Sunday, September 30, 2007

It IS there...the hospital we mean

Hello everyone. First off, let me say that the quads are already grounded. I am serious. They caused me to miss my first Broncos' game in well over 7 years. Turns out, it was a good thing that I missed it. Yes, the Broncos and the Tide are on losing streaks and I am unhappy with that. Anyways, now I will explain why I missed.

Monica thought she was having contractions. She noticed her belly tightening and loosening every 4-5 minutes. (This was about 15 minutes before kickoff, we were getting ready to leave. She still wanted to go to the game, but I told her to quit being ridiculous.) So...we went to the hospital and checked, and once again she had proved her brilliance to me. She was, in fact, having contractions. They hooked her to a fetal monitor to measure the contractions, and she was given a shot of Terbutaline in the muscle to calm the contractions. They gave her two doses, but the contractions didn't quite go away.

Dr. Elliott had her admitted so that she could receive IV magnesium sulfate. All of the medical personnel said that the medication may make her feel more uncomfortable, but it didn't. The only symptom that she felt was that she felt extremely hot. I concurred. She does look hot, but she didn't need the medication to make her look that way. She tested negative for fibrenectin, which is GREAT news. While she is there, they are going to do additional blood work, just to stay on top of everything.

They checked the babies heartrates, and they all looked good. It looked like they were having quite the party in there with all the dancing they were doing. (Another reason why they are grounded...they need to learn when we are upset with how our teams did). I asked about all the babies, and he said they are all looking good. I asked about our little Danna, and he said, "I would say that we are a little concerned about her weight, we are NOT nervous at all yet." That made Moni and me feel a ton better.

That is our newest update. It is hot off the presses. There is no need to worry right now. Moni and babies are all doing well. The contractions this early are completely normal in a multiple pregnancy. We will probably be going back and forth to the hospital throughout the rest of the pregnancy, so we will keep you all updated as soon as we are done there. We love you all, and can't wait to see everyone who is coming to visit.

Billy and Moni


Auntie Lainie said...

Billy-you are so sweet! And completely correct...Monica does not need medication to look hot!! I'm sorry that the kids are already needing to be grounded, but I guess it is just proving that Mom was right when she said God would get you back!! Haha...I love you and I love Monica and I love the kids!! Make sure they all know it!!

The Nanny said...

Hi Monica and Billy! I came here via the Tubre quads' web site. I just wanted to stop in and say GOOD LUCK--I'm thinking about you guys! I'll check back!

EMO said...

Wow! Scary news! I guess the babies didn't want Billy to suffer through that game, they knew that was the only way to get his mind off the bad game. So I am sure it was a fluke. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow Monica you are humangus! You look really bloated...Do you need me to send you some Gas-X? J/k Good God almighty...that can't feel comfortable. I do not envy you, but now you see what I go through. You are walking a mile in my shoes. I will never give you any flack again. Glad to hear everything is alright. Much love homies.


Anonymous said...

I must have a problem sending you messages..I posted first thing this am and it's not here. Hummmm, I must take after my precious daughter (computer illiterate). Was grateful to hear from you and that things are going well. I tend to panic!
Love ya! Mama Budda

Anonymous said...

Hello Billy and Monica from the great state of Kansas!
I'm a Fahnestock friend of Grandpa Stubby and just want you to know lots of people are thinking of you and praying for you too! I am so excited for you - my nephew has twins so I know just a little of what you are expecting. These are very blessed little babies to have parents like you guys.
And I am thrilled to see you have already started the grounding..YES! Remember, you pay for your raising...ask your moms!
Take care and God Bless
Cheryl Boyes

Elizabeth said...

I havent posted to you two in a while so i just wanted to say hi and im sooo glad things are going ok! So maybe i missed it in the post but i was curious if moni got to come home or if she has to camp out in the hospital for a while. Either way BIG HUGS to all 6 of you!!
Your friend the long lost Elizabeth

Laura Lynn said...

A prayer request was left in our guestbook for you and your kiddos. Please know we are keeping you in our prayers and asking others to do the same. We will add a link to your site on our "friends list". If you would like me to take the link off, just let me know.

For Prayer Support:

My two little miracle nephews, Asher and ^Jacob^:

Tubre Quads said...

I just realized I posted a comment on your older post instead of this one. If you are still in the hospital and feeling up to company I would love to stop by and meet you and your husband. I go to the NICU to see my cupcakes everyday. Let me know via email Check out my other comment on the post before this one. Keep your spirits up!


Anonymous said...

Hi proud parents! Sounds like you guys are doing great. I love the pictures. You look GREAT Moni, don't listen to Ryno (although I do have to say that was pretty funny). I miss you guys and think about you everyday. Take care, I am looking forward to more pics! I love seeing the progress!!


Anonymous said...

Billy and Moni

We are all thinking about you at WMC. It was nice talking with you last week. If I woke the both of you up I did not mean to. Good luck in the hospital. Maybe the babies are telling you both something about the Bronco's. Not worth watching. HAHA. Go BEARS.
Well I got to go Miss you both.

Dan C

Anonymous said...

Love and miss you guys! Hang in there; everything is going to be just fine. Monica, you are such a trooper girl. UFB, Dono, and Wes all wanted me to tell you hi and that you were in there thoughts in prayers. Pius, Forrest, Laine, and Dana, hang in there babies, we are all rooting for you! Oh yea, thanks for sharing the tubre quads website information; that was so touching and amazing.
Thinking of you always,

Anonymous said...

greetings from louisiana,,,we will add you to our prayers along side the tubre quads,,,you are at the best place with the best doctors and nurses,,,have faith and say strong,,,you request card games try skipbo, phase 10 and uno,,,they are fun and can pass the time as you wait for your babies to arrive,,,best wishes,,karen