Friday, August 31, 2007

Another stellar sono

Hi all. Monica, Bucko, and I just got back from our last sono in Wichita. Everything is looking great. Pius (baby A) now weighs 12 oz. His heart rate is 159 beats per minute. Forrest (baby B) weighs 11 oz. His heart rate is 145 beats per minute. Danna (baby C) weighs 10 oz. Her heart rate is 149 beats per minute. Laine also weighs 10 oz. His heart rate is 156 beats per minute. They are all good sizes for 20 weeks and are very healthy. I might have to have a little talking to with the boys because they are crowding Danna a little bit, but she is being a sport about it. Monica is doing very well with her personal weight gain, but she is having a little pain in her back. The sono tech checked her kidneys and there is a little fluid, but that is nothing too major, just something to keep an eye on. Other than her back pains, ridiculous "cankles", and carpal tunnel from the swelling, Moni is doing well. Talking with Dr. Feuille on Monday, he said her body is about 27-28 weeks along (about 8-9 weeks ahead) compared with a singleton mother.

Right now we are getting ready for Phoenix. I am driving down on Tuesday, and Moni is flying out on Thursday. We are a little overwhelmed right now with everything that needs to be done, but we are doing very well and are excited.

We would like to thank everybody for all the gifts, support, and prayers that we have received. Please keep the prayers coming. Love you all!

Billy and Moni

P.S. The Q.U.A.D.S. beat the two-time defending champions from our bowling league 3 games to 1. CHAMPIONSHIP!


EMO said...

Wonderful news!!! So you changed the girls name to Danna instead of Rian? How do you pronounce that? Drive and fly safely and thanks for the update!

Rachel Haag said...

Just letting you know that I plan on keeping your house the way it looks now.....if for some reason something is "remodeled" it won't be obvious to you!! j/k! Good luck in Phoenix and don't worry about anything back here....focus on keeping Monica stress-free and the babies as well (b/c we all know how babies turn out when they are stressed!) Love you guys so much!

Katie Duling said...

Thanks for the update Billy, it is about time!!! I hope you had a good, safe, and relaxing trip. Take care, can't wait to hear from you again. I will miss you guys!


Debbie said...

Hi Monica,
Working on the West side tonight, catching up on how you are doing and was shown your blog. We wish you well and you are in our thoughts.
Deb and Dave White

Jennifer said...

I just love you guys! Have fun in AZ. Billy-I already miss you and it has not even been a week, actually I was needing a Chipotle partner for lunch and you weren't here :( Moni-Take care and stay cool, Billy may even need to get you a portable A.C. to stay cool down there! Talk to ya soon :)