Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Day 2...

Our first night in the hospital was quite interesting. I spent the night so as not to miss Dr. Elliott's early morning visit. He got to our room around 6 before heading out on vacation (I told him that I was teaching Danna how to give the finger so when he returns and he delivers them she will know what to do. He laughed and said that she would be too lady-like). Dr. Elliott will return two weeks from Friday. He assured us that he will be leaving us in very competent hands. And for those of you wondering how the two of us responded, we gave him a hard time about it.

We finally found out about the sono. There was some bad news first. Danna is now only in the 4th percentile as far as her weight and size (she was in the 10th). This number is a bit skewed because this is compared to a singelton pregnancy and not a quadruplet. That was it for the bad news. There was A TON of good news. She has gained some weight. She is up to 1 pound 5 ounces. So she has gained around 4 oz. since the measurement about 1 1/2 weeks ago. Also, her umbilical cord blood flow has improved since the two previous dopplers. Another good sign, her amniotic fluid sac has increased a small amount in size (she is still pretty squished in there, though). More good news was that she was moving around so well in there last night. All of these signs point to improvement, not deterioration! Praise the Lord! Let's keep flooding Him with prayers.

So as not to neglect the three boys already (it's bound to happen when they're all home with us), they are doing great as well. The longer they stay in there and cook, the better. We think Pius, Forrest, and Laine have been very obedient in listening to our pleas and demands for them to start sharing some room and nutrients with their sister...We all know how us Graf boys can be with our food.

The plans are for Moni to start hydrotherapy 2 times a day to help push all the swelling and edema from her extremities back into her bloodstream. This also increases uterine/fetal circulation. The hydro is her favorite part of being at the hospital. She told Marsha (who, by the way, will be here tomorrow morning) to bring her swimsuit to the hospital so that they can share the "hot tub."

As before, the nursing and physician staff at Good Sam has been phenominal. Monica is continually amazed at the excellent patient care. She said that it really is quite inspiring.

Sitting in her room in Labor and Delivery, there is constantly new baby cries surrounding us. It just gets us more and more excited to meet our little miracles (or "cupcakes" like Jaclyn Tubre so fondly refers to her new quads).

Moni, the babies, and I are so fortunate to have such a loving and generous support system of family, friends, and even those who were strangers not long ago. We received a care package in the mail the other day from a woman from California named Dusty Hutton. She came across our website by way of another website. She has been keeping up with us, and felt compelled to do something. She crocheted us 4 beautiful little preemie afghans to wash and keep on us. When the babies arrive, we will keep the blankets close by so they can have the comforting smell of their parents near them. That being said, we will just let Moni get her scent on them, because I tend to sweat, and that tends to stink. So thank you so much, Mrs. Hutton, for sharing your story and the blankets.

Moni has had a few people email her or ask her for the hospital's address. It is:
Banner Good Samaritan Hospital
1111 E. McDowell
Phoenix, AZ 85006

Until next time...
Billy and Moni

P.S. Monica basically wrote that post from her hospital bed. So I will give credit, where credit is due, even though, I am the one who thought of the jokes.


Anonymous said...

It is so good to hear that Danna is gaining . . . sweet, little petite thing like her Auntie Lainie :) Moni, will they let you drink red O'Douls during your hydrotherapy sessions? Great post, by the way. The kids did a special dance for you in the car - they still talk about the pictures of me painting your belly Moni - as long as they don't get any crazy ideas with what they can do with magic markers. Love from ICT. Steph and Crew

Anonymous said...

I just got screwed on the first to post...again. 2nd place is the first loser. AW SHUCKS ... hey now... Ryno gettin down. GREAT NEWS...I will be able to sleep more comfortably than I have been in the past. It is very comforting to hear news like that...after a long day! It really does put it into perspective that family and friends are the most important thing in life. In the famous words of Al your pal and Joe Dirt, Keep on keepin on. I love it Alex and it fits well for the situation. One day at a time!!!
Kind Regards,

Tubre Quads said...

Great news! Keep talking to the boys about sharing the space and nutrients. I suppose every multiple pregnancy has a nutrient and real estate hog...Cullen was ours - that is how he got the nickname "Moose". Not sure if you have seen the hydro tub yet, but when I sat in it the water only covered 1/4 of my big @#$ belly. I spent more time in my room bathtub than the hydro tub (believe it or not the bathtub in your room is deeper than the hydro tub). Maybe you will have better luck than I did! I will give you a call and bring the movies tomorrow when I visit the Cupcakes.

Oh and Billy – I see you are an Alabama fan…we (The Tigers) are resting up this weekend so get ready for a whoopin in your own house next Saturday. Let the smack talk begin!

