Tuesday, October 9, 2007

New Goal

Hello everyone. This is our post-"Baby C" sono update. Our goal of 34 weeks has been changed. Our new goal is now 28 weeks. Baby C-Danna- hasn't done very well in the past two weeks. She has only gained 2 ounces. She weighs 1 pound and 1 ounce. All of her body functions are working, but her placenta is not working very well. Her placenta's blood pressure is low, and will eventually get lower. When that stops, she will stop growing inside the womb. When we reach that point, and we will definitely reach that point, we will have all 4 babies delivered. Dr. Elliott said that he has seen babies go for six weeks in this condition, but that our goal has changed from 34 to 28 weeks. If we went the full six weeks that he has seen babies do, that would put us at 31 weeks.

We spoke with the ne0natologist who we both really liked. She said that when we get around the 27 week mark (about October 22) Moni will be admitted to the hospital. While she is there, Danna will be monitored every day. That way, we'll be able to make a decision on delivery on a day-to-day basis.

As for the boys, they are all doing great. Forrest has taken Pius over in weight. Forrest now weighs 1 lb and 15 oz. Pius weighs 1 lb and 14 oz. Laine is still small too, but he is still in the 23rd percentile (based on a singleton pregnancy). He weighs 1 pound and 4 oz. I know that the question being asked now is about their weights. Laine only weighs 3 oz. more than Danna, but his placenta is functioning correctly. That is why we are now concerned about her.

All four of their heartbeats looked good. We didn't actually check each of their rates to the minute, but they all were within normal limits. We are still very excited, but the entire situation just got more real. We know that you have all been praying and thinking happy thougths, but now we are asking for overtime. Moni, Pius, Forrest, Laine, and especially Danna need the prayers now more than ever (and daddy, too).

By the way, on a happy note, Moni's buddy Karen got into town today. She will be here until Thursday afternoon, and it is so nice to have another visitor. Both Karen and Becky came with us to our sono and doctor appt today. It was good having the extra support and ears. We are getting ready to throw down on some pitch. Moni and I will probably be on the same team so as to erase any possible friction that could arise. That's about all of the new news from Phoenix. Can't wait to see you all.

Thank you guys,

Billy and Moni
P.S. Moni's clothes selection has dwindled significantly with the expanding belly. Sorry for the repeat outfit choices - I know it's a major fashion faux pas! Deal with it or send more clothes (Ryno and g-pa stubby). JK!


Tubre Quads said...

Our prayers are with you.

Danna may be little, but she will be mighty! Keep your chins up - our littlest was 1 lb 11 oz when we delivered at 27 weeks 2 days. Fast forward 3 weeks (they will be 3 weeks old tomorrow – yeah!) and he is doing fantastic! He is one of our best breathers (his 3 lb 2 oz brother is currently on a ventilator) and he made it to full feeds this week. He is starting to gain weight and is a few grams shy of 2 pounds now.

Let me know if you need anything - and I do mean anything. If you would like to come in and see the NICU one day I would be happy to escort you. You could meet my little ones - I have told them all about you guys!


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys...couldn't sleep tonight so got up to check on you.

God can do wonders, Moni...remember what Dad said 8 years ago? We will all be praying for all of you. Jaclyn is encouraging and is great support.

I better try to get back to sleep....take care of yourself and your little miracles.
Love you all.
Mama Budda

Anonymous said...

Little girls can work miracles plus i know her brothers will help her through anything! I love you guys andkeep smiling Monica, you look so wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! We are thinking about you and sending our prayers. The Docs will get the kiddos here and the neonatal team will do what needs to be done when they get here. I am sure you know all of this, but that's all I can tell you. Moni you look great! I am jealous that Karen gets to be there! Try to have some fun and do whatever you need to so that the time will pass quickly and health-ily (if that's a word). Thanks for keeping us all posted! Talk to you all soon!


P/S--I TOTALLY understand about the pitch partners! Husband against wife, strange city, impending labor...not a good combination! Take care of yourselves!

EMO said...

Wow, that does make it real. Maybe you could have Halloween babies? Although we will pray that they keep cooking at least a little longer than that. From what the tubre quads have said little girls seem to do better in the NICU, so that is good! I would love to send a shirt or some pants or something. Let me know what size you need. Have fun with your visitor and enjoy the next couple hospital free weeks. Love you all!


Anonymous said...

Moni, do you need maternity hospital clothes? Nursing gowns, etc? Let me know and I will gather up some and bring them with me. I am so proud of you guys! Billy, we all really do know how hard this is on you also! Keep up the good work!
Love you!!
Mama Budda

Anonymous said...

Hi there ~

Found your blog from Jac Tubre's blog. My husband works for her husband and we have 11-year-old boy/girl twins. That's nothing compared to the fun you and Jac are gonna have, huh?! LOL!

I love following your story...you are doing great are looking gorgeous! Heck, I don't look that good NOT preggo! :) Hang in there...God will take care of you and those babies...and Daddy too! We'll be praying for ya'll from the great state of Louisiana.

PS..if you like James Patterson, check out Harlan Coben. He's pretty awesome too!

Take care!

Christy, Gene, Chase, & Paige Thomas; Gonzales, LA

Anonymous said...

Hey you two,
I was just thinking about you today and decided to check in really quick. The prayers are still coming and it's good to see Moni up and about. It seems impossible to move around with four babies inside you!! You are pretty much the strongest woman I have ever met! I am so happy every thing is going okay.
Take care of each other,
Love you-

The Murray Crew said...

