Friday, October 19, 2007

While the cat's away....

Well, Becky left for New Orleans today and we went for our 26 week 4 day appointment with Dr. Elliott. He even let us get a couple pictures with him so you all would have a face to put with the name! He's quite a ham. If you can't see it in the picture, the little princess door hanger says DIVA on it. About the appointment...they did a doppler sono on Danna's umbilical cord to see if there were any changes from last time. The good news is that she is not getting any worse and she has good muscle tone (she was clenching her fist), movement and fetal respirations were visible. The fetal respirations mean she's moving her diaphragm up and down and exercising her lungs (but not really breathing because mama does that for her right now). The only down side to the appointment was that her amniotic fluid sac has decreased even more in size. This means she has less room to move around and could potentially cause cord compression problems. Dr Elliott assured us the chances of that were very slim and it is not related to her placental problems. So, in a nutshell, she's already high maintenance and causing her parents and family/friends worry and stress!

We also discussed my hospital admission plans. Doc wants me in the hospital around week 27 (which begins on Monday, Oct 22nd). So I'm going in on Tuesday the 23rd because Dr Elliott is on-call at the hospital that day. In the hospital, they plan to keep a close eye on the babies - especially Danna. They'll do Doppler sonos on her at least twice a week and recheck her growth when I reach 28 weeks (Oct 29th). They'll also be able to monitor my blood pressure and start me on Mag Sulfate and steroids. The steroids will help the babies' lungs develop more quickly since they'll be premature.

I've been doing well so far. Last night we had a minor eyebrow raising incident. I had a small amount of spotting so I called the nurse to see what she wanted me to do. Of course, I knew what she was going to say....go get it checked out at OB triage in the hospital. So we did. They checked me out, did some blood work and checked the babies' heart rates and placentas by ultrasound. Everything was good except I had an elevated uric acid level. Dr Elliott said this could indicate the start of preecclampsia. I've been monitoring my blood pressure everyday and it's been within normal ranges, so it's just another thing to keep our eyes on. Then, after I got released from the hospital, I did my contraction monitoring. I had 7 contractions in the hour, so I gave myself an extra dose of Terbutaline (the medication in the pump in my leg). I had to re-monitor then and the next session I had 8 contractions. The Matria nurse was concerned but she let me try one more bolus of medicine and another hour of monitoring. Third time's a charm! I only had 3 contractions and she finally let me go to bed around 0300 am.

On a different note, thank you to cousins Maria, TJ, Indy and Aiden Frevert for the care package we got in the mail! There was all sorts of candy, beef jerky, gum, a Baby Beethoven CD, 4 mini decorated pumpkins, Halloween cards, lovely drawings from Indy and Aiden and even some decaf coffee singles for me! I think I'm on a sugar high. We had fun going through it with Becky - she says thank you, too.

A few people have asked what kind of things they could send. To be quite honest, we really don't need anything. We just like receiving any news/notes from anyone!

Deb, we'd love to see you in November! Yes, we have tried the In-n-Out burgers. They had to bring mine home to me, so it was a little cold. But we'll definitely give it another try!

About the pictures.... Billy thought it'd be funny to do mugshots and profiles since Becky's away and I'm on house arrest. Not the best pictures, but we'll post more soon. Next up, our adventures with Stephanie and Kelly this weekend! Billy picks them up from the airport tomorrow morning and we are so excited!

Keep the comments coming...we really do read all of them multiple times. We'll try to start posting in the comments section as well to answer questions that pop up as we go.

Billy, Moni and the quad squad

P.S. Aunt Bert, Billy spells his name like the boy version. Not with an "ie". He wanted me to let you know. And we're spelling Laine like so (kind of like Elaine). By the way, that was a great comment and we appreciate all the kind words.

P.S.S. No more signing with initials only. Who are you, D.H.? I guess we'll find out when the snail mail gets here.


Anonymous said...