Tons of prayers heading your way - Jaclyn

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the prayers are still working! When haven't they? Eat up little girl. U2, Moni.

Enjoy you moms visit. Know she is excited to be with you. We will keep an eye on Rog/Dad for you. He's been playing Bridge with us you know. He's actually teaching us a few things we needed to know.

The Brady's are going to the Liberal/BC football game with us this Friday (by way of Enid, Ok) tell you about the side trip later. Any guesses?

Love you all, Aunt Bertie

Cameron said...

that is so cool about D.H.! i love people :O)

Andy Bulger said...

Well, I hope after i write this it doesn't translate into German because for some reason, every time I go to a normal US website, it has everything in German...very frustratin'. Anywho, hope you kids have fun in the hospital - I know i'm ready to kick up my heels when i get there! You're doing great Grafs!
Also, Aunt Bertie, does the Enid, OK side trip involve a Velvet Elvis? Oh I sure do hope so!
Love you all!

Kel Kel said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear your good news! Prayers continue to head your way from Utah. Keep 'em cookin!

Anonymous said...

Let Danna know that her Grandpa Graf and Aunt GGr like being the runts in the family. Your parents will love you the mostest. (KIDDING!) Here's a diversion. Check out our local television websites and you'll see your cousin Nathan being interviewed. As Senior class president, he's the ringleader of a schoolwide protest regarding a price increase of their school lunches. The radio talk shows this morning picked up on it. What fun!!! He's a rebel kid...just like his Aunt Debbie. It's a healthy protest, don't you think? Keep up keepin up. Love ya, GGr and Sam

EMO said...

Wonderful, wonderful news!!! So it looks like your new goal should be after November 9th, after the doctor gets back. That seems like good incentive to wait. Of course the longer the better, but 11-11-07 would be fun and easy to remember don't you think? I am really enjoying the updates but now I am going through picture withdrawls. (hint hint)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear things are going well. I love the updates and my thoughts and prayers are with you! The entire "Big O" crowd says hello and wanted you guys to know they are thinking of you. Roger, Dave, Will, Michelle, Bobby, Newby and all of the other regulars to numerous to mention..... One more Bandit even said something about you the other night Billy - I think he misses you! Hang in there - we all love you and miss you.
God Bless.........Linda

J.D. said...

Billy I told you I would make it on here today and thank goodness I didn't make a liar out of myself. Im glad to hear that the news is improving, but then again I knew it would. If Danna's dad can take on a semi, and be around to remind us weekly about it, then I knew she would start improving. Not to mention we all really know that Monica is the tough one. So with parents like you nothing but good things can be expected. Well I miss you guys and can't wait till I get to see you again.

P.S. - Yes Billy I will start posting more.

Anonymous said...

Hell if a Semi can't stop


Anonymous said...

What great news to wake up to. Last night, Trinity and I bonded, she was 23 weeks at birth and is now 28 days old. We said a little pray for her, her twin bother, and for Danna which included a honorable mention for the boys. Those little "baby steps" are the best feeling and spark all those hopeful thoughts again. Lots of love and prayers to you. Melody

Anonymous said...

Billy, you are already a great Daddy. I think about the six of you so often! I am waiting to hear that Marsha and "who ever might be with her" have arrived. Monique, I know having your Mommy there with be so comforting. We never seem to outgrow needing our Mommys. Danna is living up to the long history she has of very strong women. I love all six of you! Aunt DeeDee

Anonymous said...

Yes, Yes, Yes, atta girl Danna!!!! Knew she would finially get pissed and fight back... You talk about the Graf boys but knowing Moni, I can see Danna not taking it any longer. She is going to be your tough little one.
We are all good. Miss terribly not being able to blog you at night at work. You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Every night we confer with who has been on your site during the day before work and they give us all of the news.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! So good to hear your news about your sweet baby girl! You are going to have a feisty one there! Whatever you two are doing, you are doing it right! Keep up the good work and thanks for the updates! Keep 'em coming! We are thinking of you all!

Delane and Dan

Anonymous said...

SO, you were surprised to see both mom's show up. How cool.

We won in Liberal and it was a veray good game. A few "in your face" moments made it even sweeter.

The side trip to Enid was a darn waste of time for now but we'll try again. The drive was pretty and we ate lunch in a park. It was only an extra 100 mile side trip, but at $3 a frigin gallon who's counting anyway.

Glad all is going so well with all of you. Praying nothing happens too fast although everyone is anxious to see the quads in person.

If pitch gets boring Marsha could be a great bridge teacher. She bids real soft spoken if it's a risky bid. Love you all. Aunt Bertie