Monday, August 20, 2007


Hello all. When Moni and I move down there we will live with Monica's cousin Becky. She is a travel nurse and took an assignment at Banner-Good Samaritan where we will actually be receiving care. We will be living in a two bedroom apartment called the Empirian at Steele Park. Our actual address is going to be 411 E. Indian School Road, Apt. # 2111, Phoenix, AZ 85012. We will keep our cell phones and our numbers will stay the same.
Billy-(316) 200-1622
Moni-(316) 214-8033

Billy and Monica


Uncle Bobby said...

the coolest thing about this blog is that I am the first to respond to each of your comments...government jobs...gotta love em...any correspondance with Gayla's sister yet?

Jennea said...

I have a gov job too but not internet access. Must be nice. Oh well oh hell. Have a lovely day! Looking forward to the get together on Friday...!

Budda said...

Did you say you could post pictures? That would be great. Actually I am just trying to see if I can get back on...I forgot my here it goes!

whytguynfl said...

I've always said the world needs more Grafs.

P.S. and Bronco fans

Bucko said...

Billy you are slacking, keep your website up to date it has been 10 days since you have added anything on here. It is very well appreciated. Just kidding!!! Take care of Monica......I know that is why you have not had time to update anything. Love ya, miss ya, good luck!!
Katie, Bucko, Paula and Sarah

Multiples Mom said...

Hi. I also have a blog about multiples and was looking for your email address to ask you a question. I could only find these phone numbers and physical address. Is there an email address to contact you?
Thank you.
Theresa (from Capri + 3 blog)