Wednesday, October 31, 2007

About the fashion faux pas....

Back off!!! I was wearing semi-coordinated clothing that day, but when Billy and the mamas came to watch the game, they brought me that jersey to wear. It really is a work out to change my clothes, so I guess I'll just have to deal with the ridicule. Oh well, at least I'm dressed (and safe in the woods from any hunters!) The hospital gowns are even less becoming, especially when they're put on backwards!

I'm sure you're all wondering how it is that Moni is posting right now. Well, mom and I snuck into the Tubre's hospital room and stole their computer. Not really. They graciously offered it to us for the afternoon while they go play dress up with the cupcakes for Halloween. We traded them the computer for mom's camera, so hopefully they'll get some good pics of their costumes. We've really enjoyed having such good neighbors. It makes the time pass more quickly. I'm sure we'll be swapping pictures this time next year and for many years to come. The babies will grow up knowing all about their Tubre cousins.

Mom spent the night in my hospital room with me last night on the roll-away bed. It was a low-key slumber party, but we had a good time none the less. I taught her how to play gin. I must be a really good teacher because after the first hand, she kicked the crap out of me. What a lucky b***h! And I thought dad was the good one at cards. Becky will be by sometime this morning to pick up mom and take her back to the apartment. There, they will bask in the glorious sun that I can see through my hospital window. Marla, don't be too jealous of "June" (AKA Marsha).

As for an update on the babies.... Danna had her cord blood flow doppler sono yesterday. The doc said it was still "abnormal" but not enough to cause the delivery. She still looks great on the screen and is jumping all over the place. The boys keep growing well and everyone is kicking everyone else. It's like a chain reaction. Olava, the sono tech, took some great sono pics of Pius and Laine, but we don't have a scanner so we can't post them. They have such perfect little features! No protruding foreheads or "Selenke Slope" noses that we can tell (not that Selenke noses aren't beautiful)! I could be a little biased.

I'm still feeling and eating well. I can always elicit a laugh or snicker from the moms whenever I put in my meal orders! It really seems like I'm eating an enormous amount and I hope that by the end of this, I'll be so sick of large amounts of food and double portions. That would definitely not be a good habit to keep.

Billy is currently working this morning and I'm sure when he gets home to check the blog, he'll be so surprised to see this post! Hi Billy! Keep up the good work!

We'll try to post some new pics shortly. Hang in there. Maybe Becky and the mamas can take pictures of the beach beauties and give you all a break from scenes of the beached whale.

Well, I'd better call the nurse and get to hydrotherapy and then do my contraction monitoring. So much to do, so little time. I don't know if I can keep up with this schedule for too much longer! Ha!


P.S. Happy Halloween to you all and Happy 28 weeks 2 days to me!


Anonymous said...

1st to post! Championship!!

EMO said...

I think the championship should be revoked, since there is no message following "1st to post". So there! I am so glad you got to borrow the Tubre's computer. Jaclyn must be doing better. That is good news. That will be so awesome in a couple of years for you all to get together for a "quad reunion". I would love to see all 8 of those little kids running around together. Is it kind of exciting ordering tons of food? I think it would be fun, but you are right, probably not a good habit to keep. (not like you will have time to eat that much food in the future) Plus it is hard enough eating with 1 kid in your lap, let alone 4. So I wouldn't worry. I love seeing pictures of the mamas, but please include you and your belly too. There can never be too many pictures of you. Have they ever done any 3d or 4d ultrasounds on your babies, or just the "old fashioned" ones? Maybe you can take a picture of the sonogram pictures and post those, they probably wouldn't show up perfectly, but I would love to see them. Ok, I am done typing now. Have a great Halloween!

G said...

I am so glad things are going so well for you guys and the babies! Sorry it took so long for me to post, but know that I have been checking daily to see what's goin on with you all! My thoughts and prayers are with ALL of you!!! Hang in there!
PS....3rd to post get anything??? lol

Moni Graf said...

They wouldn't be able to do the 3 or 4-D sonos because I'm too far along and there just isn't enough room with all of them in there. You wouldn't be able to see anything! I can't wait to see them in real life, though. Hopefully just a couple more weeks!

EMO said...

Yeah, real life pics would be the best!!! I kind of figured it was too crowded in there. I still can't believe it could literally be any day. Crazy!

Andria said...

What a special treat and a fair trade with the Tubre's! What a special friendship that must be. Your day sounds pretty busy in there - glad everyone's still cooking!

Trick or Treat!!

Karen said...

Let the Tubre's know that they're awesome! Hopefully sometime you'll be able to hang out outside of the hospital!

Cory & I thought of you a ton last night...We were watching John & Kate + 8. Wow. Let me say that again. Wow. Kate had a tummy tuck done - that was quite a change! Then, they took their twins and sexes (that's my special word for sextuplets) on a 17 hour van ride to the Magic Kingdom. I definitely learned a lot...and it made me wonder if you'll be wearing numbered Graf shirts in a few years when you go to the newly opened "Wild West World".

I'm fixin' to go to work tonight...Halloween. Great. You know what that means. I'll let you know if anything crazy comes in.

Talk to you guys soon!

Love, Karen

Rachel Haag said...

Happy halloween! Hope everything is going well, sorry I haven't posted in a long time, kinda running on -E- from school! I'm so jealous that mom is there, but i'm pretty sure me and mollie are making a trip shortly after this semester ends! Keep me updated on anything and everything! Love you very much and miss you incredibly!

