Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Another update from the hospital

Hello everyone. It is Tuesday, October2. Last night was her second night in the hospital. Our internet capabilities in our apartment have been on a sabbatical so this update will contain a little more than normal.

Her first night in the hospital was pretty sleepless. The mag sulfate was causing a pretty bad headache, and she had to pee about every hour. They gave her something to help her sleep around 5:30, and so she got to sleep around an hour or so. Around 7:45 in the morning, Dr. Elliott came in to talk about the Turbutaline pump and what the gameplan was going to be for the rest of the day. They did a sono around 10:00 to check her cervical length and the babies heartrates. Everything looked great, so they continued to try and slow the contractions.

I showed up around 11 a.m. and she was feeling a little better. She ate a little and slept while I was there. I am not staying there at the hospital with her so that I can work and she can sleep. I tend to ask a lot of questions and she tries to stay awake so that I don't get bored. I have told her just to sleep and not to worry about me, but as most of you know, I seem to give people cause to worry.

I left for work around 2:15. A dietician came in and they discussed foods, and other supplements that Good Sam has to offer. The dietician also brought her an "assortment of nuts and snacks." After the dietician left (I am sorry I didn't ask Moni what her name was) Monica was in a lot of pain. They did a bedside sono because of the pain to check the babies and the womb. The babies and everything looked fine, but they couldn't find the cause of the pain. They think it could be pain from the abdominal muscles tearing. After all of this she was able to sit in the shower and that felt great.

Last night they did hydrotherapy. This is where she sits in a very deep bathtub of warm water. She said that was awesome. She almost fell asleep during it. They gave her some medicine to help her sleep, and she said that she had the best night of sleep she has had since we moved down here. She was woken up around 1, so she decided to call her old stomping grounds. She said it was great to talk to all the girls, and Dr. Lentz of the Wesley West ER.

Today they are going to try the Terbutaline pump and to get her off of the mag. Hopefully I will be able to bring her home tomorrow. She said that all the nurses and doctors have been incredibly helpful and caring. Becky has been able to visit before and after her shifts, and has even changed where she is parking so that it is easier for her to visit. Everything is going well (other than the pain).

We are still excited for our visitors, but we have been demoted to house rest when she gets home. The worst part of being home with the three of us, is that we don't know any card games for three people other than Crazy 8's. I am going to Wal-Mart to buy some board games so that we have something to do for entertainment. We love you all and can't wait to see you all. Thanks again to everyone for the thougths and prayers.

Billy and Monica

P.S. This is orders from headquarters (Monica). You are all supposed to keep commenting on the website. The kids like hearing from you.


KS Dallas said...

You asked so... my comment is that I would like to see something that kind of gives some over all info about your family as far as when you all got married, how many other kids you have, etc. The blogs are great but it helps to know who I am reading about. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey all, justed wanted to say hello. Bill I am subing for the QUADS tonight. Hopefully I can bring them out of their funk. I think I can. That my friend is confidence not cockiness. Hi Monica...I hope everything is going well and sure miss you all. Take care...and remember a big belly = a happy heart and mind!!!
Coming from the fat kid in Wichita.
Ryno 1st to post = CHAMPIONSHIP!!

Anonymous said...

I just got screwed on 1st to post. That really irks me!!

Anonymous said...

Totally just got screwed I am calling for review from the booth
!! No way

EMO said...

At least it wasn't me, because then I would have really felt bad. Apparently Ryno was cussing about me being the first to post on several occasions and he was jealous, so now I don't post unless there is already a post before me... :) I love board games. I have a brand new un-opened game of Twister if you would like me to send that. Monica could be the official spinner while watching Billy and Becky compete.

Anonymous said...

you've got snail mail incomming

a friend

Anonymous said...

Great "update", Billy!! I still say you should write a book....oh, wait a minute, you ARE writing a book! You are doing a great job keeping us all informed! How was your first day on the job? Sure miss you guys! Can't wait till we get to go out there!
Love ya!
Budda Mama

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!