WoW! Monica do you think a lay person could be doing what you are doing? It sounds like you are in great hands with Dr. Elliot. Loved the mug two are too funny. You are both special people.
Debbie W.

Anonymous said...

Pregnancy really agrees with you. You are more beautiful with each picture.
You look like you are getting ready to join the military.

I sure miss you at work Moni. It just isn't the same with out you. Rest all you can, those babies are going to keep you very busy later. If you need any books, let me know and I will get them sent.

Kathy Hazell

Anonymous said...

Dear Moni and Billy, you guys look great and seems as though you were having a great time with Dr. Elliot. A nice looking guy. Marsha(house-keeping) is here tonight, working for Ann and we showed her your pics. She says HI!!! and you look good. Dr. Lentz here tonight and kinda busy but slowing down now. We still miss you bunches, wish you were here with us. Just not the same ever.
You are every day in our thoughts and prayers. Billy---- love the hair!
Lots of Love

Anonymous said...


Tubre Quads said...

Hey Guys - great report! Moni you look fantastic and Mr. Army I love the hair cut! Yes, Dr. E is a Diva (the Quad God to be exact) and the pink princess crown suits him well! Ha!

Great update on little Danna. I think the boys need to share a bedroom (even if you have enough rooms for them not to share) and she should get her own room when they get here. She deserves her own space since those boys are stealing all the real estate now!

Lots of love and prayers with you in the desert - Torey, Jaclyn, Abbey, Tyger, Cullen and Emma

EMO said...

Before I read the post, I thought, man these pictures look like mug shots. So you accomplished that :)Can you believe only a few more days until you will be in the hospital. It really came fast! Do you know what colors you will have in the babies room? Just curious. I can't wait to see pictures and posts from your cousin filled/birthday weekend. Have fun!

Erin (cousin of Billy and Monica)

Anonymous said...

This blog-book is awesome! I love your titles for each chapter. How creative is that? "While the cat's away....."!
Moni, you are so beautiful! Pregnancy really makes you shine! You too, Billy! Keep the smiles coming! Can't wait to see you both in person! Love, Mama Budda

Maria said...

Great pictures!! You guys are maintaining your great sense of humor throughout everything and that's awesome. Speaking of which, Moni you are always good for a stupid any new ones!?
Glad you got the package. I totally should have included the ramen noodle spice packet, huh? Dammit! I knew I would regret taking that out :)
I am having fun bbsitting for Mia once a week. She's so damn cute. I had her Tues. this week and every time the other little boy I watch would try to hug her she would say (in her very stoic way) "DON'T touch me." Too funny.
Love you guys!

Billy Graf said...

Debbie...Monica is not a woman of the cloth, or if she was she has since been kicked out of the convent for getting pregnant, so in answer to your question. Yes, a lay person can do this. far as the nursery goes Moni will probably make the crib sets with dark-denim material. It is hard to find bedsets for the mini-cribs we ordered. We haven't really began decorating the rooms yet.
Maria...Aunt Ginny sent us a heck of a joke so here goes...What's black and white, and has a dirty name...oh wait, wrong joke...Here we will try again.
What did one burp say to the other? Are you going to come up here with me, or are you going to stay down there and be a little fart? He he. Love you all. Billy and Moni

Anonymous said...

Hey, kids. Billie Ramsey and I are praying for all 6 of you every day on the way to school--thanks so much for keeping us updated. We'll miss you at the Stovall's party this year, but I'll eat something with frosting for you both! Take care of yourselves, and we're thinking of you and holding down the fort at BC. Love, Nancy Diepenbrock

Anonymous said...

Now I know why I'm not the kind of doctor that makes lots of money. (That's how Grandma used to introduce me :O) Your medical jargon is like a foreign language. Monica, I remember Linda of "Bill and Linda" used to say being a nurse is both a blessing and a curse. In your case, it's truly a blessing.

