Friday, September 28, 2007


Hello all. Monica and Billy are currently kicking themselves a little bit. We are just a couple of dumb kids who don't know anything. We kind of just assumed that Dr. Elliott's office and our insurance would work together to take care of our little situation. However, turns out that WE need to be the go-betweens. We were supposed to have been receiving home-uterine monitoring since our first visit with Dr. Elliott two weeks ago. We must have misunderstood that we would be contacted to start this testing. Now we are currently arguing with insurance companies, medical records directors, and each other. Hopefully it will all work out here within a week. We are more than a little frustrated with the situation. Turns out, mom was right. The squeaky wheel does get the oil.
Anyways, last night Monica was experiencing some abdominal discomfort. Billy was tempted to take her in, or call Dr. Elliott personally, but Monica was a trooper. She told him, "No way are we going to miss the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy because I am having a little pain. We will just ground the little sh*ts when they are born." Billy was all for grounding them. We are already working together well in the discipline department.
We found another set of quads here in Phoenix on a website like ours. They were born last week at (from what we can tell) about 27 1/2 weeks. The babies are all doing okay, and the mom was discharged from the hospital on Sunday. That couple is from Louisiana. We are sure they could use some prayers right now too. Their website is:
That's about all we have right now. The kids and mom will probably be doing better this week if BC, Bama, and the Broncos pull their heads out. Keep the prayers and comments coming.

Billy and Monica


Ryno said...

Hey dudes, 1st to post! I need to get back to work I will chatter with you all l8ter! Do you like my sk8ter writing? !! Much Love coming from the Dub-K
Remember...frustration is a sign of weakness leaving the body and mind! you are all in my prayers.

You will be happy to hear I went to confession last night. God and I are now homies again (for awhile anyways)

Ryno said...

Do you like that quote? I came up with that one myself. I should get that copyrighted or something? How bout dem Cowboys? Can you say CHAMPIONSHIP! How bout Team Krunk? Can you say CHAMPIONSHIP! We goin to the ship!! Love ya again

Ryno said...

I bustin up this site...I own em' Three in a row...I can go on bustin this up all night. CHAMPIONSHIP! Ok I will stop with the posting. Love and miss ya

By the way...I would feel left out if i didn't tell Monica how beautiful her and her budda belly looked! And I mean that from the bottom of my heart! Peace up W-Town down.

EMO said...

Aauuggh! I know from working at the Pharmacy and dealing with insurance companies that it can be very frustrating! I would definately be persisitent and if someone isn't helping you then ask to talk to someone else or their manager and keep asking until you get the 1 person that will help you! I saw Mike and Vicki and Lainie today at Aunt Albina's funeral. It was a beautiful service. Now I am going to go check out the other quads blog.. Love you!!!

Budda said...

You bet! Just keep on buggin' em! That's why we pay for insurance...
Did you ever find out about a wheel chair? They better treat you right or we'll all storm in to their office!
Love ya bunches.
PS...Was Ryno talkin' about me..."Budda" belly?

Frank the Tank said...

First off, I hope you know this is Goertz, since my name shows up a little different. I'm glad to see Ryno wanted to win the "most posts in shortest time" award by writing 3 different posts in 6 minutes...thinking he might have done that on purpose. Anyways, I have been keeping up on you guys and been meaning to give you a call. Just like everyone is saying, be persistent with the insurance company and I'm sure everything will work out. Lastly, Billy I just wanted to say that I miss hanging out at Applebees with you and enjoying some late night ketchup. Stubby, Vicki, Lainie, and Billy will know what I'm talking about. Peace out, and know my prayers go out to the both of you.

Vicki said...

Allof us know that the two of you can be pretty squeaky when you want something, so keep squeaking. You might want to let those people know that there are a lot of people in Wichita and around who will start their squeaking too, if they don't take care of you. And if all else fails warn them that there are two Mama's in Wichita that will take them down if they don't treat their babies right, Mama Budda, and Mama don't mess with my babies Vicki. Hell hath no fury like a Mama protecting her babies. Now I don't want to sound like a nag but Monica rest, rest, rest, and put your feet up. Billy get busy on what your Mama told you to do, and most importantly take care of Moni,Pius,Forrest,Danna, and Laine. All the cousins and family said you are all in there prayers and to send their love. Love you, Mom

Moni Graf said...

Vicki, I think I'm developing bed sores from sitting on my butt all day long! I'm trying to take it easy! Thanks for all the comments. Miss and love you all!