Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Billy got his hairs cut

....and it's no Kristy cut. But it'll do. Other than that, not a whole lot goin' on in the Nix (P-town). The babies have been very active today. We watched my belly for a while and could see movements. I think they're also getting restless staying at home all the time.

The contraction monitoring is still going well. I've been averaging anywhere from 1-3 contractions in an hour session with mild uterine irritability. My right side pain has seemed to increase over the last couple of days, which is no fun. But it's nothing I can't handle.

Looking forward to our visitors from the Dub this weekend. Steph and Kelly Graf will be in the house on Friday. Billy's been working about every day but was able to get this weekend off for our visitors and his birthday. Normally we'd be celebrating with Aunt Debbie in Denver at the Broncos game. Those yearly trips will probably be postponed for a couple years!

Big thank you to sister and soon-to-be brother in law, Emmy and Andy. They sent a fun little Halloween care package our way. Em, were you trying to imply something by sending the witch hat? I'll take a picture with it on and post it soon.

Hope this post will keep the carnivores at bay for a day or two! You know, it would be easier to post more often if we had more comments to read (thanks, Erin, for saying something earlier - it just sounds monotonous when we complain). Must be busy, busy at work with no time to drop us a line!

Billy and Moni


Anonymous said...

Dropped a line!! first to post!!! chanpionship!

Love Ryno

Courtney said...

This is a comment.
Love you both (ummm... love you six),
Court and Jason

Anonymous said...

How fun to watch FOUR bambinos wiggling around in there! Watching my babies move in utero was one of my favorite pregnancy experiences, but that was just one at a time. I can't imagine watching four and trying to pin-point butt, foot, head, elbow, etc...seems impossible!
Darn that Emmy, her Halloween care package obviously arrived before mine >:( OH well, you can never have enough candy around.
Hug eachother, and Becky, for us!
Love you guys.

Maria, TJ, Indy and Aiden

Anonymous said...

How many of Billy's hairs got cut? All of them? Thanks for posting...this will keep us carnivoresssss at bay at least until morning. Glad you are having company! Now we will have even more posts! What will you be doing on your birthday, Billy?
Oh, I was on the St Gianna web site and in the petitions part there was a petition for Monica and Billy Jo and the quads. That's awesome! So many more people praying for you all!
Love you all! See you soon!
Mama Budda

The Nanny said...

This 'carnivore' is already looking forward to your next post! :-) I love reading your updates, they're always fun. I'm glad things are going well!

Anonymous said...

Happy Bosses Day Moni!!!

Even though you're not here you're still our "boss". We think of you guys every day and always watch for blogs. Trish said to tell Billy she'll take a shot for him in honor of his birthday. She is headed to Colorado for her bro's 21st birthday. The rest of us will be slaving away. We have new repeat offenders to introduce you to when you return. All our love to you guys and gals. We miss you!!! THE WEST SIDE

Moni Graf said...

I meant carnivore in the most endearing possible way, by the way. Billy's birthday plans will most likely consist of dropping Steph and Kelly off at the airport and then partaking in a few beverages of the hops and barley type while watching his beloved Broncos play the Sunday night game against the Steelers. He doesn't know I got him something for his birthday, yet (until he reads this). And I know that's the only gift he's getting from me. The other 4 gifts will be much belated! Thanks Ryan, Courtney, Maria, mom, "the nanny", and my West ER groupies for your comments so far! And happy birthday to Billy's god daughter, Megan May today! We love you!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys. I check your blog almost every day, I just don't have much to say. I could tell you about the crazy, wonderful, love-filled, noise-filled, mess-filled, hug-and-kiss-filled life I live with four small children, but you will experience the wonder of that for yourselves soon. I could tell you about my VERY large and ever-expanding belly and the discomfort and tiredness of it or the crazy feeling of having a baby moving in there, but I think you definitely have me beat. I did want you to know I am out here hanging on every facinating and often funny word you guys post. Keep them coming and I will keeping reading and praying.

