Thursday, September 6, 2007

Phoenix isn't as hot as they say it is

Well I just picked Moni up at the airport here in Phoenix. Her ankles are the size of a small child's head. It is pretty funny. We are hanging out in the apartment trying to get up the energy to go explore Phoenix. Moni found out that the pain in her right ribs was not a baby foot, but a healthy, bouncy baby gallstone. Doc says there is not much you can do for gallstones when you are pregnant except for a few shots of tequila. Just kidding, she just has to be a big girl about it. Her labs look good, but she is a little anemic, which we will ask Dr. Elliot about at our first appointment with him on Tuesday. We just want to thank everyone again for your support and generosity throughout this exciting adventure. you know the next update may be after our appointment on September 11, but that doesn't mean we don't check it everyday. PLEASE....give us something to do for twenty minutes each day. We love all and miss all.

Billy & Moni


Jennea said...

I'm glad you both made it was the long drive Bill-do? Didn't hear from you at 3 in the a.m. like you said you'd call...but oh well oh hell. Just giving you a hard time. Moni-it'll get better! Good luck ya all the way from Wichita.


Vicki said...

We were happy to hear that Moni made it safely today. Sorry about her ankles, I'm sure that hurts on top of the gall stone. Be careful Moni. Enjoy Phoenix. Love you Both.

Kel Kel said...

Yay for your safe travels! I prayed to St. Gulliver for the both of you. Miss you so much - please let us know if you need anything taken care of back here. Love you more than gallstones love to pretend they are baby feet!!!

dcmedic said...

Billy and Moni

Hope the trip went well. You all are in our prayers at work.. Let me know If I can do anything for either one of you. God bless and miss ya


Budda said...

Thanks for keeping us up-to-date! Billy, you really are an excellent writer. Ever think of writing a book?
Moni, hope you are relaxing with your feet up! If you think of some ends that were left undone, just let us know.
Love you both!

Delane said...

Hey guys! I think I just posted something, but I don't see it! Sorry this is my first time on a blogspot so...hang with me for a bit! I hope you are finding Phoenix to be grand! Although I hope it isn't too hot! You guys get some good rest and relaxation! Know that we are sending you our good vibes!

Take care!

Dan and Delane

Trisha said...

We miss you. It is friday night and we are trying to find things to do. Susan is playing CA tonight and crackin' the whip on us (no just kidding). Sorry I missed you before you left(Trish). St Francis is going to build a great big hospital right next to your house. Now you are up-to-date for today from EDW. Eve went to Tulsa for a guy.

Luv ya and we miss you
Shana, Anita, Trisha, Susan, Shannon, Pam, Riley, Davidson, Dillard and everyone else not mentioned.

Debbie said...

Glad to hear you arrived safely. Hope everything is living up to what you expected in regards to the hospital you will be frequenting. Is there anything we can send you? Books, puzzles? Please let us know. If you ever get a hankering for a great burger...go to IN and Out burgers. They are the best , all they do is burgers. You are in our thoughts and prayers and you are definetly missed.
Debbie and Dave W.

Elizabeth said...

Hey you two glad i finally found this! Im so excited for you both and to hear how things are going! Sorry about the kankles i know how you feel except i bet since you have four the ankles are four times larger hee hee. Hope the gallstone gets better cause that sounds like it would suck! ok well love you both and cant wait for the arrival of masons new friends hee hee.

Mary Beth & Family said...

Hi Guys,

****GO BRONCOS*****

You have both been in our thoughts and prayers all summer. I'm so glad things are going so well for all of you. It has been a crazy summer looking for a house and going back and forth between Missouri and Colorado... The kids are both in schools they really like, and I'm getting a little better at decoding where the movers packed MBR shoes really means master bedroom DVD player...It has been wonderful being so close to family again...
What a game yesterday!! Shannahan gets the MVP!!! Troy is hoping to get to see Denver at Mile High this year. It's nice living in Bronco country again. The Chief's fans could get a little old on game days!!!!!

You will all continue to be in our thoughts and prayers...(Billy and I certainly know the power of Selenke Prayer)
Much Love

Linda D said...

Billy & Monica,
Not sure the first comment went so at it again. Great pics, except the dueling bellys, glad Billy is on the reduction plan, six pack vs. keg! ha. Keep up the good work it will be worth it. WoW 4 new bronco fans! We'll keep you in our prayers. Love Linda D.

Bucko 43 said...

Hi Bill and Monica miss you twoso much. Had a great weekend in Grainfield. Billy I do think you caught up with Monica. Suck that belly in boy. Ha! you both look great .Love your swimsuit Monica.All is well here but will be much better when you and those little guys are here with us also. My prayers and thoughts are with you too also a couple tears. Love Bucko