This is the HOME STRETCH! Congratualations for making it this far! It is such hard work cooking babies and an accomplishment that is more than outstanding. I found you from the Tubre's and will be adding you to my quad buddy list! =) Us quaddies HAVE to stick together. We are the Murray Crew from Indiana - all boys born at 32 wks. - Now 8 months old and doing fabulous! Hang tough and feel free to contact me through our blog 4tunate or email quatro_mama at yahoo dotcom

Stacey Faber said...

I know the news about Danna isn't what anyone wanted to hear but I'm so thankful that medical science can give you all of this information so you can do everything you can to keep her safe and do what's best for all of the babies! It wasn't all that long ago that women didn't even know they were pregnant until they were almost as far along as you are and you've already learned so many amazing things about your babies and your pregnancy so far! Having that knowledge and being able to be proactive is such a blessing (even though it can definitely add to the worry pile!).

In case you haven't heard, Baby Girl McCorry was born yesterday (10/9) at 6:14pm, 7 lb. 13 oz., 20" long with lots of black hair. No name yet but they're working on it!

We love you and we're putting the prayers into overdrive! You all look wonderful! Keep smiling!

Love you!


PS--If you can, send me your address at stacey.faber@imacorp.com. Thanks!

Andria said...

More prayers than ever coming your way. Stay strong. It is AMAZING what doctors know these days and what they can do once those precious babes arrive. You are all in God's hands.

Andy Bulger said...

Ya know...i've always said that Little Ones Prevail, so we have nothing to worry about them coming earlier than expected. Not that I've ever been a "little One" since i've actually been a little on the chubby side my whole life but that's just what i've heard :)
Ummm...i love you all and i can't wait to see you guys on November 2nd...but hopefully i'm only seeing the babies through a thick layer of "mama skin" so keep sucking it in, Moni. That is how babies come out, right? through the belly button? I cannot WAIT to have kids!
you're in our prayers!

Anonymous said...

I here that chubby thing Em!...but I also here that little thing about being short...My question is which one is it guys! Little or chubby!! Everybody needs to make up their mind! I guess I can be both. Like I say chubby is bubbly!! I have been told my whole life dynamite comes in small packages! All six of you are in my thoughts and prayers all the time. I sure miss you both very much and can't wait to see all of you. Your fav bro and bro-n-law.

Anonymous said...

Billy, I just want you to know how cute you look! I love your smile. I've been looking back through the pictures and enjoying them....so much! Keep smilin'!
Love you all!
Mama Budda

Kel Kel said...

Louis and I were discussing the quads. He doesn't understand why having four babies is such a big deal since he came from a litter of seven. He wants to high five you with his gigantic paw next time he sees you. And for the life of me I cannot think of your second Min Pin's name and it is really bothering me. Something similar to Cujo or Cakey. It's driving me nuts! Are you guys every ashamed of me because I am so dorky? Hope not. I just like to provide good entertainment. Know that we pray every day to dear sweet eight pound six ounce baby infant Jesus for your health and safety and joy. Love you more than beans and noodles!

Kel, Lou & Boyfriend

Anonymous said...

That really made Moni, Karen, and I laugh out loud. Thanks Kelly. The second min pin's name was Koop, after Ralph. Love ya lots.

Billy and Moni

Anonymous said...

Hey Billy and Moni! Just taking a little break from studying for my two midterms tomorrow even though I have only been studying for about fifteen minutes. But i take after you, Billy, when it comes to study. Bill-i'm glad I got to talk to you today so you could explain it to me a little more. You were very helpful. And don't worry about Danna being small, the coolest people are small- she will just be a lot like her favorite aunt! No offense Emmy and Rach! Haha! I miss you guys more than you could ever imagine! And Monica- i started my Spanish class today, and i'm little angered at you that you had to leave before I started this Hell. I don't know what I'm going to do without you!! But in all actuality, I could never be mad at that beautiful face!! I love you guys more than anything!!!

Anonymous said...

By the way...
Love, Lainie!!!

Anonymous said...

Bill it does look like your dropping a few lbs. keep it up! Keep that stress level at a minumum because if you don't you tend to eat a lot like myself...then you will go back to looking round and pleaseantly plump like myself. Stressful times call for desperate measures (ain't that how that saying goes?) When in doubt Chipolte's got your back. Now Monica on the other hand...I don't know what to say? I will be gald to give you a few eating lessons if you like? It doesn't look like you need them. JK. I have plenty of oversized shirts if you would like a couple? They might have the likes of some race drivers on them. I have a JD Johnson one that I am thinking about in particular super comfy. I really don't wear it that much because I don't really like him. They are all super comfortable though. You still look gigantic I mean gorgeous. On a more serious note Monica you really do look great! Keep up the good work. Bill you as well. You guys are awesome. I am prayin for you all! Anyways I'M out like a fat kid in dodgeball. Yours Truly, Ryno

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am afren of the Tubre's, you just hang in there and leave the rest to God, he is a miracle worker. If he brings you to it, he'll bring you though it. :) So glad you have met Jaclyn, she's AWESOME and will be a BIG comfort to you. I will keep you and yours in my prayers.
Wanda Davis from Baton Rouge, La.
Geaux Tigers!!

Anonymous said...

Patience is a virtue possess it if you can....seldom found in women and never in a man...patience is a virtue....patience is a virtue...patience is a virtue....
I have to keep telling myself to possess it! Even just a few words from you guys makes my day! Hope all is well! Love you!
Mama Budda