Sunday, September 16, 2007

Good news and bad news...

We'll start with the good news... it's official, the quads are 2-0 as little Broncomaniacs. They were going crazier than daddy during the game and causing mom all sorts of issues! Well, they were almost going more crazy. We found a close-by sports bar that had many Broncos fans AND reasonably priced, good food and drinks. SCORE!
Now for the devastatingly horrible news. I've discovered I'm not immune to any of the downsides of pregnancy when I found the first traces of stretch marks to my right lower belly. Despite faithful application of Palmers stretch mark cream morning and night, it seems the dreaded marks will be inevitable. Oh well. It's a small price to pay.
Other than all that, things are going pretty smoothly still. The homesickness is starting to set in for both of us, so I hope we don't irritate everyone back home with our frequent calls! Even Billy is starting to get tired of watching sports and playing video games at the apartment. We really look forward to checking this blog site several times a day and reading all the posts from family and friends. We're dorks about it, in fact, checking it more like every hour!
We heard the garage sale when exceedingly well thanks to friends and family who hosted it, worked it, donated to it, bought from it and made baked goods to sell at it. Thanks again for everything!
We're still looking forward to our next appointment and sono with Dr Elliott on Monday, Sept 24th. I'm sure we'll post several more times before that. Until next time...


Mrs V - do I really want to claim that name?? said...

Hi there guys,

I am glad to hear things are going so good for you and the babies. They are going to be perfect! I am up for my usual 2 or 3 hour middle of the night I can't sleep time. I hope you are sleeping good Monica!! Evan is even sleeping downstairs so he can get some sleep - I kept waking him up everytime I got up. I guess that is why they had twin beds back in the Bevar Cleaver days! Everytime I start to feel sorry for myself I think of you. I didn't get to go to the KU game yesterday because I could not sit in the car. We came back to the house 3 times before Evan would accept the fact that I was not comfortable sitting in the car - especially for 2 1/2 hours!! I was very sad not to be going because I have not been to any of them yet this year and they have all been blow outs!

They set our induction date last week - Oct 9th, no time of course though, why would you do both at the same time! Dr. Brown said it was not important right now............ok.

Take care of yourselves!!!

Love, Becky, Evan and Ashton

EMO said...

Don't go scaring us with subject titles like that! That wasn't very nice :( But I do know how you feel about the stretch marks, I thought I made it without getting any, but I just couldn't see them until after I had Quinn.. oh well... I check the sites several times daily too. David got in an accident on Friday, but he wasn't hurt and it wasn't his fault, so that is good, but now we need to find a new car. Monica maybe you could set up a Myspace account, that could help the time go by. Trust me it is addictive. Have a great day!

Budda said...

I'm sorry sweetie, but looking at your pictures, I think it is inevitable that you might have a few stretch marks. Sorry I missed your call yesterday! Always, always love hearing from you.
Hope you are minding the doctor and resting with feet up.
Love ya!
Yo Mama

Melody said...

I second what emo said. How dare you cry wolf about "bad news". Strech marks, spetch marks, who cares about marks? I figure you will end up with at least 4, you can name them juniors. Hey, not sure if this happened before you left but we admitted a 267 gram baby girl. She is holding her own and has been pretty stable so far. Hopefully we will get her through without any major infections. Just think, your four have her beat already, so you guys are golden. Have been toying with the idea of coming down to visit you and my cousin this fall. Not sure when and not sure if, but would love a real vacation rather than just a weekend in KC. I will let you know if it gets closer to reality.

Think about you often. Enjoy AZ for me!!!


Gloria said...

Monica, you stinkpot..."good news, bad news"...don't ever do that again!

Andrea said...

I agree!!! That title was not nice! Glad everything is going good for you guys. Another idea for the boredom is to do jigsaw puzzles. lol. I've been doing them lately and its been fun. You can do them while watching tv or a movie. Love you guys--Andrea

Karen said...

Wow, I'm impressed. You mean to say you went all this time without ANY stretch marks!!! Now for a more serious conversation. My precious Huskers only gave a half-assed fight the other night against USC. However, there were glimmers of hope amid many disappointing errors. And I'm hopeful that one day, the Huskers will rule the earth once again!!! Luckily, John worked for me the last part of my shift, so I was able to see most of the game. And I must apologize, I just read your text message from Saturday! You asked if I was watching the game or working. Well, there you have it. I'll give you a call later on to chat...Until then, K-truck

Stubby said...

Hey Billy & Moni,
I really miss the hell out of you two. Please, please, please don't ever feel like you call us too much. We LOVE hearing from you guys!!! WAR BRONCOS! WAR COWBOYS! WAR CRIMSON TIDE! Cornhuskers suck Karen.
Stubby Grandpa

Jennea said...

It's still great to hear from you Moni...and Billy. I'm addicted to checking this website as well...hope your day goes well! love ya,


jcsampson said...

Hey guys! Erin just tipped me off to your blog site. You guys look awesome! Monica- I'm so jealous, you look GREAT! When I was prego I think I was the size you are now at about 3 months. Not fair!!! He he he. I wish I would've known about your garage sale, I would've had lots to donate. Count me in next time.

Jamie (Hentzen)Sampson

Bucko 43 said...

Hi all I'm so anxious for tomarrow and hope all news is good. I just got home from Sarah's volley ball game. They lost to Sisssies team but they gave them a run for their money. The weather is beautiful. Hope to go golfing tomarrow.Montie you look just beautiful for all you are going through. You and Bill are doing a great job. You'll make great parents. Love the blog I check it two ar three times a day. Your doing a great job. Love you lots my prayers and thoughts are with you. Love bucko