Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day 3 delivers a "HUGE" surprise

Moni awoke this morning around 4:00 a.m. because she had to pee. She decided to call me to make sure that I was up for work since my shift started at 5:00 a.m. She then called her mother to make sure she was up for her flight this morning. It had been awhile since she had eaten so she called her nurse to bring her some yogurt and a couple of boxes of cereal.

When her nurse arrived with her snack Moni had to ask her something. She had a sneaking suspicion about something, but REFUSED to take my word for it. She asked Kara, "Was I snoring last night?" Kara giggled and replied, "You seemed to be sleeping pretty soundly, and yes. You were snoring." Moni said, "I think I woke myself up." Anyways, I will state again that Moni is truly the MOST intelligent person I have ever met. Her theory is that she has an extra flap of skin at the back of her throat. So...I concur. Yes. She is a snorer.

She had a sono today and they all looked great. Danna has improved even since last night. Her amniotic fluid sac was over 2 cm. Perhaps, Pius scooted over even further. I don't know.

Anyways...on to the best part of the entire day. Marsha came into town this morning. That is very exciting, however she brought me the best birthday present ever. She brought my mommy. It was so shocking to see my mom walk in. Other than the good news on my children, it really was the best thing that has happened to me since I have been down here. How incredible.

A group shot when Moni and I had forgiven them for the surprise.

What my life will consist of for the rest of my life (The mammas talking about whatever it is that mammas talk about).

The grandmammas waiting to surprise. Grandma Vicki was hiding in a closet to surprise me. She waited for over an hour as I was upstairs in Moni's new room waiting on her to get there for over an hour.

Another update tomorrow...

Billy and Moni

P.S. Mr. and Mrs. Tubre, our friendship has been great. The help and guidance you have shown Moni and I has been priceless, and we will always appreciate it. All of that being will NOT be our friends for about 3 1/2 hours on Saturday, Nov. 4th. Leading up to, and right after we will again be friends. ROLL TIDE (All that friend stuff was being said tongue-in-cheek).


Tubre Quads said...

It was great to see you today Moni and I feel so lucky to meet Becky and the moms! I will be popping in to check on you so behave and keep your cupcakes baking. Eat lots and rest lots - if I can do anything for you just let me know.

As for you Mr. Billy - I love it! You are too funny. Torey will be in Phoenix next Saturday and there will be major smack talk before, during and after the game. And yes I agree, the friendship is off during the game - Bring it on Tide! Ha!

Keep up the great work Graf Quad Mama and Papa - you are doing great. Praying for many, many more weeks of Moni being pregnant and Danna fighting for her much deserved space and nutrients (the boys will be included in the prayers – don’t worry dad).

The Tubre’s - Jaclyn, Torey, & The Cupcakes

Andrea said...

For some reason the title made me a little nervous!! I guess I didn't expect to be getting another post so soon :) We are getting spoiled with posts coming everyday now!! What great news about Danna. Yay- keep on keeping on Danna! What a GREAT surprise Billy. You must be thrilled. All of you look great. Billy you look good in your QT attire ;) And of course Monica you look beautiful. Our thoughts and prayers continue daily for all of you. Both of you enjoy your time with your mama's. Love you lots Andrea and fam

Joslyn said...

Hello Cousins and little cousins to come. This is my first blog experience. It's wonderful and what an adventure you are on. Thanks for sharing it with us. My love and prayers are with you guys. love Joslyn

kellie p said...

Moni, you look more beautiful than ever. Great news on the babies. I am glad the boys are learning to share. Keep up the great work and hold those babies in as long as you can. We miss you at work. Everyone says "Hi" We're thinking about you and keeping you in our prayers

Anonymous said...

Am glad to see Grandma Budda - we all were sure she was taking a week long pre-baby, pre-wedding trip to a deserted island somewhere! I am so excited that you all get to spend some time together - mama's are always just what the doctor ordered. Praying for all of you! Miss you, June!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful surprise! Enjoy your visit! Great news about Princess Danna also! Keep it up!

Kel Kel said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I started crying when I found out what Billy's birthday present was. That is so super! Moms rock. And yes, Moni, you do snore. But it's definitely a cute snore. Either that or the babies are having a party and their noise just happens to come out of your nose/mouth when you're sleeping.

Anonymous said...

Oh how fun that the mamas are there! Give my Auntie Marsha Jean a big ol' hug from me and tell her I love her. Oh what the heck, give Mama Graf a big hug for me, too. Then explain to her who I am :)
In the picture of the 4 of you it's easy to see where you get your classic beauty, Moni. And where your handsomeness (is that a word?) comes from, Billy. I hope you really enjoy having them down there with you. I'm sure it will do wonders for you guys.
Great news about Danna! I think it was because of me that she seems to have improved over night ;) I prayed extra super dooper hard especially for her last night. That will surely win me the much coveted postion of favorite 2nd cousin once removed.
Love you all!


Anonymous said...

Yeah! I am so happy to hear that Danna is doing well. She needs to grow because she will definitely have to be tough to grow up with 3 brothers picking on her.

