!

Anonymous said...

Adorable!!! And Monica you look GREAT! I love that you are a little perverse, it makes me feel better about how i am with Liam. It makes the kids stronger right?
Merry Christmas!!!

HansonTriplets said...

I am loving all the pictures. Keep them coming. :) I can't wait to hear about their birthday festivities. It is just amazing how similar out kids are. Have a wonderful Christmas...the christmas card is coming it has just been insane around here!

George W. Randall said...

Moni and Billy,
I love seeing those four beautiful blessings! God has been so good! Thanks for sharing your lives with us. Merry Christmas from NJ. Love, Bethel Ann

Anonymous said...

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Karla said...

Monica, it's me, a friend of the Tubre's. Since the site has had to go "private"'s taken this old goat a while to figure out how to get to yours. I was astounded at the growth of your children, needless to say, they are adorable.
Thank you for sharing their journeys. It brings a lot of joy to a ton of folks.
Enjoy 2010 - God bless -