Just want you to know that BC is thinking about you and talking about you all the time! Our prayers are going out to you, also.

Moni - I'm trying to keep your mother in line, but you know how that is! You are a major topic of conversation most of the day!

I miss seeing my Avon Lady's smiling face - take care and do what the doctors tell you to do, or I can't be responsible for what Budda might do!


EMO said...

What job did you get Billy???

Anonymous said...

Sending thoughts and prayers all the way from Cincinnati! I got to your site from Asher and Jacob's Friends list. I've enjoyed reading your blogs and wish you and your babies the best!

Cincinnati, Ohio

Anonymous said...

Billy & Monica
I enjoy seeing your updates and the pictures so much, you are both looking great. I made chocolate chip cookies today and wish your were here, they mighy help with the weight gain Monica. Mark has enjoyed you guys. I think he has to go Houston next week. Hang in there you are in my thoughts and prayers many times a day. Love you Aunt Laverna Hopefully this will go through with Mark's help, 3 or 4 haven't.

Rachel Haag said...

Hey guys! I hope everything is going well....tell the babies to stay in there a lil longer even though I know they are so excited to meet their aunt rayray/godmother! Billy/moni, let me know about the bills....unless you have already talked to andy. b/c i don't know when/where/how much to send! I love you guys so much and glad to see moni still looking ever so beautiful!

Susan said...

Hey Guys,
Hang in there! You are in our thoughts and prayers. Not much going on here........football, football, football......did I mention football? We really enjoy your updates. Love you all.

Anonymous said...

Do you have names picked out?
I like Tige, Liam, Logan and Zoe.
LOL-my 4 kids like them too

c-dawg said...

moni- you are a trooper. i'm proud to call you my cousin. billy- you, too, are a trooper. only in a different kind of way. a way that means support rather than experiencing and putting up with painful ripping of muscles- so on and so forth. we think about you both all the time! love, love, love, courtney and jason... your south park hippies (only we actually live in carbondale)

Karen said...

hey I know I just talked with you...I had to let you know that I loved your poses and smiles while in that hospital bed! I'll try to think of some fun games that don't involve beer that we could play when I come to visit...until later, Karen

Anonymous said...

You guys are doing great! I am so happy for you and you guys have such an amazing relationship!! I posted your website on myspace so the people in our class could visit and see whats up!!! Hang in there you guys.....ps a really great board game is scattegories! I know monica and I used to play guess who alot, so maybe she would like that!!!! much love
katie strunk

Kel Kel said...

Thanks for the updates. Steph and I will do whatever needs to be done while we're there - we coming to see you, not get schnockered at a bar. That includes foot rubs (for Moni only - sorry Billy. Moni - I enjoy playing with play-doh so I hope your ankles are still pliable), reading out loud from the bible, and cleaning. We can definitely bring some games, as well as books down along with the car seats. Love, love, love, Kelly & Louis

Anonymous said...

Need some game ideas? Here are my favs.

Catch Phrase

Hope that helps! :o)

Anonymous said...

I miss you both the only thing that is helping me is knowing you will be bringing 4 bundles of joy back to Wichita with you. Monica hang in there and Billy remember to practice patience. The Tubre site is beautiful. Bucko and I checked it out and cried they are so sweet. Love you both Mama Vicki

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! I hope you know we are thinking of you all. I know this must be hard for Moni...the hospital is only bearable when you are getting paid to be there! And I guess you are...just a different kind of currency. Moni...I am sending you my best sleep vibes so you can get some rest. I am sure you are in the best hands there, they will bring you thru this. Call me--even if I do have stupid tests--whenever you need. God knows I am up most of the night anyway!

Take care of yourselves!


P/S--Billy there is a way to play three person and two person pitch...it just sucks! Not nearly as fun as four, five and six person pitch!

Anonymous said...