It's too bad you can't attend a Halloween party, Monica. For those who didn't know you're pregnant, you'd be voted best costume ... not only your size but your glow is awesome!

Loved the picture of "THE" doctor. I have seen him on Good Morning America and The Today Show. You've got the best! Love ya all, Aunt GGr

Andria said...

Gosh, I wish I knew you guys in person. You seem like so much fun! The life of the party! I love reading your blog, I look forward to updates and I pray for a safe delivery of all those precious babies. Keep smiling! I'm following you from Sacramento, CA!

Anonymous said...

I am up here in Minnesota and have faternal twin girls which will be 16 years old in December. I went into preterm labor in the 91 Halloween Blizzard and was in the hospital with mag. sulfate for 4 weeks! You two crack me up and what a awesome positive attitude you two have! Keep up the humor and remember to get all the sleep and rest now because it will soon change but it is so worth it in the end and once you are holding those babes!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Monica you look great, Billy I love the hair cut. We have been thinking of you and praying a lot for all 6 of you. Monica enjoy the rest while you can because soon you will be very busy. Billy hope your job is going good. Enjoy your company this weekend, I'm sure it is nice to have company and see some familiar faces.
Take Care

Anonymous said...

Steph and I felt the babies move! They morse coded that we are their favorite 1st cousins once removed! SUCKAHS!!! Phoenix is gorgeous, Billy and Monica are gorgeous (even though she hasn't taken a shower yet - her teeth are brushed though), our conversations are gorgeous. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Vicki, as Director of Scheduling and Logistics, I have safely delivered your parcel to said location. That'll be 338 USD (sent Same Day Air Priority via US Airways). Cash only. Dropoff at the third trash can south of Wal-Mart. More posts (with pictures) to come after we return from the pool. Yes, that's right. Pool. We'll be sunning ourselves like little turtles.

Kelly and Steph

Anonymous said...

The racing shirts are from Sandy Danelle and the race track gang. The games are a few new ones for you to try. Kelly don't forget to try and get a video of our babies moving. Mark might have a video cam. Just put a bowl on her belly when they start moving. I wish I was there with you all. I hate not seeing the two of you, not seeing the babies move around, not being there for my baby's birthday. I am really miss you. You two can't ever move away from Wichita again. It is too hard. We are taking Lainie out for her birthday
tomorrow. So does Dr. Elliott think you will make it until he comes back from vacation? I know there is no way of really knowing, I was just wondering if he gave any kind of timeline. I know, my patience or lack of is showing again. Have fun with Steph and Kelly. I love you, Mama Vicki

Courtney said...

Monica- Gorgeous! Beautiful! Wish I was there!
Billy- what a handsome young man you've turned out to be. Ahhh. So manly with your new haircut. I'd say you're close to looking just like Derek from Gray's Anatomy. Only with shorter hair.
Love you! Tell Steph and Kelly I said hi- and to not forget to wear sunblock.

Moni Graf said...

Vicki, like we posted a little while ago, Dr Elliott's new 1st goal date is 28 weeks (10/29). That's the earliest he'd like to deliver them. But it will all be based on how Danna's condition progressess/deteriorates. It will be a day-to-day decision. Billy and I would personally like her to hang in there until at least 30 weeks, but we already know these kids may have different plans!

Jenna said...

I am lovin hearin all the great things that are already happening and the babies aren't even here yet! They are blessed to be joining such and wonderful family that already has brought the red carpet out and there not even here yet. I am just waiting to here the good news that they are healthy, beautiful babies.

Anonymous said...

That sure is a long trip to the pool...

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to say it's been fascinating to get to follow this part of your lives through the blog. It is surprising how many people I've mentioned your pregnancy to, having only met you once.

Hope your visitors are a pleasant distraction from the everyday stress (i.e. Javon Walker's knee surgery), and wish you all the best.


P.S. - Curious to find out what the big deal is with having a buzz cut. Women love it.