Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dr. Elliott's first goal is in our rearview...28 weeks

Hi all. Week 27 Day 6 began with church. My mom, Marsha, and I got up and went to 8:00 a.m. mass at St. Gregory's. After church, we set our plans for the day. Our mothers decided that they would like to spend the day with their own kids. Mom and I took Marsha up to the hospital. When we got up there, Mark was already there and had brought Moni some bagels and the Sunday paper. They were getting ready to do a BPP on Danna, so I stayed for that, and Mark took my mom home.

Her BPP (which stands for Bio-Physical Profile) looked great. She scored an 8 out of 8 on it. The score system is based on amniotic fluid space, breathing movements, activity, and tone (control over their muscle movements). They award 2 points per category. That was great news. After the sono, I headed home to watch football with my mom, and Marsha stayed with Moni to observe Moni in a day of the life of Moni.

Monica said that they spent their 6 1/2 hours together mainly talking. Marsha provided great company for her. They started visiting and then Marsha went to watch Moni do her hydro. Monica said it was very exciting. When they got back to the room, Marsha watched Monica perform the laborous task of getting herself ready for the day. Marsha said Monica did very well. After Moni was ready, it was time for the pedicure that Marsha had promised her. Marsha did a wonderful job with Moni's feet. They were pretty, and didn't smell so bad. After the pedicure, they did some more visiting and waited on us to show back up to the hospital.

Mom and I had a great time. She completely lucked out, and got two horrible games so I didn't pay that close of attention. We gossiped about everything going on back at home. We really visited about everything. Dad would be very proud of her. She did her best to talk football with me. We talked about what a jerk Belicheck was and so on. She did a great job. Mark insisted that my mother and I have a few cocktails together, and also insisted that he come back to pick us up to go pick Marsha up. We got Marsha, and came home. This was all after Mark fixed Moni's TV so she could watch movies. After we left the hospital, Mark took Marsha, Mom, and I to dinner at TexAZ. When we got home, we decided it was time to hit the sack.
Today we hit the 28 week milesonte. Woohoo. I woke up and went to work at 4:30. QT came through yet again and let me off an hour early so I could be with my mamas and sweet Moni. I came home to pick up Marsha and Mom, and we headed up to the hospital. We got there just in time to go to the big sono. At this sono we got measurements on all four of them. We were excited to get measurements on the boys since we hadn't for about 3 weeks. The sono was great again. All of these weights are approximate, but give us a general idea of their size:

Pius James took over the lead. He weighs 2 pounds 11 ounces.

Forrest Michael fell into second place. He now weighs 2 pounds 10 ounces.

Our little stud, Danna Lynn, gained another 2 ounces in the last week. She now weighs 1 pound 7 ounces.

Laine Ryan is still growing very well, but is our smallest boy at 2 pounds 1 ounce.

The kids are doing well, and Danna's amniotic fluid sac is well over 3 cm. She is really turning into a giant. We are so proud of her. Monica is also doing extremely well with her weight gain. Her belly now measures 52 inches around.

We got quite a surprise tonight. Jaclyn Tubre called Moni this morning, and they found out that they are neighbors. Jacklyn is having a personal, little bump in the road, and she is right across the hall from Moni. She came over to play tonight, and it was fun talking with someone who has been though what we are getting ready to go through. Her mom, Vicki, also came over. We now see where Jacki got her personable attitude. Vicki was very nice to talk with, and we are hoping to get to spend more time with the Tubres.

As for Billy and Moni's teams:

The Broncos really suck. They lost again. We will stay strong with our love for them, but I have decided that I will give them a bye year. Even though Our Broncos had a bad day, we had a great day with the news of all the weight gain, so we weren't too down in the dumps.

Bishop Carroll starts their state playoffs this weekend. Newton will be tough, but I am sure the Golden Eagles are ready to play. Go BC.

The Tide is SO ready for LSU...LSU, I hoped you guys enjoyed your little run at the top of the SEC. It comes to an end this week.

The Q.U.A.D.S. have sucked for a little over a month now. We haven't won since middle September. However, ever since they started losing, the kids started excelling. Keep it up guys.