Anonymous said...

I meant to tell you that your counter count is impressive. I went back and looked and you added the counter on Sept 28. Even if you guys are responsible for 20 hits per day (which it sounds like you are), that still leaves approx 350 hits per day by people checking up on you. That's a lot of love, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Actually, its approx 709 hits per day not including the estimated 20 per day that I am attributing to you. WOW! (I somehow screwed that up the first time. I think the calculator must have mis-calculated. I think maybe I should just shut-up and go to bed.)
Bye for now.

Anonymous said...

I wish you two could figure out a way to post a video of the babies moving. I feel like I'm missing out on so much already. I miss my babies. Love Mama Vicki

Kel Kel said...

William won't miss any of the game, will he? Because we can definitely hire a driver to take us to the airport. I don't want you to make your birthday plans around us. Am getting super excited to see you guys!!! Can our first stop in Phoenix be at an adult beverage store? Gotta stock up for your 27th. Love you more than red beer!

EMO said...

Make sure to include a picture of Billy's hair cut in the next post if you could... That would be neat if you could videotape Monica's belly while the kids were moving around. Lots of October birthdays. Tomorrow David turns 30. (the old fart) So, besides the obvious (family and friends) what do you miss about Wichita? Just curious. Another idea for a post. Maybe you could tell us all the goodies you are getting in your care packages. I want to send one, but I am stumped on what to send. I will be praying for a great appointment tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys hang in there. The six of you are in my mind and prayers. Moni your strength and positive attitude is remarkable. No new gossip with the West Side or the Main Campus. Jeremy has filled all the night time positions. The last person he hired should be starting in the next couple of weeks I hope. She has six years critical care experience from what I understand. We all miss you both. Yak at you both later.

Dan C

P.S. Have you been reading the E-mail I have been sending you both. If so what did you thing of the one called "Show Em".

Anonymous said...

You had better keep posting, my family in the UK get annoying with the emails when there is nothing new for them to look at ... keep the pictures coming please. Paul came to visit and got to check your web site out too.
Love you guys,

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Just a quick hello before I bury myself in neuro. I have never been so interested in taking psychotropic meds since I started our neuro/psych module. I think there is some correlation. Don't know if they are ok in pregnancy though so I am trying to tough it out...more cookies certainly will help! Moni, tell me how many weeks you are. My math skills (along with my psychological wellbeing) have faded during this module!

I called you today. Call when and if you can. If I don't hear from you I will continue to check this regularly! It is always a fun study break!

Take care of yourselves! Talk to you soon!

Delane and Dan

Diane said...

Only a few more weeks....take care of yourselves-all of you!
Dr E is wonderful, as well as the other docs.
I saw your blog from the Tubre's.
This part will be over soon.
Good Sam grad 96
mom to 1+4+1

Anonymous said...

Hey, Guys, several people have asked me if they can help in any way when you all come home. Do you know of anyone who might be organizing a plan? Or, if anyone out there wants to organize this, I will help.
Hope you are doing well. A week from tomorrow and I should be there.
Love, Mama Budda

Karen said...

hello friends...

i'm sorry that your fave gall stone decided to return. maybe baby c (i think it's baby c) will kick it loose. on the more serious note, cory decided to come see me in the er on monday night. him and his nearly amputated finger. okay not really amputated but pretty bad. he's off for about 6-8 weeks. i wish there were more than 3 espn channels on our cox cable network! give me a call and i'll tell you all about it. on a more upbeat note, happy birthday, bill!!! hope the ol' red and white -- I mean blue and orange -- come out with a V on sunday! talk to you soon, karen

Anonymous said...

Hi guys!!! Billy, I'm sure your haircut looks fabulous!!! So, Mom called me last night and told me to decide where I wanted to go to eat for my birthday, but it sucks cuz I can't do it without your help!!! I have never had to pick on my own, and I'm going insane!! My birthday is just not going to be the same without you and Moni there! But the way I look at it is that next year we will all be there plus four more!! But yea, I just wanted to pop and say hi! I miss you guys more than anything!! I love you big time!!!

