Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday, Sunday...It was all we hoped it would be

Hello everyone. Steph and Kelly have probably arrived home at this point. So now, we can comment on what really went down this weekend...Pretty much everything they said. We had a phenomenal time with them. They were just what the doctor ordered (think the Dr. Pepper jingle). Before they left, we taught them the "Golden Cadillac" card game that Aunt Rose's friend, Sue, showed us. I dominated.

After I dropped them off at Sky Harbor, I came home and started focusing for the big game against the Steelers. We dominated...Go Broncos (I am glad Coach Shanahan finally listened to my emails).

Honestly, Moni watched the entire game with me and it was exactly what I wanted for my birthday. Moni was probably more into the game than I was. She wanted the Broncos to go for it on fourth and five from our forty...She was all, "We are doing whatever we want offensively," and I was all, "We still need to be conservative." What a stud.

Anyways, I had a great birthday weekend (if that was ever a concern - DOY!). What a great word 'DOY' is...we overused it this weekend, but it just got more funny each time.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes and prayers, keep the great comments coming.

Billy and Moni

P.S. Yes, Aunt Cathy, Becky delivered the Bridge book safe and sound. Moni has yet to delve into the fascinating game that is bridge.


Anonymous said...

First to post!! That's what I call a 'championship,' Ryno!!!! What's up now?? I loved the pictures!!! Your pumpkin belly is freakin' adorable, Monica!! I just can't get enough of it!! But just for the record kids, I can't decide yet if I was too happy about the Lainie or small pony comment. I like my shortness because I'm pretty much the cutest little thing ever!! And you know you agree!! Billy- I hope you had the best birthday ever, even though I know you didn't because you weren't blessed with my presence!!! I love you guys more than anything!!! And one last thing, Go Broncos!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making my morning!!! I loved the jack-o-lanter. I am glad everything is going well for the two of you but, Monica I really am in Avon withdrawl! Homecoming at BCCHS went well and next is Liberal go EAGLES!!!


Quick one said...

You guys are having too much fun! :-) I loved the pumpkin tummy pictures and the bikini shots. Awesome! You really must show your doctor.. I really enjoy reading the posts/comments and seeing the pictures. Do you think you will make time to continue the post after the babies are home?
Prayers and hugs from Judy Q.

Alex said...

you guys are amazing!! TONs of love coming your way from this bunTON!! keep on keepin on!

Hugs and Kisses
Al you Pal

Anonymous said...

B & M,
I'm enjoying the blog and comments...Billy thanks for calling Megan on her birthday, she had a big ol smile the whole time you talked to'll be proud to know she was put on the elite 12 and under team at the Mustangs yesterday...Griggs is the coach of that team so she will either be the best or quit within a couple of weeks, we'll see...Megan had her birthday sleepover in the party barn on Saturday...10 girls...everthing was going great until we heard MAYDAY MAYDAY over the walkie-talkie at 3:30 am and Gayla rushed out there...they just wanted a big person to sleep with them, then when Gayla heard one girl say to another it's 5:10 she said just go to sleep...Zach and I snuck out there at 8:30 in the morning and took pictures of the sleeping beauties...well that's what is happening here with us....what's up with you guys? Moni, remember are little chats when you were working for your father-in-law?...I miss those...You guys are in my heart and prayers daily, Love Uncle Bob

Anonymous said...

Cute Pumpkin Monica!! The fab four will love those photos someday!! Glad the Bronco's won yesterday Billy- i am sure it added to your birthday!

Anonymous said...

Moni, I had a slight problem when checking in to the Avon site. I don't remember how to find the books. Just trying to help Janet out...
Did I tell you that I loved all the writing and pictures??? Awesome! See you THIS week!!!! Can't wait. Hope we hear from you, or probably Billy after you get all settled in the hospital tomorrow.
Love ya!
Mama Budda

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laughs guys! Good job Kelly & Steph! Billy I think your hair looks great and Monica, you are Beautiful and FUN...Thanks for the pumpkin belly pics, they're awesome! I miss you guys! And by the way, are the cutest little thing ever. Tons of love from us too! Gayla

Anonymous said...

Okay - I know it took me awhile to finally send you a note but I do think of all of you often and I do hope all is going well! I love the pictures....lookin good Monica! Okay Billy - I guess your lookin good too. Hope you had a great birthday! We all miss you at the O and your name comes up on a regular basis. Everyone misses you on Sunday & Monday nights - it's just not the same! Maybe if we can get Jeff to like the broncos - oh never mind - it just isn't the same! :) Anyway just wanted to say hello - you are in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill and Monica,

Happy Birthday Bill it sounds like it was a good one, it loks like you had a lot of fun. You all continue to be in my daily prayers, Moni you look like you are about to explode, the pumpkin belly thing was really cool. Hug and Kisses



Katie said...

LOL!!! That pumpkin belly is ssssooo cute!! You look so good Monica. Happy Birthday again Billy! I miss you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

I was jonesing for a blog update, so I'll leave you with a comment instead. You're probably on your way to the hospital as I write. Thanks again for the fun and laughter. I needed it! My coworkers have enjoyed our adventures. Miss and love you long time.