Friday, September 21, 2007


Hello everyone. I just wanted to post to let you all know that I felt one of the babies move last night for the first time. We were lying there just talking, and she kept feeling them move. She told me to put my hands on her belly to see if I could feel it (she didn't have to ask me twice to touch her belly). I felt her belly for awhile and I felt a little shudder. We think it was Pius, and I felt him fluttering away. It was incredible. Other than that, not a whole lot of new news. Moni's gallstone is still bothering her a little. She is doing well other than that. She continues to gain weight well.

Q.U.A.D.S. update-3-1 this week. CHAMPIONSHIP.

Also I would like it stated for the record that Moni is in charge of the pictures for the website. She decides which pictures to take and decides which pictures to post, so you people talking about me not posting pictures BACK OFF! You want belly pictures? Here you go.

Love you all and miss you all,
Billy and Moni


EMO said...

How exciting Billy! Wait until she gets farther along and then you will be able to see her belly move just by looking at it!


Vicki said...

Monica, my God that doesn't look like stretch marks that looks like hair! Miss you both, Mama Graf

MISTY said...

I just looked at this site for the first time, you look beautiful!!!!!! I am so excited for you guys and will continue to watch your growing belly.
Misty (Falco)

Pat said...

I have one word for you "NAIR".
If you don't know what that means, ask your wife.
Other than that, that photo is obscene, please don't do that again to your adoring fans.
Monica, teach him some restraint!
Love, Pat

Trisha said...

Dear Moni and Billy, here we are on a Frid. night (sat. a.m. now) with Dr. Dillard. not real busy but the usual Friday night crazies!!!! Hey, I wanted to tell you that BC. beat Northwest last week by a few points. Caleb was real mad. NW. had an opportunity to win the last few secs. but did not make the touchdown. BC lost tonight to East. Sorry, Billy. The pictures are great, well at least yours are Moni. You are absolutely beaming and Billy there, the belly is really rare.
Going to Cracker Barrel Sund. a.m. when we get off work, will think about you Moni. Sorry we missed you last night when you called. It was busy and crazy.
I gave Jenn Pennon your blog site and she was so happy. She called last night also.

Take care
Looking forward to knowing your news!
Anita and Trisha

Diane said...

Hey Moni!
It's Diane the slacker.... I still have things for your little ones that I haven't gotten to you yet. I'm working with Anita & Trisha & Dr Dillard tonite. Oh yeah, Kellie & Shannon are here also! :-) Things are good. I just wanted you to know that I'm thinking about you guys and watching your blog. You will remain on the prayer list at my church until you deliver, and maybe for a while afterward! Misty was right-- you are beautiful... I love the 'belly pics' - well, yours, anyhow.... lol!
Take care & keep in touch!
Diane :-)

Rachel Haag said...

Hey guys! Thank you moni for the bday made me laugh and reminisce (yeah i don't know how to spell!) moni, you got a package (box) in the mail addressed to moni haag and it just jumped out and and said, "open me!" so andy took the initiative and opened it! sorry! it was 4 baby travel blankets from babysRUs! very cute! anyway, hope everything is going well and miss you guys! Love ya!

courtney u knoww said...

hey billy! just posting to say hi since u made me. cant wait till Monica has the babies. remember that i git to babysit them! =P

Delane said...

Hey guys!! I can't believe you guys are already 23 weeks along! What that means to me is in less than 12 weeks you guys could have FOUR BABIES! I do hope you go as long as possible, but I know the doctors tend to have a pretty good idea of how this goes! Dan, Jake and I are so excited for you all! We are sending you the best vibes we can! We go to see Tjaden for another sono on the 24th, it sounds like you guys will see Dr. Elliott on the same day. We will be thinking of you all! Take care and know you all are in our thoughts and prayers!


Auntie Lainie said...

Well, I just want you guys to know how much I love you because this blog is really starting to make me angry!! This is like the third time I have had to make a new name! Anywho, let me re-write what I had already written once again. That's really exciting about Pius moving!! I better get to feel them when I come down there, which I cannot wait for!!!! I'm pumped!!m About this upcoming weekend- Go Broncos and Cowboys!!! The Chiefs are going to get killed!! Wish you would be here to watch it with me! And Peyton will look as great as ever with his laser-rocket arm! And speaking of laser-rocket arms, I saw Matt Niedens tonight and he says hi! I love you guys and miss you more than anything!!
Auntie Lainie!!

Great-Great Auntie Marlene said...

Monica and Bill, Thanks for using this means to keep all of us apprised of the progress. It is so nice to be able to check in for most recent news. I am glad everything is going so well. I especially enjoy the pictures. Keep up the good work. Take Care and God Bless. Marlene

Jennifer said...

Hello cousins - it is so good to "see" you. We SC Smiths are thinking of you. I'm packing up a bunch of Sydney's clothes to send Devon for your baby girl. I'll ask her to get with Vicki & have them ready for your return home. When is that estimated to be? We will be home for Thanksgiving and wish we could see you. Lots of love, Jennifer, Scott, Jackson & Sydney

love you Jenni and the girls said...
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love you Jenni and the girls said...

I just wanted you to know I finally did get time to check out your blog. I think it's awsome and I think Billy is gaining on you. You look great hope you are feeling ok I'll keep you & Billy and my niece, and nefews in prayers. Thankyou for the call the other day ago it was great to hear from you and I was just wondering if you have any use for any of my day care equiptment I'm getting rid of?
Talk to you soon!
Love you all,
Jenni and the girls

Bucko 43 said...

Hi bill Monica Pius Forrest Laineand Danna . Loved the pictures. Monica you look great. Can't wait for those babies. Little Danna will be able to hold her own if she is anything like her parents. We are all saying prayers for all of you. I'm getting very excited for my trip also. It'll give me a break from worring for a couple weeks. Ha Ha. Billy you look great too. Miss you all so much and love you bunches . Love this blog when I'm able to get on. Hugs and kisses to all. Love Bucko