This is Monica covering the babies "ears" because of all the poor language. I do need to add that Becky got a taste of the BS that Marsha and my mom are pulling right now. They are on fire.
Billy and Moni

P.S. Moni and I HAVE met some great people at Good Sam. We took a picture with Olava at the sono. She is a wonderful sonotech. Also, there is a nurse, Tallie, that has spoiled Moni and the rest of us rotten. Olava and Tallie are just a couple of examples of the kind of people that we have met at Good Sam. Great people.

P.S. A gigantic thank you to Brooklyn, Whitney, Brady, Taylor, and Drew Bockover for the cards, poetry, and artwork we received. You guys really know how to pick your cousins up.


Anonymous said...

It was great to hear your voice last night Moni. Exciting news that all the kiddies are growing. That baby girl is one tough cookie.

We sure miss you at work.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news on the kiddos! You both are doing a fantastic job. A lot of it is in your upbeat great outlooks. Monica, you stil look gorgeous. My daughter asks about you (you met her at Abbie's shower) She doesn't really know your name she refers to you as Barbie and Karen as Cameron Diaz. That's how she asks about you both. When Karen still worked in trauma, and Morgan would call she would ask was that Cameron Diaz that answered the phone. Anyway you look great.
I know someone already mentioned we can't pull your blog up at work....so unfortunate. We would pull it up and talk about you.....only good of course, what else is there. I am sure you are greatly missed on the West side, because we felt a big hit when you left the South side.
Have you heard about Wesley's new Pediatric Suite in the ED? I work over there, full time and love it. Wesley hired a board elegible emergency pediatric physician (only one in the state of Kansas). She is great to work with. We have our open house on halloween. We have pictures up of the the kids from the ER nurses and Docs on the walls....looks so good, very kid friendly.
Thanks for all the very informative updates on the children. It is so good to hear all those glowing reports. Prayers really do work, along with your and Billy's hard work. Keep up the good work. You are thought of often!
Debbie W.

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear that all is going well. Everyone looks so happy in the pictures! Lookin good Monica! Keep up the good work! I know you are sad Billy about the Broncos - I feel your pain. It wasn't any fun to watch the game at the O - no yelling or screaming going on - flat out boring! Miss ya! by the way - Newby said to say hi and to let you know that "Goldie" is getting fat.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.........Linda

Anonymous said...

Hey Billy and Moni!! First of all, Linda- about this "Goldie" business, you tell Newby that we don't even know who "Goldie" is. But tell him that it is good to hear about how our little, or should I say BIG, Goldberg is doing!! About the little guys, I can't believe how big they are getting!! That's awesome!! Billy- your description for little Danna (stud) is completely correct!! Monica- you look beautiful!! I'm so glad you guys are getting to have fun with the mamas!! Every time I look at the pictures, I get more and more excited for when I get to come and visit!! I love all six of you!! And I love you mamas too! What the heck...even though I have never met you Becky, I love you too!! Love, Auntie Lainie!

Quick one said...

Are you spraddling that bed??? Didn't your mother tell you to keep your legs together.....oh well, too late now. At least the babies ears are covered. Wonderful news on those "growing" babies. You just look amazing beautiful and happy. Are you able to visit the Tubre quads? How is Jaclyn doing? I check out her blog occasionally. Glad you are able to spend quality time with your mother. Tell her Hi for me.
Keep up the great updates Billie!
Judy Q.
P.S. The pedicure looks great!

Andria said...

Love the update and the pics! You are spoiling us in blogworld! So glad to hear of the babies excellent sono and weights. Moni looks radiant and Billy...why do you look so relaxed? (oh yea, the cocktails?) Wow, what a milestone you've reached. Keep on keeping on!

EMO said...

Gross, the whole finger in the belly button thing got to me. (I am easily disturbed) But I do enjoy the pictures! Will you all be doing anything fun for Halloween? Quinn is going to be a whoopie cushion. (same as last year, but last year the costume was way too big to appreciate) Dr. Elliot is going to be so proud of you guys for passing the 28 week goal date.

Anonymous said...