Glad everything is going well! Hope you can keep them in there until you are close to the due date. What do they usually say, is it past 30 weeks that is the goal?
Erin Barthelme

Jennea said...

Hey temporary Phoenix Graf's...you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Keep on keepin on! Love to hear from you!


Anonymous said...

Hey guys. I was curious to see if Monica was able to leave the hospital and go home yet. I've been hoping and praying that the little ones just want to hang out in there for a little bit longer! Monica- I hope you are feeling okay. You are carrying four babies and you still look gorgeous! Amazing!! Billy- how do you like the job and where do you work? Ryno said you were going a little crazy. And, by the way, you look beautiful too. :)
Keep the updates coming. It's nice to check and see how things are going. Have fun playing board games. They will be useful when you have all of those guest visting.
Love ya-

Quick one said...

Billy & Monica,
Marsha told me about your blog and I've been reading it everyday. I feel like I'm right there with you....without the pain. You two are already amazing parents and what a miracle...4 babies. Everyone is right, you are radiantly beautiful Monica...just like your mother.
Judy Q.

Bucko 43 said...

seosHi all, Hope everything is going much better today.You have so many people praying for you so you have lots of help.Monica you look greateven though your a little bit heavy. Billy your still handsome too.They started my basement windows today.I'm excited about that but oh waat a mess. I know it will be a mess for a while.Give Pius, Forrest,Laine, Danna and Bill an extra love pat for me Monica. Hope to see you Thanksgiving. If you need anything let me know. Bill I'm sending those card game rules to you by mail or E-mail. Love all of you lots and miss you much. Love Bucko

Anonymous said...

I lost my first post...oh well! I'm thinking about you guys and praying for all of you! Billy, Your updates are awesome! Sorry I'm just now joining in...I'm pleading time challenged and Megan being a computer hog at home.
I have been keeping updated by Mama Vicki however. Hang in there! We love and miss you guys and cant wait until you're home!

Budda said...

I'm thinking we need updates daily! I check about every half hour. Most of those numbers on your clicker are mine! ha!
Hope you are all doing well (Becky included). If you need anything, please just call.
Love ya!!!
Mama Budda

Anonymous said...

Hey guys...Monica, you look great!!! I am sooo happy for you both, you will make amazing parents!! I love looking at your blog...I think I check it almost everyday :) Good luck to you guys!! You are all in our prayers.
Kristin Grady

Anonymous said...

hello you two! i really wish you guys could be here right now. Hope everything is going better. I try to catch up with what is going on when we roll rocks on Tuesdays. Billy we miss your spirit and your energy. Hang in there Moni, I love you! Take care of those little babies.Cant wait to meet those little suckers.
Love Kristy Selenke

Anonymous said...

Monica, there is a great three person card game called either "Sargent Major" or "Kings and Littlemen". I never remember which. You'll have to contact Jason Kirkman to find out how to play it. He taught me and every time (twice I think) that I've tried to teach it to someone I've had to call him for instructions. It's been so long now that I really can't remember except that it's fun and challenging. Ang will be here this weekend if she knows I'll have her email you the directions. When we don't have four players for bridge we sometimes play Hearts with three.
You deal out all the cards, no jokers, you'll have one exra card which remains face down and goes to the first person to take a heart on a trick or the ole bitch (Queen of Spades). We've added a couple of the Kirkman rules to help make it a little more exciting. No one can ever play a heart or the Queen of Spades on the first trick, remember that the first trick is always lead by whoever has the two of clubs. The other rule is that whoever catches the Jack of Diamonds gets to deduct 10 points. The object of the game is to get the least points. You get a point for ever heart card that you take and 13 for the ole bitch, if however, you can take all 13 hearts and the bitch you give everyone else 26 points. It can get pretty evil and fun. Remember to pass three cards to the left, then to the right and then hold, as the dealing goes around. You can't look at the three cards passed to you until you've passed your three.

Anonymous said...

OOPS! That last one was from Aunt Bertie! Luv you!