Anonymous said...

And Monica, I just really want you to know that you are one hot mama!! You are gorgous!!! And Billy, I think you are gorgous too!! Haha!

Cameron said...


you guys are my reality tv show, just so ya know! love ya,

Jordan Henning said...

I just wanted to say that I'm so excited for you both and miss you much! Just another congrats and can't wait to see those beautiful babies!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Moni,
You still look like Barbie...only pregnant Barbie. We look at your blog quite a bit, you are in out thoughts and prayers. Are you needing any new books? It would make a lot of us feel better if you could post some things we could send. I know some probably feel like i do, would love to do something , but just don't know what? Post a list of wants and needs...it doesn't just have to be for the little ones. You have a lot of followers.
Have you eaten at In and Out Burger yet? It is like my all time favorite place in the entire world to get a burger and fries, everything is fresh never frozen. I am planning a trip out Nov, 8th to visit my 89 yr old grandmother. Would love to stop by the hospital, if you are up to it and bring you lunch or anything you need.
You are doing a fantastic job taking care of those little darlings. Keep up the good work.
Debbie and Dave W.
ps, Dave is not coming to Phoenix, someone has to stay and work.

Anonymous said...

What? No new posts? How far along are you now. I lost track again. 26 weeks? Do you have a specific plan for when you have to be admitted to the hospital yet? I thought you said they would admit you at 27 weeks.

Take care of those babies and yourselves.


Anonymous said...

Yes, guys, it is time! Get on it and answer those questions! I know you are probably waiting until after your 1:30, Phoenix time, doctor appointment today, but we expect a post shortly thereafter. k? Won't you be 27 weeks when you go in the hospital on Monday?
Love you and missssss you so much!
Actually I think I hear from you more now than I did before you left! You must be homesick. ha!!
Mama Budda

Anonymous said...

snail mail box incomming next 3-4 days


EMO said...

Do you guys (or anyone) know what the colors are going to be for the nursery? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Billy & Monica
I sure enjoy getting the pictures and updates. I am sure you are mesirable Monica but you still have that beautiful smile. I agree Mark is pretty special just last week I got a dozen and a half fall colored roses from him. You are in my thoughts and prayers many times a day. Love you all Aunt Laverna

Lana said...

Hey Monica and Billy!!! Just found out about this site- how wonderful it is to see all the progress being made out there in AZ. Monica you look beautiful!!!! Billy-Happy Birthday (i remembered this year)!! Hopefully the Brono=cos will win this sunday, wouldn't that be a nice b-day gift for both of us!! Enjoy!
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hi Moni, Billie, Becky, Danna, Pius, Lane and Forest. Sorry, Lane, I'll check on the spelling. Probably need to check more than you.

I've been so busy praying for all of you I haven't been here much. Could also be that my PC is so slow and the operator is so slower.

Know that we love you so much and you are always in our thoughts and prayers. God is so good, he will take care of all of you.

You guys are so brave and you make me so proud. I just want to tell the whole world to stop and look at you and see the faith and trust that you guys are living. You are such an inspiration.

Becky, you are being so unselfish and have really stepped up to the plate to help out in a way none of us could. God bless you all. I couldn't have better family.

Love all of you so very much. Aunt Bertie

Anonymous said...

How's your daughter doing? I'm praying that she shows improvement so that you're able to carry them longer.

Best wishes, Kris (mom of 9 yr. old quads)

Kel Kel said...

I'm bringing the Harry Potter books. Wish I knew some magic myself so I wouldn't have to pack my bags! Am super excited to see you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Well poop, and I had typed a really long,newsy letter this afternoon and I don't think it got sent, so here goes again. But nothing too long because it's so late. Just want you to know I love all of you and keep you in my prayers daily. And now that I know how to get to this site to comment I will try to be consistant about responding. My first letter was really good, I wonder where it went. Good night and love you much, A.Cathy & Mom