Friday, October 12, 2007

Another day, Part 2

Billy forgot to mention that when Karen was still in town, we also got pedicures. Actually, just I got one from Becky. Karen did her own. Becky's the den mother and wouldn't let us leave to go get store bought pedicures, so she brought the salon to us. She gave me the best pedicure I've ever had! Wish we would've taken a picture of it - I guess there's always next time! I'm going to owe her so much when this is all said and done.

Last night, Billy, Becky and I played Mexican Train dominoes. Becky kicked our butts but I made a valiant comeback towards the end. Billy took last place. We also figured out a way to play pitch with 3 people. Definitely not as cutthroat as regular pitch, but we felt like we accomplished something when we worked out all the kinks.

My monitoring has been going well. The other night I had the most contractions I've ever had in a one hour sitting. The Matria nurse counted 7 (I only caught 5 of them). So I had to drink a big cup of water, eat a snack, give myself a bolus of Terbutaline and re-monitor for another hour. The next session went better with only 3 contractions.

I've been taking it very easy. You're right, Vicki and mom. I know this will be the last chance to really relax and concentrate on me for about 18+ years (most likely even longer). But I've been feeling well and so it's hard to just let Becky and Billy do everything for me when I know I could do it myself. Becky's finding out just how obstinate I can be! Serg, you hit the nail right on the head when you said Billy and I are the 2 most stubborn people you know. You sound like you've been hanging out with us for years, or something!

Bucko leaves for her Vietnam trip today. Hope she has a safe trip and hurries back home! Billy says that you better not meet/bring home any new man from your world travels!

Hope everyone has a great day! Becky's making chicken salad for lunch to go along with my delicious high protein Boost drink. Maybe she'll quit her job after we get back home with the babies and be our nanny.



Anonymous said...

first to post!!! Ryno

Anonymous said...

Second to post!!!
Sounds like you guys are having fun! That's great! We all owe Becky! Us Mamas appreciate her taking such good care of "our babies"! (You are doesn't stop at 18.) Thanks for the additional post! I'm lovin' it!
Mama Budda

Karen said...

3 person pitch??? I'm may have to teach me the ropes on that one someday! Not much else since I last saw you...back at joyous, wonderful, never boring work. And suddenly I wish I was back in Phoenix! Later, Karen

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! It sounds like you had a nice visit with Karen--but I am still jealous! Moni just sit back and enjoy life. Remember all those nights in the ER and you will feel exhausted in no time flat! And that might make it easier to let other do everything for you!

We think of you all often and are keeping you in our prayers! Take care and keep the updates coming!!

Delane and Dan

Andy Bulger said...

Moni and Billy,

First of all, we would send you some of Ryno's shirts, but we fear they would be too big. Second of all, we are all here at your house. Don't worry, there's only minimal damage to the the garage and kitchen area. The chiminea is doing us well...when Andy can manage to light it. And, oh by the way, your patio furntiture might be lucky to fetch $250, without glass and all. If you can manage to rotate it, you can only use the rim. Stubby ate the entire Spangel's value menu for you Moni...and he left two french fries for you,, he just ate them. Hope they do you well. We miss you guys immensely...we'll finish with some personal words from all of us.

Andy, Stubby, Ryno, Serge, and Rachel.

"Grandpa Stubby loves all six of you" ~ Stubby

"I love you both very much, and there's not a day that goes by when I don't pray for all six of you. Just don't ask Auntie Emmy and I to babysit until they're at least 3... and Billy's at least 30." ~ Andy

"I'm getting ready to take a big dueceky on your porcelain throne...and thinking of having Tony Romo's baby the whole time. How 'bout them Cowboy's!?!?" ~ Ryno

"Looking forward to the day when you show up in Wichita with 4 new Graf's...will be an exciting experience for everyone who loves you...take care...much love." - Sergio

"I love both of you guys very much and I just want everybody to be back here and having no personal time to themselves! I woke up last night with Andy hovering over me...breathing heavily.....should I be worried?!?! Please advise!
love you" ~ Rachel

Anonymous said...

As you can tell from the last post Parent don't get to stop worrying when the kiddos turn 18 or even 49. I let them out of my sight for one night and look what happens. Enjoy your restful time the worrying has just begun. I love you all, even that last group that just posted. Feet up! Look at this way Moni it is probably the last time you will get Billy to wait on you with out moaning about it a little or a lot. MISS YOU both so much. Take good care of yourselves and "our babies". Love, Mama Vicki

Anonymous said...

You look so beautiful!

The shoo shoo girls are thinking of you both and the babies too!

Relax and enjoy the pampering. You deserve it.


Anonymous said...

I don't think we need to worry...Andy walks in his sleep....and Rach does look quite a bit like Em......Rach...get back home!
So glad to hear you are having company this evening. More posts and pictures! Yea!
Love, Mama Budda

Pat said...

Hi Billy and Monica,
Just caught up with your blog as we are back from the Czech Repulbic. Thanks, for your contrats on Bill at the Masters World Championship. He did very well, and also posted two PR's for himself.
Glad that K was able to come for a visit. I know she enjoyed going to your dr appts.
Each day is precious for those little ones, so obey your dr.
Also, praying for your little girl to show progress that you know she is tough and going to make it.
Love, Special K's MOM, Pat

Pat said...

Hi Billy and Monica,
Ok, I see the typo, the word is supposed to be "congrats", you could figure it out, right?

Pat said...

Hi Billy and Monica,
Me again, as disappointing as the Husker football game was today, at least NU volleyball team swept OU
in Norman, OK.
My Bill stopped listening to the FB game before halftime!
What has happened to Husker FB?
I think I will become a Bronco fan!

Billy Graf said...

Trust don't want to join the orange and blue right now. Us Bronco fans know all about tough starts.

Anonymous said...

Hye Billy and Moni!!
Just wanted to say hey!! I really can't wait til I finally get to come down there and see you guys!!! I love you very much!!!
Love, Auntie Lainie