Anonymous said...

Darn it...I thought I was going to post first...I am SO not in that competition! I have more (as if I can handle more) news to tell you sometime. I will call when my head stops this incessant pounding it has been doing for about 2 days now. Uggh! Your little ones are really hanging in there and rocking it! You have to be so proud of them! Billy and you are doing so well. I can't wait to see you all!

Delane and Dan

Anonymous said...

OMG...I was so NOT EVEN close to being the first...I swear when I started writing there was only 2 posts...or I am not paying attention. Next time I have to try harder!


Margaret said...

Happy Halloween! I'm very much enjoying your posts and pictures and stories! Have a great day! Margaret

Anonymous said...

So glad you made it to 28 weeks!!! We are praying for all of you.
Love, Fritz & Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

I was kind of hoping you'd paint your belly to look like the great pumpkin.

Love you all. I said an intention for you today at Mass.

Uncle Tommy

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm so jealous you are there Marsha, but I'm so glad you are there, too! I just would like a little love from Billy for my Jayhawks!!! Come on, now!
Moni, you are doing fantastic, prayers continue to come your way! Marla

Anonymous said...

Monica- I think you look great!I think Pink and Bronco colors look great together! Glad to hear the good news about the fab 4.You all take care!

Anonymous said...

Hey, loves! Not much going on in the ICT today. It was 33 degrees when we woke up (made me miss your AZ sun). Kids were with their dad last night, so we went trick or treating with Cole's kids and then on to a nice, quiet dinner at El Gaucho (a new Argentinian restaurant). Not bad. Work is crazy busy - end of the month as well as 4th Quarter. Last weekend we took the kids (all 5) to the Circus. Had front row on the floor seats. The circus itself was a disappointment (only animals were six white horses that ran in circles, two dogs catching frisbees, and one elephant. The clowns were, in Eason's words as he turned around to look at me "kind of wierd". Addie had her first taste of cotton candy (she looked and acted like she was on crack cocaine. Tegan got to dance with the ringmaster and other kids before intermission out on the floor. I guess when I got up to take a few of the monkeys to the bathroom that people behind us told Cole that we were brave for going out with so many and then asked their ages - Cole responed with "5, 5, 4, 4, and 2)." The people were confused but stopped asking questions. Good times - good memories. Can't wait to make memories with you and your crew when you are safely home. Well . . . that's a short update from us. Keep on keepin' on - love you long time. Steph

Diane said...

Sounds like things are going good. Hang in there. Only a few more weeks..hopefully around 5! At least 2 more weeks until Dr E gets back!
It was nice to hear that the Tubres made a swap with you. Good friends-you never know when you'll meet them.
Keep growing!
Good Sam 96

EMO said...

Not sure if you have seen this before or not, but it is so cute. I thought you would appreciate it, since people are always saying how hard it will be to raise 4 babies. Stuff like this will make it not seem to bad...

Anonymous said...

I miss you guys more than you can imagine!!! Including you ma!!! Hope you guys are all doin well.
Love you all,

Courtney said...

I love reading your posts, Moni. I also love "hearing" you say "back off!" Talk about intensity! You have a GREAT writer's voice! In regards to a score card, I give you above proficient (hey... I'm working on gradebook over here!). I am so happy for your family- the longer those buns stay in the oven, the better. Give each other a hug and kiss from Jas and I!
PS- Being the last one to post rocks!!

Anonymous said...

We have needed to post for a long time but havent had know the whole excuse thing. We miss you guys (umm, maybe not Billy but again, you know the deal) on Tuesday nights at bowling. Stubby (we call him Gramps...he better get used to it!!!) has done an outstanding job of keeping us up to date. Glad to hear that all the little ones are doing good. As someone else said, you didnt want to be here today was freaking cold this morning. The baby's cousin (Nathan) was running a temp today but I still had to get him out in this mess....oh well. Better get used to all those parenting things. Oh yeah, we talked about you guys last night. Nathan wore a Tigger outfit for Halloween and Michelle asked me if we should give it to Good Will and I told her, nope, we will save it for next Halloween for Billy's Bunch. Take care of yourself Monica. I would be worried about you but I know that if you can put up with can do anything :-). We will write more later.

Love You Guys,

Ron and Michelle Zane (and Nathan and Gregory and Logan)

PS: By the way Billy...whom is in first place in the AFC West??

PSS: Another way Billy's presence was felt...last year he was going to help at a basketball practice when I was coaching my oldest son's team..scared him so much he made his junior high bb team this year..after not making it last year. See how you are!!!

Anonymous said...

Still looking beautiful as ever Moni!!!! We all said the other night when we read your blog with Dr. Davidsons lap top, that through all, you still are able to look absolutely gorgous. Mrs. Photogentic!!
Getting ready to go to work but wanted to check the blog before I get ready. Was off Halloween night: yea!!!!

You are in our thoughts every single day!!!!
Love Anita

Anonymous said...

I like the outfit! Backoff!!! Went to the wsu game tonight! They kicked but but the other team sucked so I think we had the advantage. I miss you two, or I mean 6 and I have been thinking about you all on a daily basis. Moni, I have met lots of people that Know you from St. Wesley. Been working PRN at Cri, meaning Clinicle research institute. They really love you! Take Care! Aunt Rose