Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2 in a month? WHAT?!

This past weekend I went to Denver/Arvada, Colorado for my Great Uncle Bill’s funeral.  For those of you who don’t know, I lived in Denver from the age of 4-7.  When we lived out there, we had my dad’s sister’s family, my mom’s aunt’s family, and my dad’s uncle, aunt and their kids (the Gerber crew).  We have always been extremely close with them, and it was a real loss for all of us and his family. 

Every year when we go to Denver we go visit Bill and Armella and they have always been so good to me, Moni and the kids.  Besides the fact that I had lost someone I was extremely fond of, this was my first time since the kids were born I had spent more than a day away from them AND Moni at the same time.  It was a tough weekend, but when my family loses someone we CELEBRATE their life.  It seems odd to say, but some of the most fun times in our family seem to be funerals.  We spent the entire weekend doing a lot of crying and a lot of laughing and it was wonderful seeing some of my family that I don’t get to see very often.

Probably the funniest part of the weekend for me was the fact that I had as much fun with the kids while I was there as I did with the adults.  It became the running joke with everyone that I don’t know how to interact with adults anymore and all of the kids there seemed to gravitate towards me.

As for the kids and Moni they had a fun weekend too.  One of our close family friends, Mandy, got married this past Saturday.  From all of the stories I heard, the kids were the life of the party.  Laine had a dance circle around him as he was getting jiggy.  Forrest even joined Laine in the circle.  Pius said to Mandy, “Your dress is very pretty and I would like to dance with you.”  Even our little Beaner joined the dance craze.  While they were there, Aunt Lainie was helping Monica with the kids and I called her to see if I could talk with the kids.  I had an entire phone conversation with Pius.

Me:  “Hi Pius.  What are you doing?”

Pius:  “I’m at Mandy’s wedding with Ryno.”

Me:  “Are you having fun?”

Pius:  “Yea.”

Me:  “Are you going to pick up some chicks?”

Pius:  “Yea.  I’m going to dance with two girls.”

Me:  (Laughing so hard and wishing I was there).

The next day, Moni took them over to her parents’ house so they could play with some of their cousins and go to the park.  Monica said they all had a blast and when I got home that evening they were happy to see me, but a little grumpy as they had just went their second day in a row without a nap.

Anyways, that’s about all that has been going  on with us.  See you later.  I promise pictures next week.


Billy, Moni and the P,F,D,L Flyers


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Billy. Pardon my ignorance; but you signed this post ending with "Flyers". What's that about?

Anonymous said...

It's just a dumb nickname I made up for us. It's the name of my band on Rock Band, my fantasy baseball team, etc.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are back up and running. Love, Grandma Vicki