Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Day 1 of Operation Graf Quad Countdown

Hello everyone. You all will be blessed with my typing for awhile now. Day 1 of the countdown is behind us, and we have officially made it through 27 weeks and 1 day. I will tell you all most of the events of the day.

We got up to the hospital at 8:30 a.m. this morning. The hospital wasn't expecting us until 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. Therefore, it took us until 9:15 to get checked into a room. Around 12:30 they moved her down to labor and delivery on the third floor. Her nurse checked her in and she ate. Then she slept. Then she read. Then she slept. Then she texted me. Then she slept. Her afternoon basically consisted of these things with a few doctors, residents, and nurses spread throughout.

At 5:30 she received the first of two doses of steroids. She will receive her second dose at 5:30 tomorrow. Steroids have been shown to improve lung development in preemies, decrease risks of developing various infections and hemorrhaging in the brain, and help the children run the 40 in 4.2 seconds (that's got to be exciting, huh, Coach Schuckman?). Also she has been, and will continue, receiving constant contraction monitoring throughout her stay.

The babies have been moving like crazy all day. They really went crazy when Grandpa Stubby called. It also helps that they have been going crazy for their big weekend (Golden Eagles, Tide, Broncos, and both of daddy's fantasy football teams won).

The hospital did a sono and doppler on Danna at the end of the night. It started at 8:45 and ended at 10:15. We will get the results tomorrow when we speak with Dr. Elliott before he leaves for vacation. We will post everything tomorrow when I get off work and home from the hospital.

Moni is still eating, moving, and feeling pretty well. I am starting to drag a little as the hours of working and chasing the babies is starting to catch up with me. I know, I know. I will get a much better taste of that here in a couple months. We would like to thank D.H. for the package. I can't wait to take a picture of the little farts in their little outfits. Another thanks to everyone for my happy birthday wishes. The comments, texts, calls, and cards were all greatly appreciated.

Billy and Moni


Anonymous said...

#1 again!! Absolutely amazing!! Although it may have been with a little help from Billy and Monica. I'm glad that Moni is finally settled in the hospital. And I'm incredibly anxious to hear how little Danna is doing!! Monica- your days seem so eventful!! Haha! But yea, I miss you guys big time and I love you even more!!!
Love, Lainie

Anonymous said...

Prayers heading your way from Utah. Keep 'em cookin Moni!

Kel Kel said...

And so it begins. Keep up the good work you guys! Moni, enjoy reading Harry Potter - you could probably set a world record with how fast you get them read. I'm trying to start "Doy to the Max" up here. It's catching on rather slowly, if at all. I'll keep at it. I truly enjoyed our weekend together - it was uber perfect. Great weather and great company and copious amounts of great food. That's what I'm talking about Willis! Take care and know that we are thinking of and praying for you!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys!! I've been a little lax on getting on here so thought I'd share some wisdom with you. I know I know, you're anxiously wondering what it's going to be like caring for 4 newborns, 4 1 yr olds, 4- 2 year olds etc. Well, not really thinking much past the baby stage, I was talking with a friend of mine who has triplets - and they're in Brady's class. I'm complaining because 1st grade is full of new concepts - #1 reading. It's a struggle every night! Anyway, she says tell me about her suffering - multiply that by 3!! They have to take it in shifts - Ok, next.... and boy that's painful. Wow - can you imagine - learning times 4 - what patience you will have! You might even be canonized into sainthood BEFORE you die!! Ok so it's not wisdom but I thought it was an eye opener and had to stop the woe is me!! Love you lots and keep on truckin Moni - we're praying every day for you all - and yes Billy - that includes you... :) Renee

EMO said...

Thanks for the update Billy. Just think you could have stayed at home for several more hours of freedom, darn it. I hope the news from Danna's sonogram is good news! How long is the doc on vacation? He really shouldn't be allowed to leave when you are so close to delivering.

Anonymous said...

Vacation?? Come on, how is that going to work?!
You're coming up on the homestretch now, guys. We are praying hard for ALL of you, and can't wait to read your new posts each day. You have a lot of people praying for you and sending you their love, so draw on that when things get tough.
Keep that wonderful sense of humor around and you will be fine :)

Love you guys!
Maria, TJ, India and Aiden

Anonymous said...

One day at a time. I sure miss you guys more than you can imagine!!! Can't wait to see all. Much love coming from the Dub and the 2 1 5 click! 316 repin!!

Andria said...

Wow, are you irritated with all the attention yet? Hope the "settling in" is going well and that the babies get used to their latest surroundings, new noises, etc. Looking forward to Danna's update and hope Dr. Elliot returns from his vacation refreshed and ready for these babies. Get more sleep Moni! Loving the blog!
~Andria (Sacramento)

Tubre Quads said...

So glad you are all settled in! Tell Dr. E he is not allowed to take a vacation. He went out of town several times during our pregnancy - we nicknamed him "World Traveler". I would love to come visit you if you feel up to it. Just call or email me. I have National Geographic "In the Womb - Multiples". Don't know if you have ever seen this, but it is amazing. I know they have a DVD player in the room so it helped us pass the time and I would love to bring it to you. Take care and keep baking those "cookies".


Anonymous said...

Wow. Has the reality that pretty soon you will have 4 little babies set in yet. Is that mind-boggling? It is so life-altering and exciting. Hopefully, you can postpone that moment for a while longer, but regardless, it seems like it would seem more real now that you are in the hospital.

After reading your belly measurement in a previous post, I decided to measure mine to compare since our due dates are within a few weeks of each other. I measured 42" compared to your 50" (and I'm no small pregnant girl as everyone who has ever seen me pregnant knows). I then put the tape measure to 50" and was amazed at how much bigger that 8" was! That's good, since you have four babies that all need space in there.

So then I was wondering if all the babies move at the same time and rest at the same time. If so, it must feel CRAZY when they are all moving. If not, then someone must be moving ALL the time.

Also, I think it is really nice that the Tubre's are following your progress. I have been reading their blog ( and they have mentioned you guys several times (as you probably already know). I find it interesting and reassuring to read about some of what you may have in store in the next month or two. You quad parents probably feel like you have your own ultra-exclusive club.

OK, I went on plenty long for now. Just want you to know I am thinking of you and praying for you - even more now. Keep us posted.


Anonymous said...

We are all bumbed at work. They cut off access to your blog darn it. Don't worry we will all keep checking at home for updates.

Good luck with your hospital confinement. We are all praying for you.


Anonymous said...

Billy, thanks so much for keeping us updated on all the goings on in your and Monica's life, It's very comforting to know the details on the babies, especially since we're so far away. And you're so witty, you ought to be a writer or comedian. I do enjoy your post. Give my love to Becky and Moni, and enjoy your visit with Mom Haag. She's so excited to come.Love you all, Aunt Cathy

Anonymous said...

"Doy to the Max" isn't catching on at all.