It really is great being able to be here and see the babies moving around in the sono. It is so reassuring. Did Billy mention how wonderful it was for Vicki and me to win three out of three against him and Becky? No? Oh, I was just wondering. ; )
Moni and Billy are doing great. Still having a great time.
Mama Budda

Karen said...

Hey guys,

Don't have much new to say, since I just talked to you last night after the Packers-Broncos game. What an ending!! I just wanted to comment on the orange Broncos jersey and the hot-pink sweat pants that Moni sported. Moni, you know I love you, but truly, as a friend, you must know that a color combination such as that is unflattering, blinding, and frankly a little scary.

I may have a solution for limiting the amount of profanities the babies are exposed to...Instead of plugging their ears (which was a very clever idea), why don't you plug Billy's mouth? Sorry, Bill, just an idea.

Well, I'm so glad that everything is going so well. You hit the first goal and that is absolutely wonderful news. Thanks for keeping us all posted and involved in your adventure! Later,

Billy Graf said...

Actually Karen you should hear the language that comes out of the mamas mouths. Also I don't know if Marsha will be able to fit on the plane with that big head of hers. They only won two out of three against Becky and me.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!!!!You are having entirely too much fun. S0000 good to hear all the good news about the babies and Little Momma. You all take care of each other. Love and prayers. Terry

Anonymous said...

Wasn't going to say anything about the pants and the bronco jersey, but since Karen brought it up...you know, what she said.
Dave would like to add, if you happen to be walking out in the woods with that combination on, you would probably be safe (the other hunters would clearly know you were there).
Have a great day.
Debbie and Dave

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all had a terrific time together! I am glad you took the time to get away Vicki although i am sure the children in USD259 missed you! You all look great! Glad the fab 4 are all doing great! Monica you also look wonderful!

Anonymous said...

GREAT news about all 4 babies!! So great to hear you have surpassed the goal of 28 weeks. Maybe you can hold out for 30 (or more!) after all!!
So when do the moms have to head back home? I'm sure you'll be sad to see them go, but you have to know the men who await them are wasting away into nothing and don't have a clue what to do with themselves without their wives. They probably haven't even gotten out of bed since their wives left, except to answer the phone when they call to check in.
Anyway, enjoy every last minute with your moms!
Moni, are you going to do the great pumpkin again tomorrow in honor of the special day!?

Love you all

Anonymous said...

Moni continues to look great! You guys are doing amazing! So good to see you have all made it this far and are keeping your sweet babies growing so strong! Keep 'em cooking. You guys give us hope!

Take care all of you...and thanks for another update!

Delane and Dan

Anonymous said...

Hey Billy and Monica.I just wanted you to know that you are in my prayers.God bless you all.
Eric Kendrick

Anonymous said...

Mollie is posting this for me, she came by to pick up "papa's special popcorn" that I popped for Maddie's Halloween party at school. Mollie and I reviewed the blog and got updated-sounds like Budda and Vicky are turning pitch pros! My little honeybuns, you're looking great-keep up the good work building those beautiful little babies. I'm proud of you and know that my prayers are with you. Happy All Saints to all of you and go easy on the trick-or-treating! Love ya, Papa

Hi everybody, just came by to check on my old papa (while my mama is away)and pick up some popcorn. He asked if I could get on the blog for him so he could see any knew pictures. Glad to hear you all are having a wonderful time and especially glad to hear how well my little niece and nephews are doing! Keep up the good work!
P.S. Monica, you really look absolutely amazing and Billy, happy late birthday-sorry!
Love, Mollie

Randy said...

You two are awesome. What a great attitude you both have. I think I would be crying and drooling in the corner in your position. God couldn't have picked a better pair for those four little Bronco fans.
I do read all of the updates you two put on this site but I'm not much for blogging but I wanted you to know I'm thinking about ya. I've learned more about multiple pregnancy than I really need to know, Keep up the good work.
Billy I have to agree with you about the Broncos. In the words of Homer Simpson...."Those are the suckiest bunch of sucks I've ever seen suck" That being said of course I'll be buying season tix next year again.
I hope to come through Witchita around Christmas So hopefully I'll get to see you all then.
Moni, keep smiling.

Miss ya, Randy