It's awesome your moms can both be there. I am sure they are as happy to be there as you are to have them there. If you think you are happy to see your moms now, just wait until they come to see you when you have those sweet babies at home. Moms (including in-law) are AWESOME! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Just like Kelly, I had tears when I read about BOTH mommas surprising you...that was huge! You should both be assured that the quads will wait until Sunday to arrive cause if that surprise didn't cause labor, nothing will. Ooops, why did I say Sunday???? Oh yeah, it's your aunt's birthday. You would, of course, want to name them: Gloria Victorious Graf (Grandma Vicki and winning her 1st food fight with her brothers)
...Jesus Gloria Graf (Spanish
pronounciation-a constant reminder of thankfulness for the quads)...Gorilla Glory Graf (your athlete) ... and Bronco Glory-Halleluia Graf (no explanation needed). I apologize for my lousy sense of humor. Anyway, have many, many, many grins and giggles with your moms/grandmas. Our hearts and prayers are with you! GGr

Andria said...

Yes the title made me nervous too! Don't scare us like that! Love the group shot. Glad to hear Danna is doing well... keep the photos coming! Love 'em!

EMO said...

I thought when you said that she woke up to pee, that her water broke. So, yes I was nervous to. But what a wonderful surprise and more great news about Danna. Yippe! I can't wait to hear about all your fun with your mamma's. Too bad you have to be in the hospital...

Anonymous said...

Okay you guys, I wrote you a letter, no response. Monica, Dan said you were gonna call. No response. I know you are gonna use those babies as an excuse but....(totally kidding)

We have been following your progress here in Wichita and we say kudos for the great blog site. Monica, Wesley in their infinate wisdom has now blocked the blog site and we can't get to it from work. Sucks. I know I rush home from work to catch the latest.

So if we want to e-mail you, what address to we use? Having some trouble with that part of it.

If you need an extra nurse, I can be there in a flash. Know that we love you and are thinking of you and of course, praying for all of you.

God bless,
Denis and Barb P.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was so touching and I can't tell you how happy I am for the two of you! The pictures really caught the moment :) The mama's look so happy to be there. I miss you guys and I am so excited to hear your little princess is hanging in there right with the boys; keep scooting over Pius. Wow, it's just so amazing to me. I have really enjoyed checking out the Tubre's sight also. Monica - you look beautiful as ever!
Lots of love from Wichita,
Crissy and family

Anonymous said...

Monica I know you are happy to have your mom there but things are all ready falling apart here at BCCHS. Marsha where do you hide the wax spit?? Looked everywhere you know those report cards really stick together! No, really I am happy that you arrived there safe and sound and that Marla didn't spill the beans about Vicki! Monica you look beautiful as always. Wonderful news about Danna! I'll keep praying for you all.

Christy, Gene, Chase, & Paige Thomas said...

And the smack talk begins...just remember, Jac guided a bunch of Tiger fans your way and you may be outnumbered before you know it...LOL...;)

I shared this on her blog as well, but I'm sure you will love to partake in a little video for your viewing pleasure if you have not been so enlightened as of yet...enjoy!

In all seriousness though, I'm so happy to have a chance to follow ya'll's story. It's just an amazing blessing that ya'll have found Jac and Torey and the support that you can give each other. They are wonderful people and ya'll sound like you are too (even for Bama fans..LOL)!

Take good care and know you have lots of prayers and support here in the swamp!


Anonymous said...

How exciting! It's always fun to get surprised. Moni you are BEAUTIFUL! You are glowing...I don't care if it is the shine of fluid overload, or hypertension or whatever else you might call it, you are radiant!

I went to the Dr today...all looks great, we do an u/s in two weeks...hopefully we will find out the sex then! Keeping my fingers crossed.

Take care of yourselves!

Billy--thanks for the updates, look radiant too!!

Dan and Delane

Anonymous said...

What great news. Your families are there and little Danna doing better, making progress. A package from Barns and Noble enroute to you. You never said what you liked to read, so we picked what the kiddos may like to read.
Thinking of all 6 of you,
Debbie and Dave

Courtney said...

Have fun with the mom's! We're thinking about you guys all the time.
Much love- Courtney and Jason

Karen said...

Hello friends...I must start by saying how great you look (you look pretty good, too, Moni), and how much you're missed back home. People are coming up to me daily asking how you're definitely cared about and thought of frequently back at WMC! You've probably heard, but Velvet and Matt's wedding was absolutely beautiful. I almost started crying. And then, Liz was there too! Mason is such a cutie. She's doing well, still working down in the ED in Tulsa. She says hello and I updated her on your condition, too.

I'm so happy and relieved that Danna has grown and the blood flow has improved. You just keep doing your thing, and enjoy the "hot tub" there in the hospital! When is your next sono???

Have a great time with the moms/grandmoms...that was an awesome surprise! Talk to you soon, Karen

Lia said...

The huge suprise (your mother) isn't that HUGE.
just wanted to clarify that one. =]

I've officially decided that I'm going to give you two my two arms, you'll need them more than me. So as soon as you want them, I'll try to dislocate both my shoulders at once, and they both come off and I'll give them to you, they'll grow back eventually.
I love you both,
and the four others.