Monday, September 24, 2007

23 Week Pics


Crissy said...

How frickin cool! This is so exciting!!! You guys look great! The babies look amazing! Monica, your face is beaming; you look beautiful! It's okay about the Broncos Billy; I was disappointed too until I saw your blog and it brought a smile to my face. Miss you guys bunches! Wish you were able to be here for Wesley's party this weekend; you will definitely be missed.
Love and miss you!

Emily said...

Holy crap Monica.......

Your skin is suprisingly MARK FREE for being so dang pregnant. I would like to officially state that I am a "hater" seeing as how all I have to do to pop a new stretch mark is eat a single crouton on my salad.

Brat. But I love ya! Trying to get my company to fly me down to train someone so I can see you guys.....stay COOL.

Budda said...

Boy, Moni, you have a real tan going.....lookin' good! It looks like it would be a little hard keeping up with Billy and Becky! With each picture you grow a little more! Do you know when you are going to have to stop and rest a while?...or rest completely?
As you probably know by now...a mom's job is to worry. ha!
Love you all!!!

EMO said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures! I would say that your belly has grown a bit since the baby shower :)

Kel Kel said...

GORGEOUS!! I love seeing all the pictures. Keep them coming!

AnnaSkladz said...

Hey Moni!

No one else has said anything, so i thought i would... LOVE the tanline. ;)

I love hearing about you and the babies - so excited to meet them! I read the blog everyday! gives me something to do in school, other than play solitare, right Billy? :)

love you guys!


Moni Graf said...

You little turd, Anna... I do have tanlines, but you can't see any of them in those pics! And Billy says, "It's computer gin...get it right!" Hope school's going well and tell Mrs. Fox hi for us! Love ya and tell the rest of your fam damily to start posting, too. Haags need to start representin'!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, thanks for the updates, it's so cool to see the pics, and get reports. You look great Moni, and so does Dad! Been playing any golf Billy? We'll keep praying, and reading the blogs. When is the due date? I never didi know when. So I take it there are 3 boys and a little princess! Great! Take care and I will keep checking this out, thanks again for sharing.
Lisa C.